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Chapter 154
154 Eldest Princess’s Marriage
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            “Who did it?” Lan You Nian asked .  She knew that since Lan Wu came back, as well as cleaned up Hua Mu Qing’s tent, she must have discovered who was behind this .

            “Young miss, the one to put the poisonous snakes in junzhu’s tent is Yue country’s Yue Qian Ling!” Lan Wu said .  This time, it was Ming wang who had An Yi investigate .  Lan Wu can tell that Ming wang’s forces in the palace weren’t to be underestimated .

            Lan You Nian was silent for a while .  From the start, she suspected that this was connected to Yue Qian Ling .  Today, Hua Mu Qing and Yue Qian Ling blatantly had discord between them .  Yue Qian Ling is used to being arrogant and domineering .  Even coming to Feng country, she didn’t restrain herself .

            “What about those poisonous snakes?” Lan You Nian laid on the large, soft bed, a bloody flower bloomed on her lips .

            “An Yi has captured all of them .  It should be with An Yi right now” Lan Wu recalled the pile of poisonous snakes in the tent and her scalp tingled with numbness .  Fortunately the person who placed the snakes in Hua Mu Qing’s tent put something outside the tent, otherwise, if those poisonous snakes slipped out, then tonight the entire hunting grounds will be in chaos .

            “Young miss, you don’t know ah! Those poisonous snakes are truly terrifying .  That Yue Qian Ling is really vicious! We must teach her a lesson!” Lan Wu and Hua Mu Qing’s relationship was pretty good so inside, she was infuriated .

            “Since Yue Qian Ling is so leisurely…” Lan You Nian leaned over whispering in Lan Wu’s ear .  Lan Wu’s eyes brightened .

            Lan Wu giddily left the tent then Lan Qu came in, “What ideas has young miss thought of that made Lan Wu skip her way out so unsightly? If others see, who knows what they’ll say about young miss . ”

            Lan You Nian unconcerned said, “Lan Wu’s personality is fine .  You guys can do whatever you want . There’s no need to consider me!” Lan You Nian knew due to coming to the capital Lan Wu, and Lan Qu’s tempers have changed a lot, afraid to bring her trouble .  But she Lan You Nian’s people, she will protect .

            “Young miss always spoils us .  I don’t know how many lives we’ve cultivated to have the blessing of meeting young miss!” Lan Qu said while searching for the clothes to wear for tonight’s banquet .  Their previous life was full of hardship, it was hell, but they now possessed happiness they never had before .

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            Lan Qu brushed her young miss’s hair and helped her change out of the clothes .  She couldn’t help sighing, “Young miss is so beautiful, don’t know how peerlessly beautiful you will be when you’ve reached adulthood .  Really profited Ming wang!”

            “Pu—“Lan You Nian burst out in laughter… She couldn’t help feel unfair for Feng Yi Xuan .  An obviously peerless appearance that due to the indifference made others not dare look .  But Lan You Nian was pleased that no one covets Feng Yi Xuan . Otherwise, she will be angry .

            “Alright, attend the banquet!” Lan You Nian walked out of the tent and headed towards the brightly lit open field… . .

            Lan You Nian saw the dinner banquet was being held on the vast open space .  A high platform has been constructed .  People sat under the moon chatting, it was quite a different experience .

            Lan You Nian wore a white tube top dress, with a pure white jacket, a moon-white belt wrapped around her waist, like a fairy falling down to earth without being stained by the mortal world, looking noble and elegant, pleasing to the eye .

            After taking a seat, there were palace maids who presented the cooked delicious-looking food .  The dishes were mainly made from today’s caught prey .  Everyone was busy all day as well as many people hunted in person so tonight couldn’t help themselves from having a taste of the fragrant dishes .

            Halfway through the meal, Xue country’s prime minister who hasn’t made any moves stood up .  To the Emperor, he saluted, “Your Majesty of Feng, this minister under the command of my country’s majesty wants to welcome Feng country’s eldest princess in marriage, to seal our two countries’ alliance!”

            Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with interest .  It seems there will be a good play tonight .  From the start, Lan You Nian knew Feng Xiao Luo has been cured under Feng Yi Xuan’s command .  Lan You Nian suspected that Feng Yi Xuan was planning something .  From the looks of it, Feng Yi Xuan intends to use Feng Xiao Luo as a chip for peace marriage .  However, Lan You Nian didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to even involve Xue country in his scheme .

            “Oh? This is a happy event!” Emperor Feng Xuan chuckled in reply .  Everyone could pretty much guess what this was going to be about .

            Feng Xiao Luo sat below the Empress .  Because it was nighttime, Feng Xiao Luo didn’t use a protective screen .  She only wore a veil .  In fact, she wasn’t even willing to wear the veil but ever since her face wilted and aged, she’s searched for many physicians without any result .  Later, it was Empress Mother who found a civilian physician who finally cured her .  That physician said her face can’t be blown by the wind . Otherwise, it will return to that terrifying look .

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            Feng Xiao Luo hearing Pei Fu represented Xue country’s Emperor’s imperial decree to request a marriage, Feng Xiao Luo snuck a peek at Pei Fu and saw a handsome man standing straight .  Feng Xiao Luo felt although Pei Fu was already thirty, he was really good-looking .  Inside, she was expectant of who she would have to marry .  Even if it wasn’t Pei Fu, it should be Xue country’s prince .  Feng Xiao Luo knew as a princess she had her duty as a princess, but if she can marry a high-standing and influential person, Feng Xiao Luo was willing .

            “Which of Xue country’s young masters is Prime Minister Pei requesting the marriage of this emperor’s eldest daughter?” Feng Xuan asked deliberately though his heart knew better than anyone .  How can he not know? Because before this, his sixth son came to find him to let him agree to this marriage request .  If he didn’t agree, then he won’t bother with any of Feng country’s matters .  Feng Xuan was angered half to death by his son .  Firstly, he did spoil his fourth son and sixth son . Secondly, Feng country really can’t not have Feng Yi Xuan .

            “This minister seeks Feng country’s eldest princess for my country’s thirteenth qinwang!” Pei Fu said respectfully .

(T/N: Qinwang: usually a title granted to the Emperor’s brother)

            So it was like this, everyone thought .  Xue country’s thirteenth qinwang was the current Emperor’s own younger brother .  The Emperor was very indulgent of this younger brother .  Not only did he give him the title of qinwang but also extremely protective .  This thirteenth qinwang was already 50 or so years old this year .  He is also a lascivious libertine .  The thirteenth qinwang not only liked women but even handsome young masters he did not let go of .  In the backyard of qinwang manor, there were countless women and imprisoned men .  This wasn’t anything new in the other countries .

            “En, to have a connection by marriage is a good thing .  Someone record the decree!” Emperor Feng Xuan said to the eunuch beside him .  He now felt his sixth son wasn’t someone who should be provoked .  He didn’t know how his eldest daughter provoked him to think of such an idea .  But Emperor Feng Xuan was a ruthless person .  Though Feng Xiao Luo was his daughter, she was also a princess, so Feng Xuan didn’t feel any guilt .

            “Your Majesty!” The Empress couldn’t sit there any longer without saying something .  She expended a lot of manpower and resources to find someone to cure her daughter’s face .  Now her daughter hasn’t even lived some good days before she needs to marry . It’s fine to marry, but she will marry Xue country’s thirteenth qinwang .  Everyone knew what kind of person he was . Wouldn’t her daughter become a joke for other people? Moreover, her daughter was only in her teens, but she would have to marry an old man, how big of a grievance was this!

            But Emperor Feng Xuan gazed at the Empress coldly, there was a clear warning in those eyes! Emperor Feng Xuan didn’t have any feelings for the Empress, no, it should be said towards the consorts in the harem, Feng Xuan didn’t have any feelings .  Those women were only used to balance power .  Those children in Emperor Feng Xuan’s eyes were only assets .

            The Empress knew what Feng Xuan’s eyes meant .  She just made a mistake some time ago, if she rebelled against the Emperor again, then her Empress’s position would be in danger .  The Empress looked at her daughter with worry, not uttering a word .

            But eldest princess Feng Xiao Luo couldn’t stand it .  She thought once she recovered her face, she can marry a man she liked .  She didn’t expect her Imperial Father wants her to marry a man who was even older than Imperial Father .  Feng Xiao Luo, growing up, has always been haughty .  How can she bear such a thing? She wanted to cause a ruckus, but she still remembered her Empress Mother’s teachings .  She knew that as a princess, she should act like a princess .

            “Imperial Father!” Feng Xiao Luo painfully looked at her Imperial Father, that Imperial Father who was never concerned about her, “Imperial Father, subject-daughter won’t marry!”

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            “Outrageous!” Emperor Feng Xuan scolded, seeing Feng Xiao Luo was cut from the same cloth as the Empress .  If it weren’t for these women, how could his beloved woman die? So seeing Feng Xiao Luo’s painful pleading, the Emperor didn’t have any ounce of sympathy .

            Feng Xiao Luo was afraid of her Imperial Father .  The man above wasn’t only her Imperial Father, but he was the ruler of a country .  Yet Feng Xiao Luo was reluctant to marry like this, “Imperial Father, subject-daughter’s face has been ruined .  I can’t marry over to Xue country!”

            The women sent to peace marriage were not allowed to have any sorts of disease or disfigured, so if Feng Xiao Luo was still looked like she did before, she can’t head over for the peace marriage . It’s a pity that Feng Xiao Luo’s face has already recovered .

            There were some doubts in everyone’s hearts .  Eldest princess hasn’t made an appearance for many days .  Countless times she always wore a veil to conceal her face .  This made everyone believe her to a few degrees .

            Lan You Nian saw such a stupid Feng Xiao Luo and didn’t know what to say .  Though Feng Xiao Luo wanted to use this excuse to eliminate the marriage, she isn’t disfigured .  This was lying, and it was lying to the Emperor .  This was the heavy crime of lying to the Emperor .

            The Empress didn’t speak . Obviously, she didn’t have any ideas about how to deal with this brainless daughter .  Feng Shao Chu didn’t utter a word .  Fighting over the throne was the most dangerous time of all .  He can’t drag himself down just for his imperial sister!

            “If Feng’s eldest princess is really disfigured, then this marriage can be dropped, but there isn’t any proof except your words .  Please ask eldest princess to take down your veil to let everyone have a look!” Pei Fu said, neither humble or disrespectful, neither angry or anxious as if he wasn’t at all bothered by Feng Xiao Luo’s matters .

            Feng Xiao Luo panicked .  She lied in a moment of desperation .  If she really took off her veil, then wouldn’t everything be known? Then she will definitely have to marry that Xue country’s qinwang .  Feng Xiao Luo clutched her veil, exposing herself the more she tried to hide, “This princess’s face can’t be shown just because you want to see .  This princess’s face is disfigured is the truth . There’s no need to look!”

            The Emperor saw such a discourteous and insensible Feng Xiao Luo, he was even more displeased inside .  To Feng Xiao Luo, “Luo’er, take off your veil .  If your face is truly disfigured, Imperial Father can’t let a disfigured daughter marry to Xue country!”

            Once the Emperor spoke, even if Feng Xiao Luo was extremely unwilling, she trembled as she tugged off the veil .  Instantly, a completely undamaged face was revealed to the crowd .

            Today Feng Xiao Luo wore a purple-red, embroidered with silver-thread rambler rose, brocade dress .  On the cuffs were imprinted with flowery designs .  A glittering gold belt wrapped around the body .  Her hairstyle was pinned with purple gemstone lace-detailed golden hairpin, with a set of inlaid purple gemstone buyao .  Her skin due to just having been detoxified of the poison is like white porcelain, willow bent eyebrows, her twin eyes twinkled with the luster of fear .  Just a glance, Feng Xiao Luo was a beautiful looking woman .   She was suitable to marry for peace .

(T/N: buyao-a certain type of hairpin which has parts that dangle and sway with each step hence the name)

            “Luo’er!” Emperor Feng Xuan dissatisfied looked at Feng Xiao Luo .  He didn’t like this daughter was one thing .  As the Emperor, what he hated most was to be deceived by others .  Feng Xiao Luo really made the Emperor hate her .  Most likely, no matter what happens in the future, the Emperor wouldn’t ask any questions .

            “Imperial Father! Subject-daughter…” Feng Xiao Luo knew this was bad, so she wanted to beg for forgiveness, but Feng Xuan didn’t give any opportunity to Feng Xiao Luo to plead her case .

            “Eunuch Lu propose the decree, eldest princess Feng Xiao Luo has both virtue and good morals .  She is the epitome of a princess .  Specially confer onto her as Shan De Princess to marry Xue country’s thirteen qinwang!” Emperor Feng Xuan declared .  This meant that Feng Xiao Luo’s peace marriage was final .

(T/N: Shan De-“shan” means kind while “de” means virtuous)

            “Thanks Your Majesty of Feng!” Pei Fu saluted then sat back down .  Feng Xiao Luo dumbly didn’t know know what to do .  If the crowd wasn’t ridiculing her, then it was sympathy . People’s hearts were selfish .  If it didn’t concern their own interests, no one would have any feelings about it .

            “Hehe, Your Majesty of Feng, this crown prince also wants to request a marriage! This crown prince wants to marry back a crown princess!” Hua Xiu Yi stood up smiling .

            Many of the females looked shy .  They especially checked over their makeup to see if it was still decent and felt Hua country’s Crown Prince has taken a liking to them .  Lan Ya stared at Hua Xiu Yi in disbelief .  Was this man going to marry her? Lan Ya was clearly afraid of Hua Xiu Yi, but she still longed for it inside .

            “Oh?” Emperor Feng Xuan was a little surprised .  The Crown Princess wasn’t a trifling matter .  She might become the Mother of a country .  Yet Hua Xiu Yi dares to marry a woman from another country to become the Mother of a nation .  Feng Xuan felt this Hua Xiu Yi really had great courage .

            “Who might this young miss Crown Prince of Hua likes?”

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