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Chapter 172
172 Lunch at Ming Wang Manor
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“Young miss, An Yi passed on that the medicinal herbs are already prepared .   Where does young miss want to proceed with the medicinal bath?” Lan Qu asked .   As young miss’s subordinates, they underwent these medicinal baths from the beginning .   Normal minor poisons was no use against them but can’t resist against slightly stronger poisons .

“Head to Ming wang manor .   There’s no need to prepare lunch .   I’ll have it at Ming wang manor!” Lan You Nian rose from the soft couch .   The soft couch still had Feng Yi Xuan’s scent .   It seems wherever Lan You Nian goes, she will think of Feng Yi Xuan .   This man really has made it impossible for her to escape .

Lan You Nian left with An Yi .   The inside of the pavilion quieted .

“Young miss went to Ming wang manor?” Lan Wu carried a tray of fresh fruit into the pavilion and saw the deserted pavilion saying with certainty .   Her tone carried a hint of blessing .   Young miss can smile happily now, will act spoiled in front of Ming wang, that’s perfect .

“En, young miss and Ming wang sticks together nearly every day .   Their relationship is very good!” Lan Qu organized the inner room, her tone was nonchalant .   Maybe because she’s been with Lan You Nian for so long, Lan Qu’s personality had some degrees of Lan You Nian’s shadow .

“Lan Qu, say, will Ming wang give young miss happiness?” Lan Wu’s voice was a little worried .   She can already tell young miss’s heart was moved by Ming wang .   She was certain of Ming wang’s deep love for young miss .   That vow of only marrying one person, what person can make such a promise?  But Nothing is permanent .   Lan Wu feared some accident will happen .

“He will” Lan Qu said with certainty, “I can tell, Ming wang regards young miss as more important than his life .   Otherwise, do you think just anyone can obtain young miss’s heart?” Lan Qu thought of everything Ming wang did all this time .   Even they felt surprised .   A Ming wang took excellent care of young miss’s basic necessities .   Wasn’t this a kind of doting?

“Yeah!” Lan Wu sighed with emotion .   In the past, they’ve accompanied young miss’s side for many years .   Though young miss smiles at them and jokes around with them, they all know young miss wasn’t truly happy .   Now, young miss was different; she was like a true young teen .

“No matter how young miss and Ming wang are, we are young miss’s subordinates .   We will always be with young miss…” Lan Qu said certainly .   In this life, we met young miss, becoming master and servant, then in the future of this life, their loyalty won’t change .

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When Lan You Nian and An Yi entered Ming wang manor, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t return from the military camps yet .   Lan You Nian was bored and ran over to the kitchens .

“Wangfei!” everyone stopped what they were doing to give salutations .   Who is this?  This was wangye’s loved and pampered little wangfei .   Wangfei actually ran to the kitchen?  They were all a little horrified, fearing that the kitchens have done something that made wangfei displeased .

“You can continue with your work!” Lan You Nian smiled like the girl next door without any of the airs of a young miss of a prestigious family but the marrow-deep alienation made people not dare to be presumptuous .   For a moment, they didn’t know what they should do .

“Aiyo, wangfei why have you come to the kitchen?  Does wangfei want to eat something?  Just tell this old slave!” the steward ran into the kitchen and saw that wangfei stood pretty as a fairy seemingly out of place in the kitchen .

Towards this wangfei, the steward was very pleased .   Overstepping a little, in his lifetime he didn’t marry a wife, always serving wangfu so he considered wangye and all the others his own children .   Now the icy wangye finally showed emotions, not only was this wangfei pretty, she was smart and clever .   The steward similarly considered Lan You Nian a youngster to dote on .

“Uh, I wanted to make lunch for Xuan!” Lan You Nian shrugged her shoulders saying a little embarrassedly .   All this while, it was always Feng Yi Xuan who made efforts .   She has never done anything for Feng Yi Xuan .   This was the perfect opportunity, with nothing on hand at present .   She hasn’t gone to the kitchen in a while and wanted to make lunch for Feng Yi Xuan to taste .   But seeing the fearful looks of the people in the kitchen, Lan You Nian didn’t know what to do .

“What?” the steward gaped in disbelief then when he reacted, he sighed with feeling and heartache .   He didn’t expect wangfei at such a young age to know to feel heartache for wangfye .   It’s no wonder wangye dotes on wangfei so much .   However, as a qualified steward, the steward said, “Wangfei is considerate .   Wangye will be happy if he knew .   The kitchen is too chaotic and dangerous, just have the cooks make the food!”

The steward glanced at Lan You Nian’s hand, white and slender like a piece of white jade .   Such a hand, there probably wasn’t anyone who would bear letting such a hand be contaminated with grease .

“No problem .   You guys leave .   I can do it myself!” Lan You Nian still smiled gently .   She knew these people didn’t have any ill intentions but her tone filled with a superior manner, making everyone not dare to say anymore and leave the kitchen .

Lan You Nian glanced at the kitchen’s various vegetables and nibbled on her lip wondering what she was going to make for Feng Yi Xuan to eat .   Outside, the cooks sneaked glances inside and said worriedly to the steward, “Young miss seems to be troubled .   It looks like she doesn’t know what to do .   Should we go inside to help?”

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The steward also wanted to let the cooks go inside to help .   It was best if little wangfei came out and not torment their hearts but remembering how the little wangfei was clearly smiling but that the bearing that couldn’t be laughed at that seemed very similiar to wangye’s, he shook his head, “Wangfei is our wangfu’s matriarch .   Whatever wangfei says is what we’ll do!”

“Yes!” everyone nodded .   To enter Ming wangfu, even just a cook or manservant, they weren’t ordinary people .   They were all very sensible .

Lan You Nian rolled up her clean sleeves, revealing a slender pure white wrist to start making lunch .   Lan You Nian picked out some eggs to make an ordinary egg drop soup .   It was a very ordinary soup but Lan You Nian made it very seriously .

Lan You Nian also took some eggplants to make minced meet eggplant .   She knew Feng Yi Xuan is a meat eater .

Lan You Nian looked at the cleaned up fish deciding to make a chopped pepper fish head for Feng Yi Xuan to taste .   Lan You Nian knew this world didn’t have this dish of chopped pepper fish head .   She didn’t know if Feng Yi Xuan would like it .

Lan You Nian busied herself in the kitchen appearing competent .   The steward and the others who were waiting outside looked at admiration at the wangfei inside .   How many young miss of prestigious family’s can cook?  The most they know to do is take the dishes made by the kitchen and say they made it themselves .   But their wangfei was so virtuous .   They all felt wangye had good eyes .

Feng Yi Xuan hurried back from the military camp .   Usually when he went to the military camp, he wouldn’t return to the manor at noon .   But when he heard An Er say Nian Nian came over to Ming wangfu, Feng Yi Xuan handed over the matters that haven’t been dealt with to Yu Liu Li and directly hurried back to the manor on horseback .

“Where’s wangfei?” Feng Yi Xuan asked An Er in the shadows .   When it was the two of them, he liked calling Lan You Nian by Nian Nian .   That way he felt the two of them was especially intimate .   In front of others, he liked calling wangfei because this meant she is his, his Feng Yi Xuan’s .

“Wangfei is in the kitchen” An Er answered then added, “Wangfei is making lunch for wangye!” An Er knew that master will be happy to hear his words .   The only one who could affect master’s mood was wangfei .

“For benwang?” Feng Yi Xuan asked in disbelief, his tone was a little excited .   He didn’t need Nian Nian to do anything for him .   He only wanted Nian Nian to enjoy his pampering .   When Nian Nian did these for him, Feng Yi Xuan felt so happy he was bursting with bubbles, hating he couldn’t shout it out .

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Feng Yi Xuan used qinggong to fly over to the kitchen .   When he arrived at the kitchen, he found the cooks and the steward standing outside while those shadow guards have all emerged .   Everyone was watching the little person bustling about in the kitchen .

“Wang…” Everyone began to give their salutations but was stopped by Feng Yi Xuan .   Feng Yi Xuan slowly walked into the kitchen, watching this little soft Nian Nian standing by the stove pan-frying the stuff inside .   On the table on the side was already served full with covered dishes but the smelling the aroma in the kitchen, it was obviously delicious .

Feng Yi Xuan felt his eyes seemed to covered with a layer of mist .   Through the mist, he saw the girl he put in his heart making food like a wife for her beloved husband .   Clearly that clothing, that figure, didn’t fit in with the kitchen but Feng Yi Xuan’s heartbeat quickened like very time he was with Nian Nian .   Only this time, his heart was touched .

Feng Yi Xuan walked over and from behind, hugged Lan You Nian’s slim waist that seems as if it can break if he exerted force .   He laid his chin on Lan You Nian’s shoulder, his breath blowing past Lan You Nian’s neck .   That white skin because of the hot breath became a patch of pink .

“You’re back?” Lan You Nian didn’t need to look back to know who was hugging her .   Unknowingly, she can already distinguish this man’s presence .   As for these intimate acts, Lan You Nian has slowly become accustomed to it .

This sentence of “You’re back” gave Feng Yi Xuan the illusion of the two of them having already married, the wife’s words for the husband who’s just returned home .   It inexplicably made people feel reassured and warm .

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan murmured a reply but didn’t let go of Lan You Nian .   He just held her, watched her, feeling the warmth in his arms .   He was reluctant to let Lan You Nian touch these things .   However he couldn’t bear to shatter the mood, indulging in this feeling .

The two finished making lunch like a conjoined baby .   When Lan You Nian placed the last dish on the table, Feng Yi Xuan already already poured some warm water for Lan You Nian to wash her hands .

Smelling the oily fumes on Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel disgust as for his usual mysophobia .   Instead, this oily fume mixed with Lan You Nian’s bodily fragrance was even more teasing the heart .   It made Feng Yi Xuan want to drag this girl under  him to kiss her passionately .   But glancing at the people waiting outside the kitchen, Feng Yi Xuan abandoned this impulse in his heart .

“I’ll go change!” Lan You Nian smelled the scent on her .   Feng Yi Xuan’s place had many clothes and jewelry for all four seasons of the year .   Lan You Nian was about to go to Feng Yi Xuan’s room to change clothes .

However Feng Yi Xuan suddenly carried Lan You Nian into the room, saying to the steward outside, “Bring the dishes into the room!”

When the steward and cooks walked into the kitchen and saw the dishes wangfei made, they were all shocked .   They believed with wangfei’s culinary skill it was already acceptable to make some pleasant looking dishes but smelling this aroma and the various dishes, everyone knew wangfei’s culinary skills was pretty good .

Feng Yi Xuan walked over to the closet, opened it and picked out a white dress for Lan You Nian .   Most of the space in Feng Yi Xuan’s closet was taken up by her clothes .   Lan You Nian’s vision was a little dazzled .   Only this man would delight and never tire of preparing clothes for her .

After Lan You Nian has changed, the dishes were already arranged on the table in the room .   It was a very simple four dishes and one soup, very domestic and simple dishes but it was because of this it gave people the feeling of home .

After the two took their own seat, Lan You Nian picked out some dishes for Feng Yi Xuan, then blinked her misty round eyes saying, “Taste it if it’s good!” Actually, Lan You Nian was uncertain .   She was adept after making those rare and strange snacks but she wasn’t very good at these  authentic dishes .   Compared to Ming wang manor’s cooks, who knows how lacking she is .   Feng Yi Xuan’s usual meals are very picky .   Lan You Nian didn’t know if would be used to the food she makes .

Feng Yi Xuan first ladled a bowl of soup for Lan You Nian .   Seeing Lan You Nian start to eat, only then did he start eating .   Feng Yi Xuan ate the minced meat eggplant in his bowl .   Perhaps because his mood was good, Feng Yi Xuan felt today’s dishes was much better than those made by the imperial chefs .

“Nian Nian’s culinary skills are excellent!” Feng Yi Xuan praised but his heart ached, “But don’t cook anymore, understand?” He didn’t want the little girl he pampered and loved to touch these oil fumes .   He couldn’t bear it .

Lan You Nian understood Feng Yi Xuan’s feelings .   She really wasn’t that type of virtuous wife and mother who will cook every day so she nodded saying, “Alright, if you want to eat the food I make, just tell me!”

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan only smiled faintly, handsome as the wind overlaying it with a layer of faint warmth .

Because Lan You Nian personally cooked, Feng Yi Xuan’s ate more than usual at noon .   The dishes Lan You Nian made were eaten clean .   Lan You Nian was worried and didn’t want him to eat but Feng Yi Xuan was stubborn .    Fortunately the man’s stomach was big .   Feng Yi Xuan didn’t show any signs of discomfort so Lan You Nian was reassured .

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