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Chapter 187: 187

Chapter 187 Marquis Jing’s Wine Addiction

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“Greeting Ming wang!” several voices rose in unison, none of which wasn’t a deferential salutation .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t tell them to rise; instead, he flung the evidence that An Yi obtained after investigating an entire night, at the officers . Out of the eight highest-ranking officers, four belonged to the Empress’s faction . They even dare to collude with the country of Yue, wanting to let Yue take advantage of the opportunity to get in and lay assault to the country of Feng to create internal turmoil .

The four officers saw the scattered papers on the ground . Written on them, in black and white, without a single doubt to its credibility, was exactly what they have done, and were attached with their correspondences with Yue country . There was no way they could acquit themselves of blame . In the beginning, they thought they could gain some profit from coming to the border . They didn’t expect Ming wang to arrive to the border as quickly as he did, even investigating all their crimes in such a short time .

“You people are daring! You dare to get up to these little tricks right under benwang’s nose!” Feng Yi Xuan suddenly snapped open his half-lidded eyes . A cold light shot out of his eyes, like a sharp blade, directly shot at the four people kneeling on the floor .

The four people hastily kowtowed, begging mercy, “Ming wang, have mercy! This isn’t this subject’s fault . It was second wangye who threatened us! Begging Ming wang to let us go this time .

When one’s life was at stake, the so-called loyalty, in these people’s eyes, wasn’t worthy of mention . They followed second wangye, because they wanted to gain some profit . They didn’t think they would lose their life . At this point, of course they would divulge everything .

Feng Yi Xuan stared at the four four begging for mercy, as if he was looking at ants . These people really had great ploys . So what if they betrayed second wangye? These matters didn’t have any direct connection to the Empress’s faction . It was useless against the Empress’s faction; in fact, it could possibly only complicate matters for himself .

“Li Zhong!” Feng Yi Xuan said to Li Zhong, who was kneeling there . “Take them to camps and under all the troops’ eyes, read out their crimes; then, behead!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice didn’t possess any anger, emotionless as usual .

The officers wanted to resist, but their acupuncture points have been pressed by An Yi and Li Zhong, and then dragged out . They comprehended Feng Yi Xuan didn’t want to waste any breath on these people, so they best toss out these traitors to deal with them as quickly as possible .

The remaining three officers, though they were old soldiers who’ve fought on the battlefield for many years and were also Lan Jian Jun’s subordinates previously, so as such, they were all upright persons, but faced with Feng Yi Xuan’s imposing manner, they really couldn’t bear it . Some people didn’t need to speak, didn’t need to do anything, and they could oppress people and invoke fear just with their aura .

Feng Yi Xuan felt irritated just looking at the three people below, or that is to say, he’d feel irritated no matter who he saw . Waving his hand, he let the three people withdraw . The three officers involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief, feeling that it was easier going onto the battlefield to slaughter their enemies than to face Ming wang .

Feng Yi Xuan felt if he continued to think of Nian Nian, he wouldn’t be able to take care of any of his affairs . After sorting out his irritability, Feng Yi Xuan picked up the reports in the tent and started to straighten them out, sorting out the matter of the border in the shortest time possible, so that he could go back to be with Nian Nian .

At this time, under the misty and hazy sun of morn, contingents of troops already arrived at the camp to train, but instead, they saw officer Li Zhong had several officers detained as he brought them to the platform in the middle of the camp . Many of the old soldiers noticed Ming wang’s guard An Yi . Everyone sensed that something big was about to happen .

Li Zhong glanced at An Yi . The meaning was clear-to let An Yi to announce it . After all, though A Yi was only one of Ming wang’s guards, the power in An Yi’s hands was comparable to that of a general’s, which was why Li Zhong had this idea .

An Yi shook his head . He’s followed master many years, so more or less, he was a little similar to his master, neither liking to speak more than necessary .

Li Zhong walked over to the platform in the center, facing the several ten thousand soldiers as he reproved these officer’s crimes, making the soldiers’ below so angry their eyes were red . They all came here simply to protect their home and country-land, yet these high-ranking officers actually colluded with their enemies and sold off their country, they hated they couldn’t go up and murder these people .

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Shoving the officers who’ve been silenced, Li Zhong and several other officers, each with a blade, cleaved off the four traitors’ heads in front of all the soldiers . Feng Yi Xuan did more than just punish the traitors, it was a warning and intimidation to those soldiers!

An Yi looked at those headless corpses on the platform, no emotion in his eyes . These people thought they really could drag master down? Really extremely stupid!

Lan You Nian was still clothed in a white dress, her black hair was soft and smooth, without a single strand out of place . Her bearing was demure and elegant, like a white lotus that bloomed for the first time in morning, beautiful like a painting .

“How come young miss woke up so early?” Lan Wu wondered curiously as she carried in a basin of warm water for washing . Young miss has been waking up in the morning much later recently .

Lan Qu saw Lan Wu being so remiss, and didn’t know what to say . The winter morning was already very cold, but their young miss didn’t seem to feel it at all as she stood in front of the window . Lan Qu walked over to Lan You Nia’s side, “Young miss, it is misty in the morning and cold . Young miss best not stand in front of the window!”

Lan You Nian glanced at her chilled body and realized there wasn’t a warm embrace behind her . Actually, the last few days as she was hurrying on the road, she didn’t sense it, but last night when she returned to You Nian Pavilion, the taste of missing Feng Yi Xuan poured into her heart . She’s returned to her past state of being unable to sleep .

“Did young miss not have a good rest last night?” Lan Wu asked worriedly, noting her young miss’s somewhat weary face and then handed a towel to Lan You Nian . They, as her handmaidens, seemed to have not seen their young miss’s weary face for a while, though it was common in the past .

Lan You Nian picked up the towel to wipe her face and then said, unconcerned “Not bad, only just the same as before!” Some people were really strange . Before in the past it was like this, she didn’t feel anything wrong about it, but ever since she was together with Feng Yi Xuan, for things to return to the way it was originally, she couldn’t get used to it . It seems she’s really been spoiled by Feng Yi Xuan .

“Young miss, how about write a letter to Ming wang to ask him to return soon?” Lan Wu said . She could tell her family’s young miss was starting to miss Ming wang . And based on how much Ming wang loved young miss, he will definitely hurry back .

Lan You Nian shook her head with a smile, reaching out her onion-white fingers to poke Lan Wu’s forehead, “Everyone needs their own space . Xuan is a country’s wangye, a war god on the battlefield . How can I have him always stay by my side?”

Lan Wu didn’t understand these things, muttering subconsciously “But I feel like no matter what young miss asks for, Ming wang will always grant it!” This was the feeling she got after so long . At the start, she was disbelieving of Ming wang’s feelings for her young miss, but after some time, Lan Wu was already certain Ming wang truly loved her young miss .

Lan Wu chuckled in spite of herself . Yeah, perhaps in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, she was the most important, but it was because Feng Yi Xuan loved her so much and was so considerate of her, the more Lan You Nian didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to feel the least bit unhappy due to her . They were mutually in love, not a one-sided love .

“Alright, you are really chatty!” Lan Qu shot Lan Wu a glare, but this was only some teasing between sisters .

“Young miss! It’s already winter . You better put add on some more clothing!” Lan Qu added one more layer of clothing to her young miss . It seemed she hasn’t done this for a while . Ever since Ming wang started living at You Nian Pavilion, they haven’t served young miss at all .

Lan You Nian secured the thick white outer robe, asking “Are Lan Ren and Lan Feng back yet?” Last night when she returned to You Nian Pavilion, she summoned Lan Ren and Lan Feng . Lan You Nian let them go investigate who sent the assassin last night, actually wanting to end her life so quickly .

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“Haven’t returned yet!” Lan Qu said . In fact, she was a little worried .

Lan You Nian nodded and didn’t offer any more words and started to eat . From day one when they followed her, they should have been that their lives could be at danger any moment . Though she considered them as friends, she couldn’t protect them all the time . Some things still required tempering and in even more things, they needed to depend on themselves .

At this moment, An San suddenly appeared on the stairs of the pavilion and said respectfully, “Wangfei, I am An San!”

Lan You Nian put down her chopsticks, wondering why An San was here and nodded to Lan Qu . Lan Qu instantly understood and said to the person outside, “Miss An San can come in!”

An San entered and performed a ceremonious greeting . Though she’s stayed at You Nian Pavilion before and acted quite impertinently, but it’s the first time seeing wangfei in a while, so An San was very respectful .

“Wangfei, master sent a letter to instruct this subordinate to make this medicine . Wangfei please take it on time everyday!” An San placed the still warm medicine she diligently carried on the table and then took out a letter, saying “Wangye asked this subordinate to give this letter to wangfei!”

Lan You Nian’s heartbeat instantly quickened . She dazedly received the letter from An San’s hand and then eagerly ripped open the letter . Entering into her eyes was the majestic, vigorous handwriting which was as overbearing and cold as the man himself .

There were not many words in the letter . It said rather simply that he already arrived at the borders and was starting to deal with the matters and then it was followed by an ordinary “Nian Nian, I miss you a lot!” From the handwriting, Lan You Nian could decipher the deep longing behind them . Next, it was all the two words “Nian Nian” written by Feng Yi Xuan, as if only this way could soothe his longing .

After reading the letter, Lan You Nian put it away in the dressing table in the inner chamber . She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to arrive at the borders so quickly . He probably wrote the letter the moment he arrived at the borders . She really didn’t know whether she should be mad at this man or feel heartache for him . He’s always like this…

After securing the letter, she walked out of the inner chamber and took a sip of the still warm medicine . The bitterness of the medicine flooded Lan You Nian’s tastebuds, causing Lan You Nian to furrow her brows and stick her tongue out . She didn’t expect elder brother’s medicine to be so bitter .

Lan Qu hastily poured a cup of tea . Lan You Nian took it to gargle and then helplessly stared at the bowl of medicine . She really didn’t want to drink it!

Perhaps because it was so rare to see Lan You Nian act so childishly, Lan Wu, Lan Qu, and An San couldn’t help expressing a smile . Honestly, Lan You Nian was too indifferent on a normal day . It made people feel like they couldn’t approach her at all . But at this moment, Lan You Nian was like a cute next-door little sister, which made people automatically want to get close to her .

“Wangfei, quality medicine are bitter . Wangfei should continue to drink!” An San grinned . Master sent a letter making clear that they must make wangfei continue drinking the medicine every day . An Yi and the others were aware of the poison in Lan You Nian’s body, so they hoped wangfei can become healthy soon, so that no matter it was master or them the subordinates, they could all be reassured .

“Young miss, you won’t reply to Ming wang?” Lan Qu laid out the dishes for Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian shook her head “Best I don’t reply; otherwise, Xuan can’t focus on the matters there . ” Lan You Nian spared An San, who was eating with them, a glance . “Besides, Xuan surely knows my matters like the back of his hand!”

“hehe…” An San peeked at Lan You Nian in embarrassment and immediately leapt up, flustered “Wangfei, we subordinates don’t mean to keep wangfei under surveillance . We only want wangye to know wangfei is well!” Besides, they didn’t have the guts to put wangfei under surveillance ah! Were any one of wangfei’s subordinates inferior to them?

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“Alright!” Lan Qu smirked “Young miss doesn’t intend to blame you guys . Sit down and eat!”

After eating breakfast, Lan You Nian got onto a carriage and set off for Jing manor . After all, last night’s arson was investigated by Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li; she didn’t interfere at all .

Lan manor’s carriage stopped at the gates of Jing manor . Lan You Nian stepped off the carriage, coincidentally catching Marquis Jing, Jing Leng, in his official’s robes, about to set off for morning court .

Upon catching sight of Lan You Nian, Jing Leng was all smiles, looking at Lan You Nian like he was looking at a reliable younger generation, “Lan girl, are you alright after the scare last night?” Though the events of last night were deliberately concealed, if an interested person looked into it, they would still be able to know the truth . Jing Leng understood some of the matters from his son’s mouth .

Lan You Nian graciously curtsied, “Thanks Uncle Jing for your concern . Nian’er wasn’t scared!” Lan You Nian always felt some warmth towards those who were sincerely concerned for her . This Jing Leng, though he loved wine, was a very excellent elder . The concern in his eyes wasn’t a pretense .

“That’s good!” Jing Leng nodded, pleased . Then he murmured softly “Lan girl ah, come to Jing manor to play, if you have nothing to do!”

Lan You Nian resisted from giggling, “I will definitely bring some good wine to call upon uncle!” She plainly discerned the love of wine in Jing Leng’s eyes . In this world, there were people who loved beautiful women, those who loved money, and those who loved wine . These are all understandable .

“Ah? Really? The grape wine you let Wu An bring back last time was very good!” Upon mentioning wine, Jing Leng’s eyes took on a bright shine . Lan You Nian was starting to wonder if she took out her collection of aged wine if he would drool .

“Father, you still need to go to morning court!” Jing Wu An, having stood at the gates for an unknown time, looked at his father who appeared as if he hasn’t seen wine for eight hundred years and felt a tremor in his head . However, he could tell father truly was fond of Nian’er meimei . Otherwise, all those officials who wanted to suck up to father have sent over so many good wines, but he didn’t see father spare them a glance, though one had to admit, those wine had no chance of contesting with the wine Nian’er meimei brewed herself .

“keke!” Jing Leng, as soon as he saw his son, became stern and then said to Lan You Nian “Then this old man will go to morning court . Lan girl’s come for a visit, so you need to be attentive!” Saying this, he got onto his carriage .

“Uncle Jing, next time Nian’er will write the secret recipe to make the wipe to uncle!” Lan You Nian said deliberately with mischievous intentions and then, sure enough, she saw Jing Leng change from the stern face to an ecstatic expression and jumped down from the carriage, “Is Lan girl speaking the truth?”

“Father!” Jing Wu An felt a little helpless, shooting a glance at the naughty Lan You Nian . The more they got to know each other, the more Jing Wu An understood that under Lan You Nian’s appearance of a celestial maiden was a naughty and troublesome imp-really made people unsure whether to laugh or cry .

Jing Leng shot a glare at his son-those who didn’t know would have believed Jing Wu An had committed some wrong . When he faced Lan You Nian, he recovered his smiling face, appearing very much like a benevolent old uncle as he asked uncertainly “Lan girl is speaking the truth?” You can’t blame Jing Leng for not believing . He’s had a taste of the amazing wine Lan girl made . Normal people were anxious to hide away their wine in some place, but this girl told such a thing to other people, without any hesitation . Sure enough, no petty girl can compare . No wonder his son, whose eyes were higher than his head, considered her a little sister .

“Nian’er doesn’t dare lie to uncle!” Lan You Nian said humbly as any junior would and saw Jing Wu An’s mouth twitch-you don’t dare, is there anything you don’t dare?

“Good! Good!” Jing Leng laughed in joy and then sat on the carriage to go to morning court . Inside, he was delighted over the fact he could make his own wine in the future, due to the fact he was forbidden from drinking wine . Drinking Lan girl’s wine gave a wonderful feeling; it was also not harmful for the body . Just thinking about it, Jing Leng’s aged face couldn’t stop grinning .

Jing Wu An led Lan You Nian into the manor, commenting “Only Nian’er meimei came make father like this . Usually father is so stern!”

Lan You Nian walked as she glanced around Jing manor . Jing Manor’s construction was quite a bit similar to Grandfather Grand Tutor He’s manor . They both had a potent scholarly air, only Jing manor was much more extravagant in comparison to He manor . Jing Wu An, this black-bellied master, wouldn’t allow himself to suffer grievances .

“Where’s Brother Liu Li?” Lan You Nian walked into Jing Wu An’s courtyard and sat down . Glancing around, she didn’t catch sight of Yu Liu Li, so naturally she wondered in curiosity . Marquis Jing has already accepted the two’s relationship, so Yu Liu Li openly moved into Jing manor . Marquis Jing, from the maladjustment and unhappiness at the beginning, has now accepted Yu Liu Li, this daughter in law .

Jing Wu An’s face was a little flushed, stumbling as he muttered “He hasn’t got out of bed . I let him sleep a bit more!”

Lan You Nian widened her eyes as she gaped at Jing Wu An . She hadn’t imagined the black-bellied Jing Wu An to have such a moment; however, she could tell the two were truly in love; otherwise, how could they so staunchly stay together without a fear of gossip?

“Did Brother Wu An tire out Brother Liu Li last night?” Lan You Nian asked suggestively and then automatically supplemented imaged of the two in her head . Really, top and bottom and all that was simply too flustering .

Jing Wu An seemed to have heard something he didn’t dare believe his ears and then forced on a big brother’s face, “A little girl only knows to speak nonsense!”

“Hey…” An San who followed them undeniably snorted and then stood on her wangfei’s side, “How is wangfei uttering nonsense!?” Maybe because she’s spent so much time with Lan You Nian, An San doesn’t have that many distinction between master and servant . Usually, she could let loose and joke around with others .

“Brother Wu An, how’s last night’s investigation going?” Lan You Nian interrupted everyone’s joking around . This matter was a little strange . Just who thought of such an idea as setting fire?

Speaking of proper business, Jing Wu An turned serious, saying very grimly “We haven’t discovered who’s behind all of this . Perhaps the person behind the scenes is too deeply hidden or the hidden person is someone we can’t think of . Nian’er meimei, I’m really sorry!”

Lan You Nian nonchalantly smiled . Though everyone was very strong in their own right, not all things in the world can be controlled by them . There will always be many accidents that would happen . They were still growing .

“It’s nothing . The fox will always expose its tail!” Lan You Nian’s dark and profound eyes filled with killing intent and a bloodthirsty coldness . She was certain that the person who set the fire wasn’t participating in this fight for the throne . They simply wanted her dead . It seems she’s offended some person she wasn’t aware of .

“En, Yi Xuan isn’t in the capitol . Nian’er meimei, you need to be careful . When you go out, bring An San them with you!” Jing Wu An said . If Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t in the capital and something happened to Lan You Nian, Jing Wu An didn’t dare imagine what would happen to Feng country . Lan You Nian was too important to Feng Yi Xuan . This was why Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t suited to the throne . Feng Yi Xuan, that person, could abandon everything for Lan You Nian, even home and country . Such a person, if he couldn’t encounter that one person destined to be his love, it was all and good, but once they met, then it would be lifetimes of entanglements .

After chatting with Jing Wu An, Lan You Nian came to Xiao Jin Pavilion, of course that was after she’s disguised herself . This time she didn’t bring An San . Her identity as Young Master Wu Qing still wasn’t known by others nor did Lan You Nian want to conceal anything .

When she arrived at Xiao Jin Pavilion, Gui San was already waiting there, along with Lan Feng and Lan Ren .

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