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Chapter 169
169 Anger and Guilt
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Lan You Nian used qingqing to its ultimate level, eluding the palace maids and guards roaming around, searching from the rooftop of each room one by one for Feng Yi Xuan in the Imperial Palace .   There were so many wings, Lan You Nian couldn’t search on a grand scale .   Searching for a while, Lan You Nian has yet to find Feng Yi Xuan .

What made Lan You Nian worried was that that due to the coming of the foreign delegates, the guards on duty in the palace have been increased and strengthened .   Thus, Feng Yi xuan didn’t bring along any hidden guards .   If there was some kind of incident, he wouldn’t have an assistant .   The more she thought about it, the more Lan You Nian worried .

Just as Lan You Nian was about to lose all her patience, she finally found Feng Yi Xuan in one of the wings .   However the situation inside caused Lan You Nian to be devoured by the impulse to kill… .

Feng Yi Xuan, after Lan You Nian left, kept gazing at the wine cup in his hand, as if the wine cup in his hand was more pleasing to the eye than the alluring women flooding the grand hall .   The cold air surrounding Feng Yi Xuan made many of the woman not dare to approach .   Clearly they just saw such a gentle Ming wang, but in a blink of an eye, Ming wang recollected his past appearance .

Feng Yi Xuan felt that after Nian Nian left, the time was trudging by especially slow .   Remembering that Nian Nian was with Yue Bai Lian right now, Feng Yi Xuan felt his heart was stuffed tightly and felt he should have went with Nian Nian .

“Sixth wangye!” A palace maid came over to Feng Yi Xuan’s seating, keeping a distance of five to six steps between them .   Because the people in the palace, in fact everyone, knows Feng Yi Xuan didn’t allow other women to appear by his side .   Now one has appeared, that is the future Ming wangfei .

Feng Yi Xuan raised his eyes to look at the palace maid .   The palace maid trembled .   Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were too icy, as if there was a world of ice and snow permeating through it .   His gaze on her didn’t have any warmth .   The palace maid clenched her teeth, steadying her emotions .

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“Miss Lan had this slave come find wangye!” the palace maid bowed her head, not daring to look into Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, afraid she will expose any loopholes .

As soon as the palace maid’s words fell in his ears, Feng Yi Xuan asked, “What did you say?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was emotionless but hid countless sharpness, like a sharp blade that was about to shoot out of its sheath, waiting to demolish the enemy .   He was suspicious of this palace maid’s words and from the palace maid’s fear, Feng Yi Xuan knew this palace maid was lying .

The palace maid’s entire body trembled, taking out a jade hairpin but the palace maid had yet to say anything before the jade hairpin was snatched by Feng Yi Xuan .

“Sixth wangye, this was entrusted by Miss Lan to this slave .   Miss Lan said she is facing some troubles and asks Ming wang to go over!” the palace maid hung her head very low, but expressed the meaning very clearly, that is Lan You Nian is in trouble and needs Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan stroked the jade hairpin in his hand .   Feng Yi Xuan knew very clearly this jade hairpin belonged to Nian Nian .   Because all of Nian Nian’s clothing and accessories was taken care of by him personally .   This jade hairpin was indeed Nian Nian’s .

“Lead the way!” Feng Yi Xuan stated coldly then left with the palace maid .   It wasn’t that Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know this was evidently a trap but Nian Nian has yet to return .   Feng Yi Xuan can gamble with anyone’s life but only, he can’t gamble with Nian Nian’s .   Even if the possibility was one in a million, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t dare gamble .

Feng Yi Xuan followed the palace maid to a room .   As soon as Feng Yi Xuan entered the room, he smelled a strange fragrance .   Feng Yi Xuan immediately adjusted and stabilized his breathing as he looked at the woman in the room .   This woman Feng Yi Xuan was familiar with .

“Sixth imperial brother really likes that Miss Lan!” Feng Guan Lian used her hand to comb through her long hair, laughing maniacly at the indifferent Feng Yi Xuan .   Where is there the cuteness in front of others, “You clearly know this is probably a trap yet you still come?  Should imperial sister say sixth imperial brother has big guts or say sixth imperial brother is a rare fool in love . ”

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“Nian Nian isn’t here!” Feng Yi Xuan said with certainty .   Actually from the very start, Feng Yi Xuan knew this was a trap but anything related to Nian Nian, even if it was a trap, he must come over to take a look .   If something truly happened to Nian Nian, he can come to Nian Nian’s side as soon as possible .   And now seeing Nian Nian wasn’t here, Feng Yi Xuan sighed in relief and turned to leave the room .

“Haha!  You think you can leave?” Feng Guan Lian giggled, the sound gave Feng Yi Xuan the urge to gag .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s ears, only Lan You Nian’s laugh was the most pleasant .

“My good sixth imperial brother, do you know what you have been drugged with?  It is an extremely potent aphrodisiac ah!  But rest assured, it won’t be long before you will regain consciousness .   When you regain consciousness, you’ll find you have sullied your own imperial sister .   With so many eyes seeing, say, in the future, the well-reknowned Ming wang will be loathed by how many people?  I’m afraid you’ll become the most shameless person in the world!” Feng Guan Lian laughed .

Feng Guan Lian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who didn’t show any hint of panic and felt a sliver of hear in her heart but more than that, it was the fantasy of overthrowing Feng Yi Xuan .   Originally, their plan was simply to pull Yue Bai Lian to their faction but thinking that their biggest enemy was Feng Yi Xuan, they came up with a bold plan .   They first stole Lan You Nian’s hairpin .   Originally, they planned to lure Lan You Nian out of the palace hall but didn’t expect Lan You Nian to leave herself so they used this to lure Feng Yi Xuan over .   The aphrodisiac in the room was custom-made to confuse a person’s mind but it doesn’t last long .   When Feng Yi Xuan divests himself of his clothes, coincidentally, the Empress will bring people over .   With the eyes of the masses fixed on him, the matter of Feng Yi Xuan wanting to violate his imperial sister can’t be concealed, even Imperial Father can’t defend Feng Yi Xuan .

“Haha, sixth imperial brother, after today, this princess doesn’t need to call you sixth imperial brother!” Feng Guan Lian giggled, then prepared to take off her own clothes .

But Feng Yi Xuan didn’t spare Feng Guan Lian a glance .   He simply turned around to head outside .

“You think you can leave?” Feng Guan Lian said calmly, however she was perplexed by why the drug hasn’t taken effect yet .   Ordinary people would have long succumbed to the drug and pounced, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t look affected at all .

“Is that so?” a voice like water’s melody sounded, then the door of the room was thrust open from outside .   Feng Yi Xuan’s aura transformed completely, becoming infinitely gentle .

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Lan You Nian was enraged from eavesdropping in on  Feng Guan Lian’s words .   She didn’t expect Feng Guan Lian was so shameless to use such a method to deal with Feng Yi Xuan .   They are capable of doing such a thing that doesn’t abide by moral human relations, and to her own man, it cannot be tolerated!

As soon as Lan You Nian slammed open the door of the room, Feng Yi Xuan came over to Lan You Nian’s side, pulling Lan You Nian into his arms .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was chilly but Lan You Nian can still hear that Feng Yi Xuan has indeed been drugged by the aphrodisiac .   It’s a pity that Feng Guan Lian and those other people don’t know, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel any bodily impulses towards other people .   Even if he’s been drugged, he won’t betray her but if Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t cured in time, it might harm his body’s foundation and leave behind roots of the affliction .   Fortunately, she finally found Feng Yi Xuan .

“Are you alright?” Lan You Nian asked .   Feng Yi Xuan already inhaled the aphrodisiac powder but Lan You Nian can sense that beofre she came into the room, Feng Yi Xuan was wide awake but as soon as she appeared, Feng Yi Xuan’s breathing became unsteady .

Lan You Nian didn’t know what she was feeling .   On one hand, the fact that Feng Yi Xuan only desired her, only treated her like this, Lan You Nian was very happy but seeing Feng Yi Xuan who would rather hurt himself to keep a clear mind, Lan You Nian’s heart ached .

“How is it possible?  How can he be fine?” Feng Guan Lian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who hasn’t acted impulsively nor has he lost his reason in disbelief .

“Hmph!” Lan You Nian took out a cleansing heart pill for Feng Yi Xuan to take .   The strangeness in Feng Yi Xuan’s body improved .   Feng Yi Xuan looked at Feng Guan Lian who stood there in disbelief, his eyes icy with enmity .

Feng Guan Lian was stared down by Feng Yi Xuan’s cold eyes, her body shuddered, only feeling the air around her was sealed by frost, even the temperature cooled, as if as long as she continued talking, the frost will permeate into her body, freezing every inch of her .

After Lan You Nian knocked out Feng Guan Lian, she hastily did a check on Feng Yi Xuan’s body .   Feng Yi Xuan’s breathing was much steadier after taking the cleansing heart pill .   For the time being, he’s fine .   He only needs to take the antidote afterwards .

“How come you’re here?” Lan You Nian’s tone was a little angry .   Although she believed Feng Yi Xuan won’t do anything to betray her, but if something happened to Feng Yi Xuan, she didn’t dare even think about it .   She didn’t know what she would do .

Feng Yi Xuan could sense Lan You Nian was angry but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t understand why Lan You Nian was angry so Feng Yi Xuan could only answer truthfully, “Someone had your jade hairpin .   I was afraid you were really in trouble so I came!”

Lan You Nian didn’t expect it was for this reason, thinking it makes sense, if it wasn’t because of her, according to Feng Yi Xuan’s disposition, why would he come here?

“Sorry…” Lan You Nian took the initiative to hug Feng Yi Xuan’s toned waist .   Because she was worried about Feng Yi Xuan and because Feng Yi Xuan’s long-time unconditional pampering of her, she developed a little temper .   So in her anxiousness, she grew angry at Feng Yi Xuan, even her tone contained a fury she wasn’t aware of .   Lan You Nian felt that she really has been spoiled by Feng Yi Xuan to the point she wasn’t bound by the heavens or the law .   Everything he did was for her yet she didn’t show any understanding to him .     Lan You Nian felt she was in the wrong .

Feng Yi Xuan was aware of Lan You Nian’s feelings .   He picked up Lan You Nian who hung her little hung guiltily, then lifted Lan You Nian’s chin, making Lan You Nian’s eyes look at him, “Nian Nian, never tell me sorry, everything you do is right!”

“Xuan… . ” Lan You Nian didn’t know what she should say .   It was such a perfect Feng Yi Xuan, such a Feng Yi Xuan who pampered her, that moved Lan You Nian’s heart .   It seemed she came over from the other world, it was for this man .

“I understand!” Feng Yi Xuan kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead, the kiss was both sincere and contained an infinite tenderness .   Everything he does, he did willingly .   He is willing to do anything for Nian Nian, bear any consequence .   Even if it was it painful, as long as it was given by Nian Nian, that was still happiness .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian didn’t seem to feel guilty anymore, his heart became increasingly distressed .   He made Nian Nian worry .   Feng Yi Xuan gently lowered his head, his palm lightly cradled Lan You Nian’s head, and lowered his head to plant a kiss .   He gently pried open her lips, like a tornado, kissing tyrannically, deeply kissing over and over again, savoring all her wonders .

The kiss was over .   Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian as his palm stroked Lan You Nian to steady her breathing .   Lan You Nian was slumped against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .   Lan You Nian felt this embrace was very warm .   It was a kind of warmth that made people attached .   Very close by was a man’s heavy breathing, the warm and capable palm currently transferred his warmth little by little into her heart, making Lan You Nian’s heart at peace .

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