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Chapter 171
171 Every Lifetime
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Ming wang’s carriage entered Ming wang manor .   Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian off the carriage .   The guards and manservants bustling about all respectfully lowered their heads, “Wangye, Miss Lan!” Lan You Nian looked at Ming wang manor’s grandiose construction, luxurious and noble, the glazed tiles exuded a thick elegance .   The decorations inside the room were all precious and rare .   The floor was carpeted with white jade .   The white jade was engraved with the surreal spider lily pattern .   A bright lantern dangled from the air, the ancient color and fragrance was naturally domineering .

“When did you redo this?” Lan You Nian asked .   The last time she came, Ming wang manor didn’t have these spider lily patterns .   Every time she came, she directly went to the study so didn’t look around carefully .   Now with one look, she was made aware of all what Feng Yi Xuan has done for her .

“Ever since you came over to Ming wang manor, I’ve started doing it .   Do you like it?  If you don’t like, I’ll have them change it!” Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian into Ming wang manor’s grand hall .   Ming wang manor was actually a large palace hall, similarly luxurious and solemn .

Lan You Nian shook her head, “Very good, I like it very much!” Lan You Nian didn’t say this to comfort Feng Yi Xuan .   She really liked the decoration style, low key but sumptuous .   What gave Lan You Nian the most pleasure was the spider lilies everywhere .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian didn’t aggrieve herself .   She really liked Ming wang manor’s appearance .   He slanted a look at An Er who was responsible for Ming wang manor’s decoration, his eyes filled with praise .   An Er shook with joy .   Thank goodness Miss Lan liked it otherwise he would suffer .

“Nian Nian, what is this flower?  I’ve never seen it!” Feng Yi Xuan stroked the blood red spider lily on Lan You Nian’s hem .   Even though Lan You Nian has started to accept clothing of other colors, Feng Yi Xuan understood Lan You Nian’s likes so every clothing was embroidered with this flower .

Lan You Nian looked at the spider lily on her hem, her voice melancholy, “This flower’s name is spider lily .   It blooms on the Lunar calendar of the seventh month, in the flower language it means “sorrowful memories” . ”

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“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t like sorrowful look .   He shouldn’t have asked .

“It is a flower that grows on the path of the netherworld .    Legions of these grow there .   From afar, it’s like the ground is carpeted with blood .   It is the only scenery and color on the path to the netherworld .   People follow it into the Netherworld .   This flower is really beautiful, unmatchable cruel glory and venomous beauty as if it is alive .   But it is desolate, like the cactus orchid (Epiphyllum), a flower that has never received blessings .   Just like some people in the world, always suffers betrayal and pain, but even so, it is beautiful . ” Lan You Nian’s voice was like silk brushing past, like a faint note of the zither, distantly tapping Feng YI Xuan’s heart .

Feng Yi Xuan’s arms around Lan You Nian tightened .   He always had the feeling he couldn’t hold onto Nian Nian, as if as soon as he wasn’t paying attention, Nian Nian will leave with like the breeze .   He can sense the thick desolation and hopeless aura around Nian Nian .   He didn’t know when those painful things happened to Nian Nian but he will not allow Nian Nian to be so despairing anymore .

The shadow guards in the shadows were shaken into sadness by Lan You Nian’s soft voice and tone .   They didn’t know the flower Miss Lan loved had such a meaning, inexplicately it made people feel sorrow .

Feng Yi Xuan can’t stand such a feeling, this feeling he couldn’t grasp Nian Nian .   Feng Yi Xuan lowered his head, roughly lifting Lan You Nian’s chin .   Feng Yi Xuan bore down without any warm sentiments, the kiss went from shallow to deep, masculine male flavor enveloped Lan You Nian in a thick fog .   Whether it was due to the lack of oxygen or something, Lan You Nian’s head felt faint .   There wasn’t any strength left in her body, weakly leaning against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .

Until Lan You Nian felt her entire otngue and mouth was nearly eaten by Feng Yi Xuan’s fierce kiss, Lan You Nian couldn’t endure it any longer, reaching out her small hands to rap against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, whimpering sounds tore out of her mouth .

Because of these painful sounds, Feng Yi Xuan regained his reason .   Feng Yi Xuan slightly released Lan You Nian, looked Lan You Nian’s lips swell and redden due to his rough kiss .   Lan You Nian, due to the long deep kiss, her eyes were hazy .

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“Sorry, Nian Nian…let me see if you’re hurt” Feng Yi Xuan scanned Lan You Nian .   He was just overcome by emotions, afraid Nian Nian will leave him so kissed Nian Nian to feel Nian Nian’s warmth .

Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips lightly pecked Lan You Nian’s swollen cherry lips, his eyes flooded with sympathy and self-blame .   He wanted to slap himself!

“Xuan, I’m fine!” Lan You Nian leaned against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, her voice a little hoarse .   She wasn’t hurt nor was she afraid .   Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss was too hot and fierce, that kind of love she couldn’t withstand as if he wanted to swallow her whole .   Lan You Nian was aware she has made Feng Yi Xuan afraid, this man who’s never been afraid of anything, because of her, experienced fear .

“Nian Nian, if I’m like this again, give me a few cuts from a blade, I’m afraid I will injure you!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t stop stroking Lan You Nian’s back, helping Lan You Nian smooth her breathing .   Fear growing from love, because he loved Nian Nian too love, so Feng Yi Xuan always felt afraid .   Because of having, he couldn’t allow Nian Nian to leave him .

“Xuan, I know, I understand!” Lan You Nian raised her little head and kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips, a little embarrassed as she said, “It’s just too intense, I couldn’t take it!” Male and female in this regard had a visible gap .   Lan You Nian wasn’t displeased with Feng Yi Xuan’s actions, only felt distressed for him .

“Really?” Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes brightened .   He thought he hurt Nian Nian .   He didn’t wish to see Nian Nian afraid of him, distance herself from him .   In front of Nian Nian, he could never control himself .   This desire of wanting to melt Nian Nian into his bones and blood was too apparent .

“En!” Lan You Nian nodded with a flushed face .

“Then we’ll practice more .   That way Nian Nian won’t be like this!” Feng Yi Xuan declared happily then saw Lan You Nian glare at him, he went silent .   Although he truly thought like this in his heart, after all, if it was like this, he could kiss Nian Nian to his heart’s content .

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Lan You Nian didn’t know how come Feng Yi Xuan’s head was filled with all this?  Fortunately she was still young, can’t sleep together, otherwise . . Lan You Nian felt a profound helplessness about her future married life .   Such a man, can she really take him?

“Is the medicine done?” Lan You Nian faced the door .   Following Feng Yi Xuan to Ming wang manor was because Lan You Nian wanted to help Feng Yi Xuan detoxify the aphrodisiac in his body .   Though it didn’t influence Feng Yi Xuan, it was still poison after all, Lan You Nian couldn’t be easy .

An San brought a bowl of pitch black medicine in, then very fawningly said, “Wangfei, the medicine’s done!”

One word of “wangfei” stunned Lan You Nian .   Though she and Feng YI Xuan are already engaged, she has yet to marry Feng Yi Xuan .   This title of wangfei seemed a bit too early .   However, Feng Yi Xuan hearing An San’s words, his mood was very good as he looked at An San, “Give you a few days of leave to rest!”

“Thanks wangfei, thanks wangye!” An San put down the bowl and flew out .   Only Heavens know they shadow guards haven’t had a vacation in how long!  Indeed wangfei is the mightiest!  Pleasing wangfei, anything is possible .

Meanwhile the other shadow guards stared at An San with envy .   In private they all call Miss Lan wangfei but have never uttered this title in front of master .   If they knew such an address will make wangye happy like this, they would have ran over to wangye to start calling wangfei a long time ago .

From then on in Ming wang manor, Lan You Nian went from Miss Lan to wangfei .   Everyone’s attitude towards Lan You Nian was even better than their attitude towards Feng Yi Xuan .   On one hand, because Lan You Nian’s manners were indeed lovable, on the other hand because in Ming wang manor who didn’t know Lan You Nian was the precious treasure in Feng Yi Xuan’s heart .   If wangfei wasn’t happy, no one can be happy .

Lan You Nian took out some paper and brush and wrote a long list then said to Feng Yi Xuan, “Assemble all these herbs!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t ask what Lan You Nian wanted to do, gestured with his hand for An Er to take the list to find the herbs immediately .

“Collecting all these herbs won’t be hard .   I want to proceed with a medicine bath for you .   That way you will be immune to some common poisons .   I will be reassured!” Lan You Nian said .   At the least, this kind of aphrodisiac things couldn’t affect Feng YI Xuan .   Though she believed in Feng Yi Xuan, this was for Feng Yi Xuan’s own good .

“Then Nian Nian has gone through this medicine bath?” Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian was immune to common poisons so most of the time in regards to poisons, Feng Yi Xuan could rest easy .

“En, because shifu wanted to cure the various poisons in my body, various kinds of medicine baths were unavoidable . Thus, it made my body immune to hundreds of poisons!” Lan You Nian said .   Actually, those days were painful but because she had shifu and the senior brothers taking care of her, Lan You Nian experienced the feelings of returning home .

“If only I met you earlier!” Feng Yi Xuan’s clear voice filled with extreme gentleness, like a gush of warmth brushing against Lan You Nian’s heart .

“It isn’t late now either is it?” Lan You Nian smiled sweetly .   Because of meeting Feng Yi Xuan, whether late or early, she felt happy and at peace .

“Nian Nian, if there is a next life, I must come to your side very early, accompany you and guarding you, give you the best, let you become the happiest woman…” Feng Yi Xuan said solemnly, “If there is next life, whether it is the next one or the next one after that, every lifetime, you are mine, Feng Yi Xuan’s .   I will find you!”

“Okay, if there is a next life, every lifetime, I will wait for you to come!” Lan You Nian gripped Feng Yi Xuan’s broad hands, answering sincerely .

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