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Chapter 157
157 Protectiveness
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           When Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian who already fell asleep back to the tent, it was already midnight…

            “Young…” Lan Wu was about to speak, but when she saw Feng Yi Xuan’s cold eyes, she immediately silenced .  Lan Wu knew her family’s young master fell asleep with much difficulty .  Only when Ming wang was with her would young miss sleep peacefully .  Ming wang seemed to spoil young miss a lot .

            Feng Yi Xuan took a clean cloth to wipe Lan You Nian’s face and hands as well as personally took off Lan You Nian’s shoes and socks, placing the woman on the large bed and tucked her in .  Seeing the girl didn’t show signs of waking up, only then did he leave the tent after a glance at Lan Wu .

            “Speak!” Feng Yi Xuan’s icy voice was the same for other women .  Even if Lan Wu was Lan You Nian’s personal maidservant .

            Normally, Lan Wu wouldn’t talk about it .  After all, they knew who their master was .  Even if master has accepted Ming wang, in their eyes, from beginning to end, their master was Lan You Nian .  But Lan Wu seeing such a sweetly sleeping young miss, thinking that this matter wasn’t that important, so she reported it .

            Feng Yi Xuan didn’t show any expression as he listened .  Towards Hua Mu Qing’s bitter experience, he didn’t feel any sympathy even though usually it seemed everyone’s relationship was relatively good .

            “An Yi!” Feng Yi Xuan said to An Yi who was in the shadows, “You take her to deal with it!”

            Feng Yi Xuan then turned back into the tent .  Sure enough, he saw Lan You Nian was already awake, looking at him with wide bright eyes .  Feng Yi Xuan’s unconsciously softened, “Woke you up?”

            Lan You Nian shook her head .  In reality, the moment Feng Yi Xuan left the tent, she already woke up .  This was outside after all so how could Lan You Nian sleep peacefully without any alertness? IT was only because this man was with her that she can sleep peacefully .

            “Lan Wu came?” Lan You Nian asked .  Originally she was going to bring Lan Wu to personally send a present .

            “Hn!” Feng Yi Xuan removed his outer coat and directly ducked under the quilt .  There was no extra movement .  He only pulled Lan You Nian into his arms, continued to say, “I let An Yi and Lan Wu go handle it .  you don’t need to worry!”

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            Though Feng Yi Xuan was displeased that Lan You Nian was concerned about others, he knew that Lan You Nian was close with her own people .  Feng Yi Xuan was happy to pamper her and was very happy to handle those things for her .  In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, as long as Lan You Nian wants to do it, it was no bother .

            Lan You Nian nodded .  Of course, she believed in An Yi and Lan Wu’s abilities .  However, she still felt happy inside that Feng Yi Xuan would help her without asking for any reason .

            “You have nothing to ask me?” Lan You Nian blinked her big eyes asking .

            Feng Yi Xuan was tickled by the girl’s dependent and clean eyes, hoarsely saying, “As long as you want to do it, I will help you .  There is no need for any reason . ”

            Lan You Nian was satisfied with Feng Yi Xuan’s answer .  Just as she was going to say something else, the man pressed Lan You Nian’s little head against his broad chest .

            “Sleep!” Feng Yi Xuan said .  He didn’t want Nian Nian to not rest well due to these things .

            Lan You Nian revealed a small smile after hearing this .  Listening to Feng Yi Xuan’s heartbeat, she quietly fell asleep .  It seemed the steady heartbeat was the most beautiful hypnotic lullaby, driving away the darkest nightmares in Lan you Nian’s heart .

            The break of dawn of the hunting grounds was the most beautiful .  At dawn, everyone was still sleeping in their tent .  Only pairs of guards were making their rounds back and forth on the grounds .  Everything was silent .  The sounds of nature lightly came to life .  The flowers and grasses on the hunting grounds hung with dewdrops, making them even more green and exuberant .  Under the sunlight, the world was full of vigor .  Gazing up into the shy, the moon gradually receded as the sun started to rise .

            “Not good! Not good!” The eunuch and palace maids yelled anxiously .  Then the entire grounds became lively .  Many ministers and young masters and misses were woken up and came out of their tents to inquire .  Even the Emperor’s tent was alarmed .

            With the eunuch’s piercing voice, Feng Yi Xuan extended a palm to cover up Lan You Nian’s ears .  But it was so noisy outside, how can Lan You Nian sleep? Besides, she’s waiting to watch the show!

            “Get up!” Lan You Nian squeaked out in a tender voice, reaching out a hand to push Feng Yi Xuan .

            Feng Yi Xuan reluctantly got up .  He usually left You Nian Pavilion at dawn because there are a lot of official duties to deal with .  Now they had the rare chance of being at the hunting grounds with nothing to do, he wanted to lie-in with Nian Nian, but there were these things, Feng Yi Xuan felt very unhappy!

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            But the mighty Ming wang, no matter how unhappy he was, seeing the slight disheveled little figure on the bed, his mood was miraculously better .  Feng Yi Xuan quickly dressed himself then brought over Lan You Nian’s clothes for her to change into .

            “What’s wrong?” Feng Yi Xuan saw Nian Nian giggling to herself and couldn’t help but smile .

            Lan You Nian stood on the bed, reaching out her arms to wrap around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, naughtily asking, “Since noble Ming wang serves this little girl to dress, tell me, what identity do I have that I receive such treatment?” Lan You Nian was very relaxed with Feng Yi Xuan .  She has been spoiled by Feng Yi Xuan and grew some unknown sides .  This kind of LAn You Nian made it hard for people to tear their eyes away .

            Feng Yi Xuan pinched Lan You Nian’s cute button nose, his eyes twinkled with indescribable affection, “Of course the identity of Ming wangfei! How does wangfei think of benwang’s service?” What is rare is that Feng Yi Xuan learned to joke around, going along with Lan You Nian’s words to tease her .

            Lan You Nian didn’t seem to think Feng Yi Xuan will answer with this .  In a moment of amusement, she purposefully made a straight face as she looked at Feng Yi Xuan, “Hm, not bad! Ming wang serves well!” That little look was too cute, so naughty it made Feng Yi Xuan hate he couldn’t take a bite!

            Feng Yi Xuan seeing Lan You Nian wanted to play so, of course, he will play with her .  He deliberately asked in a silky voice, “Then, since benwang serves well, does wangfei have any reward?” Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes deepened .

            Lan You Nian was speechless .  Seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, Lan You Nian knew what Feng Yi Xuan was thinking about .  But there was lively outside .  If Feng Yi Xuan doesn’t return, he will inevitably be detected by others .

            Lan You Nian, under Feng Yi Xuan’s expectant eyes, kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s cheek then speedily jumped off the bed .  He didn’t dare provoke this man and still stay here .  Otherwise, she will definitely be kissed into distraction .

            Feng Yi Xuan really feels he didn’t know what to do with this girl .  He thought he could get a fragrant kiss at dawn but seeing Nian Nian was far from him, Feng Yi Xuan knew that every time he really was savage .  This can’t be blamed on him .  Nian Nian’s taste was too good .  Feng Yi Xuan, once having a taste, didn’t want to let go .

            “Young miss!” Lan Qu whispered outside the tent .  Normally she would go in to serve young miss, but they knew that last night Ming wang rested in young miss’s tent so to avoid arousing suspicion, it was best to announce themselves first .

            Lan Yu Nian stuck out her tongue at Feng Yi Xuan mischievously, then towards the outside, “Come in!”

            Lan Qu walked into the tent then saw Ming wang, curtsying, “Ming wang . ” Feng Yi Xuan nodded slightly .  This was out of respect for Lan You Nian .  Otherwise Feng Yi Xuan, how could he bother with a maid?

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            Feng Yi Xuan walked over towards Lan You Nian, rubbing her long disheveled hair like petting a docile kitty, “I will go back first .  Remember to eat breakfast!” After all, the outside was already a big ruckus, he as Ming wang needed to go take a look .

            “Mhm!” Lan You Nian nodded then Feng Yi Xuan used qinggong to silently leave the tent .

            “How is it?” Lan You Nian sat in front of the soft dressing table, letting Lan Qu style her long hair, indifferently asking as if the noise and panic outside didn’t affect her mood .

            “The palace maid and eunuch who were serving at dawn noticed second princess Feng Yi Shuang’s tent was filled with poisonous snakes .  Second princess has already been bitten by the poisonous snake .  Currently, her life and death are unknown!” Lan Qu reported, her voice carried some amounts of gloating .

            “How unfortunate ah .  Xuan as Ming wang should investigate carefully, see who it was that had such big guts to hurt second princess,” Lan You Nian looked at her reflection in the mirror whose long hair has been combed, casually saying .

            Lan Qu burst into laughter, then copied her young miss saying, “True indeed!”

            “Have fun last night?” Lan You Nian looked at Lan Wu who hasn’t even eaten breakfast .  This girl had an active personality .  As long as it was to do something bad, she was more energetic than anything .  She didn’t know who would be able to manage her in the future .

            Lan Wu picked up the clean tableware on the table, in three and two bites ate some things, then very uninhibited said, “Young miss, next time there is something like this, let me go!”

            “You ah!” Lan You Nian headed out of the tent, “Just with your amateur martial arts, if it wasn’t An Yi’s help, are you sure you can escape those guards’ notice?” Lan You Nian peered at Lan Wu suspiciously .

            “Young miss!” Lan Wu said dissatisfied, “Can you not expose me so quickly?” Though she went through training with young miss some time ago, that was only reaction speed, and own self-defense increased a lot, but in martial arts, Lan Wu was still very poor .

            “Do you need young miss to expose?” Lan Qu teased, the few people joked around and arrived at the field .  Nearly everyone was there .  Emperor Feng Xuan with a cold face, sat at the top overlooking his subjects .  Lan You Nian noticed Feng Yi Xuan actually looked a little like the Emperor .

            “Investigate!” His Majesty threw out the teacup .  The Emperor was angry may not be that second princess was bitten rather on imperial grounds with so many guards patrolling, there was someone who can place so many poisonous snakes in a princess’s tent .  Such a practice isn’t it blatantly slapping the Emperor’s face?

            Yue Qian Ling stood beside Yue Bai Lian entirely panicked .  In the crowd, she searched and indeed saw Hua Mu Qing safe and sound standing beside Lan Mo Xian .  Hua Mu Qing and Lan Mo Xuan’s eyes seeing Yue Qian Ling, Lan Mo Xian’s gaze was chilly watching Yue Qian Ling .

            Yue Qian Ling knew she must have been schemed against .  She originally wanted to use those poisonous snakes to deal with Hua Mu Qing to exact retribution for Hua Mu Qing’s arrogance when hunting .  But those poisonous snakes how did they end up in Feng country’s second princess’s tent?

            Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing heard all the details, the two knew this must have been done by Lan You Nian .  The two admired Lan You Nian’s means of doing things at the same time felt warm from Lan You Nian’s helping hand .

            This time thoroughly investigating second princess being bitten was given to Feng Yi Xuan .  Feng Yi Xuan left the pasture taking his subordinates to investigate .  That solemn manner made Lan you Nian blink a few times .  Sometimes she thinks Xuan was really black-bellied .

            Under His Majesty’s authority, everyone stood trembling with fear on the grounds outside the Emperor’s tent, afraid if they weren’t careful they would be dragged into it .  Yue Qian Ling anxiously looked at Hua Mu Qing .  Though she was arrogant in Yue country, in the circumstances, she has hurt a princess, Yue Qian Ling knew she would not benefit .

            When all the people almost couldn’t stand any longer, Feng Yi Xuan finally returned .  Bringing with him Yue country’s guard uniform man .

            “Laoliu, have you found anything?” The Emperor stood up, asking .  Emperor believed in Feng Yi Xuan’s abilities .  He knew such a trivial matter letting Feng Yi Xuan investigate will definitely bear results .  But usually, his sixth son didn’t intervene .  He didn’t know why he agreed so straightforwardly .

            Feng Yi Xuan nodded then said, “This is done by Yue country’s Yue Qian Ling!” Feng Yi Xuan then returned to Lan You Nian’s side, leaving the rest of the investigation to Jing Wu An to resolve .  He didn’t want to waste any more breath on such a thing .

            “No!” Yue Qian Ling quickly stood up to deny, but her anxious look was worthy of suspicion, “You lie!”

            Feng Yi Xuan didn’t spare Yue Qian Ling a glance, but Lan You Nian didn’t like other people saying such about her man .  Lan You Nian stood up to curtsy, her etiquette was proper and her noncommittal attitude making people feel comfortable .

            “What Princess Qian Ling says isn’t proper .  Ming wang is my Feng country’s wangye .  Why would he need to lie for this small matter? Does Princess Qian Ling know what your ending is for slandering a wangye?” Clearly, Lan You Nian wasn’t raging nor was she angry, as usual gentle, but it made the people around faintly feel the change in the air .  A cold current subtly winded around everyone .

            Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who was defending him, his heart incredibly sweet .  A pair of eyes looked at Lan You Nian affectionately .  His Nian Nian wore a light white and creamy brocade dress, on the hems and cuffs rolled with gold thread on the edges .  The skirt surface was embroidered with large red spider lilies, extremely pleasing to the eye .  A pink belt wrapped around the waist, making the waist slim and shapely .  Wha made Feng Yi Xuan like the most was the girl’s protective appearance of him .

            “And Princess Qian Ling didn’t listen to the results of the investigation, why are you so flustered?” Lan You Nian looked at Yue Qian Ling who’s face became ugly her lips curving .

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