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Chapter 149: 149

149 Feng Xia Qi’s Worry

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“Nian’er meimei…” Feng Xia Qi’s twin fox eyes filled with worry and distress .

Feng Xia Qi didn’t that he a man will fall to let a little sister who was much smaller than him protect him . This little sister was the one he always wanted to protect .

“It’s nothing!” Lan You Nian didn’t even spare her injury a glance, “We should hurry back!”

Although the wound wasn’t deep, does that mean Lan You Nian doesn’t feel any pain? No, She Lan You Nian is a girl, of course she’s afraid of pain but she didn’t like revealing her fragile side in front of outsiders . Every time her poison awakens, who knows how many times more painful it was . In contrast, this injury was nothing .

Though Feng Xia Qi has seen Lan You Nian being tormented by poison, knowing that kind of pain made one want to die, but seeing Lan You Nian being injured for him, his heart was in agony . This kind of injury best be treated earlier . Feng Xia Qi took out the signal he carried with him prepared to launch it . In the past, he only used this signal when his life was in jeopardy . But looking at Lan You Nian’s wound that was bleeding, he took out his own personal signal .

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Lan You Nian also saw Feng Xia Qi’s actions, immediately taking the signal away from him, “Now isn’t the time to attract so much attention . We are very close to Lan manor . We just need to hurry over there!” Lan You Nian had another reason for saying this . Lan You Nian knew if Feng Xia Qi sent out the signal, Feng Yi Xuan will definitely learn of this . She didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to be uneasy, nor did she want him to worry . Otherwise, she’s afraid that man will abandon everything on hand to accompany her .

Feng Xia Qi took back his own signal . He glimpsed the worry in Lan You Nian’s eyes . Feng Xia Qi felt reassured that his younger brother found such a girl, blessing them for their feelings for one another . But his own heart was slightly bitter .

Feng Xia Qi and Lan You Nian didn’t return to Lan manor from the main entrance . Lan you Nian entered You Nian Pavilion .

“Young miss, you’re injured?” Lan Feng and Zhang Lin asked anxiously . Lan Feng felt guilty because today Lan You Nian didn’t bring any of the shadow guards . Normally Lan You Nian didn’t like bringing along shadow guards . She gave LAn Feng and the others enough private time .

Lan You Nian glanced at the blood on her white sleeves . It looked serious but it was only a flesh injury .

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“Small injury!” Lan You Nian waved her hand, unconcerned . Then to Lan Feng, she said, “You and Lan Ren bring people to escort Brother Xia Qi back! Stay alert along the way!” Lan You Nian wasn’t sure if those people had a follow up attack, so letting Lan Ren them send Feng Xia Qi back was for the best .

Feng Xia Qi glanced at Lan You Nian’s wound that hasn’t been bandaged yet, hesitating, “You treat the wound first, otherwise I won’t feel at ease going back!” Although Feng Xia Qi was a gentle man on the surface, but underneath, he and Feng Yi Xuan was very similar . They were both cold-blooded people . For him to be so concerned for Lan You Nian, it was because he genuinely placed Lan You Nian in his heart .

Lan You Nian helplessly went into the pavilion with Feng Xia Qi following behind her . Lan Qu took out a special wound ointment made by Gui Yi and carefully treated Lan You Nian .

Seeing Lan You Nian’s scars from self-injury due to the poison awakening on her arm were beginning to improve, but now there is a new injury added to the mix . Feng Xia Qi felt astringent inside then shifted his eyes away, not looking at it anymore . He feared he wouldn’t be able to stop himself . What he couldn’t stop himself from doing only Feng Xia Qi knew inside .

“It’s good!” Lan You Nian looked at the bandaged wound, tugging her sleeves down so it can’t be seen . Lan Qu’s technique in dressing wounds were getting better and better .

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“Brother Xia qi!” Lan You Nian uttered to Feng Xia Qi who was getting ready to leave with Lan Ren them .

“I know!” Feng Xia Qi comforted Lan You Nian with a warm smile, “Rest assured, I won’t tell A’Xuan!”

“Thank you!” Lan You Nian didn’t want Feng Xia Qi to know that she was injured . Maybe this was the stupid things two people in love will do because they didn’t want the other to worry so they will conceal it .

After a hard day as well as a round of fighting, Feng Xia Qi’s face was slightly tired . That warm face had some inconspicious astringent feeling for some reason . Feng Xia Qi looked at Lan You Nian, “The one who should be saying thanks is me! Okay, Nian’er meimei, rest well and heal, I will be going!”

Lan You Nian gazed at Feng Xia Qi’s slightly tired and lonely back . She didn’t know why Feng Xia Qi became like this after one round of killing . With Feng Xia Qi’s identity, he should already be used to these killings . Lan You Nian shook her head puzzled, then didn’t think on it any longer .

“Lan Wu!” Lan You Nian called to Lan Wu who was burning some fragrant incense, “Prepare warm water, I want to bathe . Destroy this set of clothing on my body!”

Lan Wu and Lan Qu immediately went to work . Their young miss liked to be clean . It was already late in the evening, from Ming wang’s attitude in coming here every day, Lan Wu and Lan Wu knew young miss wanted to conceal it from Ming wang .

Lan You Nian laid in the luke-warm water . The injured arm was protected well by Lan Qu and Lan Wu . The two usually didn’t serve Lan you Nian while she bathed but as soon as Lan You Nian was injured, they played the role of servant girls .

“Lan Qu, after Lan Ren comes back, let Lan Ren investigate who ordered this assassination” Lan You Nian’s elegant and refined face frosted over . She didn’t think someone who dare to touch Feng Xia Qi directly . It seems to be the Empress’s faction .

Lan You Nian changed into a clean outfit and then had Lan Qu prepare dinner . Today at the visitor’s palace, she didn’t eat anything . Now she felt hungry .

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