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Published at 19th of August 2019 09:13:46 PM
Chapter 155
155 Fiancée .
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August 19, 2019secretdreamwishes

For some reason, Lan You Nian’s heart tightened with the look Hua Xiu Yi shot her .  It better not be like that…

            “This Crown Prince wants to ask for the hand in marriage of noble country’s Lan manor’s young miss Lan You Nian!” Hua Xiu Yi said as if until his words reached an astonishing degree, he won’t give up .  Then he faintly smiled at Lan You Nian .  That smile made people drunk on it .  His voice was warm as the spring breeze’s caress, his eyes were affectionate .

            Hua Xiu Yi’s sudden request for marriage shocked everyone .  Many women were envious .  Which woman didn’t want to marry into a noble family? Not to mention Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t that old, only twenty years old, very young .  His appearance was also one in ten thousand .  His status was also superior .  Such a man was the home many women longed for .  But this didn’t mean Lan You Nian thought so too .

            Hua Xiu Yi actually didn’t know what he was thinking himself .  When Pei Fu mentioned marriage alliance, he inexplicably thought of Lan You Nian .  The women in his Crown Prince manor wasn’t a little amount, but none of whom had a proper status .  In Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes, none of those women were worthy of obtaining a status .  But now Hua Xiu Yi thought if it was Lan You Nian, it wasn’t that difficult to accept .

            Lan Ya looked at Lan You Nian who was simply sitting there and still attracted everyone’s gaze, revealing a sinister expression .  Her deep eyes were hidden a deep torrent of hatred .  The moment she lifted her eyes, it caused one’s heart to tremble .  She really wanted to charge forward and kill Lan You Nian, this slut who always ruined her good things .  But she knew she can’t .  She didn’t have anything .  How can she win over Lan You Nian?

            Yue Bai Lian gazed at Lan You Nian with worry .  She didn’t expect Hua country’s Crown Prince to take an interest in master .  Although Hua country’s Crown Prince appeared good to get along with, in fact, he wasn’t a good person .  Moreover, how can a girl like master tolerate other people manipulating her marriage? Yue Bai Lian really hated she was born a girl; otherwise, she can…can what? Yue Bai Lian didn’t dare to covet .  She knew it was impossible between her and master .  But even so, she still hoped master can obtain happiness .

            Lan Jian Jun was also shocked .  Honestly, no one expected Hua Xiu Yi would suddenly say he wanted to marry Lan You Nian .  Lan Jian Jun pulled Lan You Nian over to his side .  In his life, he only had one daughter .  When she was young, he didn’t do anything a father should have done, causing his daughter to suffer so much so young as well as suffering poisoned .   He will never allow his daughter to suffer any wrongs anymore .  Even if that person was another country’s Crown Prince, so what! He Lan Jian Jun has combatted for Feng country for most of his life .  Now, he only wanted to protect his daughter .  Homeland homeland .  In Lan Jian Jun’s heart right now, the most important was family .  No one was allowed to hurt his daughter, even if he had to stake his life, he didn’t care .

            While Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An who were sitting there were infuriated .  However, they knew it wasn’t time for them to speak .  This matter hasn’t been finalized so they can’t panic first .  Feng Xia Qi watched the girl who was illuminated under the firelight and becoming more beautiful .  He didn’t know what his heart was feeling, but he didn’t have any thoughts of plundering .

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            His Majesty sitting on the high position was forthwith speechless .  What is this ah! If it was someone else, even if it was a princess, it was doable .  After all, the marriage alliance between the two countries was a good thing, especially as it was the position of Crown Princess .  This Lan manor’s girl was the one his sixth son was crazy about .  His sixth son cherished her a lot, even telling him, in his life he will only marry one person .  Feng Xuan knew his son’s temper .  If he really agreed to Hua Xiu Yi’s marriage request, then his son will definitely flip over the entire Feng country .  Based on his sixth son’s stubbornness, if he didn’t marry, how can he hold his grandchildren?

            In the entire banquet, the most infuriated was Feng Yi Xuan .  Feng Yi Xuan’s gaze frosted .  Turning his head, he ruthlessly shot Hua Xiu Yi a look .  His gaze was like sharp swords .  Everyone seemed to be able to hear the sharp sword slashing open the gasps in the air .

            “Is Miss Lan willing to marry this crown prince?” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t look at Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes .  Instead, he straightforwardly asked Lan You Nian .  No one saw Hua Xiu Yi’s seemingly false gentleness had real fear .

            “Benwang doesn’t agree!” Feng Yi Xuan stood up shouting .  A pair of deep black eyes became even more bottomless .  There was even a hint of purple .  It gave people a sense of danger as if a thousand layers of mountainous waves were surging in those pair of eyes and will surge out roaring like fierce floods and savage beasts .

            Everyone blew up the pot .  Hua country’s Crown Prince was asking for marriage, why did Ming wang stand up? Especially as Ming wang said he didn’t agree .  This matter should be decided by His Majesty, or else they should ask Lan You Nian’s opinion .  How can Ming wang stand up and interfere with a female’s marriage?

            The Emperor looked at Feng Yi Xuan and Hua Xiu Yi below .  He had to say that both people were dragons amongst people .  The Emperor felt it was best he didn’t intervene in some things .  His fourth son seemed to have shot him a look, the meaning was obvious, telling him not to intervene .  Feng Xuan felt him this Emperor was really… .

            “What reason does Ming wang have for not agree? This crown prince is asking to marry Miss Lan!” Hua Xiu Yi looked at his opponent Feng Yi Xuan with displeasure .  One seductive as snow, one indifferent as ink .  Both were stunning men .  Their bearing was incomparable .

            Feng Yi Xuan glanced at Hua Xiu Yi as if giving out charity, his lips were slightly smiling .  It made many people feel that they have been blinded .  Ming wang knows how to smile? And to smile so warmly? What’s wrong with this world?

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            “Because Nian Nian is benwang’s future wife!” Feng Yi Xuan’s naturally curved into an elegant arc .   The low voice had a domineering tone that Lan You Nian was familiar with .  

            Actually, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to say Nian Nian was his person but considering Nian Nian’s reputation, Feng Yi Xuan said future wife instead .  If he wasn’t afraid Nian Nian will get angry, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to do this long ago .  He wanted the people in the world to know that Nian Nian was his heart’s treasure .  No one can touch .  Having determined their relationship, he can publicly walk together and sit together with Nian Nian .  Feng Yi Xuan can’t stand how every time they must pretend to be unfamiliar with each other outside .

            At this, everyone was shocked that they heard wrong .  Lan manor’s legitimate daughter who is well known in the capital is actually Ming wang’s future wife? Don’t joke around okay? Who is Ming wang? That famous God of War, as well as that frightening, terrible god .  Usually, there wasn’t any woman y his side .  Before, there was someone who lusted after Ming wang’s good-looks and wanted to marry Ming wang .  At that time, Ming wang killed that person .  Such a Ming wang actually has a future wife? And it seems he cherishes her a lot .  They suddenly couldn’t wrap their heads around it!

            Hua Xiu Yi, hearing Feng Yi Xuan bluntly declaring his identity, felt put out inside .  However, Hua Xiu Yi believed he was put out by Feng Yi Xuan stealing something of his .  He didn’t think much on it .

            Lan Mo Xian and Jing Wu An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from Feng Yi Xuan’s straightforward explanation .  They knew Feng Yi Xuan liked Lan You Nian and were happy to see them together, but they knew Feng Yi Xuan, and Lan You Nian haven’t been engaged alright? Is it really okay to lie without batting an eye?

            Feng Xia Qi saw his younger brother standing in the light of the lanterns declaring his possessiveness towards Lan You Nian .  Feng Xia Qi suddenly gave birth to a shred of envy, but it was merely envy, there wasn’t any jealousy . Feng Xia Qi told himself, this was good, younger brother finally received his happiness!

            Lan Jian Jun looked at such a shameless Ming wang and really wanted to rant, this is his daughter! Lan Jian Jun was aware that Ming wang liked his daughter, even that he loved his daughter deeply .  But as a father, he didn’t see Ming wang’s power .  Instead, he wanted to find someone who will treat his daughter well .  Lan Jian Jun didn’t want his daughter to marry into the imperial family .  He feared his daughter wouldn’t like such an environment .  But this wasn’t the time to say these things .

            “Future wife?” Hua Xiu Yi’s red lips were tempting as flames, “How come this Crown Prince doesn’t know Miss Lan is engaged? And it’s to Ming wang you,” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t admit defeat .  Whether it was because this girl was too special or he wanted to compete with Feng Yi Xuan, he only knew he wanted to marry this girl .

            “Nian Nian has the jade pendant of benwang’s wangfu’s matriarch .  Benwang and Nian Nian’s marriage is known by Imperial Father and General Lan .  Both of them have agreed .  There is both the dictates of our parents as well as the engagement token .  Of course, Nian Nian is benwang’s future wife!” Feng Yi Xuan just stood there, broad shoulders and long legs, his back was very straight, steady and tall .  It was just a figure, a posture that can’t be any more normal, however, it gave people a sense of oppression .

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            “Oh? Engagement token? Is this true Miss Lan?” Hua Xiu Yi’s slight smile remains unchanged with the suspicion of becoming even more gentle .

            Lan You Nian had to stand up .  She took out a jade pendant Feng Yi Xuan gave her in the past .  She didn’t know this jade pendant was the symbol for Ming wangfu’s matriarch .  At that time, she hadn’t accepted Feng Yi Xuan yet .  She didn’t expect that at that time Feng Yi Xuan would give such a precious jade pendant to her .  Lan You Nian didn’t know what to say about Feng Yi Xuan .

            This jade pendant was round and smooth as if the whole piece of jade was immersed in water, moist and shiny .  It was a top-grade fine jade, dark green and transparent .  The front was engraved with a life-like dragon; the back was engraved with “Xuan”! This jade not only represented Ming wangfu’s matriarch, but it can also mobilize Ming wangfu’s shadow guards, wealth and everything else!

            Feng Yi Xuan approached Lan You Nian, picking up the jade pendant “This is benwang’s jade pendant .  It is also the jade pendant that can only be owned by Ming wangfu’s matriarch! Does Hua country’s crown prince have any more doubts?” Keeping aloof, noble and cold, cold words, already exuded a superior’s usual decisiveness cold breath .

            Hua Xiu Yi’s lips brimmed with a smile .  However, this smile added a bit of sinister evil .  He knew that no matter what he says, it wouldn’t be possible . But seeing that girl obediently standing beside Feng Yi Xuan, Hua Xiu Yi felt uncomfortable inside, very uncomfortable! The Lan You Nian he’s always seen was always reasonable and indifferent, especially unapproachable .  But this girl removed the alienation around her body, looking even more beautiful, but it wasn’t for him .

            “Hahaha! This is zhen’s negligence!” Emperor Feng Xuan laughed and smoothed things over, “Ming wang and Lan family’s girl’s marriage ah, zhen and subject Lan have already discussed a while ago and settled the two children’s marriage .  But considering Lan family’s girl is still young, it hasn’t been announced . Didn’t expect Hua country’s crown prince to misunderstand!”

            Lan Jian Jun clenched his fist, glaring his eyes .  For the first time, he wasn’t self-conscious of being a courtier .  The Emperor was glared at by his courtier and felt a little embarrassed .  But there was no other way ah! Such a good girl, if he didn’t steal over earlier for his son, where will he go cry to in the future?

            Lan Jian Jun really wanted to swear “his family’s Nian Nian hasn’t been engaged to anyone!” but Lan Jian Jun knew if he did this, his daughter would probably attract Hua country’s crown prince, that troublesome man .  But Lan Jian Jun still didn’t feel well inside .  His daughter he hasn’t cherished enough, how can he let others snatch her away?

            Those who knew the inside story were shocked by the Emperor’s shamelessness, but no one said a thing . Let’s not say Feng Yi Xuan, and Lan You Nian were mutually in love, just say to avoid the problematic matter of Lan You Nian going through a peace-marriage, this way was for the best .

            Yue Bai Lian studied the legendary Ming wang .  His starry eyes seemed to contain an icy brilliance, the eyebrows flew into hair, his face was like it was carved, his nose was straight, and the arc was beautiful .  Bai Lian had to admit this Ming wang’s looks were good .   It can match master, but…Yue Bai Lian glanced at Lan You Nian .  Most men in the world were fickle, just like her Imperial Father that scum .  Yue Bai Lian hoped to bless Lan You Nian, but she worried .

            Hua Xiu Yi flicked a look at Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian standing in the center .  That man’s posture was straight like a pine, face as seductive as a rose, temperament noble and outstanding .  The girl at his side wore a pure white long dress, tall and slim, facial features exquisite and stunning, temperament aloof and elegantly pure .  The two were strangely well-matched, making Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flash .

            Hua Xiu Yi looked at Lan You Nian, his eyes filled with wickedness, “Since Miss Lan has already been promised to Ming wang, this crown prince won’t steal someone’s love, but if Miss Lan regrets… . ”

            “No need for Hua country’s crown prince to trouble yourself!” Feng Yi Xuan’s piercing daggers shot out from his pupils .  An Emperor’s imposing manner that can’t be violated was increasing .

            Hua Xiu Yi’s aura also spread out, wickedly smirking, “Hopefully…” Then as if nothing happened, he sat back down as if the one who requested for marriage and was rejected wasn’t him .  There wasn’t a sense of losing face, or that is to say, no one dared to let him lose face .

            Lan You Nian felt she has been engaged in such a baffling way, bewilderingly becoming Feng Yi Xuan’s future wife .  And she, it seems, didn’t dislike this feeling, even inside, there’s some expectancy .  Perhaps it won’t be bad to be together with such a man .

            Lan You Nian returned to her seat . Everyone’s gaze was complicated following Lan You Nian .  Who would have expected noble Ming wang and Hua country’s crown prince would both be interested in Lan manor’s legitimate daughter .  Everyone couldn’t help lamenting Lan You Nian’s good fortune .

            After sitting down, Lan You Nian noticed many people were gaping at her .  Sliding her eyes beside her, Lan You Nian was speechless .  Because noble Ming wang actually sat with her in the seating of the court officials, he even sat right beside her as he picked out the bones in the food .  From the looks of it, everyone knew this wasn’t the first time Ming wang did this .  But everyone still felt horrified .  In the past, the one you’re afraid of, feared, looked up to now meticulously served a woman .  This feeling was too inconceivable!

            “How come you’re sitting here?” Lan You Nian asked .   After all, wangye’s seat was at the top .

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