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Chapter 173
173 Medicine Bath
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Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian  took their time with lunch .   Afterward, the two went over to the previously prepared medicine room .   This was prepared by Feng Yi Xuan for Lan You Nian .   Considering Nian Nian wanted to use medicinal herbs, Feng Yi Xuan prepared many precious and expensive medicinal herbs in this medicinal room .

“Are the herbs I want assembled?” Lan You Nian glanced at the rare medicinal herbs in the room, her eyes flashing brightly .   She didn’t expect Ming wangfu to be so wealthy .   Many of the herbs here even Medical Valley didn’t have much of .   It can be seen from this Feng Yi Xuan’s capability .

“Answering wangfei, all the herbs are assembled .   They are already boiled based on proportion per wangfei’s instructions!” An Yi answered .   The moment Lan You Nian stepped into Ming wangfu, she already gave instructions to An Yi to boil all the herbs .

Lan You Nian walked over to the boiled medicinal bath .   A blast of pungent medicinal aroma attacked her nose .   Lan You Nian stepped back in discomfort then fastidiously inspected, finding the herbs were all well placed .   The herbs chosen were the best .   Lan You Nian nodded in satisfaction .

“Bring these into the room!” Lan You Nian ordered then said to Feng Yi Xuan, “Next, you must accept a medicinal bath .   The process is painful but bear with it .   Afterward, normal aphrodisiacs and such minor poisons won’t be able to harm you!”

“I know!” Feng Yi Xuan said .   If he couldn’t bear a little pain like this, how could he walk up to this point?  All the big or little injuries he’s ever received were innumerable, he didn’t feel scared .   The things he was most afraid of was all concerning Nian Nian .

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Finished saying this, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian headed into the room .   At this moment, Lan You Nian paused her step to look at the shadow guard, “This medicinal bath’s  prescription I have already told An Yi .   You also should soak in the medicinal bath .   That way the odds of you being poisoned in the future will lessen!”

“Thank you wangfei!” All the shadow guards knelt on one knee, their voices filled with respect .   As shadow guards, they have always followed their master .   Though master treated them as brothers, master was still after a man, he didn’t show care for them .   But wangfei thought of them, the subordinates .   The shadow guards were a little moved .

“It’ll just make you immune to normal poisons .   You still need to pay attention .   Caution will sail a ship for a million years!” Lan You Nian instructed .   She was actually a cold-hearted person .   Few people can enter her heart .   Those she put in her heart was even less .   Feng Yi Xuan was the most important person in her heart .   Because she cared about Feng Yi Xuan, in regards to Feng Yi Xuan’s subordinates as well as his comrades, Lan You Nian also was even more cared about .   The foremost reason is only because she considered Feng Yi Xuan’s face, not because she wanted people to feel grateful towards her .

“Yes!” An Yi and the others nodded in answer .   Such a wangfei was their Ming wangfu’s matriarch .   At this moment, they all had a feeling of being honored .   In today’s world, who will put shadow guards in their eye?  In everyone’s eyes, subordinates were the same as livestock .   Wangfei’s words made them feel valued .   Not that wangye didn’t treat them well .   They followed wangye many years loyally without betraying .   Towards wangye, they had fear and respect .   But towards wangfei, they felt joy like that with their family .

When they carried the boiling medicinal bath into the room, they all withdrew .   Lan You Nian reached out a hand to put it in the medicinal bath, feeling the medicinal bath inside, then wiped it off, “In a moment you get naked and sit in the bathtub .   I’ll leave first!” The medicinal bath requires the body to completely naked .   Though Lan You Nian already saw Feng Yi Xuan’s naked body, she was still bashful .

Finished saying this, Lan You Nian headed outside .   She wasn’t really going to leave but was going to wait outside the door .   Lan You Nian didn’t even reach the doorway of the room, Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian into his arms, with much displeasure saying, “Where is Nian Nian going?  Shouldn’t you accompany me?”

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Lan You Nian glanced at Feng Yi Xuan, seeing the man’s eyes were all filled with her, as if she was his all, her heart completely softened, “Alright, I’ll stay with you!” Lan You Nian said, prepared to stay .

Feng Yi Xuan undressed in front of Lan You Nian, the outer robes, the inner clothes, one after another removed .   Lan You Nian’s face was completely red as she twisted her head over, not daring to look because when Feng Yi Xuan undresses more, he will really be completely naked in front of her .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan rotated Lan You Nian around, but noticed the girl’s eyes were tightly closed, her eyelashes trembling like flapping wings .   Feng Yi Xuan’s lips tugged upwards, in an instant it was like the glaciers melted and everything awakens .

“Nian Nian is shy .   Hasn’t Nian Nian already seen?  Or is Nian Nian displeased by what you see?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was like an unadulterated, clear and rich guqin, exceptionally beautiful to the ears, like melodious music of the zither, also like spring breeze puffing over the water’s surface causing micro-ripples, affecting Lan You Nian’s heart and soul .

“Who saw?” Lan You Nian retorted with her eyes squeezed shut but that flushed face wasn’t persuasive at all .   Lan You Nian felt her Feng Yi Xuan has become bad .   How come he’s learned to flirt with her?  Even more frightening, she liked such a Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng yi Xuan was even more delighted by such a shy Lan You Nian, deliberately scooted over to Lan You Nian, then beguilingly said, “Oh?  Nian Nian doesn’t dare to look?” His voice contained an inexplicable provocation, but that provocation contained pampering .

“You!” Lan You Nian’s eyes tore open, and saw the stark naked man standing in front of her, skin that is white and exquisite with distinct veins and muscles with extremely strong explosive force .   Lan You Nian felt she was finding things for herself to do .   Male beauty  retards people .

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Lan You Nian was shy she didn’t know what best to do .   If  she was facing another man today, Lan You Nian had a hundred methods to counter with .   Or that is to say she wouldn’t feel anything .   Because the naked man in front of her was the person she loved, so she had the feelings and shyness a girl should have .

“Nian Nian, we will be husband and wife, the most intimate relationship in this world,” Feng Yi Xuan sighed .   If he was to see Nian Nian’s body, he will be more excited and happy than anything .   After the two marry, they will honestly see each other so Feng Yi Xuan felt he should let Nian Nian get used to it .

Lan You Nian remained silent but her eyes didn’t carelessly look, only staring into Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes afraid of seeing anything she shouldn’t see .   Feng Yi Xuan saw such a shy Lan You Nian, he didn’t dare to impetuous, so he obediently entered the bathtub .

Seeing Feng Yi Xuan finally got into the bathtub, Lan You Nian sighed in relief .   She didn’t wish to become a pervert .   Lan You Nian walked over to the bathtub, seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s gradually paling face color as well as the sweat on his forehead .   She knew the medicinal bath was beginning .

Lan You Nian didn’t say anything but her heart ached as she looked at Feng Yi Xuan .   She silently stood there looking that this man .   The medicinal bath was very painful, like countless needles pricking your body made you feel pain, but Feng Yi Xuan, besides his deathly pale face and the sweat on his forehead, there wasn’t any expression of pain, as if it was a normal soaking .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who was looking at him with heartache .   His heart felt warm .   In the past, this little woman’s gaze on him was indifferent but now this girl’s eyes started to have him .   The doorway to her heart was already opened for him .

The second he got into the medicinal bath, Feng Yi Xuan felt pain everywhere on his body .   It wasn’t extremely pain but the pain was like countless needles pricking, making people feel uncomfortable but for Feng Yi xuan, this wasn’t enough to make his face change .

Feng Yi Xuan reached out a bare arm from the bathtub, reaching out a hand to hold the worried Lan You Nian’s small hand in his large hands .   The indulgent smile on the corner of his lips didn’t change .   As long as this little woman stayed by his side, even if it was mountains of blades or sea or fire, he wouldn’t even frown .

After the bathtub’s hot water became cold, and Lan You Nian saw it was time, she hurriedly said to Feng Yi Xuan, “Alright Xuan, it’s enough!” Lan You Nian immediately brought over a towel .

Feng Yi Xuan stepped out of the bathtub .   Lan You Nian very naturally handed the towel to Feng Yi Xuan, covering up the most important part .   Feng Yi Xuan then walked into the bathing pool in the room to take a bath .   Lan You Nian searched for the required clothes for Feng Yi Xuan then walked into the bathing pool inner room to put down the clothes before leaving .

When Feng Yi Xuan was dressed and walked out of the inner room, Lan You Nian stood there watching Feng Yi Xuan, her eyes were meticulous .   Feng Yi Xuan was confused as he hastened over to Lan You Nian’s side, “Nian Nian, what’s wrong?”

“How are you feeling?” Lan You Nian asked, her expression serious and thoroughly observant .

Feng Yi Xuan caught a whiff of a fragrance .   Turning his head, he saw there was some fragrances burning inside an incense burner in the room .   He never uses such things in his room so Feng Yi Xuan’s reaction was delayed .   This was done by Lan You Nian, to test the condition of his body after the medicinal bath .

Feng Yi Xuan thoroughly checked his body, noticed there wasn’t any strangeness, and joyfully his arms wrapped around Lan You Nian, “Very good .   I’m perfectly fine!” He wasn’t happy because he can resist against common poisons but rather because he didn’t waste Nian Nian’s intentions .

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