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Chapter 183
183 Separation
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February 17, 2020secretdreamwishes

The two of them sat in the small pavilion in the gardens . Gui Yi took out a top-quality ointment and handed it over to Feng Yi Xuan, “The wounds on your hands are severe, so it’s best to apply some ointment; otherwise, little junior sister will blame herself!” Gui Yi pointed at the wound on Feng Yi Xuan’s hand . Yet, with such a wound, Feng Yi Xuan acted like an unconcerned person and helped bathe Lan You Nian . The wound has been soaked in the water to the extent the skin was deathly white, appearing extremely grave .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded, accepting the ointment and applied it on himself . In the past, it was common for him to be injured, so concerning things such as tending to injuries, he was very knowledgeable of it, especially as he didn’t like other people touching him .

“Let me take your pulse to see if the herbs in the medicine bath has caused you any harm!” Gui Yi said . When Shifu told him Feng Yi Xuan accompanied little junior sister into the medicine pool, he was shocked . Though Feng Yi Xuan may have changed his clothes, thus making the wounds on his body hidden from the eye, how could Gui Yi, as an healer, not be aware of the consequences of ordinary people entering the medicine pool?

Feng Yi Xuan nodded . Though he already applied some ointment to his injuries, not that he was afraid of pain, but rather he was afraid if Nian Nian woke up and knew the things he did, she would be extremely upset .

Gui Yi carefully took Feng YI Xuan’s pulse . After a few moments, he chuckled, “You really obtained fortunes from misfortune . These herbs were originally intended to ease little junior sister’s poison, but now you’ve jumped in, not only does it not harmful to your body, though your old wounds have reopened, these medicinal properties actually help better heal your wounds . Your body and martial arts will see vast improvements in the future!”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t expect such a result . In that moment, he didn’t consider so many things . To say nothing of the fact it was just a medicine pool, even if it was a mountain of blades or a sea of fire, as long as it didn’t cause any harm to Nian Nian, he will follow without hesitation .

“Mn . ” Feng Yi Xuan grunted a reply coldly .

Gui Yi shot Feng Yi Xuan a glance . How come, in front of little junior sister, he was such a courteous man, but without little junior sister beside him, he’ll change face? Gui Yi believed, that only this kind of Feng Yi Xuan was worthy of little junior sister . Gui Yi shook his head, then prescribed some medicine for Feng Yi Xuan .

“Once you leave the Medical Valley, boil medicine for little junior sister according to this prescription for a month . Little junior sister’s body is too weak and extremely depleted . This prescription can assist in little junior sister’s recovery!” Gui Yi said seriously . He knew little junior sister won’t stay long in the Medical Valley before she has to leave for the capital . Neither Gui San nor Gui Wu, who were in the capital, were meticulous, so he can only have Feng Yi Xuan do these .

“Yes! I know!” Feng Yi Xuan accepted the prescription, then headed in the direction of the little building, afraid Lan You Nian would become uncomfortable .

When Feng Yi Xuan entered the room, Lan You Nian hadn’t woken up yet . The gentle sunlight serenely sprinkled on Lan You Nian’s fairy-like face, making her skin appear crystalline like jade, a pair of bright, colored glass eyes were tightly shut, shrouded by eye lashes like cicada wings, a cute petite nose, and full, seductive lips like a rose . As Feng Yi Xuan watched Lan You Nian, he followed her into dreamland .

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“Aiya, little Nian Nian, you’ve only been back for a few days and now you’re going back!?” Gui Yi Zi pouted in displeasure, in turn, shooting Feng Yi Xuan several sharp glares . After the day of the medicinal bath, Lan You Nian stayed in the Medical Valley for three days before preparing to go back to the capital . After all, with Feng Yi Xuan as a wangye of a nation, she as Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, it was about time they returned . .

Lan You Nian let go of Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, sweet-talking Gui Yi Zi who was throwing a temper-tantrum, “Shifu, it’s not like Nian’er won’t come back . How about shifu go to the capital with Nian’er?” Actually, Lan You Nian was reluctantly to part with Gui Yi Zi . All these years, it was Gui Yi Zi who acted like her grandfather as he took care of her . The first family Lan You Nian recognized was Gui Yi Zi . She wanted to do the things the younger generation should do, to make Gui Yi Zi happy .

Gui Yi Zi wanted to agree, but considering his little disciple’s poison, Gui Yi Zi deflated . His greatest wish was to develop the antidote to little Nian Nian’s poison . Once Gui Yi Zi considered that in the past few days, if little Nian Nian wasn’t practicing martial arts, she would be daydreaming, so it would be a good thing to return to the capital . This stinky brat wasn’t bad to little Nian Nian, so he could be reassured .

“Shifu is already a handful of old bones, so it’s better if I don’t go . When shifu misses little Nian Nian, I’ll go to the capital to see you!” Gui Yi Zi gazed affectionately on Lan You Nian who’d grown from a little doll that was dug up from the snow into a young lady . Gui Yi Zi felt both astringent and proud in his heart .

After speaking with Lan You Nian, Gui Yi Zi turned to Feng Yi Xuan, but his face wasn’t as good as he ground his teeth saying, “You stinky brat, don’t think just because you’re engaged, you’re my family little Nian Nian’s husband! If this old man learns you’re bad to little Nian Nian, see how this old man will deal with you!”

After the many interactions, Feng Yi Xuan understood Gui Yi Zi to possess the personality of a childish old man, so such impertinent words didn’t make Feng Yi Xuan angry . This also clarified Gui Yi Zi was beginning to accept he was going to become Nian Nian’s other half . Feng Yi Xuan’s face became slightly warm as he said, “I will take care of Nian Nian, shifu!”

At first Gui Yi Zi thought, based on Feng Yi Xian’s temper, he would have a sullen face .   That way, he could tattletale in front of little Nian Nian .   But Gui Yi Zi didn’t expect Feng Yi Xian’s to be so respectful to him .   Gui Yi Zi coughed, deliberately stern as he said,”As long as you know it . ”

Meanwhile, Lan You Nian, Gui Yi, Gui Si snickered, because of Gui Yi Zi’s childishness .   While their shift was respected by people outside, rumored to be both righteous and evil, in front of them, he was the grandfather who always took care of them .

“Shifu, we should leave!” Feng Yi Xian’s said .   It was getting quite late .   If it wasn’t for Gui Yi Zi’s age, others would think they were a couple .   Truthfully, Gui Yi Zi was too good to Nian Nian, and Nian Nian was very good to Gui Yi Zi .   The two were really like a pair of grandfather and grandchild .

Gui Yi Zi considered they were standing at the entrance of the Medical Valley, rambling half the day away and still didn’t allow them to leave, Gui Yi felt a little embarrassed, waving his hand as he said, “Alright alright, you can go .   If you have time, come back for a visit!”

Lan You Nian nodded, then after bidding farewell to Gui Yi and Gui Si, she left the Medical Valley with Feng Yi Xuan .

As the two departed from the Medical Valley, Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian appeared a little down and picked up Lan You Nian as they walked on the rugged path in the forested mountains .   His steps were steady, not allowing Lan You Nian to feel any turbulence, then said to Lan You Nian, “We’ll come back often, how about it?  Or we could reside in the Medical Valley?”

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Before meeting Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan was like any other ordinary man, possessing unbridled ambitions .   His heart was too empty, so other things were used to fill it up .   But now he had Nian Nian, he knew what he really wanted: it was only this girl .

“We’ll just visit often in the future!” Lan You Nian felt Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t suited to retreating into the Medical Valley .   He was the eagle in the sky .   How can she allow him to be imprisoned in this tiny cage?  She will follow this man as they soared together .

“Oh right, Nian Nian, I’m going to renovate Lan manor and expand You Nian Pavilion!” Feng Yi Xuan walked as he spoke to Lan You Nian .   As he said this, his eyes flashed brilliantly .

“Hm?  Why are you thinking of repairing Lan manor?  I think it’s pretty good,” Lan You Nian relished being in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms as she muttered in confusion .   Though Lan manor seemed quite plain, You Nian Pavilion was quite luxurious .   In comparison to the residence of the imperial family’s princess, it couldn’t be found lacking .

The tips of Feng Yi Xuan’s ears flushed, “Nian Nian is already fourteen .   In two years, you would come of age .   After you’ve come-of-age, I will marry into Lan manor!” Fantasizing that every day he and Nian Nian can openly enter and leave together, live together, instead of sneaking into You Nian Pavilion like a thief every night, Feng Yi Xuan felt extremely excited just thinking about it .

“Marry in?” Lan You Nian’s voice was a little strained .   She stared wide-eyed at Feng Yi Xuan in confusion .   How come he was still on that?

“Mhm!” Feng Yi Xuan grinned nodding, then continued, “Didn’t Nian Nian say you didn’t want to marry?  Since Nian Nian doesn’t want to marry, then I’ll marry into Lan manor!” For Feng Yi xuan, as long as he can be with Nian Nian, whether it was Nian Nian marry or he marry in, it wasn’t a problem .

Hearing this, Lan You Nian’s petite mouth gaped .   In the past, she told Feng Yi Xuan she wouldn’t marry anyone .   At the time, she hadn’t fallen in love with Feng Yi Xuan yet .   She also believed she wouldn’t fall in love with anyone, so that’s why she said it .   She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to take it to heart .   He had such status and identity, yet he was willing to do the very thing society would feel shameful .   If Ming wang marries into Lan manor, who knows how much gossip it would cause, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t care for it at all .

Lan You Nian lifted her head, pecking Feng Yi Xuan’s jaw, then mischievously took a bite, “I don’t want .   I don’t agree!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s entire body froze, staring at Lan You Nian in disbelief .   Clearly they’re already engaged, why was Nian Nian still objecting?  Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were a little hurt as he looked at Lan you Nian, murmuring, “Nian Nian?”

Lan You Nian broke out into giggles, then her eyes curved as the smiles brimmed over her eyes .   Under this azure sky, the flowers bloomed .   Lan You Nian wrapped her arms around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, “Because I, Lan You Nian, wants to marry you, Feng Yi Xuan .   I want to become your wangfei, become your Ming wangfu’s matriarch!”

Feng Yi Xuan stared at Lan You Nian in disblief .   He looked at Lan You Nian, those purple eyes reflected only Lan You Nian’s figure, leaving else remaining .   It was clearly a wholehearted, deeply rooted love, too warm, too tender .

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“Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan tossed Lan You Nian into the air in joy .   Lan You Nian was startled by Feng Yi Xuan’s sudden move as she shrieked, but within moments, Feng Yi Xuan had Lan You Nian back in his arms, happily saying, “Nian Nian, I’m so happy!”

Lan You Nian was so startled by Feng Yi Xuan’s actions, her face was flushed, but looking at the obviously excited man, Lan You Nian wanted to laugh as she said, “I will make you happy always!  I will always stay by your side!” So, Xuan, don’t fear I will leave, because I love you!

Feng Yi Xuan kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead, his voice wavering from emotion, “Nian Nian, you’re willing to marry me?  Marry into Ming wangfu?” Feng Yi Xuan was still in disbelief .   He’s had the idea he’ll marry in for a long time .

“Willing .   As long as it is you, Feng Yi Xuan, I am always willing!” Lan You Nian said some rare words of love .   She didn’t know how long she can hold on through the poison in her body .   She didn’t want to have regrets .   Since she already fell in love with Feng Yi Xuan, then she will bask in the present .

“So nice!” Feng Yi Xuan grinned, then all along the way, Feng Yi Xuan bore a smile until the two left this piece of the mountain .

When the two walked out of the forested mountains, they saw An Yi and Lan Wu were already waiting there .   Lan You Nian was a bit curious how they knew .   Feng Yi Xuan leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I informed them!”

Lan You Nian nodded, then saw Lan Wu hastily running over to her, “Young miss, are you feeling better?”

“Mhm, the poison relapse won’t be painful any longer!” Lan You Nian smiled in reply .   She was already much more relaxed .   No one wants to go through the tortuous pains every month .   In the past, she was tormented to the point that death was better than life, she really did consider ending her own life .

“Wuwu…”Lan Wu broke into tears .   She was happy .   Young miss no longer has to suffer such overwhelming pain .   Heaven knows, all these years, how they, the subordinates, see it and their hearts ache .   Now, those days were over, finally .

Lan You Nian stepped out of Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, over to Lan Wu’s side and took out a handkerchief to wipe Lan Wu’s tears, her gaze was warm as a little sister’s .   She was really thankful for their company on those days .   At first, it was as subordinates, later, they became friends, then as comrades .   She was really blessed to meet so many people who cared for her in this life .

Lan Wu was embarrassed by her sudden tears as she blushed and lowered her head .   She was used to being casual in front of young miss, but in front of others, she was a bit more reserved .

“Master!” An Yi came over to Feng Yi Xuan, “There’s some problems with the border!”

Feng Yi Xuan was startled for a moment .   On his return, he brought a portion of the soldiers back .   The ones he brought back were nearly all the military forces that belonged to him .   Those left behind at the border were some mediocre or belong to another faction .   Feng Yi Xuan had some people keeping watch on them .

“Is it serious?” Feng Yi Xuan asked .

“Yes!” An Yi nodded .

The two didn’t keep the conversation from Lan You Nian’s ears, so Lan You Nian said, “The situation at the border isn’t a small problem .   The imperial court is already starting to be in turmoil over the fight for the throne .   If there’s problems at the border, the country of Feng will encounter a catastrophe!  Xuan, it’s best if you go take a look at the border!”

Lan You Nian knew the borders were Feng Yi Xuan’s battlefield .   Though this man was always gentle in front of her, but in his bones, he was a cruel and fierce wolf .   Only Feng Yi Xuan going to the borders will intimidate those with nefarious intentions .   Perhaps in the past Lan You Nian wouldn’t have cared what happened to the country of Feng, but her family, friends, and lover were all citizens of Feng, then she couldn’t ignore the matter .

Feng Yi Xuan knew what he had to do, so he said, “I’ll send you back to the capital, then I’ll go to the borders!”

Lan You Nian shook her head .   She was very happy placed her in front of the country, and though she wished her man to forsake the world rather than forsake her, which Feng Yi Xuan was capable of doing so, but this wasn’t the time for her prove his love, nor did she want to drag Feng Yi Xuan down .   If the matters at the borders were delayed a single day, it was one added danger for Feng Yi Xuan .

“No, Xuan, you go to the borders right now .   You don’t need to worry for me .   Nothing will happen to me as I go back to the capital!” Lan You Nian cajoled him .

“Don’t speak of it anymore, I am not reassured!” Feng Yi Xuan hated he couldn’t stick to Lan You Nian’s side every hour, every second .   How can he be assured with letting Lan You Nian return to the capital by herself?

“Xuan!” Lan You Nian tugged Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, “Trust me .   I’m not that weak .   I’m strong, so don’t worry .   If you really aren’t reassured, I’ll let Lan Ren and the others come to pick me up okay?  How about it?”

Feng Yi Xuan wanted to refuse but seeing Lan You Nian’s already hardened face, he knew if he didn’t agree, he’ll make Nian Nian angry .   Feng Yi Xuan could only nod, then was about to give some instructions to An Yi when he was interrupted by Lan You Nian .

“An Yi will go with you .   Not only are you worried for me, I worry for you the same .   Letting An Yi go with you will reassure me!” Lan You Nian said .

Towards Lan You Nian’s concern, Feng Yi Xuan was very pleased with it, so the two settled the matter .   Feng Yi Xuan stood in the same spot as he watched Lan You Nian leave, until he could no longer see her figure, then coldly turned, “Let’s go!”

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