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Chapter 150: 150
150 Hunting

Lan You Nian dressed in a white dress sat in the room getting ready to eat when she noticed Feng Yi Xuan hastily entering the room .   Lan You Nian was going to ask why he came so early today when Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian into his arms .

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“Are you hurt?” Feng Yi xuan voice was like a spring trickling with worry .   Today, he went back to Ghost Realm to deal with some matters when he learned Lan You Nian and Feng Xia Qi encountered an assassination whereupon he instantly rushed back, extremely worried inside .   Now seeing the girl was safe and sound sitting here, Feng Yi Xuan’s heart finally settled .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian while carefully checking her all over .   Lan You Nian immediately pressed down Feng Yi Xuan’s big hand, a flower-like smile bloomed on her delicate face, dimples appearing, making her temperament especially ethereal .

“No!” Lan You Nian grinned .   To be placed in someone’s heart and cared about constantly felt lovely, “How do you know we met with assassins?” Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi xuan’s forces were powerful, at least he wasn’t a simple wangye as he is on the surface .   Lan You Nian didn’t ask .   She knew if she asked, Feng Yi Xuan will tell her .   Lan You Nian thought everyone had their own personal space .

Lan Qu added a set of tableware for Feng Yi xuan .   Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian as he picked some dishes for LAn You Nian, unconcerned as he said, “How can I not be aware of such an important matter?  Especially as it concerns you and imperial brother1”

Lan You Nian opened her mouth eating the food fed by Feng Yi xuan .   After swallowing the food, she said, “It seems you need to send more people to Brother Xia Qi’s side!”

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan ate all the dishes that Lan You Nian didn’t like into his own belly, his tone neutral, “It’s been arranged .   These are also tests .   If always let others protect, how can he sit steadily on that seat?”

Although Feng Yi Xuan’s abilities were much highter than Feng Xia Qi, though he helped Feng Xia Qi in the shadows, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t protect Feng Xia Qi .   Since Feng Yi Xuan already sent Feng Xia Qi onto that seat, then he won’t let his own brother be too weak .   Feng Xia Qi wasn’t a weak person either, otherwise he won’t be living as well as he has been in the capital while Feng Yi Xuan was fighting in the war for many years .   His own faction has become the thorns in the Emperor’s eyes .

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Finished eating, the two prepared for bed .   Since Feng Yi Xuan came to Lan You Nian’s place at night, he wouldn’t return to his manor to bathe in his extravagantly luxurious bathing pool, instead bathing at Lan You Nian’s place .   Lan You Nian was already resting in bed while Feng Yi Xuan was behind the wind screen bathing .

When Feng Yi Xuan finished bathing, Lan You Nian already fell asleep .   Feng Yi Xuan gazed at the girl, the snow-white skin on that small face was like cream, around her eyes, her stunning eyes seemed to be dyed with a layer of tulle, delicate and gentle .   The curled eyelashes trembled with the eyelids, under her straight nose was poppy-red lips .

Feng Yi Xuan watched and watched, unwilling to go to the couch to rest, then he fell asleep beside Lan You nian, holding the girl in his arms .   Feng Yi Xuan sighed comfortably, feeling the heart that was full of whole day of worries rejuvenated .

Smelling the unique fragrance on Feng Yi Xuan’s body and that familiar warmth, Lan You Nian retreated all of her defenses, sleeping peacefully .   Because she was in deep sleep, Lan You Nian didn’t pay attention to the wound on her arm .   Feng Yi Xuan’s nose was particularly sensitive .   When he smelled the faint scent of blood, he froze .   His first thought was that Lan You Nian’s menses came but he kept a note on the days Lan You Nian’s menses came .   It wasn’t this time at all .

Feng Yi Xuan thought of the assassination today .   He sat up, rolling up the sleeves on Lan You Nian’s arms, and saw the bandaged arm .

Being tossed around by Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian already woke up .   When she saw Feng Yi Xuan staring at her wound, Lan You Nian knew she couldn’t conceal it anymore .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes slowly deepened, those black eyes seemed to be burning like the sun, turbulent and glimmering .   He stared at Lan You Nian’s wound without saying a word, then leaned over planting a kiss on Lan You Nian’s wound .

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“Sorry, I didn’t protect you!” Feng Yi Xuan’s face was full of guilt .   He would rather he himself suffer serious injuries but he didn’t want Nian Nian to suffer a trace of hurt .

“Xuan, it’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself!” LAn You Nian comforted, then immediately changed the topic, “Go to sleep early, tomorrow’s banquet will be held in the hunting grounds . ”

How can Feng Yi Xuan not tell that Lan You Nian didn’t want him to blame himself, looking into Lan You Nian’s worried eyes, Feng Yi Xuan chuckled, kissing LAn You Nian’s eyes, lingeringly said, “Alright!”  Then carefully avoided Lan You Nian’s wound, pulling the girl back into his arms .

LAn You Nian, seeing how much Feng Yi Xuan treasured her, her face glowed .   The bright and pretty face exuded a dazzling light, that radiance, even the proud sun can only sigh, hiding itself away .

In the morning, when Lan You Nian woke up, she realized Feng Yi Xuan was sleeping beside her, staring at her with those beautiful purple eyes .   In those eyes, Lan You Nian saw they were completely filled with her reflection, like she was placed in his heart .

“Morning!” A smile bloomed on Lan You Nian’s face and kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s thin lips .

Feng Yi Xuan’s foul mood that was due to Lan You Nian’s injury instantly brightened from Lan You Nian’s soft kiss .   Lowering his head, he wanted to return the kiss on Lan You Nian’s pink lips .   However, Lan You Nian dodged with a giggle .   Seeing the girl in his arms being rarely so mischeivious, Feng Yi Xuan followed with a chuckle .

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Feng Yi Xuan was born with good looks, the beautiful brows had the smile, it was bright and shining like the bright sun .   Lan You Nian gaped, only thinking that the person in front of her was too attractive .

Feng Yi Xuan in the past felt this face was too good-looking .   Because of his aura, very few people will notice his appearance .   Seeing Nian Nian gaping at him like a little whit erabbit, Feng Yi Xuan was grateful for his good looks .

“Turned silly?” Feng Yi Xuan scooted near Lan You Nian’s white, nearly transparent ears, his warm breath darting into Lan You Nian’s ears .

Lan You Nian shrank her small head, undisguisedly checking out Feng Yi Xuan’s face, then extended a white finger to trace Feng Yi xuan’s face .   From that attractive sword eyebrows to the sexy thin lops, then praised, “My man is really good-looking!”

Lan You Nian’s little look melted Feng Yi Xuan from the bottom of his heart .   Finally, he couldn’t hold himself back from using his big hands to fix Lan You Nian’s head in place, not allowing Lan You Nian to escape, then bowed down his head gently kissing LAn You Nian’s lips, taking his time to sip, the movement was very gentle .

Lan You Nian sat at the table, not in a good mood as she scolded Feng Yi Xuan, “Let me do it myself okay?”  It turns out Feng Yi Xuan did everything for LAn You Nian since getting out of bed .   Fearing Lan You Nian will put pressure on her injury, so Feng Yi Xuan helped Lan You Nian get dressed, washing her face and rinsing her mouth was also assisted by Feng Yi Xuan, now even eating breakfast was fed by Feng Yi Xuan .

“You’re hurt!” Feng Yi Xuan was perfectly comfortable with servicing Lan You Nian, blowing the porridge in the spoon before placing at Lan You Nian’s mouth, coaxing, “Behave!”

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan and could only helplessly open her little mouth, obediently eating .   If she knew her injury will cause Feng Yi Xuan to treat her like a child who can’t take of herself, then no matter what, she’ll keep her injury concealed .   Ai, she can only blame herself for not putting up any guard against Feng Yi Xuan .

“Today’s hunting, I will stay with him, we won’t go!” Feng Yi Xuan said .   During the exchange meeting, there was one round that is today’s hunting trip .   Every country will send out some people into the forest to hunt, to see who hunted the most prey, also a kind of exchange, although every time it was fighting in the open and covertly .

Feng Yi Xuan has participated in the past .   Speaking of which, he was considered a military officer .   But now his own woman was injured, nothing else was more important, he’ll just stay here to accompany Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian shook her head, acting spoiled, “Let’s go see .   There isn’t anything fun to play in the capital .   It’s hard to come by an event like this, it’s good to play around .   Besides, isn’t there you?” Lan You Nian was bored .   This was the capital, not the Medical Valley, it didn’t give her a comfortable feeling .   There were many bothersome matters in the capital and for the time being, she can leave Feng country to sightsee .

Towards LAn You Nian’s requests, Feng Yi Xuan generally wouldn’t’ refuse .   Look, Lan You Nian merely acted spoiled, Feng Yi Xuan immediately surrendered, indulgently said to Lan You Nian, “Okay, but you be careful!”

“I know!” Lan you Nian beamed .

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