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Published at 25th of November 2019 11:16:44 PM
Chapter 179
179 A Surprise and Heart-Throb
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November 25, 2019secretdreamwishes

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian .   In a few moments, Lan You Nian already fell asleep .   Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes filled with love .   Watching the young girl’s thin eyebrows that seemed to be sketched out stroke by stroke by the finest painter .   Those closed eyes, the thick lashes under the shine of the candlelight, brought out a small shadow under the eye .   A small button nose, under which pink moist lips were like the perfectly bloomed flower, leading people to want to lower their head to have a taste .

Feng Yi Xuan pecked her as if an adolescent boy .   From outside, An Yi’s lowered voice drifted in, “Master!”

Feng Yi Xuan cautiously got out of bed .   As soon as he moved, he noticed Nian Nian’s arms reach out to latch to his waist .   Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with a smile but remembering he still had some matters on hand, he lightly pat Lan You Nian’s back, coaxing her a few moments before she was once again deep asleep .   Feng Yi Xuan then reluctantly put on an outer coat and left the room .

“The person?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was lowered but the coldness flooding it .   Thinking that Nian Nian was sleeping inside, Feng Yi Xuan was in a bad mood .

“In the room!” An Yi lowered his head answering .   He felt that once master left wangfei, he became like ice .   Though they as shadow guard were already used to it, one moment cold another moment hot attitude, making them unable to accept .

“Mute him, bring him over!” Feng yi Xuan stood outside the room .   Although if he went to other rooms, it wouldn’t take much time, Feng Yi Xuan knew as soon as he went too far, Nian Nian will wake up .   Neither was he reassured that Nian Nian was alone in the room, so he’ll just stay outside the room, not only won’t he disturb Nian Nian’s sleep, he can also take care of his other matters .

In a moment, An Yi lugged an old man over .   Upon a careful look, wasn’t it that old man carving hairpins on the streets that night?  At this moment the old man stared at Feng Yi Xuan in fear .   That night as he was closing up the stall and ready to go sleep, he was abducted by this man .   He gave him a lot of money to have him teach the man’s master to carve hairpins .   All that money who knew how many hairpins he would need to carve to earn it all .   The old man knew he didn’t have any right to reject so he waited in the room in constant fear .   Only now did he see the so called master .

The old man wanted to say something out of fear but he has already been muted so he can’t make a sound .   Feng Yi Xuan didn’t want the old man to wake Nian Nian up by making any frightened sounds .

An Yi put down all the things from the old man’s stall quietly in front of him, saying, “Let’s start now!”  He didn’t expect master would suddenly want to personally make hairpins for wangfei .   He even ordered the Ghost Realm’s people bring over the best phoebe fragrant wood .

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The phoebe fragrant wood was priceless .   Many families had only tiny piece of the phoebe fragrant wood and couldn’t wait to revere it .   Meanwhile master without batting an eyelash brought it out to carve hairpins for the matriarch, without any bit of reluctance .

The old looked at Feng Yi Xuan, though he appeared indifferent and frightening but didn’t do anything to him so he was a little reassured .   Slowly, he started carving based on the pattern given by Feng Yi Xuan .   The pattern Feng Yi Xuan gave the old man was the spider lily’s pattern .   Though he didn’t like the meaning of this flower, but since Nian Nian liked it, he is willing to spoil her .

Feng Yi Xuan learned it seriously .   He carefully watched as the old man used the tools to slowly carve out a spider lily on the piece of wood .   Feng Yi Xuan also picked up a piece to practice on .   Within moments, by Feng Yi Xuan’s feet, there was already a pile of wood pieces whose flowers weren’t carved very well .

The old man can also tell that young master did this to please the madame .   More or less, he taught even more earnestly .   Just like this, Feng Yi Xuan leaned on the room’s door using the tools to carve .   If one piece wasn’t good, then he’ll just continue, until it was late into the night, he carved out a somewhat decent hairpin .

Feng Yi Xuan relaxed with a sigh, then took out the phoebe fragrant wood and slowly carved while the old man was silently taken away by An Yi .   He was warned that the carving pattern tonight wasn’t allowed to appear, otherwise he must be careful of his family .

Now that he wasn’t carving on a regular piece of wood but the real phoebe wood, Feng Yi Xuan was completely concentrated as he started carving .   He carved for a long time before Feng Yi Xuan finished carving the hairpin .   The purple-red phoebe wood looked life-like, without any flaws .   What made it odd was the strange demonic spider lily blooming on the hairpin .

Feng Yi Xuan had An Yi destroy the things on the ground .   Feng Yi Xuan saw it was already very late, dawn was almost breaking, Feng Yi Xuan grinned looking at the hairpin in his hand then silently entered the room .

Using his inner force to disperse the cold air from standing outside all night, waiting for his body to warm up, Feng Yi Xuan pulled off his outer robe and got into bed to cradle Lan You Nian in his arms .

“Where did you go?” Just as Feng Yi Xuan wrapped his arms around Lan You Nian, Lan You Nian’s voice broke with dissatisfaction .   How could she not be aware of Feng Yi Xuan leaving in the middle of the night?  It’s only because she’s surrounded by his scent that Lan You Nian was able to continue sleeping .   She knew Feng Yi Xuan must be busy .   She didn’t want to bother him .

“Did I wake you p?” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer, evading the subject .   He wanted to give Nian Nian a surprise .

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Lan You Nian buried her head shaking it, then grumbled, “Without you by my side, I can’t sleep well!”  She was already used to having Feng Yi Xuan by her side .   Even if it wasn’t on the same bed, it was in the same room .   If Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t present, she will return to her past vigilant state .

Feng Yi Xuan’s heart was happy and sour, as well as a hint of guilt .   He shouldn’t have left Nian Nian .   Feng Yi Xuan propped his chin on Lan You Nian’s head, smelling the fragrance in Lan You Nian’s hair saying, “It won’t happen again!”

“Really?” Lan You Nian lifted her head asking, her expression serious and pouty .

Feng YI Xuan’s lips lazily rose upwards .   The prominent bridge of his nose served to make his eyes especially profound, large palms lightly rubbing the soft, boneless delicate and smooth little hand, softly saying, “Really!”  No matter where I go, I will always bring you, even if it is hell .   Because I fear no one will love you as much as me .

Seeing it was getting late, the two of them got out of bed .   Feng Yi Xuan picked out some clothes and helped Lan You Nian dress then dressed himself .   At this moment, Lan Wu carried in a basin of water for washing .   The two started to wash up for the day .

“Can I do your hair today?” Feng Yi Xuan asked then without waiting for Lan You Nian’s reply, he dragged Lan You Nian over to the dressing table .   Lan You Nian didn’t resist .   After all, this wasn’t the first time .   From the foreignness of doing her hair at the start, Feng Yi Xuan improved to the present of being able to do her hair up into several lovely hairstyles .

Lan You Nian still remembered she asked him how he learned out of curiosity .   At that time Lan You Nian feared Feng Yi Xuan experimented on other women .   Her heart reacted with a little panic .   However Lan You Nian didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan used his own hair to practice on, just in order to do her hair one day .   Lan You Nian still remembered that she was moved to the point of tears, and in fact she did cry .

After Lan You Nian was pulled out of her memories, she noticed Feng Yi Xuan held a very exquisitely carved wooden comb, (it was one of her You Nian Pavilion’s things, she didn’t expect Xuan even brought this over) focused and gentle as he he combed through the silky black hair, his face warm and his actions gentle .

Lan You Nian, through the mirror, saw Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were gentle behind her, only feeling her heart becoming even softer .   If every day in the future was like this, she thought, even if it was this plain and simple a lifetime, she is willing .

Feng Yi Xuan combed very earnestly .   After a while, the slender ten digits shuttled through her thick hair .   Very quickly he did her hair into a simple but beautiful hairstyle .   The remaining hairs poured over her back, like a waterfall .   Looking at such a pretty and exquisite beauty in the mirror, Feng Yi Xuan kissed her face in satisfaction then took out the hairpin he carved all night and pinned it into Lan You Nian’s hair .

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The black night’s hair, the purple-red hairpin, with the blooming spider lily, with boundless beauty .

Lan You Nian looked at the hairpin in her hair through the mirror .   From the first look, she liked it very much .   Whether it was the texture or the color, she was very fond of the spider lily .   Lan You Nian caught a whift of the faint fragrance from the hairpin .   That was the scent of phoebe wood .   Lan You Nian didn’t need to think to know that Feng Yi Xuan must have spent a lot of thought and effort to give it to her .

Lan You Nian turned around, stretching out her arms to wrap around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, happily asking, “Giving it to me?” Lan You Nian smiled softly at Feng Yi Xuan, her smile as beautiful as the blooming flower of the third month, unparalleled brilliant .

Feng Yi Xuan immediately helplessly wrapped his arms around Lan You Nian’s slender waist, afraid Lan You Nian suddenly turning around will cause her to tumble, the pitch-black and mysterious eyes filled with indulgence .   The girl in front of him was like a girl that hasn’t grown up, no matter how much he hugged, it wasn’t enough .

“Giving it to you!” Feng Yi Xuan slightly lifted his lips, the smile was soft like water .

“Xuan, did you make it?” Lan You Nian asked longingly .

“En, like it?” Feng Yi Xuan smiled in reply as if that night’s bustling wasn’t anything, all for that “like it?”

Lan You Nian slowly smiled, on her tip toes, she kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips, expressing her love, “Like it, Xuan, I like it very much!” I like your consideration, like your tirelessly pampering, even more like you, this man .

Feng Yi Xuan heard the girl say she liked and was inexpressively happy .   He smiled in satisfaction .   The vermillion red lips were like flowers in full bloom, extremely beautiful, his low voice said, “My Nian Nian, as long as you like it!”

Lan You Nian thought the hairpin was personally made by Feng Yi Xuan and treasured it even more but she recalled Feng Yi Xuan didn’t seem to know how to carve these, Lan You Nian’s smile dropped then pulled Feng Yi Xuan’s hand over her eyes .   Sure enough, that pair of slender big hands was scattered with many inconspicuous tiny wounds, the dense wounds made Lan You Nian’s heart uncommonly sour .

Lan You Nian hurriedly took out the wound ointment she always carried with her and rubbed it on Feng Yi Xuan’s palm .   The more she looked, the more Lan You Nian’s heart ached .   After putting on the ointment on the entire hand, Lan You Nian lifted her head to look at Feng Yi Xuan, her voice a little upset, “You didn’t sleep all night just to make this?”

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan’s arm enveloped Lan You Nian, their positions were intimate and tender .

Lan You Nian pursed her lips then leaned against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .   She liked to hear Feng Yi Xuan’s heartbeat, the sound gave her reassurance .

“Xuan, what if you spoil me rotten?” Lan You Nian mumbled stickly, her heart seemed to be as happy as resting on top a cloud, this man who treasured her was hers .

“Continue to spoil, always spoil, because I will always spoil you!” Feng Yi Xuan’s brows were gentle, those pair of purple eyes were also soft with spring water, shrouding Lan You Nian in them .

“It’s nice to have you!” Lan You Nian replied warmly, as if saying it for Feng Yi Xuan to hear, also for herself to hear .

“I will be good to Xuan too!” Lan You Nian said earnestly .

“My Nian Nian doesn’t need to do so much, as long as you stay with me, en?” Feng Yi Xuan lightly tapped her nose .   How could he bear Nian Nian to do anything for him, as long as she stayed by his side, it was the greatest gift to him, after all, Nian Nian’s poison… .

“Okay!” Lan You Nian smiled nodding .   She knew Feng Yi Xuan spoke the truth .   If she did anything, the one to feel heartache will be Feng Yi Xuan so she’ll just stay by this man’s side .   When they’re old, they’ll still snuggle with each other like this .

Although Feng Yi Xuan wanted to continue hugging Nian Nian, he still faced the doors saying, “Bring in breakfast!”

Lan Wu, from An Yi’s mouth, already learned the things Ming wang did for her young miss .   Her heart was sincerely happy for young miss .   The more Ming wang treated young miss well, they as the subordinates were even more happy .   Lan Wu felt her family was deserving of Ming wang’s love .

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