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Chapter 189
189 Plot Under Way
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When Lan You Nian received the new Jing Wu An sent, she was surprised .   She didn’t expect the person who ordered the arson to be her .

“Wangfei, should we kill her?” An San asked .   The last few days, An San has been following Lan You Nian around .   This was Feng Yi Xuan’s intent .   At the moment, he was at the borders, so he was most worried about Lan You Nian .   An San’s martial arts wasn’t bad .   With her by Lan You Nian’s side, Feng Yi Xuan could be slightly reassured .

Lan You Nian’s lips recovered its rosiness as they curled into a wicked smile, like the ardent red spider lilies which bloomed on the path to the underworld, murmuring softly “Since we know who the rat is, there’s no need to rush .   She can’t turn any huge waves . ”

An San nodded .   She too felt this woman wasn’t wangfei’s opponent .   With a wave of her hand, wangfei could send this woman to her death .   Only this woman can’t distinguish what’s good for her and dares to harm wangfei .   She was unsure whether she should inform wangye of this matter .    After all, the example of the eldest princess was still there!

“I didn’t know this Feng Yi Shuang had such ability!” Yue Bai Lian sat in You Nian Pavilion, infuriated .

That’s right, the one behind the arson a few nights ago was the second princess, Feng Yi Shuang, the same one, who was bitten by a snake and was currently resting in her palace, actually had the guts to scheme against Lan You Nian .   When Jing Wu An dug out such a result, they were also surprised .   That wasn’t to say Feng Yi Shuang was kind, but everyone passed over this woman, so at the very start when everyone was investigating the matter of the arson, they didn’t consider thinking in that direction .   Instead, they investigated the Empress’s faction .   If they didn’t find out those who set the fire had some connection to a palace maid previously, they probably wouldn’t find out this matter had any relation to Feng Yi Shuang .

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Lan You Nian observed Yue Bai Lian who was more angered than her and giggled .   Recently Yue Bai Lian will often drop in at Lan manor .   Everyone only felt Lan manor’s legitimate daughter had a good relationship with Princess Bai Lian, so they didn’t overthink .

“Everyone has their different talent, only most of the time they haven’t been forced to a certain point!” Lan You Nian sat in the pavilion, gazing out the window at the solemn sky that seemed like it was about to snow .

Yue Bai Lian nodded, showing her agreement .   It was just like her; if she wasn’t forced, how could she have learned such means?

“Then according to young miss, this Feng Yi Shuang’s days aren’t good either?  Otherwise, how could she be forced to consider harming young miss?” Lan Wu asked curiously .   Actually, she didn’t understand why so many women didn’t consider what they did wrong; instead, every time they’re hurt, they always lay the blame on someone else .

Lan You Nian kept silent .   Feng Yi Shuang’s life definitely wasn’t easy .   Noble Consort Lin’s passing left Feng Yi Shuang without her last support .   In the imperial palace, a princess without any support couldn’t even compare to a palace maid .   This feeling of falling from the sky wasn’t something just anyone could accept, much less the vain Feng Yi Shuang .   But Feng Yi Shuang really should not have harassed her, even burning her little courtyard at Zhen Wei Pavilion .   It really made people feel annoyed .

“Right, when is Ming wang coming back?” Yue Bai Lian asked .   It’s already been some time, yet there was no news of Ming wang’s return .   Yue Bai Lian didn’t have any other meaning, only wishing Lan You Nian to have someone to share her troubles with .

Lan You Nian’s hand that was holding the teacup froze for a moment .   It was a very subtle movement, so no one noticed .   She’s been back in the capital for five days already .   It was clearly a very short amount of time, but it seemed especially long .   Every day she would receive a letter from Feng Yi Xuan, none of which that did not say what he was doing or that he missed her .   Lan You Nian didn’t return a letter of her own, not because she didn’t want to write back, but because she was afraid once she lifted the pen, she’ll write out her longing .   And according to Feng Yi Xuan’s temper, he will hurry back without a care to anything else .

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“Soon!” Lan You Nian gazed at the sky outside .   Actually, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t say when he was coming back, but she already missed him terribly .   She never knew missing someone would make it difficult to eat and sleep .

An San saw Lan You Nian’s complexion wasn’t all that good and was a little worried .   They could tell wangfei wasn’t someone who could take good care of herself, but they couldn’t do things as good as wangye .   After all, like persuading wangfei to rest more and not bother with those unimportant matters, they couldn’t succeed in persuading her and could only watch wangfei busy about every day without a stop .

“Wangye will be back in a few days .   Wangfei still needs to rest more in the next few days!” An San coaxed .   With the arrival of winter, wangfei’s body was starting to get cold .   Lan Qu informed her of this, saying wangfei will often get sick in winter .

“It’s nothing!” Lan You Nian said with a smile and then glared with her wide eyes at An San, “Don’t tell Xuan!”  After suffering from the poison from many years, her body was seriously deficit, so as soon as winter came, she became very weak, but she didn’t want Xuan, who was far away at the borders, to worry .

“This subordinate…” An San wanted to refute, but seeing Lan You Nian’s expression, she fearfully shrank her neck, saying “This subordinate knows!”  After staying by Lan You Nian’s side for some time, An San understood Lan You Nian’s temper .   If she didn’t agree, she will probably be directly sent back to Ming wang manor .

“Oh right Nian’er, tomorrow we need to go Prime Minister manor to give our condolences for the passing of Prime Minister madame .   As General Manor’s legitimate daughter, do you need to go?” Yue Bai Lian asked .   Because she’s reached an agreement with Feng Xia Qi, she showed more concern for the matters in the capital .

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Lan You Nian, hearing this, glanced at Lan Qu .   Lan Qu comprehended and said “Lan manor did indeed receive an invite .   Will young miss be going tomorrow?” Actually, Lan Qu didn’t wish her young miss to attend some dead person’s funeral .   With such cold temperatures- young miss’s body wasn’t that good-it would be terrible if she got cold .

“Go, why wouldn’t I go?” Lan You Nian said .   Even if she said she didn’t want to go, that didn’t mean she could do as she wished .   She was currently managing the Lan manor household .   If she didn’t go, wasn’t it allowing other people to gossip about their Lan manor for no reason?

Yue Bai Lian looked at Lan You Nian and then said “I’m going tomorrow too!”

Lan You Nian didn’t say anything, just nodded .   Yue Bai Lian was no longer her subordinate .   She should have her own ideas and her own life .

After Yue Bai Lian left, Lan You Nian had Lan Qu and the others all withdraw .   She slept on the couch Feng Yi Xuan usually slept on .   It seemed like Feng Yi Xuan’s scent was still on there, for Lan You Nian peacefully slept on the couch and shut her eyes .

Meanwhile, at this moment, Feng Yi Xuan was similarly full of longing .   The wind at the borders was very cold and piercing, but Feng Yi Xuan only wore a thin, black outer robe as he read the booklet in his hands .   At this moment An Yi came in, “Master, a letter from the manor!”

Feng Yi Xuan tossed aside the booklet in his hand .   It was only at this moment that warmth will appear in his eyes .   The letter urgently sent from the capital every day wasn’t anything important, only An San wrote about Lan You Nian’s everyday life into the letter so Feng Yi Xuan can see, letting Feng Yi Xuan feel he was by Lan You Nian’s side .

The letter said Lan You Nian was still afraid of drinking her medicine .   When Feng Yi Xuan saw this, he couldn’t help the smile at tugged at his lips .   He could already imagine Nian Nian’s troubled expression as she drank the medicine, but at the same time, he felt distressed; drinking such bitter medicine, Nian Nian will definitely feel terrible .

An Yi watched his master who was sitting there looking at the letter for a long time without putting it down and knew master was once again starting to miss the matriarch .   Ever since master came to the border, every day he appeared cold, making people not dare to approach, but every day when he saw the letter from the capital, master will become so gentle .

“I heard Jiangnan’s candied fruit is the most fragrant and sweet?” Feng yi Xuan put away the letter in his hand, suddenly asking An Yi who pretended to be invisible .

An Yi was startled for a moment, not understanding why master will suddenly ask this, though it was true Jiangnan’s candied fruit was the best .

“Yes, Jiangnan’s candied fruit is the best, but not many are made and isn’t supplied to areas outside .   Only some official and trade families are able to eat it!” An Yi replied .   As a shadow guard, a guard, and master’s right and left arm, An Yi knew about a lot of things .

“Have Ghost Realm’s people go to Jiangnan to get some candied fruit and send it over to Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan ordered .   The medicine, though bitter, Feng Yi Xuan knew he must have Nian Nian continue to drink it .   This was for the good of Nian Nian’s health, so he won’t indulge her .   But thinking of Nian Nian drinking such bitter medicine, Feng Yi Xuan felt there was a better way, so Feng Yi Xuan thought of candied fruit .   That way, after drinking the medicine, it can get rid of the bitterness in one’s mouth, making Lan You Nian feel a little better .

“Yes!” An Yi immediately sent the message to Ghost Realm, though he couldn’t help complaining mentally, which one of their Ghost Realm’s assassins didn’t go out to kill people and such things, when did they have to run such a long way just to get some candied fruit?  Sure enough, master didn’t care about anything else when it considered the matriarch .   

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