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Chapter 148: 148

148 Assassination on the Way

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“Princess Qian Ling accidentally fell on her own” Lan You Nian said sincerely, “Princess Bai Lian should have some people help Princess Qian Ling back to her room, and let the physician take a look!”

Everyone was shocked by Yue Bai Lian’s valiant move and now were made speechless by Lan You Nian’s distortion of the truth . Fell herself? Would someone fall and become like this? Everyone started to wonder if all woman, the more beautiful they were, the stranger they were . Otherwise how can both of them be like this?

Yue Bai Lian knew was biased towards her . After all, she had the title of Yue country’s eldest princess . If Imperial father knew she treated Yue Qian Ling like this, she wouldn’t have a good ending . But when she saw Yue Qian Ling treating master like that, she couldn’t hold back and acted recklessly .

Yue Bai Lian let her servant girl help Yue Qian Ling back while Lan You Nian swept over the entire garden, looking over Hua Xiu Yi and the accompanying representatives .

“It seems in the future, don’t let Princess Qian Ling go out, otherwise can’t walk very well and become like this, if she falls and is serious injured, that won’t be good!” Feng Xia Qi was the first to support Lan You Nian .

“Yes, Princess Qian Ling shouldn’t casually go out!” Pei Fu followed closely, letting the representatives who followed Pei Fu stare in disbelief . After all, Pei Fu was usually quiet and will not care about these idle matters but today he helped this Miss Lan . But no matter what Xue country’s representatives thought, since their Prime Minister said this, they of course must follow .

Hua Xiu Yi scooted over towards Lan You Nian . He seemed to have smelled a fragrance he has never smelled before . It wasn’t a fragrance from makeup powder but a fragrance from the girl’s own body, different than the fragrance of the woman around him . Hua Xiu Yi liked this kind of unpretentious fragrance, especially liked this girl who was interested in .

Hua Xiu Yi’s closeness made Lan You Nian erect all defenses . As soon as Hua Xiu Yi closed in a little more, Lan You Nian prepared to make a move, even if her action wasn’t wise . But fortunately Hua Xiu Yi didn’t get too close, only stopping at Lan You Nian’s side .

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“Beauty, give a smile, and this crown prince will help you” Hua Xiu Yi’s lips bloomed with a flower as coquettish as a rose . He liked seeing this girl’s smile . He has seen this girl giving Feng Yi Xuan a genuine smile . Although he always regarded Feng Yi Xuan as an opponent, but at that moment, he envied Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Xia Qi shifted his body, blocking Lan You Nian beside him, saying to Hua Xiu Yi, “Crown Prince Hua conduct yourself appropriately, Nian’er meimei isn’t a girl you can casually provoke!”

Lan You Nian’s heart was warmed by Feng Xia Qi’s defense of her . There seems to be more and more people around her who truly cared about her . They genuinely considered her their little sister . In the past, she used to think of family as a savage beast . The current family gave Lan You Nian a different feeling .

Hua Xiu Yi’s narrow eyes flashed with a chilly cold, but he didn’t have a chance to vent before he heard Lan You Nian’s words .

“Help me? Crown Prince Hua over-estimates yourself . Whether you help or don’t help me, it is no hinderance to me!” Lan You Nian said casually, “If Crown Prince Hua is in spring (in heat), there are many brothels in the capital!”

Lan You Nian’s words were just finished, Hua xiu Yi’s eyes filled with gloomy light, his cold voice pierced with ice, “You are good!”

Hua Xiu Yi and Lan You Nian’s voices weren’t loud . Those representatives sat a distance from them so many people didn’t know what happened but everyone can sense the gloomy air around Hua Xiu Yi .

Lan You Nian thought Hua Xiu Yi will shed all pretenses of cordiality, there probably will be a fierce battle today, but Lan You Nian didn’t expect Hua Xiu Yi to say, “You are good”, three words, then he recovered his sinful look, seemingly as if the one who emitted killing intent wasn’t him .

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“Tsk tsk, this Princess Qian Ling becomes like this…” Hua Xiu Yi paused for a moment, glancing at Lan You Nian, but Lan You Nian didn’t have any reaction, Hua Xiu Yi felt bored and said, “She can only blame herself for not looking while walking, a beautiful girl become like this after a fall, what a pity!”

Now everyone saw it clearly, Hua Xiu Yi was also standing on Lan You Nian’s side but everyone was confused . How come so many people are talking nonsense today? But no matter what, everyone understood things can’t be guessed by them so Yue Qian Ling who has been beaten has become a tragedy . Clearly it was Yue Bai Lian who made her into this but in everyone’s eyes, it was she was accidentally fell .

On the first day of Lan You Nian accompanying the representatives admiring flowers, it ended like this . In any case, admiring flowers or whatever is all just camouflage . It’s just another kind of private communication between the countries . The very innocent Lan you Nian was dragged into it .

A day passed quickly, Lan You Nian and Feng Xia Qi took a carriage from the visitor’s palace to Lan manor… .

But at this moment, the carriage galloped towards a remote area . Feng Xia Qi immediately lifted the carriage’s curtains, shouting angrily, “Who are you!”

Lan You Nian knew, the coachman driving the horse was no longer fourth wangye’s person, that is, when they were in the visitor’s palace, this coachman was killed and was replaced . These people looked like they were coming at Feng Xia Qi, and she unfortunately just happened to be on Feng Xia Qi’s carriage .

Feng Xia Qi stretched out a hand to kill the coachman but Lan You Nian whipped Feng Xia Qi back into the carriage then heard a patter of arrows and the coachman following onto the ground .

The sharp long arrows nailed into the carriage echoed in Lan You Nian and Feng Xia Qi’s ears . If Lan You Nian pulled Feng Xia Qi a little later, Feng Xia Qi would have been struck with several arrows . These arrivals also killed off the person who was disguised as the coachman, it seems these people were savage killers .

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Feng Xia Qi waited for a while but saw that his shadow guards haven’t appeared yet so he knew this didn’t bode well for his shadow guards . These people clearly were prepared . All these years, Feng Xia Qi has become accustomed to such assassinations but looking at Lan You Nian who was sitting in the carriage without any expression, Feng Xia Qi felt guilty . He didn’t expect to involve Lan You Nian in this .

“Nian’er meimei, after the arrows stop, I will go lure away the enemy, you find a way to scape!” Feng Xia Qi dodged a long arrow that pierced through the carriage, apologetically saying to Lan You Nian . At this time, only this was the best option . These people wanted his life, then as long as he leads them away, the chances of Lan You Nian’s survival was greater .

Lan You Nian didn’t answer Feng Xia Qi . If it was in the past, even if she had the ability to deal with these assassins, she will simply leave without lending a hand . But not only was Feng Xia Qi Feng Yi Xuan’s older brother, he was her own friend, she Lan You Nian although cold-hearted, but for those people who walked into her heart, she will do everything to protect them .

These assassins saw there was no movement from the carriage . They didn’t know if the people inside were dead or alive . After stopping the rain of arrows, many assassins silently approached the carriage . Lan You Nian heard people approaching outside, listening to those people’s nearly undetectable footsteps, Lan You Nian knew there were ten assassins approaching the carriage, their martial arts was average .

Lan You Nian showed a comforting smile at Feng Xia Qi, then a layer of frost covered up the smiling face, emitting a strong chill .

Feng Xia Qi’s martial arts, although weren’t as good as LAn You Nian, but it wasn’t particularly bad . He was aware of the several assassins approaching the carriage . When he saw Lan You Nian’s comforting smile, Feng Xia Qi felt assured inside . Maybe the girl in front of him wasn’t so weak, although he always wanted to protect her .

The carriage curtain was opened from the outside, a cold light flashed, more than ten blades emitting a chill instantly unsheathed . There was no fancy trick, forcing towards Lan You Nian and Feng Xia Qi’s heart . Lan You Nian took out the dagger she always carried, taking care of the assasin nearest to her, then rushing out of the carriage .

Feng Xia Qi also took out his own sword, pushing away the sword that was heading towards him, then without blinking, killed off an assassin, the move contained a fierceness that didn’t seem to belong to him .

After getting out of the carriage, the space was much bigger outside for the two people . It was much easier to move around . More importantly, if they really can’t win against the enemy, they can run away at any time . Lan You Nian has never thought there was any shame with running away because keeping your life was more important than anything . Just for a moment’s face and losing a life, it was the stupidest thing .

Lan You Nian stood beside Feng Xia Qi . After all, Feng Xia Qi’s martial arts was weaker than hers and clearly, he had no experience with her deadly training so Feng Xia Qi had more difficulty dealing with the assassins . But Feng Xia Qi wasn’t a kind person, as long as an assassin got close to him, he will end their life .

Lan You Nian waved the dagger in her hand, the knife didn’t see any blood, still maintaining it’s snow white appearance, a cold chill exuding from her body . Her moves were fast and accurate, directly swiping the neck, like the sickle of the god of death . This group of assassins exuding strong killing intent, were like a rice paddy, being cut down in large pieces, slowly from more than ten people to just several .

Feng Xia Qi although dealing with these assassins, but was also afraid Lan You Nian will be injured . So he paid some attention to Lan You Nian . It was the first time he saw Lan You Nian fight . Although he heard from his brother that Lan You Nian knows martial arts, but he didn’t expect her martial arts to be so good . Seeing the girl killing without blinking an eye, it was clearly a common occurrence . Feng Xia qi was a little shocked . Seeing Lan You Nian’s expression that was different from her usual indifference, Lan You Nian currently was like a god of death, such a Lan You Nian made Feng Xia Qi think of his own brother . The two’s ruthless means and the suffocating aura was exactly the same .

“Be careful!” Lan You Nian pulled over Feng Xia Qi who seemed to be lost in thought . Her arm was scratched by a long sword . Lan You Nian didn’t show any pain, directly killing off that assassin .

Lan You Nian saw corpses carpeting this secluded area . Lan You Nian carefully felt around if there were any escapees then Lan You Nian sighed in relief because besides her and Feng Xia Qi, there was no signs of a living person . If there was, then that person’s martial arts was much better than hers . Such a person was very few . Lan You Nian cautiousness was a habit . Besides in front of Feng Yi Xuan where she can be relaxed, all other times she was the strong and invincible Lan You Nian .

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