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Chapter 186
186 Arriving at the Borders
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“What?” Feng Xiao Qi’s foxy eyes widened, gaping at Yue Bai Lan with shock, suspecting he misheard .

Yue Bai Lian still wore a demure smile as she said earnestly, to Feng Xiao Qi “Fourth wangye didn’t mishear . This princess wishes to become fourth wangye’s wangfei, or side consort is fine too . Is fourth wangye agreeable?”

Feng Xiao Qi studied Yue Bai Lian carefully . The superficial gentleness has dispersed from his face, revealing a sharpness as he stared at Yue Bai Lan, as if he wanted to see into Yue Bai Lian’s heart, to see what exactly this noble and beautiful woman was shining, but after a while, Feng Xiao Wi still didn’t understand what Yue Bai Lan wanted to do .

“Benwang doesn’t believe Princess Bai Lan is in love with this one, and doesn’t Princess Bai Lian like Nian’er meimei?” Feng Xiao Qi asked straightforwardly, even frankly pointing out her feelings, without an hint of awkwardness .

Yue Bai Lian’s face stiffened for a moment . She wasn’t afraid of Feng Xiao Qi knowing she liked Lan You Nian . She had never felt ashamed of her feelings .

“Yes, this princess’s feelings hasn’t changed . This princess confesses to liking Nian’er, or perhaps even deeper than like . I love her!” Yue Bai Lian smiled; then, she lifted her eyes to gaze at Feng Xia Qi, saying “Doesn’t fourth wangye like Nian’er?”

Feng Xia Qi’s entire body stiffened . He personally believed he hid his feelings very well . At the very least, most of the people by his side wasn’t aware of his feelings . He didn’t expect the woman in front of him to see through him .

“Nian’er is benwang’s younger sister, of course benwang likes her!” Feng Xia Qi was only startled for a moment . If one didn’t pay attention, they wouldn’t notice . He didn’t want to place Lan You Nian in an awkward position because he liked her .

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Yue Bai Lian felt more admiration for Feng Xia Qi, seeing him like this . This man was the same as her . Even though they both loved Lan You Nian, they didn’t have any desire to steal her away, only silently protect her, behind the scenes . Such a person wouldn’t have any conflict of interest with her .

“This princess doesn’t have any other intention . This princess saw very clearly fourth wangye’s emotions and actions . If you don’t like Nian’er, why were you so worried? Even if it’s a little sister, isn’t fourth wangye’s worry a little too over the top?” Yue Bai Lian forged on aggressively .

Feng Xia Qi remained silent . At the scene of the fire, when he saw Lan You Nian was safe and sound, he couldn’t hold back his turbulent emotions, so he embraced Lan You Nian . It seems his actions were seen through by this Yue Bai Lian, but so what? He Feng Xia Qi has never thought of doing anything to Lan You Nian . His conscious is clear .

Seeing Feng Xia Qi’s eyes were sharp but was silent, Yue Bai Lian went straight to the point, “This princess requires a candidate for the marriage alliance, but this princess only loves Nian’er . Since fourth wangye likes Nian’er too, I want to marry fourth wangye, only hoping to find a place to settle down, to be able to help Nian’er should she need it, in the future, to watch over her!”

Feng Xia Qi’s eyes recovered some degrees of warmth . He didn’t expect Yue Bai Lian’s thoughts to be the same as his, only asking to quietly protect the one they love . Once he rose to the throne, he will require a wife, but he had no other thoughts towards other women; however, this Yue Bai Lian was different . If the two of them were together, whether it was for the imperial court or for himself, it was the best choice . He and Yue Bai Lian could protect Nian’er meimei, in the future, to protect his younger brother’s and Nian’er meimei’s love .
“Has Princess Bai Lian thought it over?” Feng Xia Qi still appeared as handsome as he usually did, elegant as bamboo, his eyes were extremely gentle . One could very easily see he was exceptionally cultured, as if no matter what was said to him, he would never get angry, making people couldn’t help but want to approach him, but his eyes were filled with seriousness . This wasn’t a mariage alliance but a solemn vow betwen the two .

Yue Bai Lian returned his gaze with the same seriousness, “En!” What she needed wasn’t a husband nor someone to depend on . What she needed was a sheild, a marriage to shield her feelings . Feng Xia Qi was the best candidate .

“I can become your wangfei, accept concubines and birth for you . The only thing I can’t give fourth wangye is my love . Has fourth wangye finished considering?” Yue Bai Lian asked, pointing out the pact between the two of them .

Feng Xia Qi showed the usual foxy, gentle smile, raising the teacup of cooling tea and took a sip, “Benwang only needs a wangfei, one who can stand side by side with benwang, one who can take care of benwang’s inner courtyard . Princess Bai Lian is the best choice!” As for taking concubines, he’s never thought about it . In the past, he hoped to find a woman he loved, to spend a lifetime with, but now he’s found that girl, she wasn’t his, then why go scourge other women?

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“Then this princess will await fourth wangye’s good news!” Yue Bai Lian stood up, curtsied and left fourth wangye’s manor . MMeanwhile, Feng Xia Qi stood in the study, gazing at the vast starry sky, thinking of the exchange between him and Yue Bai Lian, and then silently came to a decision .

Yue Bai Lian was a good woman . Feng Xia Qi believed Yue Bai Lian will be a good wife, a good wangfei, a good mother of the country . such a woman, though there wasn’t love, it was a very good confidante . To spend his life with such a woman, feng Xia Qi felt he could accept this, especially as the same person was in their hearts .

Meanwhile, at the borders, the huge winds made it appear even more desolate . Feng Yi Xian, with An Yi tagging along, by making haste on a hurried journey, finally arrived at the borders . Actually, based on the speed they were going, it wasn’t possible to reach the borders in the amount of time they did, but Feng Yi Xuan wanted to deal with the matters as quick as possible and go back to see his Nian Nian, so no matter how much they didn’t rest and hurried on the road all night, they were able to arrive at the borders within this time .

Feng Yi Xian flew of the horse and headed straight for the clusters of tents . Before he could get near, a soldier stopped him . Under the darkness, the soldier wasn’t able to see Feng Yi Xuan’s face clearly, but the dutiful soldier reprimanded, “Who? Dares to trespass into the main camp?”

The main camp was where the army discussed important matters such as the lineup of the troops . Usually, besides some military officer of high position and great authority, no one was allowed to enter . It was heavily guarded . If it wasn’t because of Feng Yi Xuan’s superb martial arts, the moment he entered the borders, he would have been intercepted .

Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled into a cold line, his eyes contained a ruthless killing intent, making that soldier fearfully cower . This man was too frightening; just one glance from him was frightening .

At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t in a good mood, or that is to say, ever since he separated Lan You Nian, he was in a bad mood, so bad-tempered that he wanted to murder someone . Yet this soldier didn’t fear death and charged forth . If this soldier wasn’t merely doing his job, Feng Yi Xuan would have killed him .

“Who!” From the tent drifted a rough masculine voice . “Who is making all that noise outside!” A man wearing armor walked out of the tent . He was around forty or so years old, with a thick beard on his face, making him extremely valiant .

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When the bearded middle-aged man saw Feng Yi Xuan, his entire body trembled; then, immediately performed the military greeting, “Greetings to Ming wang!” As soon as the soldier heard this, he fell down to his knees in fright . . In the military camp, who didn’t know Ming wang, leading troops with heroic ability but equally fierce and decisive, not only ruthless towards his enemeies, he wasn’t soft-handed when it came to his own people .

Feng Yi Xuan stared icily at the two and then, without a word, walked into the main tent . The bearded man immediately followed behind him . He noticed Ming wang was even colder than he was in the past . Didn’t he hear Ming wang was already engaged to Lan Jian Jun’s daughter? How come he was still the same? He really didn’t understand how Lan Jian Jun dared to marry his daughter to Ming wang . Just the cold air around Ming wang was unbearable .

“Talk!” Feng Yi Xuan’s low voice carried a dignity that emitted from his bones . Those who heard involuntarily tightened their muscles, their entire bodies became tightly strung .

The bearded man below him was Feng Yi Xuan’s subordinate, named Li Zhong . Feng Yi Xuan brought many of his own people back to the capital, but left Li Zhong behind to manage the affairs at the border .

Despite having served Feng Yi Xuan many years, as well as being much older than Feng Yi Xuan, Li Zhong not only respected but was also full of fear towards this Ming wang, who was well-versed in scholarly and military arts . Anyone who has seen Feng Yi Xuan’s capabilities will be afraid . But, fortunately, Li Zhong, much like his name, was a loyal person, so Feng Yi Xuan placed him on an important position .

Lii Zhong respectfully stood below, saying, “Recently many people have been planted inside the camp and many people have been promoted . These are all officers of the Empress’s faction . This subject can’t stop them!”

Li Zhong saw his superior remained expressionless, not even showing a hint of fury, so he continued, “This subject also noticed these officers are colluding with the country of Yue, but couldn’t find any evidence to arrest them . These people want to create a mess at the borders!”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t utter a sound . Instead, he shot An Yi a look . An Yi immediately got his master’s meaning and left the tent . Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan waved his hand to let Li Zhong leave the tent as Feng Yi Xuan just sat in there .

Actually, Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t at all worried about all that’s happened . These were merely those people at court wanting to create turbulence at the borders so the military forces in his hand had no choice but to pay full attention to the borders, so that they could do whatever they want in the capital . But was that really so?

At the borders, Feng Yi Xuan had his own residence . Even though Feng Yi Xuan’s returned to the capital and lived there, that was Ming wang’s residence so no one dared to enter . However, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel any sleepiness . Feng Yi Xuan gazed at the sky outside the tent, wondering if Nian Nian has slept yet, if she’s tucked in properly . The more he wondered, the more Feng Yi Xuan wanted to return, hating he couldn’t immediately fly back to Lan You Nian’s side and enter dreamland while holding her .

Feng Yi Xuan sat in the main tent for an entire night . If he was really tired, he would sit there and doze for a few moments . He realized, without Lan You Nian, it was the same wherever he slept, because no matter where he was, h was highly alert, without a hint of peacefullness .

“Master!” Just as the heavens hazily brightened, An Yi darted into the main with the cold wind .

Feng Yi Xuan, the second An Yi neared the main tent, opened his eyes . Those eyes which haven’t rested for many days on the road didn’t show a trace of exhaustion, or that is to say, he won’t allow anyone to see his exhaustion .

“Let all the officers enter!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice carried a cold air, as if no one can make man possess any warmth . There was indeed one such girl who can let him possess an ordinary person’s warmth .

An Yi nodded and went out, lamenting for these officers, who think they’re so clever . Why couldn’t you guys picked a different time to revolt? Instead, you chose to bother at the time when master and their matriarch’s feelings were thickening, now master is in a bad mood to the point it couldn’t be any worse, those people won’t have a good ending .

When An Yi appeared in the tents of several high-position officers, those people were given a fright . Who of them didn’t know the black garbed, cold-faced man was the guard under Ming wang . Many times, this man’s appearance represented Ming wang . Those officers who made those little moves were so fearful they wanted to run away, but was it possible to run? Of course not

When eight, including Li Zhong, officers came to the main tent, they saw Feng Yi Xuan sitting on the pitch-black chair at the top . He was like king surveying his territory, distinguished, elegant, and supreme .

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