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Chapter 194: 194
194 Lan Mo Xian’s Wedding

Wintertime, goose feathered flurries of snow fluttered to the ground .   The ground was carpeted with snow, thick and soft; snow drifted onto the house, blanketing it with snow, loose and soft; trees were covered with snow, the snow piling up on the branches bent over its waist .   The bright sun cast its rays on the snow white mountain, emanating a dazzling brilliance .

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Lan manor was bustling with activity, for it was the day Lan manor’s eldest young master, Lan Mo Xian, married in junzhu manor’s junzhu, Hua Mu Qing .   Ever since the two of them became engaged, they’ve been preparing for their wedding . but it couldn’t be helped that they haven’t found an appropriate opportunity .   With everyone in the capital and New Years’ Eve being a good day, Lan Jian Jun decided on a day for the two of them to marry .   Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing were mutually in love, so they naturally prepared for the wedding .

Lan Mo Xian wasn’t the type to be extravagant and wasteful .   Though Lan Mo Xian’s wedding, it wasn’t overly extravagant . But as it is the General’s manor, despite not being extravagant, other families could not compare to it .   Many of the capital’s prominent families came to attend the wedding .

Lan Jian Jun changed out of his usual uniform and into a festive black robe lined with gold .   He stood in the grand hall of Lan manor greeting all the guests’ good wishes with a smile .   At this moment, he felt the joy of a father, feeling joy for his son for finding his own happiness .

Because Hua Mu Qing didn’t have any relatives in the capital, nor did she have any other friends, fearing she would be lonely, Lan You Nian brought Lan Qu and the others to junzhu manor .   Bai Lian, too, came to junzhu manor from the guest palace, to accompany her as Hua Mu Qing’s friend .

A mama of the palace was currently brushing Hua Mu Qing’s hair and doing her makeup .   The complicated headdress weighed down on Hua Mu Qing’s head .   Hua Mu Qing blinked her eyes helplessly at Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian, complaining in misery, “This headdress is so heavy!”

Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian caught each other’s eye and snickered .   Lan You Nian comforted, “It can’t be helped .   Aren’t all brides like this?  Just bear with it for a while!”  She knew Hua Mu Qing was a simple and frank girl, so her usual attire was very simple .   She preferred to disguise herself as a man, because it was more comfortable to scamper about in .

The mama doing the hair and makeup dusted Hua Mu Qing’s face with a faint layer of powder and her light pink lips were also touched with scarlet .   The bright red wedding dress made Hua Mu Qing appear even more fiery and zealous, as if she could ignite the entire sky .   It’s no wonder people say women are most beautiful on their wedding day, Lan You Nian quite perceived this .

Maybe because she wasn’t used to such an attire, Hua Mu Qing couldn’t help from fidgeting around, but such painstaking bride’s makeup didn’t allow for carelessness .   Yue Bai Lian couldn’t couldn’t bear it and held Hua Mu Qing down, not allowing her to mess up her makeup .

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“Nian’er meimei, I…” Hua Mu Qing was suddenly afraid as she clutched Lan You Nian’s hand, “I’m nervous!”

Lan You Nian gently patted the hand Hua Mu Qing placed on hers, comfortingly, “Don’t be nervous .   Look, you have us friends with you and you’ll have a husband like older brother in the future, as well as Father, older sister Mu Qing, things will get better!”

Hua Mu Qing pulled Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian on each respective hand, saying, “After my parents passed away, I never felt any warmth .   Many people found my uninhibited tomboyish personality shameful .   I thought I will continue to be like this forever, but I didn’t expect to meet you guys and I obtained friends .   I never imagined I would end up together with Lan Mo Xian .   I will have a family .   Nian’er meimei, do you know, you really are my lucky star!”

Lan You Nian smiled warmly and said, “From now on you are your own lucky star…”

In a few moments, the news came that the groom has arrived .   Because Hua Mu Qing no longer had any relatives, there wasn’t all that many formalities .   Lan Mo Xian, as the groom, directly walked into the bridal chamber .   Landing his eyes on Hua Mu Qing who wore a veil over her head, he felt a burst of excitement in his heart .

Not only Lan Mo Xian came to pick up the bride, there was also He Chu Yang and Gui San .   Originally, it had nothing to do with Gui San .   It was Jing Wu An who was supposed to come, but it couldn’t be helped Gui San kept pestering Lan You Nian until she agreed to let him come .   Gui San simply loved to ogle all the fun .

“Older brother, where’s my red envelope?” Lan You Nian stood beside Hua Mu Qing, giggling mischievously .   “If there’s no red envelope, I won’t let the bride go!”

[T/N: in a traditional chinese wedding, if the groom wanted to take the bride from her maiden home, he had to give out red envelopes (money) to the girls from the bride’s side of the family]

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Lan Mo Xian let out a laugh as Gui San, part of the bridal escort, passed out all the previously prepared red envelopes to Lan You Nian, Bai Lian and the others, ignoring He Chu Yang who looked like he’s about to stop him and Lan Mo Xian who seemed to want to speak but was forced to swallow his tongue .   The only thing Gui San knew was to give all his money to his little junior sister .

Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian helped the veiled Hua Mu Qing walk out of junzhu manor .   There was nothing worth lingering for in this place for Hua Mu Qing .   Yue Bai Lian helped Hua Mu Qing up the bridal sedan chair while Lan Mo Xian mounted his towering steed .   On the road, drums and music reverted in the streets as they headed towards Lan manor .

On the way, many people ogled Lan manor’s eldest young master and junzhu’s wedding, appearing to be bustling with noise and excitement .   As for Lan You Nian, she was suddenly carried away by Feng Yi Xuan in the hustle bustle of activity, because Feng Yi Xuan was displeased his Nian Nian actually spent so long with Hua Mu Qing .

But fortunately, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t overstep his boundaries .   After he returned Lan You Nian to Lan manor, Feng Yi Xuan straightened out Lan You Nian’s somewhat disheveled clothing and said, “Our wedding ceremony will be even more beautiful than this!”

When Feng Yi Xuan left to go to the front hall, Lan You Nian was still a bit dazed .   She was a little looking forward to marrying him .

Lan You Nian, as Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, as the most popular and most noble lady in the capital, stood docilely beside Lan Jian Jun, witnessing Lan Mo Xian holding Hua Mu Qing’s hand as they performed the ceremony, witnessing them bowing to one another, witnessing a wedding as old as time .

Lan You Nian raised her head and saw Feng Yi Xuan sitting at the men’s seating area, his expression gentle as he watched her .   It seemed no matter when she looked back, she will always see this man standing somewhere not far from her, tenderly gazing at her, never leaving her .

Meanwhile, Feng Xia Qi and the others only gazed sourly at the newly wedded couple .   Because they lost the bet, they had to give out more money .   When the groom was toasting, Feng Xia Qi was so angry he started to coerce Lan Mo Xian to drink more .   It’s only a pity He Chu Yang and Gui San weren’t easy to deal with and let Lan Mo Xian slither away much earlier .

“Say, should we go crash the bridal chambers?” Yu Liu Li asked excitedly .   They didn’t have much friend .   Since they were genuine friends, so when a friend marries, they all felt joy .

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{T/N: Crashing or visiting (if you prefer) the bridal chamber is another traditional chinese wedding custom . Usually the groom’s friends or relatives of the same generation would visit the bridal chambers and plays games, joke around and tease the bride and groom, so the atmosphere becomes more lively and intimate to help the bride and groom get to know each other, since the bride and groom usually don’t even know what each other look like before marriage}

“You should go back to practice pressing down!” Gui San said in contempt .   He blocked a lot of wine for Lan Mo Xian tonight, so his words were a lot more straightforward .   And he was a frequent resident of Xiao Jin Pavilion, so how innocent could he be?  But none of them were sanctimonious people, so no one minded .

“Just you wait, I will be on top one day!” Yu Liu Li vowed, making all of them burst into laughter .   Jing Wu An didn’t say anything, because no matter how tough Yu Liu Li was, he was always on top in bed .

The lively day passed quickly .   That night Lan You Nian nestled in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, she was looking forward to their own wedding .   She wondered if she would be like Hua Mu Qing, feeling uneasy yet happy .

“What are you thinking about?” Feng Yi Xuan tucked Lan You Nian in, asking .   Actually, ever since that event happened that night, a lot of times, he wanted Nian Nian to help him take care of his desires, but he was a little unwilling .   Fortunately, as long as he left Nian Nian, he wouldn’t feel any desire, so most of the time the two of them didn’t sleep together .   But for some reason Feng Yi Xuan wanted to hug her to sleep .   Though he wished for this every night, he especially longed for it this night .

“Nothing .   I’m just so happy!” Lan You Nian smiled .   She was really happy .   She had a lot of people who loved her .   These people will find their own happiness .   It gave Lan You Nian a wonderful feeling .

“Then Nian Nian, when will you marry me?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was slightly depressed .   He glanced at the petite little one in his arms, sighing, “I feel like I can’t anymore!”

“After I’ve come of age, I’ll marry you!” Lan You Nian snickered .   In Feng country, once girls reached the age of sixteen, they can marry, but a lot more girls married at fifteen .   There were even some who married at thirteen, but that’s because those girls were chess pieces on the political arena .

“There’s still two more years!” Feng Yi Xuan muttered in displeasure .   It wasn’t he couldn’t wait .   For the girl in his arms, no matter how many years, he will wait, not to mention two years .   It’s just after seeing today’s wedding ceremony, he didn’t feel like it was fair .

“What?” Lan You Nian reached out and pinched  Feng Yi Xuan’s arm, huffing angrily like a little hot pepper, “You’re not willing to wait?”

Feng Yi Xuan allowed Lan You Nian her mischief .   For him, it didn’t hurt at all .   He liked Nian Nian showing him a different side of her .   It made him feel that Nian Nian only belonged to him .

“No matter how long, I’m willing to wait!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know how to sweet talk but because he didn’t know, everything he said was from the heart .   The most sincere was often the most moving and Lan You Nian was the one moved .

Feng Yi Xuan felt he was very greedy .   In the beginning, he just wanted this girl’s heart to have him in it .   After he learned Nian Nian liked him, he started to long for them to be together in matrimony, so they became engaged .   And now he wished for them to get married .   It seems, since meeting this girl, he learned to be dissatisfied .   He loved her too much, so he was always thinking about letting the two of them be together forever .

“Sleep!” Feng Yi Xuan coaxed .   He was reluctant to shut his eyes .   He was greedy yet pleased…it seems after meeting Nian Nian, he’s become different .   He had someone he cared about, had someone he wanted to knead into his life, blood and bones .

“Alright!” It only took a while for Lan You Nian to fall asleep .   The corner of her lips were still slightly curled upwards, as if even in her dreams, she was happy .

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