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Published at 25th of August 2019 10:08:59 PM
Chapter 156
156 If You Don’t Leave or Abandon
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            “You are my fiancee!” Feng Yi Xuan smiled warmly, that pair of deep selike eyes brimmed with abiding deep affection, deeply wrapping Lan You Nian inside .

            He was annoyed how in everyone’s eyes he and Nian Nian had to pretend to be unfamiliar with each other .  In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, Nian Nian is only .  She can only be his .  So he wanted to stay with Nian Nian instead of sitting far away and watching every time .

            How can Lan You Nian not know what Feng Yi Xuan was thinking?  Feng Yi Xuan was like a large canine, inexplicably fawning over her .

            Lan You Nian saw everyone’s horrified look as well as His’  Majesty’s vexation in seeing his son being a slave to his wife .   There were officials under Feng Yi Xuan who carefully looked over Feng Yi Xuan, afraid their wangye has been substituted .  Feng Yi Xuan saw so many people for not growing any eyes staring at him as well as Nian Nian .  Instantly, his oppressive aura spread .  Everyone immediately withdrew their eyes and knew Ming wang was still Ming wang .  He only treated Lan You Nian differently .

            Lan You Nian had no qualms as she ate the food Feng Yi Xuan picked out .  The more she looked, the more she thought there was something wrong with Feng Yi Xuan .  Though Feng Yi Xuan usually was like this, he wasn’t so diligent as if afraid she would be angry .  Lan You Nian allowed Feng Yi Xuan to busy himself without stopping himself because this wasn’t the time to ask the reason behind this .

            After the banquet has ended, Lan Jian Jun was congratulated and fawned over by everyone .  After all, Ming wang was a wangye who held military power in his hands as well as having His Majesty’s deep favor .  Lan You Nian has now become Ming wang’s fiancee .  Everyone can see His Majesty was pleased with this daughter in law .  If they didn’t ingratiate themselves down, what are they waiting for?

            Meanwhile, Lan Jian Jun, with a stiff face, dealt with these officials perfunctorily .  Inside, he was furious .  He didn’t want to settle his down his daughter so early at all!

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            Because they were in the wilds, there wasn’t enough water to bathe .  Even if there was, it was for His Majesty, his consorts and the noble representatives .  Like Lan You Nian the legitimate daughter of ministers’ home weren’t qualified to receive those endless resources .  But when Lan You Nian walked into the tent to wash up and sleep, Lan Qu came in .

            “Young miss!” Lan Qu said happily, “Ming wang sent people over with buckets of hot water .  Young miss can rest after a bath!” Lan Qu knew her family’s young miss loved to be clean . She’s been busy all day .  If she didn’t bathe, she most likely wouldn’t have a good night’s rest .  Lan Qu was prepared to boil water herself but didn’t expect Ming wang to already have thought of this .

            Lan You Nian laid in the bathtub filled with warm water where fresh flower petals floated on the water’s surface .   Lan You Nian smiled to herself .  She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to even think of this .

            Suddenly Lan You Nian widened her eyes .  Because, because in her tent, there stood a man .  That man was Feng Yi Xuan .  Feng Yi Xuan was currently gaping at Lan You Nian who was in the water without any clothes .

            After Feng Yi Xuan returned to his own tent and took a bath, he wanted to come to see Nian Nian .  Without Nian Nian by his side, he always felt there was something missing .  So Feng Yi Xuan silently entered .  But Feng Yi Xuan never imagined he would catch sight of such an amorous scene .  His Nian Nian was squatting inside the bathtub .  Her thick raven black strands of hair hung with droplets of water beads .  The beads of water emitted glittering and translucent shine, illuminating her flushed little face bright and beautiful, so tantalizing that it made people couldn’t help but want to take a bite .  Red flower petals obstructed the girl’s enchanting figure from sight, but Feng Yi Xuan can still dimly glimpse the pure white as porcelain skin from within the ripples of water, as well as that shapely form .  The clavicle exposed out of the water was more beautiful than any accessory, extremely seductive .

            Lan You Nian’s face was flushed shyly .  Though many times she and Feng Yi Xuan slept on the same bed and her living accommodations were taken care of by Feng Yi Xuan, but they abided by propriety and didn’t go beyond .  Though she was concealed under the water, she has been seen .  Lan You Nian wasn’t only indignant, she was also bashful .  But the guilty party was stupidly staring at her .

            “Get out!” Lan You Nian hissed .  But the voice in Feng Yi’  Xuan’s ears was soft and sticky as it tickled one’s heart, melting Feng Yi Xuan’s heart .

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            Feng Yi Xuan not only didn’t leave instead he took a few steps forward towards Lan You Nian’s bathtub .  He reached out slender calloused fingers to hook onto Lan You Nian’s chin and couldn’t help leaning down and kissing the girl’s soft, moist and tender pink lips .  Lan You Nian didn’t have the chance to react when his tongue already pried open her teeth, searching inside her fragrant mouth for her fragrant little tongue, frolicking together .

            Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss was like him, carrying his unique warmth but also containing a domineering attitude .  Lan You Nian was kissed by Feng Yi Xuan into panting for breath .  Just as she almost ran out of air, Feng Yi Xuan released her .  Lan You Nian couldn’t help chiding him inside her heart .  Men were indeed naturally proficient in these things .  In the past Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss was inexperienced, but now Lan You Nian was unable to hold her ground against Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss .

            Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t feeling very well either .  His entire body was burning .  His lower body has even reacted .  Seeing Nian Nian’s posture sinking in the water but forced himself not to touch .  He was afraid he couldn’t control himself from doing something that would hurt Nian Nian .  Feng Yi Xuan was afraid Nian Nian would think him to be too impetuous!

            Lan You Nian took a while to adjust her breathing .  Just as she was about to scold Feng Yi Xuan to tell him to leave so she can change into some clothes, when Lan You Nian lifted her head to look at Feng Yi Xuan, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud .  That stunningly handsome man’s eyes were blazing as they stared at her bare clavicle and skin above the water .  But what made Lan You Nian giggle was that there was blood running down Feng Yi Xuan’s nose .

            “Whoosh—“Feng Yi Xuan disappeared from the tent in panic like a gust of wind .

            Lan You Nian’s laughter became giddier .  Because she saw Feng Yi Xuan’s blushing ears and that dodging gaze .  It seems he’s embarrassed!

            When Lan You Nian was dressed and sleeping peacefully on the large bed, Feng Yi Xuan once again appeared in the tent .  His entire person had a serious look as if what just happened was just a dream .  If it wasn’t Feng Yi Xuan’s still slightly reddish ear tips, Lan You Nian wouldn’t know that the man in front of her was capable of disguising himself so well .

            Feng Yi Xuan looked at Nian Nian who was wearing the inner robes laying in bed .  For some reason, his mind recalled Nian Nian’s pure white skin in the bathtub .  Feng Yi Xuan knew he can’t think about this because he felt his nose was about to bleed again .

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            Feng Yi Xuan personally went to Lan You Nian’s trunk that contained her clothes, picking out a white cloak then grabbed a one-piece dress over to the bed .

            Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan in confusion .  She didn’t ask .  From the looks of it, Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan wanted her to go out with him .  Lan You Nian obediently allowed Feng Yi Xuan to dress her and put on the cloak .

            Feng Yi Xuan doesn’t know how to do the hair, so he only grabbed a jade hairpin and gathered up Lan You Nian’s thigh-length long hair .  This way, her hair was much shorter, looking lovely and convenient at the same time .

            Feng Yi Xuan confirmed that Lan You Nian wouldn’t get cold before he picked up the girl into his arms, “Go out with me okay?” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice carried a special gentleness with a hint of panic .

            Lan You Nian allowed Feng Yi Xuan to fly her out of the tent .  Without any of the guards being aware, they left the hunting grounds .  In the night, the wind in her ears traveled in all clarity into Lan You Nian’s ears .  But what Lan You Nian heard most clearly was the heartbeat in the man’s chest .

            When Feng Yi Xuan stopped, Lan You Nian dove out of Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .  Instantly, she was shocked by the scenery in front of her .  Feng Yi Xuan brought Lan You Nian to a peach blossom forest .  Brilliant purple and red peach blossoms blanketed the branches .  As a slight breeze blew by, pieces of flower petals like a butterfly fluttered from the branches, as if arriving in the immortal lands .  In the depths of the peach blossom forest, there was a gazebo .  In the gazebo, pink gaze fluttered and danced .  Under the moonlight’s illumination, it was as illusionary as a dream .  What a lovely paradise!

            “Like it?” Feng Yi Xuan looked down at the girl who’s hand he held in his .

            “Mhm!” Lan You Nian nodded .  She didn’t expect such a tough man like Feng Yi Xuan would be so romantic .

            Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled upwards .  He gripped Lan You Nian’s small hand and walked over to the gazebo then from behind he dragged Lan You Nian into his arms .  The big warm hand covered up Lan You Nian’s resplendent eyes .  Feng Yi Xuan can feel the blinking eyelashes under his palm .

            Lan You Nian sensed complete darkness in her eyes .  But she didn’t have any trace of panic .  Instead, because the man she loved was behind her, so she was even more at ease .  It seems no matter where it was, this man was the light in her life .

            However, after a while, Feng Yi Xuan pulled the palm of his hand away .  Lan You Nian opened her eyes… .

            The entire sky of the peach blossom forest that was filled with fluttering flowers, numerous fireflies were unwilling to be lonely as they danced .  Everything was so beautiful .  The fireflies wandered in the night like they were searching the dream lost in daylight .  The sky was adorned with jewel-like stars; the hazy peach blossom forest, countless fireflies glowing as they danced in flight, like a string, a row of colored lamps, woven into numerous crisscrossing ribbons .  Fireflies in twos and threes, suddenly in front, suddenly behind, sometimes high and sometimes low, so light, fleeting, like some invisible little sprites carrying faint green lanterns, flying all around .  There was even a lot of fireflies that flew over to Lan You Nian, seemingly dancing a beautiful dance in front of Lan You Nian’s eyes .

            “Nian Nian, what you want, what I have, I offer it all .  What I don’t have, I will snatch it for you .  So, Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face due to panic and seemed even more stunning .  The sexy low voice languidly sounded, “Nian Nian, be my Ming wangfu’s matriarch .  Become my, Feng Yi Xuan’s wangfei .  Become the only woman in my life, okay?”

            Lan You Nian suddenly exhibited a smile .  The exquisitely peerless little face became more beautiful; it was soul-stirring .  The corner of the eye and eyebrows were all endless charm and coyness, her face tender as water .  She finally knew why Feng Yi Xuan would be so nervous tonight .  He probably has been preparing this thing but hasn’t received her own consent yet they’ve already been decreed a marriage . This man ah, he’s always like this .  He was so good he made her want to cry .

            “Xuan…” Lan You Nian turned her body to look at Feng Yi Xuan .  That pair of brilliant shining eyes were completely sincere, “If you don’t leave or abandon, I will be together with you in life and death!”

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