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Published at 30th of March 2020 10:18:00 PM
Chapter 190
190 Plot Under the Way (2)
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Lan You Nian rode in Lan manor’s carriage to Prime Minister’s manor . As the residence of a Prime Minister of the country, the architecture of Prime Minister’s Manor was magnificent . All of the buildings were extremely solemn, yet white silk curtains were put up everywhere . Lan You Nian followed the maidservant into Prime Minister manor’s mourning hall . Passing through a half-moon corridor, passing by the front courtyard, when they came to the inner courtyard of Prime Minister’s manor, it was white everywhere . The courtyard had a very Jiangnan atmosphere with its little bridge and flowing water, gazebo and pavilion towers, refined and unparalleled, very elegant, but because of all the white color, it seemed very odd .

Lan Jian Jun led his son and daughter to the mourning hall to offer their condolences to the dead . Afterward, he left with Lan Mo Xian since it was separated into men’s section and women’s section .

Lan You Nian studied Prime Minister Manor’s madame whose appearance immaculate, a faint smile curling on her lips . It seemed third brother did things discreetly . No one noticed Prime Minister madame’s sudden cause of death, or perhaps they noticed but couldn’t find anything .

“Isn’t Miss Lan afraid?” An manor’s legitimate daughter An Si Yan knelt in the mourning hall staring at Lan You Nian . Her eyes were like venomous snakes . They contained the pleasure of vengeance, as if she wanted to rip Lan You Nian into shreds .

After paying her respects, Lan You Nian looked at An Si Yan kneeling amongst the younger generation . An Si Yan was dressed in white, appearing quite tasteful, though recently this An family’s eldest young miss didn’t dare provoke her, yet she did so in the mourning hall of her own grandmother-she likely had some kind of backing .

“I haven’t done anything against my conscience . What am I afraid of?” Lan You Nian walked over to An Si Yan, whispering in her ear, “Though I don’t know if An family’s eldest young miss is afraid or not!”

“What am I afraid of?” An Si Yan stood up . There was no one coming in to offer their condolences at the moment . There were only several concubines and granddaughters kneeling in the mourning hall . Those with some status in An manor were all entertaining the guests . Though it may appear to be for the condolences of the dead, but there were a lot of twists and turns . Offering condolences was merely a coverup .

Lan You Nian didn’t say any more and was about to head to the resting area for the women . Walking out of the mourning hall, Lan You Nian said to Lan Feng who was dressed as a maidservant “Check out if there’s anything wrong with An manor these last few days!” Lan You Nian felt there was a plot waiting for her .

After Lan Feng left, An San said “Wangfei, how about we go back?” The people of An manor were vicious . She feared wangfei will fall for the tricks if she’s not careful . By then, even using the whole of An manor as a burial price wouldn’t extinguish wangye’s fury .

“Since we’ve come, their trap has already been set, if we just leave, it would be so dull!” Lan You Nian took delicate lotus steps, her smile was a pure and flawless as usual, making the pampered sons of the noble families a little infatuated .

An San nodded . She knew wangfei’s personality was similar to wangye’s . If they wanted to do something, it’s doubtful anyone could stop them-no, perhaps they can be stopped: it would just be each other .

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When Lan You Nian walked over to the women’s side, Yue Bai Lian and Hua Mu Qing have been sitting there for a whole . They were happy to see Lan You Nian . The three of them sat down together like good sisters .

“Nian’er meimei, how come you’re so late?” Hua Mu Qing complained . She was so bored here by herself . Fortunately, Princess Bai Lian came late, so the two had a partner to chat with .

“What do you think you’re here for? It’s mourning for the dead!” Lan You Nian uttered speechlessly . This Hua Mu Qing’s personality could compete with Lan Wu’s .

“A lot of people have come today . Nian’er you must be careful!” Yue Bai Lian reminded her; then, her eyes drifted somewhere else .

Lan You Nian followed Yue Bai Lian’s line of sight and saw Feng Yi Shuang . It seemed she wasn’t completely recovered from being bitten by the snake, Feng yi Shuang wasn’t as arrogant as before, but the gloomy air around her became thicker . She glanced at Lan You Nian, her eyes couldn’t hide the hatred inside .

Lightly tapping the table with her fingers, Lan You Nian’s mouth curled into a smile, making her appear dangerous and charming, luring people to drown in it . Originally, she looked down on Feng Yi Shuang, but seeing Feng Yi Shuang’s undisguished hatred, Lan You Nian felt it was best to get rid of these pest as soon as possible; otherwise, if one day she was bitten, it would be terrible . Pests, though nothing big, were very annoying .

“Young miss” Lan Feng who has been gone a while stood beside Lan You Nian leaned closer to Lan You Nian’s ear, reporting everything she found out to Lan You Nian .

“Oh?” Lan You Nian’s eyes slightly narrowed . Deep within the eyes, there seemed to be a faint darkness that was constantly overturning, making her eyes appear bright and radiant and everyone not dare to share direct eye contact, in fear of falling in and unable to escape .

“Miss Lan, Her Majesty the Empress requests your presence!” A maidservant came over to Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian stood up, sparing the maidservant a glance . Meanwhile, Yue Bai Lian and the others glanced worriedly at Lan You Nian . Prime Minister’s madame passed today, so as a daughter, the Empress will definitely come, but they didn’t expect the Empress to blatantly summon Lan You Nian . With her position as Empress, if she really wanted to do something to Lan You Nian, they couldn’t easily counter against her .

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Lan You Nian shot Hua Mu Qing and Yue Bai Lian a reassuring glance and then took Lan Feng and An San with her as she left the women’s side, heading in the direction of the Empress’s resting area . After all, as the country’s Empress, how could she sit together with the rest of the women?

As she was passing by Feng Yi Shuang, Lan You Nian’s fingers that were at her sides moved and the smile on her lips became warmer .

“Wangfei!” An San looked at Lan You Nian who appeared to be admiring the scenery . Though wangfei’s every action and word was beautiful like a painting, but this wasn’t the time to be sightseeing okay!? They were going to see the Empress, that old hag!

Lan You Nian’s footsteps paused as she said to An San “Later, Feng Yi Shuang will leave her seat . Bring Feng Yi Shuang over!” Lan You Nian’s voice was very low, so the maidservant leading the way couldn’t hear what they were saying .

“Eh?” An San was surprised . With her abilities, bringing Feng Yi Shuang here wouldn’t be hard, but the fact wangfei can predict Feng Yi Shuang leaving her seat was simply too curious . An San couldn’t help staring pitifully at Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian acted mysterious as she said “Because I poisoned her . I think it causes diarrhea . ” Lan You Nian really only casually placed the poison, so she didn’t look at it carefully . It wasn’t important what poison it was . The most important thing is that she left her seat .

“Wangfei, when did you place the poison?” An San asked, flabbergasted . She’s been following Lan You Nian all this way; she didn’t see Lan You Nian making any moves . Is her martial arts really too low?

“Just on the way when we were passing by Feng Yi Shuang!” Lan Feng said in a straight voice . She really feared An San will ask more questions, being as noisy as Lan Wu! However, Lan Feng quite liked this An San . It was only their personalities were different .

An San resolved the confusion in her heart and immediately went to take care of business as Lan You Nian brought Lan Feng over to the Empress’s resting chamber .

When they arrived at the room, several palace maids stood outside . When they saw Lan You Nian, they curtsied . Lan You Nian wasn’t simply Lan manor’s legitimate daughter; she was also the future Ming wangfei . They, as palace maids, still needed to curtsy to her . Besides, the last time Lan You Nian was in the palace, her means made people afraid and wary .

“Her Majesty is inside . Miss Lan please follow this servant!” A palace maid led Lan You Nian into the room . It was unsurprising that Lan Feng was prevented from going inside . Lan Feng’s fingers moved to kill . In Lan Feng’s eyes, she didn’t put the Empress in her eye . In her eyes, there was only Lan You Nian, this master .

Lan You Nian nodded to Lan Feng . Lan Feng instantly stood there without moving an inch . She’s followed young miss many years so she knew young miss’s abilities . Unconditionally obeying young miss was their unmovable conviction, so Lan You Nian’s subtle gesture made Lan Feng settle down .

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The palace maid led Lan You Nian into the room and then withdrew . In the room, there was a rosewood shelf and a large marble screen . Passing by the screen, the small but luxurious room emerged in Lan You Nian’s eyes . The room was decorated with carved beams from which hung all colors of curtains . Above the couch sat the Empress An Qian Mei .

The Empress wore lavender mandarin duck brocade top with a magenta butterfly and flower brocade dress . On her feet were a pair of pink embroidered shoes . Her hair was done into a flying moon hairstyle, inserted with bright peacock hairpin . She smiled brightly as she sat there . What made Lan You Nian’s eyes flash was the infant the Empress was holding in her arms . For those people unawares, they would think the empress was a loving woman .

The infant the Empress held in her arms was Prime Minister manor’s newly arrived legitimate son, An Gong Jing’s son, Prime Minister Manor’s little treasure . Lan You Nian recalled the news Lan Feng told her . Instantly, she understood what the Empress and Prime Minister’s manor wanted to do . In order to get rid of her, they really expended a lot of thought!

Lan You Nian understood why the Empress’s faction was so fixated on her . She’s recently ruined many of their plans and she was also the future Ming wangfei . If she married Feng Yi Xuan, it represented Lan manor and fourth wangye’s alliance was set in stone, so as long as she died, this alliance would be broken . But they didn’t know, no matter what, she and Feng Yi Xuan will be together . It had nothing to do with interest, only sincere hearts .

“Your Majesty!” Lan You Nian gracefully curtsied, the faint smile on her lips didn’t change as if she couldn’t see the Empress sizing her up .

The Empress looked at Lan You Nian standing before her, wearing a white dress that dragged to the floor . On the top half, she wore an outer wear of dark purple . On either side of her temples hung tassels that seemed to be made of thin silver pieces . As she moved, they rung together with a pleasant sound . On her feet were a pair of white fur boots with a red flower embroidered on the sides . Seeing such a Lan You Nian, the Empress had to admit she has never seen such a beautiful girl . It was a pity such a girl couldn’t be used by her .

“Miss Lan is a smart person . Why are you always doing stupid things?” The Empress held a little infant in her arms, frequently teasing the child while the little infant giggled innocently at the Empress, unaware of what his family wanted to do to him .

Lan You Nian, seeing this, didn’t pretend anymore and sat on the couch in the room, smiling, “This girl has never been a smart person . I’m afraid I must disappoint Your Majesty . ”

“If this empress gave Miss Lan a chance to be a smart person, will Miss Lan be willing?” The Empress said . This was blatantly asking Lan You Nian to switch to their side, hoping to solicit Lan You Nian or Lan manor .

Lan You Nian toyed with the scattered hair over her shoulder . Even if she wasn’t in love with Feng Yi Xuan, she wouldn’t let Lan manor side with the Empress’s side . Feng Shao Chu’s temperament was too sinister, crafty, and suspicious . Such a person wasn’t suited to being the Emperor . Most importantly, even if you do everything to help such a person ascend the throne, as soon as he sat on the throne, he will turn on you, because a person like him wouldn’t allow other people to know the despicable means he used . This was the habit of many people in the imperial family . Fortunately, Feng Xia Qi wasn’t such a person . Though he was crafty like a fox, but his basic nature was very upright .

Lan You Nian very foolishly and naively looked at the Empress, “This girl can never be a smart person . I’ve disappointed Your Majesty’s goodwill!” Who were they to think about wanting her to work for them in Lan manor . Sure enough, the longer you sit on that high position, they think that everyone in the world revolved around them .

The Empress looked at Lan You Nian, feeling each one of Lan manor’s people failed to recognize kindness when it was offered . They not only killed her own little sister, nephew and niece, even An manor was affected . They even disregard her . The Empress disliked Lan You Nian even more .

“Your Majesty, His Majesty arrived at Prime Minister manor . Prime Minister An had this servant request Your Majesty to head to the front hall!” a palace maid said outside .

Lan You Nian’s brows raised . She didn’t expect An Manor’s authority to be so great . She could tell the Empress was displeased with An manor but hasn’t gotten rid of it yet, probably afraid touching An manor will cause turmoil in Feng country; otherwise, as the Empress, he wouldn’t attend Prime Minister manor’s funeral mourning .

The Empress stood, her noble bearing undeniable . To Lan You Nian who was sitting there, she said “This Empress will go to the front hall . May I ask Miss Lan if you’re willing to look after this empress’s little nephew?” The Empress carried the little infant over to the couch by Lan You Nian .

Looking at the infant laying on the couch not far from her, Lan You Nian’s smiling face became deadly at once, piercing as a blade, cold as wind and frost, making people feel a chill all over their bodies, but the Empress only ignored it .

Lan You Nian picked up the infant who was laying on the couch and couldn’t even sit up, “Does this girl have a choice?” The little infant wasn’t shy with strangers . Looking at Lan You Nian, he even offered a big smile . Lan You Nian didn’t know how to hold an infant, so she only held it like she was holding any other object .

“Before Miss Lan had a choice but now, ” The Empress headed out of the room, “You don’t have any choice left!”

When the Empress left the room, Lan You Nian looked at the infant, muttering “I don’t need other people giving me choices!” The little infant didn’t understand what Lan You Nian was saying, only opening his toothless mouth giggling .

Lan You Nian looked at the little infant with complex eyes . She knew this infant was already ridden with toxic poison and couldn’t be saved . Such a pure child was nipped in the bud at such an early age by his own family, Lan You Nian didn’t know what she was feeling but she didn’t feel well inside . Though she wasn’t a good person, she couldn’t do something like killing her own child . Prime Minister’s manor was indeed heartless and ruthless .

Lan You Nian put the infant on the couch, reaching out her palm to pat the infant’s head and leaned forward saying gently “In the next life, get reborn in a kind family . They don’t need to be wealthy or noble, only asking them to love and protect you!”

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