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Chapter 146: 146

146 An Yiniang’s Punishment

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The steward’s words were like lightning striking Lan Jian Jun’s heart . Lan Jian Jun felt that even the bright sun in the sky has turned black .

“What did you say?” Lan Jian Jun dragged up the steward from the ground, fiercely saying, “Say it again!”

“That year Madame’s premature birthing and death were all planned by an yiniang . It’s all done by An yiniang!” The steward choked out .

Lan Jian Jun dropped the steward on the ground, his entire body was frozen there . He always thought his wife died during the premature birth due to poor health so all these years, he loved and hated this only daughter . But now he knows this was all man-made . Not only didn’t he protect his wife, but he also placed all these faults on an innocent baby .

Lan Jian Jun’s entire world changed, becoming a haze…

“Father!” Lan Mo Xian anxiously shouted . He didn’t expect the father who was so strong in the past to fall straight over after hearing the truth .

Lan You Nian’s eyes were complicated looking at the fallen Lan Jian Jun . He really loves mother . Otherwise, he won’t suffer such a blow after learning the truth . But Lan You Nian didn’t know, the other reason Lan Jian Jun fell over was because of her, because of his guilt towards her .

Lan You Nian’s white hand took Lan Jian Jun’s pulse, then to the anxious Lan Mo Xian, “Brother, don’t worry, General Lan is fine . Help him back to his courtyard to rest!”

Lan Mo Xian nodded, and with Zhang Lin’s help, assisted Lan Jian Jun from You Nian Pavilion . He knew his sister will take care of the other things .

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“Young, young miss…” The steward stuttered, “Young miss please let go of this old slave!”

Lan You Nian’s long and thick eyelashes covered her frosty pupils, pink lips tugged into a light smile, “En!”

Then Lan Ren walked over to the steward and took care of the steward with one slash, the technique was swift without any hesitation . The steward stared with wide eyes at Lan You Nian . He didn’t expect Lan You Nian to not keep to her promise .

“This young miss agreed not to kill you, let you go, but only I agreed” Lan You Nian’s pink and seductive lips tugged into a wicked smile, thick and curly lashes trembled, covering up the moving cold eyes, “But it doesn’t mean that others won’t kill you . You see, the one who killed you isn’t me!”

The steward gaped with eyes that were full of regrets as he died in You Nian Pavilion’s courtyard . Lan Ren dragged out the steward’s body, preventing the thick smell of blood to dirty You Nian Pavilion’s flower’s fragrance .

“Wuwu…” An yiniang stared in horror at Lan You Nian as if watching a demon, seeing Lan You Nian was sly as a fox, killing like a ghost, she was terrified . She didn’t expect the steward to confess everything .

Lan Wu took out the rag in An yiniang’s mouth . An yiniang watched Lan You Nian like a stray dog, “Third miss, you are generous, please spare me . I promise, I promise I won’t do anything in the future . third miss you can order me to do anything, third miss, third miss…”

“Third miss?” Lan You Nian’s eyes were dark and deep, like an endless black hole, making people afraid, making people horrified, making people want to escape, “I don’t remember there’s another young miss in the manor . Isn’t Lan Ya’s the steward’s daughter?”

“You?” An yiniang gaped with wide eyes at Lan You Nian . She didn’t expect Lan You Nian to be so ruthless, not only wanted her to die, but she also wanted to ruin her only daughter . If people thought Lan Ya’s father was a servant, then Lan Ya’s life will be miserable .

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“You have a ruthless heart!” An yiniang’s shouted with her raspy voice, “You, it’s all you, everything was your doing right? Zhi’er’s matters were done by you, Yin’er also died because of you, now you want to harm Ya’er and me? I want to tell master, I will let master see your true face!”

“Oh?” Lan You Nian slowly approached An yiniang, as An yiniang retreated in horror, she came to An yiniang’s side, leaning over to An yiniang’s ear, “Don’t you know this was all permitted by Lan Jian Jun?”

“No!” An yiniang shook her head in pain, “You are lying to me, you are talking nonsense!”

“Talking nonsense?” Lan You Nian suddenly laughed out loud, “Aren’t you curious why your children aren’t General Lan’s flesh and blood?”

“No, no! I won’t listen!” An yiniang covered her ears .

“Because, from the beginning, General Lan didn’t touch you . The one who slept with you was someone else . An yiniang, you are truly pitiful,” Lan You Nian then headed up the pavilion . To Lan Feng, “Watch her, let General Lan handle it!”

“Yes!” Lan Feng responded then let the guards drag An yiniang out . Watching Lan You Nian’s figure walking up the pavilion by herself, she felt sour inside . Lan Feng knew young miss still cared for Lan Jian Jun . Otherwise, she wouldn’t do so much .

In the middle of the night, Lan Jian Jun woke up and looked at the son who was standing beside his bed . Lan Jian Jun sighed, “Mo Xian, how much has father done wrong?”

Lan Mo Xian learning the truth of why his mother died, his heart felt shocked and angry . There weren’t any suspicious points about the matter of the past, but now there seem to be so many questionable points . From sister’s expression, she probably already knew mother’s death was suspicious .

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“Father, things have passed . Mother wouldn’t want father to mournful!” Lan Mo xian comforted . He didn’t want father to live in remorse . This can’t be blamed on father .

“Father knows you are a comforting father!” Lan Jian Jun looked at the son who has grown up, “Father is fine, father still has to protect Nian’er . Father won’t make the same mistake in the future!”

“Father, little sister and father’s relationship is a lot better . Didn’t she brew wine for father the other day?” Lan Mo Xian explained, “Little sister has investigated this matter, little sister is detaining An yiniang in the woodshed waiting for father to take care of . Little sister still cares about father!”

Lan Jian Jun after his son’s words felt a little better, but his heart felt astringent for such a sensible daughter . He would rather Nian’er was arrogant and trouble-making, even if she caused a disaster, it didn’t matter because he as her father will protect her, not like this, at such a young age, so sensible and know how to scheme .

“It’s time to end this matter!” Lan Jian Jun said getting up from the bed and headed towards the woodshed . Lan Mo Xian because he was worried about his father also followed Lan Jian Jun to the woodshed .

When Lan Jian Jun opened the doors of the woodshed, he saw the disheveled An yiniang who was going crazy lying in the firewood room .

An yiniang heard the doors opening and looked over . Under the light of the lantern, Lan Jian Jun’s face was illuminated, although it had wrinkles, it was still handsome . IT was that face that made her infatuated with first sight, using all unscrupulous means to marry this man, reaping what she sowed, falling into this present situation .

“Lan Jian Jun!” It was the first time An yiniang called his name in front of him . She didn’t hide her shrewish attitude, “You are heartless!”

Lan Jian Jun’s fierce eyes were like an unsheathed sword, shooting at An yiniang . His voice was somber, “An yiniang, if you knew your place, I can let you live without worries, but you dared to touch I Lan Jian Jun’s most precious people, you deserve to die!”

“Hahaha!” An yiniang looked at the man who has never loved her, the man who didn’t even touch her . Now for a dead woman, he wanted her to die, An yiniang felt she was really like as ridiculous as a clown .

“Lan Jian Jun! Haha, not only should I have killed He Xiao Ran that slut, I should have killed Lan You Nian that slut as well!” An yiniang laughed with curses flying, her eyes flashing with madness .


Lan Jian Jun used a palm to cause An yiniang to lift off the ground, then fall down . She spat out blood, clearly suffering from severe internal injury .

“Someone!” Lan Jian Jun shouted . In the firewood room walked in Lan Jian Jun’s personal guards .

“Don’t let her die . Every day hit her where it hurts . One day can’t be missed . If she can’t take it anymore, give her the best medicine to let her hang on . This general wants her to suffer alive!” Lan Jian Jun’s voice contained the cold and bloodthirstiness of the battlefield . He will not easily let go of any people who hurt his family .

“Ah——Ah——“ In the quiet general manor, screams were coming from the firewood room, but no one dared to say anything . All the servants in General manor saw that the real master of Lan manor was Lan You Nian .

“Mo Xian, pass on that Lan manor will only have eldest miss Lan You Nian and eldest master Lan Mo Xian . There aren’t any other children!” Lan Jian Jun said to his son . Whether it was reputation or life, he must give his daughter the best .

“Son understands!” Lan Mo xian responded . He also thought that a woman like Lan Ya wasn’t worthy of being a child of Lan manor, letting little sister call her older sister was a grievance to Nian’er meimei . They won’t transfer their anger on Lan Ya due to An yiniang’s matters, but if Lan Ya doesn’t know her place, then they don’t mind killing one more person .

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