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Published at 13th of February 2020 10:24:56 PM
Chapter 182
182 Without a Doubt
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Lan You Nian stood in the stunning gardens of the Medical Valley with an exquisite facial structure, white skin, a pair of striking and pure eyes, and a faint smile hung on her face . From top to bottom, she was filled with energy . Amongst the hundreds of flowers, the person seemed to have completely become one with the sea of flowers, taking everyone into a joyful domain, deeply mesmerizing one’s heart .

Not far away from the girl stood Feng Yi Xuan . His robust physique was, in this moment, like a majestic mountain that continued on for a thousand miles, motionless against the torrents of winds and rain, only to safe-guard the smiling girl in the gardens .

Lan You Nian was aware that ever since Feng Yi Xuan returned from shifu’s place that night, there was something wrong with him, because all of Feng Yi Xuan’s thoughts were on her, as if, if she were to leave in line of sight for a moment, he will become restless . The last few nights the two of them slept together, most of the time she woke up in the middle of the night, she noticed Feng Yi Xuan didn’t actually sleep as he stared unblinking at her .

At first, Lan You Nian wasn’t sure what caused the change in Feng Yi Xuan, but after a few days, Lan You Nian more or less understood somewhat . Shifu probably told Xuan that the situation of the poison in her body wasn’t optimistic . Lan You Nian knew how tricky the poison was, otherwise it wouldn’t have dragged on for so many years . In the past, Lan You Nian felt that even if she died, there was nothing worth mourning, but now she had Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian suddenly wanted to live! She didn’t know if she disappeared in this world, what would happen to Feng Yi Xuan . She didn’t dare think about the possibilities!

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes blinked as they watched the girl like an elf amongst flowers, his lips curled up into a faint smile . It was wonderful to watch Nian Nian like this; this was enough . But, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes narrowed, immediately he ran over to Lan You Nian’s side to pick Lan You Nian up and headed over to the medicine room .

In just that moment, he clearly saw Nian Nian’s body shaking . For Feng Yi Xuan’s whose entire focus was on Lan You Nian, he immediately knew this was Lan You Nian’s poison relapsing this month . Feng Yi Xuan’s forehead beaded with sweat, all due to his unrelenting worry .

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Lan You Nian’s pale, slender fingers clenched around Feng Yi Xuan’s clothes as she watched the furiously running man’s frowning and worried face . Lan You Nian really wanted to reach out to smooth out the furrow between his brows, but the pain in her body made her unable to do so .

“Nian Nian . Nian Nian…Nian Nian . . ” Feng Yi Xuan kept chanting Lan You Nian’s name as he used qinggong to race to the medicine room, not with any intent of receiving an answer from LAn You Nian, but as if only by calling out the girl’s name can his heart be reassured and calm the manic heart that wanted to kill .

Lan You Nian was unable to reply to Feng Yi Xuan’s plead, because she feared if she opened her mouth, her pained whimpers will escape . But no matter how much pain her body was in, because there was such a man by her side, Lan You Nian’s heart was warm .

Though Feng Yi Xuan felt the journey was far, it wasn’t long before they arrived in the medicine room . Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian, kicking open the wooden doors of the medicine room as he shouted “Shifu, Nian Nian…”

Gui Yi Zi instantly dropped all the herbs in his hands and went over to Lan You Nian to take her pulse . Because he knew Lan You Nian’s relapse will occur these one of these days, most of the stuff needed were already prepared . Gui Yi Zi steadily said to Feng Yi Xuan, “Place her in the medicine pool!”

There was a medicine pool in the room, the same one Lan You Nian used before, in the past . At this moment, the medicine pool gave off a potent and pungent medicinal smell . The entire medicine pool emitted a bluish tent . Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian, gingerly putting her into the pool .

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“Make her drink this bowl of medicine!” Gui Yi Zi fetched a bowl of black medicinal syrup, gazing with worry on the shaking Lan You Nian, in the pool, the tone of his voice was not the usual but like a divine doctor, filled with a healer’s righteousness .

Feng Yi Xuan took the bowl of medicine; with one arm holding the shaking Lan You Nian, another arm held the bowl to feed Lan You Nian the medicine, but how could Lan You Nian be able to drink this right now? Feng Yi Xuan’s heart ached as he watched Lan You Nian and took a mouthful of the medicine from the bowl, then the two people’s lips pressed against another as Feng Yi Xuan pried open Lan You Nian cold lips and fed her the medicine in his mouth little by little .

“The next part will be painful” Gui Yi Zi came over to the pool and said to Lan You Nian, who was expression was already a little dazed “Xiao Nian Nian, you must hold on . If it hurts, tell shifu . Shifu is here!” Watching Lan You Nian like this, Gui Yi Zi wanted to reach out his aged hand to stroke Lan You Nian’s hair, but he put it down .

After Lan You Nian drank the medicine, she once again endured in the medicinal pool as her entire body violently shuddered . This kind of pain was similar to the pain every time the poison in her body took over . This pain seemed to come from the blood, from the bones, from the soul . The tormented Lan You Nian was completely lost to the pain as her thoughts were no longer clear . She only knew she had to endure it .

The blood trailed from the corner of Lan You Nian’s mouth down her pure white chin and dripped into the pool . Lan You Nian was in so much pain she wanted to grab a dagger and stab it into her body as whimpers of pain escaped from her throat . But even to this point, Lan You Nian resolutely refused to allow herself to shed tears or scream .

Feng Yi Xuan’s entire body stood outside the pool, the blue veins in his muscles bulged as they strained . He watched Nian Nian suffer, watched Nian Nian in pain; it was as if someone took a blade and mercilessly dug into his heart, little by little, bit by bit, the sharp blade gradually advanced into his heart where the blood couldn’t flow out as it clogged up inside, solidifying into the deepest red .

“Can I go down to be with Nian Nian?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was hoarse, as if he feared to disturb Lan You Nian, in the pool . He feared if he rashly entered the pool, it will give Nian Nian any trouble, but if he had to stand here watching Nian Nian, he couldn’t do it!

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Gui Yi Zi was startled for a moment before he nodded . Just as he was about to say something, he realized Feng Yi Xuan already jumped into the pool . The words Gui Yi Zi wanted to say were shoved back . He didn’t have the chance to say a person who wasn’t poisoned would have to endure a pain that would be greater than little Nian Nian, but once glance at the man who jumped into the pool without an utterance, Gui Yi Zi suddenly felt even if Feng Yi Xuan knew, he probably will do the same thing . Gui Yi Zi sighed and left the room to stand guard outside .

Feng Yi Xuan jumped into the pool and enveloped Lan You Nian into his arms, as if only this way could he be reassured . And gazing at Lan You Nian’s lips that have been mutilated by her bites, Feng Yi Xuan inserted his finger into Lan You Nian’s mouth . The already completely unaware Lan You Nian bit down on Feng Yi Xuan’s thick hand and the blood overflowed, but Lan You Nian didn’t release her mouth, nor did Feng Yi Xuan flinch away .

Suddenly, Feng Yi Xuan felt the pain in his body brought about by the herbs in the medicinal pool . Feng Yi Xuan grunted as his lofty stature shuddered in the pool like Lan You Nian . If it wasn’t for Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan will probably lose all common sense . After a few moments, there was fresh blood continuously pouring out from all over Feng Yi Xuan’s body, gurgling as it flowed . In a blink of an eye, it dyed the huge section of the pool red, a ghastly sight for anyone’s heart .

But even so, no pain can be discerned from Feng Yi Xuan’s expression . Besides the trembling body, one couldn’t tell the fresh blood in the pool came from his body . Feng Yi Xuan’s already pale lips pursed, but as he gazed on the girl in his arms, the tips of his eyebrows tinged with adoration, his gaze so gentle that you could squeeze out water, as if no matter how much pain he was in, as long as Nian Nian was in his arms, for Feng Yi Xuan, that was heaven .

Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian . I don’t believe in gods, I don’t believe in fate, I only believed in myself; but now, Nian Nian, you are my, Feng Yi Xuan’s, gospel; I don’t blame the Heavens, I don’t blame fate, but I won’t allow you to leave me . As long as it’s for Nian Nian you, no matter what I must do, what I must endure, I, Feng Yi Xuan, will not hold any resentment .

In a crudely simple room, a couple embraced in a bloody pool of water . The man’s tenderly as if treating a porcelain doll, wrapped up the girl in his arms as the girl sunk her teeth into the man’s palm, yet the man’s expression remained gentle .

When Gui Yi Zi saw it was about time, he pushed open the doors, entered and saw this scene which moved him greatly . Scanning the bloody water in the pool, Gui Yi Zi knew the herbs in the medicinal water forcefully ripped open all of Feng Yi Xuan’s scars .

“Time’s up!” Gui Yi Zi said, about to help the two people in the water get out, but Gui Yi Zi had yet to enter the medicine room when Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian out of the medicinal pool, retrieving a cloak to tightly bundle Lan You Nian in . At this moment, Lan You Nian completely lost conscious .

Gui Yi Zi saw a piece of meat was already bitten off Feng Yi Xuan’s palm, appearing especially savage and all the past scars the body had were reopened by the violent medicinal water, appearing bloody . Gui Yi Zi wanted to have the child’s wounds treated, but one glance at Feng Yi Xuan whose eyes only contained his family’s little Nian Nian, he didn’t say a thing .

Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian back to her own little residence, hastily readied some hot water as he placed Lan You Nian on his lap and gingerly pulled off all of Lan You Nian’s clothes . Under the clothes, Lan You Nian’s body had curves in the right places and the skin was delicate and smooth like a newly peeled egg . It really was a coquettish artwork made by the heavens . But at this moment, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes didn’t contain any lust, only heartache and seriousness, as if he was doing something sacred .

After peeling off all of Lan You Nian’s clothes, Feng Yi Xuan put Lan You Nian into the warm tub . Taking out a clean washcloth, he gently wiped Lan You Nian’s body . Even though it was his first time doing such a thing, Feng Yi Xuan was extremely gentle, afraid he will break Nian Nian if he used any force .

After diligently washing Lan You Nian’s body, Feng Yi Xuan picked up Lan You Nian and gently placed her onto the bed and tucked her in . At this moment, a knock came form the door . Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts was very good so he already knew who was outside .

Feng Yi Xuan opened the door to see Gui Yi standing in the garden . Feng Yi Xuan nodded to Gui Yi, then closed the door behind him, afraid the cold winter breeze will enter the room . Gui Yi’s eyes flashed, seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s considerate move, his heart feeling reassured .

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