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Chapter 185

In the pitch-black night, as people were starting to fall asleep for a restful night, they received a piece of terrifying news .   Lan Wu already reported to Lan Jian Jun and the other concerned parties that Lan You Nian wouldn’t be returning to Lan manor due to some matters demanding her attention .   Though they were worried, they didn’t inquire into it .   But at night, when they received the news that Zhen Wei Pavilion’s courtyard caught on fire, they all raced over to Zhen Wei Pavilion, in full blown fear .

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Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian rushed out of the manor and galloped on horseback over to Zhen Wei Pavilion .   Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An and the others, after receiving the news, also hastily raced over to Zhen Wei Pavilion .   Despite knowing that Lan You Nian wasn’t a powerless female, they still feared inside their heart; they still worried .

When they arrived at Zhen Wei Pavilion, they noticed Zhen Wei Pavilion’s courtyard was already ablaze with roaring flames .   The fire spread rampantly .   The entire courtyard was burnt to the point it was no longer recognizable, nor were they able to see if the people inside were still okay .

“Where’s Nian’er?  Has Nian’er come out?” Lan Jian Jun was still wearing his sleeping robes . In this very moment, Lan Jian Jun wasn’t the great heroic general people saw; he was merely a father who was nearly going mad with fright .   He jerked at Zhen Wei Pavilion’s steward as he roared at him .

Zhen Wei Pavilion’s steward was also so anxious that he wanted to cry .   If some misfortune befell Miss Lan, he had no face to continue living .   He was stared down by Lan Jian Jun’s stare that seemed as if he wanted to devour him .   He stuttered as he said, “I don’t know!  I didn’t see Miss Lan come out!”

With these words, Lan Jian Jun’s entire body nearly fainted .   His daughter!  His daughter was still in the fire!  Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, and Feng Xia Qi, who raced over on horseback, hearing this, all paled .   Feng Xia Qi’s body tumbled down from the horse’s back .

“Xia Qi!” Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li immediately leapt off their horses, helping up Feng Xia Qi who crashed to the ground .   They were equally worried and afraid in their hearts .   The girl they regarded as a little sister and confidante, has something happened to her?  No!  It can’t be!  In the past, she’s suffered so much hardship .   How can the heavens bear to be so cruel as to continue tormenting her?

Lan Mo Xian pried away his father’s hand that was about to kill the steward .   His eyes were bloodshot as he watched the fire that filled up the entire sky .   Both Lan Jian Jun and Feng Xia Qi were prepared to run into the fire .   Lan Jian Jun was held back by Lan Mo Xian, while Feng Xia Qi was restrained by Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li .

“Let go!” Feng Xia Qi yelled at his two good friends with a cold expression .   His heart was in excruciating pain .   He always knew that he liked Lan You Nian, this girl who was as intelligent as a sprite .   But he believed himself to only like her a little .   However, it was only this moment in time that Feng Xia Qi realized he really really liked that girl .   Maybe it started from the awe of first sight to the admiration and respect in the end .   He had to admit he really liked, really loved Lan You Nian .   Even if the one Lan You Nian liked was his own younger brother, even if he can only hold the identity of a friend, of a brother, he did not resent or regret, as long as this girl doesn’t leave this world .

Lan Jian Jun struck his son Lan Mo Xian with his hand and was ready to charge into the sea of fire .   His daughter was still inside, the daughter he felt guilt and heartache for was still inside .   In the past he didn’t fulfill his responsibilities as a father .   Now, he must do his utmost to protect his daughter .   If something happened to his daughter, he will follow his daughter .   That way, their family may be reunited in the underworld .

Just as Feng Xia Qi was overcome with grief and wanted to break away from Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li’s obstruction, Lan Jian Jun was already starting to charge in the direction of the sea of fire .

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“What’s wrong?” a soft voice sounded .   In the noisy environment, it was hard to hear but everyone heard it clearly .   Everyone, with an expression of joy, turned their heads around .   Sure enough, they saw Lan You Nian stood not far from them, in a white outfit without a speck of dust .   The pair of pure black eyes that were like glazed glass was watching them as they flashed, clear and bright, indifferent, but there seemed to be specks of stars hidden inside .

After Lan You Nian dealt with the men in black and returned to Zhen Wei Pavilion, she saw the courtyard, in Zhen Wei Pavilion, she lived in was ablaze with a roaring fire .   Lan You Nian already guessed this was the case . What she didn’t predict was the suffering people outside the courtyard, a struggling Feng Xia Qi with bloodshot eyes, and Lan Jian Jun who was about to charge into the sea of fire .

Lan You Nian had to admit that at this moment, her heart was warmed .   These friends and family sincerely cared for her .   And towards Lan Jian Jun, though she was gradually accepting this father, her behavior and actions were still estranged .   But at this moment, this father, without regard to anything, wanted to jump into the sea of fire to save her .   Lan You Nian felt as if everything in the past disappeared in this blazing fire .   To have such a father, it should be a great fortune .

Feng Xia Qi saw the girl standing there safe and sound, his entire being was thanking the heavens at this moment .   Feng Xia Qi, while everyone was overjoyed, broke away from Yu Liu Li’s restraint and came over to Lan You Nian .   Lan You Nian, seeing such a Feng Xia Qi, who was concerned about her, felt she didn’t acknowledge this older brother in vain .   These friends were all sincere .

Lan You Nian wanted to console the others by saying she was fine but she was suddenly enveloped into an embrace by Feng Xia Qi .   Feng Xia Qi hugged her tightly .   In this moment, he sensed he liked this girl much more than he thought possible .   Just let him hug her for a while-just a moment-because once he let go, this girl will be his little sister, his dimei (def: younger brother’s wife/sister-in-law) .

“You’re not hurt!  That’s good!” Feng Xia Qi’s voice was filled with a intense worry and gratefulness .   It was the first time he was so close to Lan You Nian, so close that he can feel the slender body of the girl in his arms and the faint bodily fragrance .

Lan You Nian didn’t think too much into it, or that is to say, Lan You Nian was a total dummy when it came to her EQ .   Otherwise, how could she not understand Feng Yi Xuan’s feelings for her, in the past?  Now seeing Feng Xia Qi’s agitation, Lan You Nian only believed it to be the worry of a friend, an older brother, for her .

Though Lan You Nian didn’t overthink, other people frowned .   They were aware what kind of man Feng Xia Qi was .   Underneath his warm as spring surface, the coldness in his bones was comparable to Feng Yi Xuan’s .   When they saw Feng Xia Qi hugging Lan You Nian tightly, Jing Wu An’s dark and gloomy eyes filled with worry .

Feng Xia Qi hugged Lan You Nian for a moment before letting go .   After sorting out his emotions, the expression he showed was only that of a worried older brother .   This made Lan Mo Xian and the others believe they were mistaken .

“Nian’er meimei, are you injured?” Feng Xia Qi asked with concern .   However, his heart felt extraordinarily happy over the previous hug .   He won’t do anything that will hurt Nian’er meimei, nor would he steal the girl his own younger brother viewed as his life .   He only desired to see them happy .

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Lan You Nian smiled, shaking her head, saying, “Of course I’m fine .   Sorry for making you guys worry!” Lan You Nian, though she didn’t want to admit it, seeing everyone’s worry for her, she was touched .   She hadn’t known these people for very long but you couldn’t wipe clean the feelings between them .   Perhaps she already flooded by these human emotions .

At this moment, Lan Jian Jun strode laboriously over to Lan You Nian .   Seeing his daughter safe and sound, the large stone in his heart was released .   Lan Jian Jun reached out his coarse, callous big hand to lovingly stroke Lan You Nian’s ribbony long hair .   Lan You Nian’s body stiffened, intending to dodge but when she recalled the image of Lan Jian Jun preparing to race into the sea of fire, Lan You Nian planted herself to her spot, allowing Lan Jian Jun to stroke her head .

Lan Jian Jun, seeing such a well-behaved daughter, who no longer repelled him, his face clouded with vicissitude and joy .   Those eyes gazing at Lan You Nian were filled with fatherly love, his mouth moved, “Were you afraid?  Next time, no matter what happens, you must return to the manor .   That is your home!”

Lan You Nian’s mouth opened and closed several times, then tentatively said, “Father…”  Her voice was light and sweet, carrying with it a quiver she wasn’t aware of, but it was this acknowledgement of “father” that made Lan Jian Jun freeze, the big hand on Lan You Nian’s head didn’t know what to do with itself .

Lan You Nian blinked her big eyes, not understanding why this father was lost for words at such a time .   Hadn’t he always hoped to hear her call him father?  How come she called him father, yet he didn’t give any reaction?  Lan You Nian was at a loss .

But Lan Jian Jun suddenly thrust Lan You Nian into his broad embrace .   This was a father’s embrace .   Lan You Nian can sense the reassurance that this embrace gave her .   It was different than the reassurance Feng Yi Xuan gave her, but similarly, she didn’t dislike it .

“My daughter!” Lan Jian Jun’s voice was flustered .   Tonight, from the worry at the beginning, to the bleeding heart after seeing the raging fire, then to the agitation of seeing Lan You Nian was fine, and now for Lan Jian Jun to hear a call of “father”, he was in disbelief .

“Your father… . ” Lan Jian Jun was overjoyed .   In all these years, this was the happiest day for him after his wife’s d eth but Lan Jian Jun was so happy he didn’t know what to say .   He only knew the daughter he neglected finally forgave him .   He now had a son as well as a daughter .

Lan You Nian can sense Lan Jian Jun’s flustered and fatherly heart, so like an obedient daughter she lightly patted Lan Jian Jun then withdrew from Lan Jian Jun’s embrace, saying to the others, “Thank you for everyone’s concern, Nian’er is fine!”

“That’s great .   We were so worried!” Lan Mo Xian came over to Lan You Nian, scanning over her .   When he confirmed that his younger sister was indeed fine without any sign of injury, he was much more at ease .

“Yeah!” Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An came over to Lan You Nian to complain, “You don’t know how scared we were!  Xia Qi was so scared out of his wits he tumbled off the horse .     For the noble fourth wangye to be so unsightly, if those young ladies who admire you saw it, how upset they would be!”

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“Uh…” Lan You Nian stared in disbelief at Feng Xia Qi then saw Feng Xia Qi fly into a rage and threaten Yu Liu Yi .   It really destroyed his image ah!

“Alright alright, everyone’s been busy all night .   Nian’er meimei has already received a scare, you better go back!” Feng Xia Qi said without batting an eyelash .   Speaking of which, which eye of yours saw Lan You Nian received a scare?  Isn’t it because you did something embarrassing so you want to evade?

Everyone knew the truth so they all grinned, expressing their understanding .   Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li stayed behind to handle the remaining matters .   This fire was simply too strange .   It was obvious that someone deliberately set the fire, and it was targeted towards Lan You Nian .

Lan Jian Jun brought his son and daughter back to the manor .   Originally when they came, they rode with two horses .   Now it was already the middle of the night, where could there be another horse to be found?  Lan You Nian was about to say something but then saw Lan Jian Jun have her ride on his large horse while Lan Jian Jun led the horse in front .

“Father, you ride son’s horse .   I’ll lead it!” Lan Mo Xian said seeing his father’s actions .

“No need, you quickly ride back to the manor!” Lan Jian Jun looked very disdainfully at his son as if with his son here, it will disturb him and his daughter .   Lan Mo Xian, seeing his good intentions was been disdained, also led his horse accompanying his father walking on this deserted street .

Lan You Nian, who saw that broad form leading the horse for her, her heart was happy .   Perhaps this was the fatherly love she longed for unknowingly .

Feng Xia Qi, seeing Lan You Nian leave, said to Jing Wu An, “Investigate carefully just who has the guts to to not only set fire in the capital but dares to hurt Nian’er meimei!”

“Em, I know!” Jing Wu an nodded, his face grim .   Feng Yi Xuan already sent a letter saying there was a problem at the border and asked them to take good care of Nian’er meimei .   If anything happened, they would feel very guilty themselves .

“You also rest early .   Recently the court has been turbulent .   You must attend the morning court tomorrow!” Jing Wu An said, “With me and Liu Li here, you can rest assured!”

Feng Xia Qi nodded, then left on horseback and headed in the direction of the manor .   However, midway, he met a woman he never would have thought of .

Yue Bai Lian blocked Feng Xia Qi .   In fact, she also heard the news and came a little later than Feng Xia Qi .   When she arrived at Zhen Wei Pavilion, she saw the scene of Feng Xia Qi hugging Lan You Nian .   Perhaps others believed it to be the concern of a friend, but Yue Bai Lian knew that it was love, the same hopeless love as hers .

Feng Xia Qi looked at Yue Bai Lian who stopped him .   Yue Bai Lian’s brows arched like faraway mountains, eyes inky black with an exquisite appearance, a seeming finely made and priceless white dress was worn on her body, which made her seem like a white plum blossom .   Perhaps due to running over in a hurry, her hair was slightly disheveled and her face was flushed from exercise .

Feng Xia Qi dismounted from the horse, politely asking, “Princess Bai Lian, is there something?”  He was aware of the feelings Yue Bai Lian had for Lan You Nian, so naturally he wouldn’t vainly believe that Yue Bai Lian stopped him in the middle of the night because she fell in love with him .

“Can we talk somewhere else?  This place is too dark nor is it a good place to talk!” Yue Bai Lian curtsied to Feng Xia Qi, like a noble princess, that is to say, she is a noble princess .

Feng Xia Qi pondered it for a second and agreed .   However it is night, so there wasn’t any place to go .   Feng Xia Qi knew Yue Bai Lian and Lan You Nian’s relationship can be considered that of friends so he wasn’t so guarded against Yue Bai Lian .

“If Princess Bai Lian doesn’t mind, we can gather at my manor!” Feng Xia Qi said with refinement .

“Good!” Saying so, the two quietly entered fourth wangye manor without alarming anyone nor did anyone know Yue Empire’s princess entered fourth wangye’s manor in the middle of the night .

Feng Xia Qi personally poured a cup of tea for Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian received it with a smile, “Thanks!”

“Now can Princess Bai Lian say why you came looking for benwang?” Feng Xia Qi narrowed his fox eyes, smiling, but even though his smile was gentle, it can’t conceal the scheming in his bones .

“I want to become fourth wangye’s wangfei!”

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