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Chapter 158
158 Betrayal of the Maid
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“Where is this princess flustered? Miss Lan shouldn’t slander people!” Yue Qian Ling had some strife with Lan You Nian in the first place .  She couldn’t stand to see Lan You Nian being more outstanding than her in every way .  Seeing Lan You Nian interrogating her, she hated she couldn’t take the long whip to hit Lan You Nian .

            Lan You Nian didn’t answer Yue Qian Ling’s words .  Instead, she returned to stand beside Feng Yi Xuan .  Honestly, this man’s gaze was too passionate! If she didn’t return to his side, she’s afraid he will directly rip Yue Qian Ling apart .

            “Your Majesty!” Jing Wu An stood next by the apprehended man, “This man is the one who placed the snakes in second princess’s tent!”

            Once these words were out, many people guessed this poisonous snake event, even if it wasn’t related to Princess Qian Ling, Yue country can’t shake off responsibility .  Yue country’s delegates were even angrier looking at the apprehended man .  They as delegates to Feng country were cautious with their words and actions, they didn’t expect someone will drag them down .  Yue country’s delegates hated they couldn’t kill this man .

            “This person is Yue country’s accompanying guard!” Jing Wu An said leisurely, “Coincidentally, this person is Princess Qian Ling’s exclusive guard!”

            With these words, what didn’t the people understand? This matter was most likely done by Princess Qian Ling .  Everyone has seen Princess Qian Ling’s temper, so there wasn’t any doubt .

            “Princess Qian Ling, what do you have to explain?” Emperor Feng Xuan hardened a face looking at Yue Qian Ling .  No matter how favored Yue Qian Ling was in Yue country, she was now in Feng country, and Feng Yi Shuang was his daughter .

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            “I…this princess…” Yue Qian Ling suddenly ran over to the man and slapped him, “Talk! Who instigated you! Why frame this princess!”

            However, the apprehended man didn’t say anything .  If someone looked carefully, they would know it wasn’t that the man didn’t want to speak but rather he can’t .  He could only be detained by Feng country’s guards, unable to move or speak .

            “Princess Qian Ling is shirking responsibility?” Jing Wu An dragged away Yue Qian Ling, frankly speaking, “A small guard, also PRincess Qian Ling’s guard, without the master’s orders, dares to put poisonous snakes to another country’s princess? Or does Princess Qian Ling think others are all fools?”

            Yue Qian Ling suddenly didn’t know how to explain, but she knew she definitely didn’t harm Feng Yi Shuang .  She placed those poisonous snakes it was to harm Hua Mu Qing .  How did those venomous snakes run over to Feng Yi Shuang’s tent?

            “Princess Qian Ling, give zhen an explanation! Or perhaps this Emperor should have Yue country’s Emperor give zhen an explanation!” Feng Xuan looked at Yue Qian Ling below who didn’t show any remorse and was moved with desire to kill .  An emperor’s heart was difficult to guess .  An emperor’s authority didn’t allow anything to defy .

            Yue Qian Ling saw everyone using blaming eyes to look at her, even those delegates from Yue, no one made a sound to help her .  Yue Qian Ling shook her head, helplessly explaining, “It wasn’t this princess .  It really wasn’t this princess!”

            “Princess Qian Ling is still refusing to admit it?” Jing Wu An towards this Yue Qian Ling who only knew to wail when she encountered trouble lost all patience, “Princess Qian Ling really doesn’t see the coffin doesn’t cry ah, someone bring the prisoner up!”

            Then someone escorted a maid in… .

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            “Xiao Tao?” Yue Qian Ling looked at the maidservant who was apprehended .  This maidservant’s name was Xiao Tao; she was Yue Qian Ling’s personal maidservant .  This was known by all the people in Yue country .  This Xiao Tao maidservant was very favored by Yue Qian Ling . That’s why coming to Feng country, Yue Qian Ling would bring Xiao Tao out .

            Xiao Tao didn’t fawn over Yue Qian Ling like usual .  Instead, her eyes discreetly glanced at Yue Bai Lian .  When she saw Yue Bai Lian silently nod, Xiao Tao clenched her teeth, taking a gamble as she fell to her knees .

            “Who is this?” asked Emperor Feng Xuan .

            “Answering Your Majesty, this slave Xiao Tao is Princess Yue Qian Ling’s personal maidservant!” Xiao Tao’s voice was shaking .

            “Xiao Tao, tell us all you know!” Jing Wu An said .  Then he retreated back into the crowd .  He didn’t need to deal with what happens next .  This Princess Qian Ling no matter how much she argues this time will have no way out, but… . Jing Wu an glanced at Yue Bai Lian who was standing there, feeling slightly confused .

            “The matter of noble country’s second princess being bitten by a poisonous snake, it is all done by Princess Qian Ling!” Xiao Tao said firmly kowtowing on the ground .  Once these words were uttered, everyone started to whisper amongst themselves .  The voices all contained the disgust towards Yue Qian Ling’s malice .

            “What are you talking about?” Yue Qian Ling whipped out the long whip she always carried with her, ready to kill Xiao Tao .  She never expected the first to stand out to slander her wasn’t someone else, but it was the maidservant who has followed her for many years .

            “Whack!” Yue Bai Lian ruthlessly slapped Yue Qian Ling .  There weren’t any feelings for Yue Qian Ling only a deep disgust and a hidden hatred in her eyes .

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            “You!” Yue Qian Ling gaped incredulously at Yue Bai Lian .  She didn’t expect that Yue Bai Lian would slap her in front of so many people during such an occasion .  None of Yue country’s delegates stood up for her .

            “Slap~!” Yue Bai Lian continued to slap Yue Qian Ling then said to Yue Qian Ling, “In vain you are Yue country’s princess, you’re actually so preposterous .  Since Imperial Father isn’t here, then as your imperial older sister, I should teach you a lesson!”

            Yue Qian Ling was just slapped only because she hadn’t had the chance to react .  Now that she has, Yue Qian Ling was going to slap Yue Bai Lian back, but she was held back by the delegates of Yue .  Yue Qian Ling glared at the delegates, “Are you defying me!? Look at who this princess is!”

            “This emperor thinks it is Princess Qian Ling you who wants to rebel!” Emperor Feng Xuan denounced, “You are now standing on zhen’s lands .  What do you want to do! Has your Yue country’s imperial family not taught you any etiquette?”

            With the Emperor’s fury, everyone bowed their heads .  To say nothing of Yue Qian Ling who was already scared she couldn’t speak .  Her imperial father, though he’s been enraged in front of her, Yue Qian Ling has not felt the bearing of a ruler from her Imperial Father .  But Feng Xuan’s imposing manner made people oppressive .

            “Zhen asks you, why hurt zhen’s daughter?” Feng Xuan demanded .  After all, if needed to punish Yue Qian Ling, it required a detailed reason .  Between the countries, it was already eyeing each other with hostility .  He didn’t expect Yue Qian Ling to make Yue country to lose such a big face .

            Yue Qian Ling was scared she couldn’t speak .  But Xiao Tao who was kneeling said, “It is because noble country’s second princess has derided Princess Qian Ling .  Princess Qian Ling hates in her heart so sent guards to put the poisonous snakes in noble country’s second princess’s tent!”

            Yue Qian Ling knew she couldn’t explain anything .  Was she going to say the snakes were initially placed in Hua Mu Qing’s tent? Then there was more impossible to get away with it .  Yue Qian Ling didn’t understand why Xiao Tao would betray her .  Why would she lie?

            “This Princess Qian Ling is too vicious! Indeed a woman’s heart is most poisonous ah!” some of Feng country’s ministers lamented .

            “This Princess Qian Ling’s guts are too big to dare to poison my country’s princess .  They simply don’t put our Feng country in their eyes!” Some of Feng country’s military officers huffed angrily .

            “Yue country having such a princess is really unfortunate!” The other countries’ delegates were taking joy from others misfortunes .

            “Your Majesty!” The imperial physician came in behalf of the second princess and bowed in front of the Emperor, “There are no worries for Second princess’s life, but because the poison has been in too long, the body will be extremely weak in the future .  It is necessary to rest and recuperate . ”

            “Hn!” The Emperor nodded, “Have the Imperial Hospital send some good things over to Shuang’er to nourish her body .  Take care of second princess!”

            Yue Qian Ling listened to the idle chatter of the people around her and suddenly fell to her knees .  Yue Qian Ling forgot who she was .  She forgot who she represented in coming to Feng country .  Yue Qian Ling’s kneeling made people look down on her, making Yue country’s people hated they couldn’t kill Yue Qian Ling .

            “Someone come, send Princess Qian Ling back to the visitor’s palace . She’s not allowed to take one step out of her room!” Emperor said to the guard .  Then to Eunuch Lu,” Give a written letter to Yue country’s Emperor, have him send people to take Princess Qian Ling back .  My Feng country can’t accommodate this person!”

            Yue Qian Ling let the guards take her away, sighing in relief inside .  As long as she didn’t receive punishment, it was all good .  But how could Yue Qian Ling know, this was her real nightmare .  Feng Xuan’s letter given to her Imperial Father was losing Yue country’s Emperor’s face .  Yue country’s Emperor will definitely bring Yue Qian Ling back, but Yue Qian Ling committed such a mistake, he will definitely have to send some priceless treasures in exchange for Yue Qian Ling .

            And Yue Qian Ling has made such a mistake, even if she returned to Yue country, welcoming her wasn’t the Emperor’s scare, but Yue people’s contempt and disgust and the Emperor’s punishment!

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