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Chapter 144: 144

144 An Yiniang is Caught

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Hua Xiu Yi looked at the girl whose every smile can enter anyone’s heart, then looked at the hand that once touched the girl’s eyes, as well as the slight pain of the wound on his abdomen, the smile on his lips became even more wicked .

Originally he only felt this girl was different from everyone else but now Hua Xiu Yi feels that as long as this girl appears, he will always involuntarily look at her, thinking of the countless concubines in his own harem but there wasn’t a single woman with any status . Maybe it’s time he should have a crown princess .

Hua Xiu Yi’s interested eyes were noticed by Lan You Nian but Lan You Nian didn’t pay much attention to it . If this Hua country’s crown princess can’t see the situation and provoke her, Lan You Nian can’t guarantee she cause trouble for Feng Yi Xuan and kill this person .

How can Hua Xiu Yi’s undisguised gaze cannot be concealed by Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled into a faint smile, in the depths of his eyes, the intertwining frost gradually formed into glaciers .

When Hua Xiu Yi saw Feng Yi Xuan revealed his killing intent towards him, his gemstone eyes glimmered with spring, his smile emitting a soul-stealing allurement .

Two men, one much like a king filled with unstoppable domineering and arrogance, one like a demon filled with wickedness and allure . These two men because of that fairy-like woman faced headon with each other, the air seemed to become oppressive .

The first to retract his gaze was Feng Yi Xuan, not because he was afraid of Hua Xiu Yi, but because in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes Hua Xiu Yi would never get Nian Nian’s love, because this girl was his, can only be his . Whoever dared to compete with him, he will send them down to hell!

Lan Mo Xian listened to his fiancee Hua Mu Qing telling him what his little sister wanted him to do . Although he was confused, Lan Mo Xian knew his sister knew what she was doing . Since little sister wanted him to do this, she must have her own reason .

This banquet was simply just second wangye Feng Shao Chu constantly gathering this representatives to his side, hoping these representatives can have a high opinion of him . He wanted to incur Yue Bai Lian but it’s a pity that Yue Bai Lian has been following Lan You Nian . He didn’t have a chance to get close to the beauty .

“Old Madame An, before heading out today, father told this junior to bring An yiniang back to Lan manor, after all, An yiniang is Lan manor’s yiniang, it is illogical for her to stay at An manor!” Lan Mo Xian said directly, although he would rather An yiniang never returns to Lan manor .

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With Lan Mo Xian’s words, everyone’s eyes looked towards Old Madame An subtly After all, some time ago, the things that happened at Wu Qing Medical Hall was clear in these people’s minds and felt An yiniang was hateful . But Lan Jian Jun didn’t say anything so what right did others have to judge? Yet no one expected that An manor dared to take in this unscrupulous woman, really unfortunate for the family .

Old Madame An’s somewhat graying hairs was done into a loose duoma hairstyle, pinned with a gilded ruby hairpin, garnet-red earrings, plus with her good care, a soft and dignified face, along with the red coat, her whole person looked like a beautiful matron in her early forties .

“This old woman’s daughter is just living in An manor for a few days, does Lan manor want to question this?” Old Madame An said with displeasure . An yiniang was Old Madame An’s youngest daughter, always been her favorite but didn’t expect such a daughter will like a married man, even willing to enter Lan manor as a concubine . Old Madame An although hated iron for not turning into steel but this was after all her favorite child, how can she not care? After such a big scandal happened some time ago, Prime Minister An has given up on An yiniang this child, Old Madame An didn’t dare say more, waiting for Prime Minister An’s anger to dissipate before bringing her daughter back into An manor, thinking of ways to let her daughter to get back her status .

Don’t look at how Lan Mo Xian seems stupid in front of his little sister, in fact he wasn’t someone easy to deal with . To rise to the position of General Che Qi at his age, he wasn’t an easy person .

“What Old Madame An says is reasonable but An yiniang is father’s concubine, a concubine that doesn’t return home, it’s against common practice!” Lan Mo Xian didn’t give way, the gentle smile on his lips didn’t change .

Lan Mo Xian’s words made Old Madame An’s face blacken . Their An manor whether it was son or daughter were all people who can be brought to the table, her eldest daughter was even an Empress, but this daughter was so stupid .

Everyone agreed with Lan Mo Xian’s words . Let alone a concubine even the official wife, if she didn’t have her husband’s permission, she can’t go back to her maiden home . For An yiniang a concubine to do this, daring to return to An manor without saying a word, such a concubine without any manners should be divorced!

“Since Lan manor says this, afterwards this old woman will let daughter return to Lan manor!” Old Madame An knew there wasn’t any use disputing these . Their An manor didn’t stand in the right . Old Madame An was afraid once Prime Minister An returns if he knew about this, he will be completely disappointed in their little daughter, then no one will help little daughter in the future .

Lan Mo Xian shook his head, seemingly respectful but actually forceful as he said to Old Madmae An, “No need to bother Old Madame An, Mo Xian will take An yiniang back, father is still waiting in the manor!”

Old Madame An didn’t expect Lan Mo Xian this junior to be so forceful, really a crude one, indeed what kind of father will have what kind of son .

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Lan Mo Xian felt he was very innocent . This was his little sister’s orders, no matter what, he must get it done . In the past he didn’t protect his little sister but now he will become the backing behind his sister .

“Good, very good!” Old Madame An sneered at Lan Mo Xian and towards the servant girl beside her, “Go call out young miss!” Although An yiniang has married out many years but An manor kept calling her young miss . It can be said this entire An manor only Old Madame An was sincere towards An yiniang, but it’s a pity that An yiniang had a father who favored power .

Lan You Nian gave Hua Mu Qing a look, Hua Mu Qing instantly understood .

“Ai!” Hua Mu Qing stood up, “This junzhu better go ask An yiniang to return, otherwise I’m afraid An yiniang isn’t willing!”

Although everyone didn’t understand what’s up with Hua Mu Qing but Hua Mu Qing was a eccentric person in this circle anyways, everyone was used to it already .

Old Madame An wanted to refuse but thinking if she breached propriety in front of the other three kingdoms, she will be ridiculed by all . She can only let Hua Mu Qing follow the servant girl to call out her little daughter .

Yue Bai Lian saw Lan You Nian’s lips curl coldly, asking a little hesitantly, “Nian’er, this is a play?” Yue Bai Lian was a smart woman so she thought this play must be designed by Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian didn’t deny it, “Inviting you to see a good play, otherwise it’d be too boring sitting here for no reason!”

Yue Bai Lian nodded, but knew Lan You Nian and An manor weren’t on good terms so she didn’t like An manor either . She felt that Lan You Nian was wronged just sitting here .

“Ah——“ Hua Mu Qing ran into the garden screaming .

Lan You Nian nearly spewed out the tea she was drinking . She looked at Hua Mu Qing’s pretending to be horrified act, rolling over in laughter inside . She didn’t expect Hua Mu Qing to be so exaggerated to attract attention .

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“Junzhu!” Old Madame An snapped, “Junzhu making such noise isn’t decent!” Old Madame An felt that today nothing is going as planned .

Hua Mu Qing ran to Lan Mo Xian’s side, slightly panting, “This junzhu saw…saw…”

Lan Mo Xian although was holding up Hua Mu Qing but knew Hua Mu Qing was shaking with laughter, he didn’t expose her, knowing this was definitely his sister’s masterpiece, he can only cooperate .

“Junzhu, what did you see? Don’t fear, everyone is here!” Jing Wu An glanced at Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan, intuition tells him that this must be designed by them, will be simply push the boat .

“I saw An yiniang…” Hua Mu Qing seemed embarrassed to continue, making everyone anxious, after all those watching the fun wasn’t afraid of the matter being too big .

“This princess thinks everyone should go take a look!” Yue Bai Lian stood up making Yue Qian Ling puzzled . After all, she somewhat understood Yue Bai Lian’s personality, how can she bother with another country’s matters?

The princess has spoke, even if Old Madame An wasn’t pleased, she can’t refuse . If she refused, it would make people think An manor has something that can’t be seen in public .

Feng Xia Qi squinted his eyes smiling, “Since Princess Bai Lian says so, I think everyone should go take a look!”

Hearing this, everyone followed Hua Mu Qing to the inner courtyard . This situation was similar to the last banquet . Everyone had some doubts while Old Madame An was a little afraid, She didn’t know what she was afraid of . This was An manor, who had that ability to scheme here? But she was still afraid .

When Old Madame An came to her little daughter’s room and saw everything, she almost fainted… .

The door was open . Her little daughter, An yiniang, was entangled in bed with a middle aged man . That ambiguous sounds made everyone present despise to the extreme . Everyone doubted Prime Minister manor what seemed serious and upright was actually like this, was it because it was unseemly originally? Everyone time something happens it was at An manor, making many people suspect how dirty An manor was . The matrons present all decided to let their own children not get too close to An manor .

Lan You Nian chose An manor for a reason . Such a scandal can’t happen in Lan manor . This was lose Lan Jian Jun’s face . But if it happened in An manor, everyone will suspect there’s something wrong with An manor’s traditions .

“Hmph!” Lan Mo Xian shouted furiously at the guards, “Drag out those two adulterers!”

Some guards dragged An yiniang and that middle aged man out . An yiniang and the man instantly woke up, without any trace of being drugged .

An yiniang looked at everything that happened with shock . She was a master of the matters in the inner courtyard for many years, how can she not tell she has been schemed against? She knew she was finished!

“Ah!” Lan You Nian deliberately tugged Yue Bai Lian saying in shock, “This, isn’t this my Lan manor’s housekeeper?”

When everyone heard this, it was even more unexpected . Lan manor’s housekeeper appearing in An manor, much less appearing in An yinaing’s bed, An manor probably deliberately indulged this . Otherwise a housekeeper of another manor how can he enter Prime Minister Manor’s inner courtyard?

“Such a lascivious woman shouldn’t she be drowned?” Yue Bai Lian asked, her expression was full of disgust .

Hearing this everyone nodded in agreement . True, a woman like An yiniang should be drowned, not only was she a loose woman, she dares to carry on an affair in her maiden home . It changed how everyone looked at An manor .

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