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Published at 26th of September 2019 09:30:56 PM
Chapter 166
166 Eating Vinegar
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September 26, 2019secretdreamwishes

“You’ve followed me for so long, aren’t you going to come out, Hua empire’s crown prince?” In the depths of Lan You Nian’s limpid eyes harbored a chill that penetrated the bones . Her voice was luke-warm and clear . From the moment they departed the visitor’s palace, Lan You Nian became aware of someone tailing them . However, that person didn’t make a move . She guessed this person was probably Hua Xiu Yi .

“Tsk tsk tsk, Miss Lan is indeed smart!  You guessed it was this crown prince!” Hua Xiu Yi walked out from a corner, gazing at the girl who was different from all the others .   She wore a faint white beizi, fastened to the bottom half was moonlight white brocade skirt embroidered with flowers, with a light blue long-sleeved jacket thrown on over it .   A head of raven black hair that fell to her waist casually scattered behind her .   There was any accompanying accessories, her face was all-natural facing the heavens, but it was just like this, it gave off a feeling of being carved by nature, a natural beauty of hibiscus rising out of clear water .   Hua Xiu Yi had to admit Lan You Nian was the most beautiful female he’s ever met .   She was also the one female who he felt was most unusual .

“Can I ask why Crown Prince Hua has followed me all this way for?” Lan You Nian asked, her voice was leisurely without any warmth .   Lan Qu and Lan Wu, the two of them, both anxiously watched Hua Xiu Yi afraid Hua Xiu Yi will suddenly make a move to hurt Lan You Nian .

Hua Xiu Yi didn’t know himself why he followed Lan You Nian .   He was just in the palace idling away his time when he heard his subordinate say she came over to the palace .   He saw Lan You Nian enter Yue Bai Lian’s courtyard, then the for the first time, he waited for a woman, then he saw Lan You Nian walk out .   Without thinking, he followed, even he felt incomprehensible .   This wasn’t his style of doing things .

Lan You Nian asked her question but didn’t receive an answer from Hua Xiu Yi .   She scrutinized him strangely .   Lan You Nian had to admit Hua Xiu Yi was handsome .   Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes at this moment didn’t have any sinful charm or wild unrestraint, lofty like a noble young master .   The young master was like jade, virtuous without any flaws, exhausting time and all prosperity, even his gait was the world’s most beautiful ink wash painting .   Lan You Nian only caught a glimpse of this before Hua Xiu Yi recovered that ambiguous look .

“Miss Lan is not only a little beauty, but even your handmaidens is also a clever one?” Hua Xiu Yi deliberately didn’t answer Lan You Nian’s question, instead, he was looking at the handmaidens who were vigilantly watching him with interest .

Lan You Nian blocked Lan Qu and Lan Wu behind her .   Not that she was afraid Hua Xiu Yi would be interested in Lan Wu and Lan Qu, despite Hua Xiu Yi this person was unpredictable but Lan You Nian had to admit Hua Xiu Yi was much better than those disgusting worms, but all the same, she held in distaste .

“Speaking of beauty, who can compare to Crown Prince Hua you?” Lan You Nian said sincerely to Hua Yiu Yi .

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People all know that Crown Prince Hua’s appearance was even more beautiful than a woman’s but his means were savage like that of a demon’s .   If someone dared to say Crown Prince Hua’s face was beautiful, there was no one person who was alive .   Ever since, no one dared to mention this in front of Crown Prince Hua .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu’s breathing suddenly stopped .   They were both aware of the rumors about Crown Prince Hua, thinking that there will probably be a terrible fight for young miss .   What they must do is protect themselves and not hinder young miss .   If young miss was in danger, they will fight tooth and nail for young miss’s safety .

Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes that were more seductive than a woman’s flashed forbiddingly, his gaze on Lan You Nian harbored a piercing killing intent .   No one dared to say he had a beautiful face in front of him .   Even if there was, they were no longer alive in this world .

Hua Xiu Yi’s finger that was white as an onion moved .   He wanted to crush that girl’s tender neck .   When Hua Xiu Yi saw those eyes that didn’t contain any fear or any emotion at all, he realized his desire to kill her disappeared entirely .

“Do you know where are those who say this about this crown prince?” Hua Xiu Yi smiled like the devil at Hua Xiu Yi, even flicked out his tongue to lick his lips .   The appearance made Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s face red .

Lan You Nian seemed not to see Hua Xiu Yi’s action, indifferently saying, “Where?  Perhaps in the ground?”

“Indeed you are smart!” Hua Xiu Yi chuckled by himself, his gaze on Lan You Nian seemed to be searing with heat but Lan You Nian didn’t say anything .   Perhaps others will think Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze was too unrestrained but Lan You Nian can sense Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze wasn’t invasive this time .

Hua Xiu Yi walked over to Lan You Nian . He wanted to see the content hidden of her eyes . A burst of killing intent filled the air making Hus Xiu Yi and Lan You Nian both put on poker faces to look at the black assassins standing in front of them .

“Hehe” Hus Xiu Yi looked at the assassins, in a bad mood . It was difficult as it is for himself to find an interesting person to talk to yet these people don’t grow any eyes to come provoke him . He merely left Hua empire for a while, yet those people couldn’t endure it any longer?

“You really are not well liked . m for so many people to want to kill you!” Lan You Nian carefully observed these assassins and noticed these people were targeting Hus Xiu Yi . She was just an innocent bystander who was implicated .

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Hua Xiu Yi suddenly moves and killed off an assassin . Lan You Nian found Hua Xiu Yi used the same weapon as Gui San, a fan but clearly Hua Xiu Yi’s fan even more efficiently sliced through mud .

Hua Xiu Yi took care of one assassin after another . Suddenly he came to Lan You Nian’s side saying,”if this crown prince died today, it will be worth it this crown prince can’t be born the same year and day as Miss Lan but can die the same year and day . It is a beautiful thought!”

Lan You Nian used qinggong to leave Hua Xiu yi’s side and headed on the pan towards the mani . She didn’t want to stay to mess around with Hua Xiu Yi . Since these assassins weren’t here to kill her then she won’t offer a hand and waste her energy . Going back early was the right thing to do .

“Really so heartless?” Hua Xiu Yi muttered watching Lan You Nian leave with her two handmaidens without any hesitation . He didn’t know why his heart felt uncomfortable, not wishing for that girl to abandon him like this, always this heartlessly treating him .

Because of his bad mood Hua Xiu Yi’s fan became even faster . Those assassins have neared Hua Xiu Yi before they were already killed . Hua Xiu Yi’s technique in killing people was a little bloody . He liked watching his enemies dying absolutely shattered .

“Is Miss Lan leaving just like this?  We are on the same boat!” Hua Xiu Yi said to the departing Lan You Nian , his voice contained malicious delight .

Hearing this Lan You Nian stooped, not because some of the assassins were targeting her but because that hateful Hua Xiu Yi wanted to drag her into the water .   If she left without caring for anything, she was certain based on Hua Xiu Yi’s unpredictable temper, he will definitely let one assassin go alive then the one behind will think she and Hua Xiu Yi has a beneficial relationship .   Then her life in the future will have an addition of fearless assassins .

Evidently Lan Wu and Lan Qu also understood the meaning behind Hua Xiu Yi’s words .   The two drew out the dagger always carried on them and entangled with the assassins .   Though Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s internal force was poor, but their fighting technique was a rare master .   The two of them with ease and skill fought with the assassins .

“What a surprise that your two handmaidens have such abilities!” Hua Xiu Yi looked in appreciation at Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s skill noticing their style was similar to the girl beside him .   Hua Xiu Yi was sure these two handmaidens were taught by Lan You Nian .

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“Lan Qu, Lan Wu lets go!” Lan You Nian seeing all the assassins have been dealt with said to Lan Qu and Lan Ya .   Concerning Hua Xiu Yi, Lan You Nian chose to ignore him because not only this guy she can’t kill, he didn’t have any malicious intent towards her .   Though Lan You Nian has killed innocent people, but under ordinary circumstances those who are harmless to her, she would try not to harm .   She didn’t want to become something she wouldn’t even recognize .

Hua Xiu Yi approached Lan You Nian to stop her .   It was at this moment a burst of forceful killing intent slammed into him .   Hua Xiu Yi was promptly engaged in a fight with that person .   Only then did Hua Xiu Yi realize the one to attack him was Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan’s fathomless eyes emitted a cutting frost .   He fought with Hua Xiu Yi barehanded .   The two’s martial arts were formidable, their moves were quick and sharp, each move harbored killing intent .   However, the two of them were still relatively clear-headed .   They didn’t involve Lan You Nian who was standing off to the side .

“Young miss!” Lan Wu observed Feng Yi Xuan and Hua Xiu Yi who were fighting, “Is Ming wang jealous?  He’s definitely jealous!”

Lan Qu shot Lan Wu a glare .   She didn’t understand what Lan Wu was excited for in such a nerve-wracking atmosphere .   That was the man young miss loved .   If he was hurt, who knew how much young miss’s heart will ache .   However, Lan Qu can tell this was Ming wang’s care towards young miss, not allowing other men to cast covetous eyes on young miss .

Lan You Nian carefully kept her eyes on Feng Yi Xuan and Hua Xiu Yi, or that is to say, she was only looking at Feng Yi Xuan .   Despite the fact Feng Yi Xuan was filled with killing intent, Lan You Nian felt very warm .   After the two has exchanged many punches, Hua Xiu Yi was struck .   Feng Yi Xuan didn’t immediately do anything .   Instead, he returned to Lan You Nian’s side .

“Hua Xiu Yi, some people you can’t touch!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was like an iceberg that wouldn’t melt for a million years, that chilliness that pierced through the bones can freeze a living person inch by inch .   In his life, the things he cared for, the people he cared for was too few .   Nian Nian was the person he cared for most .   He refused to allow anyone to covet his Nian Nian .

“~Ha!” Hua Xiua Yi wiped the blood that trickled out his mouth .   He didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts to be a level higher than his .   Hua Xiu Yi felt gloomy .   How come so many good things were all taken by Feng Yi Xuan?  Unwilling (to admit defeat), so unwilling!

Feng Yi Xuan then carried Lan You Nian off .   Just moments ago when he saw that Hua Xiu Yi wanted to stop Nian Nian, he really wanted to murder Hua Xiu Yi .   But Feng Yi Xuan knew Hua Xiu Yi represented the entire Hua empire .   If he was lightly killed, he will incite a war between the two empires .   Though he wasn’t afraid, he wouldn’t without any cause or reason find trouble for himself .

“Xuan, how come you’re here?” Lan You Nian hooked her arms around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, allowing Feng Yi Xuan to use qinggong to fly over to Ming wangfu .   She was aware that Feng Yi Xuan was very busy recently .   She was very understanding so she didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to look for her today .

“You didn’t return yet!” Feng Yi Xuan muttered unhappily .   He knew the thoughts Yue Bai Lian had about his little woman .   Although Nian Nian didn’t have any ideas about Yue Bai Lian, he still felt unhappy inside so he tossed his official booklet and hurried over .

“So you came to pick me up?” Lan You Nian asked happily .   This feeling of being constantly in someone’s mind felt really nice .

“Hm!” Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian into Ming wangfu then sat down before the desk in the study with Nian Nian in his arms, two the steward outside who was grinning from ear to ear, he said, “Prepare the noon meal!”

As soon as the steward heard his family’s wangye’s instructions, he immediately dashed over to the kitchen .   Many of the guards seeing such a joyous steward knew that Miss Lan, that is their future wangfei, must have come to the manor .   Every time wangfei came to the manor, the manor seemed much more boisterous .

“You can’t stay with her so long in the future!” Feng Yi Xuan helped Lan You Nian wash her hands, suddenly reminding .

“Bai Lian is female!” Lan You Nian giggled, “Bai Lian is also my friend .   How can you randomly eat vinegar?”

“But she likes you!” Feng Yi Xuan put down the cloth in his hands to look at Lan You Nian, very sternly .   If Bai Lian wasn’t female and he can tell Nian Nian’s relationship with this Bai Lian was pretty good, how could he allow Nian Nian to see Bai Lian?

“Er… . ” Lan You Nian awkwardly rubbed her nose, then said, “I’ll pay more attention in the future okay?” If someone else bossed her around like this, she would have turned hostile on them long ago .   However this person is Feng Yi Xuan so Lan You Nian only felt warm and was willing to compromise .

“Good!” Feng Yi Xuan knew Nian Nian was giving consideration to him .   It seems in Nian Nian’s heart he was the most important .   Feng Yi Xuan’s mood was much improved with this knowledge .

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