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Chapter 153
153 Hua Mu Qing’s Fear
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“Count!” Emperor Feng Xuan passed down orders to the guards below .

In the outer circle of the open fields, a pile of prey was piled up .  Each group’s prey were placed in their corresponding places .  The specialized guard would count and record it down, then the Emperor will announce whoever got first place .  Many people hoped to get first place .

Lan You Nian sat in her seat looking over the piles of bloody prey .  Many of the females didn’t dare to look, many more paled with just one glance .  Even more teared up saying, “How can they be so cruel? These little animals are so adorable!” An Si Yan was that type of female .  An Si Yan has been spoiled in An manor .  Not to mention hunting, she can’t even ride a horse .  Now seeing pile after pile of dead prey, she became even more white lotus .

Hua Mu Qing was a group with Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang .  Hua Mu Qing was bored where she sat with those superficial women, so Hua Mu Qing scooted over to Lan You Nian’s seat .

Lan You Nian glanced over Hua Mu Qing .  Her clean riding attire had some scratches from tree branches .  There was also fresh blood on the clothes .  It made Hua Mu Qing’s already heroic cheeks even more dazzling .

“Are you hurt?” Lan You Nian asked with concern .  Hua Mu Qing’s martial arts wasn’t that good, and the forest wasn’t a safe place .

Hua Mu Qing carelessly shook her head .  Sometimes she felt Lan You Nian was like a soft little sister, but on important matters, Hua Mu Qing was reliant on this little sister .  It was a strange feeling, but it made Hua Mu Qing appreciate this friendship .

“Not injured!” Hua Mu Qing also noted the blood on herself, “These bloodstains were accidentally caused by Princess Qian Ling when she fought over the prey . It’s not mine!”

“There was a conflict?” Lan You Nian asked .  Though Hua Mu Qing was slightly hot-tempered, she knew better than to provoke some things .  From the looks of it, this was schemed by that Yue Qian Ling .  Lan You Nian glanced at Yue Qian Ling’s seating .

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Because Yue Bai Lian didn’t participate, so Yue Qian Ling attended instead .  The team that Yue Qian Ling chose was second wangye Feng Shao Chu’s team .  Lan You Nian sighed, indeed, rat and snake in the same nest, scum with scum were attracted to one another .

“Hmph! Still a princess of a country!” Hua Mu Qing ranted, tattle-telling to Lan You Nian, “The prey was shot down by Mo Xian .  That Princess Qian Ling actually argued unreasonably that the prey was shot by them then stole our prey .  I couldn’t stand it, so I fought with Princess Qian Ling!”

Lan You Nian pushed the tea on the table towards the thirsty Hua Mu Qing, softly asking, “Then the prey ended up with Feng Shao Chu’s team?”

“Nian’er meimei, how do you know?” Hua Mu Qing cupped the cup in her hands with admiration as she asked .  Nothing seemed to be hidden from Nian’er meimei .  Hua Mu Qing thought that after she married Lan Mo Xian, she can play together with Nian’er meimei all the time and felt happy inside .  If Lan Mo Xian knew, who knew how jealous he would be .  Him this future husband can’t even compare to his little sister’s status .

Lan You Nian giggled, “With Mu Qing jiejie’s temper, you will definitely fight to take back the prey…” Lan You Nian didn’t finish her words, Hua Mu Qing continued, “Of course! This junzhu hates those low-lives the most!”

“But older brother has more considerations .  No matter what, Feng Shao Chu is a wangye .  To oppose him directly, you won’t gain anything .  Though Mu Qing jiejie wants to take the prey back, if older brother convinces you, you will definitely concede . ” Lan You Nian looked at Feng Shao Chu’s arrogant look, her eyes cold .

“Nian’er meimei is right! If it Lan Mo Xian didn’t stop me, hmph! See if this junzhu doesn’t beat up that Princess Qian Ling!” Hua Mu Qing raised her fists at Yue Qian Ling, the threatening intention was obvious .

Yue Qian Ling sneered at Hua Mu Qing with provocation .  The two both knew some martial arts .  Neither of their tempers were very good .  But what was different was that although Hua Mu Qing has a violent temper, she knew not to overstep her bounds .  Yue Qian Ling was a plain vicious woman .

Emperor Feng Xuan sat in the top seat looking over the results the eunuch presented to him, his expression was very good .

“This time hunting, everyone is outstanding! It really is heroes are born of youths!” Emperor Feng Xuan spoke in a dignified manner, then said, “First place is laosi’s team which caught the most prey! Haha!” Feng Xuan looked at his favorite two sons, nodded with satisfaction .  Anyone can tell His Majesty’s different treatment of fourth wangye .

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(T/N: laosi-“old four”, familiar moniker for one ranked fourth, in this case, FXQ is the fourth son)

Proudly praising his own son, His Majesty Feng Xuan continued, “Second place is Hua country’s Crown Prince’s team .  Crown Prince of Hua is heroic and brave! His Majesty of Hua is fortunate to have such a son!” His Majesty Feng Xuan also praised Hua Xiu Yi .  In Emperor Feng Xuan’s opinion, Hua Xiu Yi was a good Crown Prince .  He would become a qualified ruler .

“Thank His Majesty of Feng’s praise!” Crown Prince of Hua rose and bowed .  Though he seemed unrestrained, his etiquette was proper, not an extremely arrogant person .

“This third place is laoer’s team, not bad either .  But compared to Crown Prince of Hua, it is not as good!” Emperor Feng Xuan chuckled .  His words were merely the truth .  There wasn’t much difference in the amount of prey between Feng Xia Qi’s team and Hua Xiu Yi’s team .  When compared to Hua Xiu Yi, Feng Shao Chu was severely lacking .

Feng Shao Chu deliberately nodded respectfully, but the hand on the table already curled into a tight fist .  Imperial Father is always like this .  No matter what he did, he didn’t receive Imperial Father’s praise .  Imperial Father’s eyes only had laosi and laoliu .  When he ascends the throne, the first he’ll remove is laosi and laoliu . Let’s see how Imperial Father will spoil them!

(T/N: laoer-old second, laoliu-old sixth)

As a matter of fact, Feng Shao Chu misunderstood His Majesty .  Although His Majesty didn’t care about this son Feng Shao Chu, on such an occasion, as the Emperor, how could he express this? Besides, the Emperor merely spoke the truth .  Most importantly, the Emperor deliberately raised up Hua Xiu Yi .  The relationship between each country needs to be maintained, much less, the future ruler was Hua Xiu Yi .  His fourth son already made Hua Xiu Yi and the other countries lose face, so he had to play the bad guy .

“The other youths are all good!” Emperor Feng Xuan stood up, the people below stood up accordingly, “Tonight we’ll use the prey everyone caught for dinner and let the other countries have a taste of today’s prey!”

“Thanks Your Majesty!” everyone leaned over in salutation .  There were already guards who dragged those prey down, handing it over to the Imperial kitchen to prepare for dinner .  Everyone returned to their own tent to change clothes .  They can’t wear riding attire to attend tonight’s banquet .

Lan You Nian followed Lan Jian Jun back to General Manor’s tent .  General Manor’s tent had two .  Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian were in the same tent while Lan You Nian had one to herself .  Lan You Nian entered the tent, her lips curled into a smile .

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Due to being on the hunting grounds, everyone’s tent was relatively simple .  But Lan You Nian found the floor of her tent was covered with whole pieces of pure white woolen rugs .  Other little things like the dressing table were also arranged inside .  These things were all the best .  The bed was even carved out of fragrant wood .  The brocade blanket on it was made by the best embroideress of Su embroidery .  Looking at these, Lan You Nian knew who did it .  Besides that man, who would be so considerate of her?

“Young miss, this must be prepared by Ming wang!” Following her was Lan Wu who excitedly looked over the decorations in the tent .  She and Lan Qu were worried that the environment of the hunting grounds would be very poor .  Though young miss didn’t care about suffering, they didn’t hope to take care of young miss’s daily life .  They didn’t expect for Ming wang to already have thought of this .

“Besides Ming wang, which man would be so meticulous?” Lan Qu also was pleased with the arrangement in the tent, “Only Ming wang’s care will receive young miss’s heart!” Lan Qu also understood if it were ordinary people, young miss wouldn’t care at all!

“Alright, when have you guys learned to tease me?” Lan You Nian sat on the big soft bed, looking at Lan Qu and Lan Wu, “After a few days, we’ll deal with Lan Qu and Lan Ren’s matters! Then we’ll have to find a good person for Lan Wu!”

“Young miss!” Lan Qu shouted shyly, red-faced, then ran out of the tent in embarrassment .  With young miss making the match, she and Lan Ren already mutually promised each other their life .  However their master was still young miss, the most important person was still young miss .

“Young miss, I won’t marry! I want to stay with young miss!” Lan Wu said directly .  Lan Wu felt Lan Qu can stay with young miss because she was together with Lan Ren .  If she was promised to another, she might have to leave young miss .  Lan Wu wasn’t willing to do this!

“You might say this now, but if you encountered the right person, I’m afraid you can’t wait to have me let you go,” Lan You Nian teased .  She hoped the people around her to find happiness, like her, receiving a sincere love .

Lan Wu wanted to refute something, but noticed Lan Qu came in… .

“Young miss!” Lan Qu helped the pale Hua Mu Qing into the tent .  Hua Mu Qing’s eyes reddened upon seeing Lan You Nian .

“Nian’er meimei…” Hua Mu Qing embraced Lan You Nian, her voice was sobbing, then poured out her grievances, “Wuwu, don’t know who was it that put so many snakes in my tent . I’m most afraid of snakes! If I didn’t dodge quickly, I’m afraid I would have lost my life!”

Hua Mu Qing recalled the situation at that time and felt afraid .  She walked into the tent to change her clothes, but as soon as she entered the tent, she realized the tent full of poisonous snakes were crawling towards her .  Most women were afraid of these things .  Hua Mu Qing wasn’t an exception .  Fortunately, Hua Mu Qing reacted quickly and escaped hastily .  The first person Hua Mu Qing thought of when she escaped from the tent was Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian .  Although she and Lan Mo Xian were already engaged, if she blatantly entered Lan Mo Xian’s tent which was also her future father-in-law’s tent, it wouldn’t be appropriate, so Hua Mu Qing came over to Lan You Nian’s place .

Lan You Nian’s lips bloomed with a sinister cold smile, like a spider lily blooming on a ten-thousand-year-old iceberg, cold and mystifying .  The other people in the tent shivered, only feeling the chill settling all over their body .

Lan You Nian appeased Hua Mu Qing for a while then to Lan Qu she said, “Go ask older brother to come over!”

Then to Lan Wu, “Investigate! I want to see who has such big guts to bully my friend! You can borrow Xuan’s people!” This was the Imperial family’s place .  Due to being on the hunting grounds, the security was even more strict .  Though Lan Wu had some skills of her own, it wouldn’t be easy to investigate such a matter in this place .

“Yes!” Lan Wu left the tent . She’s accompanied young miss for many years and knew her limits .  In such a place, such a time, if she made any mistakes, the first to be incriminated would be young miss .  Lan Wu wouldn’t do something as stupid as overestimating one’s abilities .  Lan Wu carefully headed towards Ming wang’s tent .

Lan Mo Xian wondered why his little sister had him come over, but when he stepped into the tent, he saw his future wife who was usually vibrant pale-faced and knew something has happened .  Lan Mo Xian quickly supported Hua Mu Qing, anxiously asking, “What has happened?”

Lan Qu reported the matter from beginning to end .  Lan Mo Xian was enraged, “Have you found who did it .  See if I don’t kill him!” Lan Mo Xian was afraid just thinking of what could have happened .  If Hua Mu Qing was bitten by those poisonous snakes, he’s fearful whether she would be alive or dead!

“This junzhu will end her! She dares to treat this junzhu like this, she really doesn’t want her life!” Originally, Hua Mu Qing was afraid, but after Lan You Nian and Lan Mo Xian’s comforting, she was once again full of hot blood, recovered entirely .  She wasn’t such a delicate woman at all .  This is why people like her .

“Young miss, junzhu’s tent has been cleaned up!” Lan Wu walked in .

“Tonight, older brother accompany Mu Qing jiejie .  If there are people who think of wicked ideas, you can protect Mu Qing jiejie!” Lan You Nian said .

Though Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing didn’t think it was logical, one person was terrified, and the other was really worried .  Besides, the two were both serious people .  Nothing would happen .  So under cover of night, Lan Mo Xian sent Hua Mu Qing back to her tent .

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