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Chapter 174
174 Heartache
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When Lan You Nian heard Feng Yi Xuan say this, she also sighed in relief .   She then picked up a teacup from the table, rolled up her sleeves and aimed a dagger at her wrist .   However her hand was intercepted by Feng Yi Xuan .

Lan You Nian gazed at Feng Yi Xuan in confusion, realizing Feng Yi Xuan’s face indicated a rarely seen censure that was directed at her .

“Nian Nian, what are you doing?” Feng Yi Xuan’s tone carried a hint of suppressed wrath .   That wrath wasn’t aimed at Lan You Nian, rather, it was directed at himself .   He couldn’t bear to vent his anger on Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian’s pure large eyes stared at Feng Yi Xuan, saying nonchalantly, “The injury on your abdomen is poisoned with “Xue Ling Long” .   This poison is nearly all dispelled but the residue of the poison in your body hasn’t been completely detoxified .   This will create a lot of complications for you in your future martial art accomplishments .   My blood, though normally it’s useless, but after all that medicinal baths and conditioning of toxic poisons, my blood is the best antidote to get rid of the poison in your body . ”

At first Lan You Nian wasn’t aware Feng Yi Xuan still had some residue of “Xue Ling Long” poison in his body .   This poison was extremely potent .   The reason why Lan You Nian wasn’t able to detect it because the poison was almost completely dispelled .   If it weren’t for the residue scent of the poison coming from the medicinal bath, Lan You Nian still wouldn’t have noticed .   But since she noticed it, Lan You Nian won’t allow this poison to harm Feng Yi Xuan .   Fortunately, her blood was very effective against the poison .

“No need!”Feng Yi Xuan’s violet eyes congealed into frost, anger squeezed and tumbled in his heart, like a balloon that has amassed a ton of gas, if it wasn’t deflated, it will explode .

“Xuan…” Lan You Nian kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips .   There’s a saying that men with thin lips were fickle in love but when in fact that fickle love was only because he only had love for one person, while being heartless to everyone else .

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Feng Yi Xuan didn’t agree with Lan You Nian like he normally did .   Although he indulged Nian Nian, if Nian Nian hurt herself, then no matter what, he will not allow it, even if it was for him .

“Nian Nian, I’m not afraid of anything .   But if you’re hurt or you’re bleeding, do you know how much my heart will ache?  That kind of pain, those who have never experienced for themselves, will never understand .   Nian Nian, anything you say I can agree with, but if it was to harm yourself to help me, I won’t allow it!” Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes narrowed, the inner depths flashing with a trace of arctic frost .   His expression was cold, his lips pursed into a thin line .

Lan You Nian hurriedly hugged Feng Yi Xuan, “Xuan, I know but think, it’s just a little blood .   It won’t hurt me at all!” Lan You Nian’s eyes misted over with beads of tears, “If there’s something wrong with your body, how can you protect me?  If something happened to you, who can grow old with me?  Xuan, can’t you tell which is important?”

“I don’t agree!” Feng Yi Xuan forced himself not to look at the girl’s tearing eyes, afraid his heart will soften and agree to anything .

“If you don’t agree, do you think I won’t do it behind your back?” Lan You Nian’s temper rose .   Though she knew Feng Yi Xuan was doing this for her own good, at the same time, she was thinking of him .

“You dare!” Feng Yi Xuan gripped Lan You Nian tightly in his arms .

“See if I dare!” Lan You Nian bit down on Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, “If not in front of you, I might bleed even more blood .   I won’t acknowledge you anymore in the future!”  Lan You Nian went up in tears .   Originally it was fake crying, but it ended up in real tears .

Seeing Lan You Nian up in tears, Feng Yi Xuan instantly panicked .   He knew everything Nian Nian said was for real .   He was aware of how stubborn she was .   She probably will bleed herself at some time he wasn’t aware of .   Then wouldn’t he feel even more heartache?  If there was some accident he wasn’t aware of, Feng Yi Xuan has never felt this agonized .

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“Don’t cry!” Feng Yi Xuan tenderly rubbed away Lan You Nian’s tears, “Alright, I agree . ”

“Really?” Lan You Nian blinked her misty eyes, causing Feng Yi Xuan’s heart to soften into puddle of water .

“Really!” Feng Yi Xuan said .   He really didn’t know what to do with Nian Nian .

“Hmph!” Lan You Nian suddenly retracted her tears, those pair of eyes seemed to be as clean and pure as if they washed with water .   Feng Yi Xuan tenderly placed a kiss on Lan You Nian’s eyes softly .

Lan You Nian felt the tender and indulgent and heart-aching kiss on her eye .   Lan You Nian stood on her tippy toes to wrap her arms around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, her cherry lips interlocked with Feng Yi Xuan’s sexy thin lips .   It wasn’t a peck, rather she used all her passion to invite Feng Yi Xuan into a dance .

Then using the dagger, she sliced through her skin, letting the fresh blood flow into the teacup .   Feng Yi Xuan’s entire person shook .   His caught the scent of fresh blood, like a hard hammer, pounding into his indifferent and lonely heart, setting off turbulent waves, such pain that his heart curled up, as if a hand was tearing apart that beating organ .

Feng Yi Xuan pinned down Lan You Nian’s head, kissing her deeply, as if only this way can make him feel a little better, to make him not look at such a heart-aching scene .   After the kiss was over, Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian, smoothing her back, after her breathing has steadided, he immediately put on wound ointment on Lan You Nian’s arm .

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In that period, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t utter a word .   Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan was angry .   He wasn’t willing to let her get hurt, but he could do nothing as he watched her do this, not to mention it was all for him .   Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan felt worse than anyone’s but even so, he gently bandaged up her wound .

“Xuan, don’t be mad, alright?” Lan You Nian’s eyes curved into crescents, her brows and lips were fill of sincere and fawning smiles .

Feng Yi Xuan sighed under his breath .   How could he be angry at Nian Nian?  He blamed himself for letting Nian Nian get injured because of him, yet he couldn’t do anything .   This helpless feeling made Feng Yi Xuan feel sour inside .   One the one hand he felt painfully restless rejecting nor wishing Nian Nian to be hurt, on the other hand, he helplessly accepted it .   Because he knew that was because Nian Nian cared about him .

Feng Yi Xuan reached out a slender finger, slim but powerful, lightly caressing Lan You Nian’s wound on her arm .   The wound wasn’t deep, it couldn’t even count as a skin injury .   After using Medical Valley’s medicine for a few days, it will be completely healed .   Feng Yi Xuan felt this was a cut on his own wound .

“Nian Nian, my heart aches for you…” Feng Yi xuan’s eyes stared at Lan You Nian, his eyes were cloudless, blindingly real, clear and penetrating, containing no impurity or falseness, in it was true and genuine heartache .

“Xuan, since you feel for me, then be even more good to me in the future, isn’t that great?” Lan You Nian acted spoiled .   Lan You Nian’s heart was already filled up and brimming with this man called Feng Yi Xuan so Lan You Nian didn’t feel pain doing any of this .   Just like how good Feng Yi Xuan treated her, never considering her troublesome .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan murmured in agreement .   In the future, Feng Yi Xuan did indeed acheive this .   He doted on this girl on his brow, put her in his heart, pampered her her whole life, protected her for a lifetime and gave her the most beautiful love in this world .

Feng Yi Xuan picked up the teacup on the table and downed the cup of brimming blood down his throat, the pungent taste of blood flooded Feng Yi Xuan’s senses .

“Nian Nian, I drank your blood, we are connected by bone and blood .   You can no longer leave me!” Feng Yi Xuan’s forehead pressed against Lan You Nian’s forehead, in between his brows was Feng Yi Xuan’s overbearing and possessiveness .

“En!” Lan You Nian nodded then said to Feng Yi Xuan, “You just took a medicinal bath, rest for a while!”

“Stay with me?” Feng Yi Xuan asked .   He liked hugging Nian Nian to sleep, as if his empty heart was filled to the brim, as if his chest existed for this little woman in front of him .

“I’m going to prepare a medicinal diet for you!” Lan You Nian saw such a sticky Feng Yi Xuan grinning brightly, who would have thought the unsocial Ming wang who didn’t allow anyone to get close to him will act as sticky as a child in front of her, even sleeping he wanted her to stay with him .

Feng Yi Xuan frowned in dissatisfaction .   Nian Nian just bled so much blood .   Feng Yi Xuan wanted to say something, then he felt dizziness overcome him .   Lan You Nian helped Feng Yi Xuan to lie on the bed, watching Feng Yi Xuan whose’s coldness withdrew in his sleep, and planted a kiss on his forehead .   Having taken a medicinal bath as well as drank her blood to clean up “Xue Ling Long” residue poison, as well as being relaxed with her by his side, of course he fainted .

Lan You Nian tucked Feng Yi Xuan in and was prepared to leave when she noticed her hand was held tightly by Feng Yi Xuan .   No matter how much force she used, she wasn’t able to escape .   Lan You Nian can only helplessly scoot closer to Feng Yi Xuan’s ear to whisper, “Xuan, let go of my hand okay?” 

But Feng Yi Xuan’s grip on Lan You Nian’s hand only tightened .   LAn You Nian’s hand was already beginning to redden .   One can imagine how much strength Feng Yi Xuan put into his grip .

Lan You Nian frowned then continued to say, “Xuan, I won’t leave you .   You’re hurting me!” Lan You Nian carefully observed Feng Yi Xuan .   Indeed, Feng Yi Xuan released his grip .   Lan You Nian’s heart was moved .   Feng Yi Xuan really really loved her .   And she really loved this man .

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