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Chapter 143: 143

143 Feng Yi Xuan’s Unhappiness

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“I heard An yiniang is currently living in An manor?” Lan You Nian nestled in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, asking Lan Feng who was outside .

“Yes, An yiniang is living in An manor but Lan Ya is still living in the manor!” Lan Feng answered . She can sense the imposing aura emanating from young miss’s room . Lan Feng knew that was due to Ming wang . Seeing that her young miss was being pampered by such a man, Lan Feng felt happy from her heart .

Lan You Nian yawned . Perhaps due to drinking last night, or because she was made breathless by Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss, so Lan You Nian didn’t get enough sleep .

Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t sleep well last night either . He liked kissing Nian Nian but the one to suffer after the kiss was himself . Last night after kissing Nian Nian, he noticed his body was burning up . After putting Nian Nian to sleep, he went to take a cold bath . Because he wanted to be with Nian Nian, so he slept with Nian Nian on the same bed but Nian Nian who has drank alcohol always moved around a lot . Nor was he willing to let go of the girl in his arms . So the entire night, Feng Yi Xuan spent his time between taking cold baths and holding LAn You Nian, really painful and happy at the same time .

“Continue sleeping?” Feng Yi xuan’s voice contained tenderness and worry . Because he knew it was almost time for Nian Nian’s poison to activate this month . Feng Yi Xuan’s temper couldn’t be controlled during this time . Just thinking about Nian Nian being in pain, he wanted to kill people, hating he couldn’t hurt for her .

Lan You Nian said to Lan Feng, “I heard An manor is holding a banquet?”

“Yes, young miss, An manor’s Prime Minister An’s madame is holding a banquet!” Lan Feng answered . Because young miss wanted them to pay attention to An manor, so they were aware of An manor’s every single move .

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“An yiniang is probably feeling lonely in An manor . Send the housekeeper over!” Long thick lashes covered up Lan You Nian’s beautiful and cold eyes, pink lips curled up with a smile, “It’s time to find a father for my good sister! We can’t let her become a girl who doesn’t even know her own father!”

LAn Feng’s cold face smiled, “I understand!” Lan Feng left the pavilion . She was already dissatisfied with this An yiniang . If she wasn’t afraid of young miss getting angry, she would already have dealt with this woman . Now she can finally deal with her .

Seeing Lan Feng leave, Lan You Nian was still feeling sleepy . Seeing Feng Yi Xuan didn’t seem to sleep well either, Lan You Nian smiled, “Sleep together?”

“Okay!” Feng Yi Xuan can’t wait for sleep with Nian Nian . Putting the girl in his arms down, the two slept with their clothes on . Under the blankets, the man held tightly to the girl . The girl in his arms learned against the man’s chest sleeping peacefully .

When Lan You Nian woke up, she received An manor’s invitation . Because the other three countries’ crown prince and princess well as many young masters came to the exchange meeting, how can Prime Minister An let go of this opportunity? The one who sent out the invitation was Prime Minister An’s wife Qu shi, the invitation was written tactfully, only that Prime Minister’s madame wanted to invite everyone to come to Prime Minister Manor to drink tea .

But Prime Minister An manor relied on second wangye Feng Shao Chu . Feng Shao Chu should be trying to make good relationships with other countries and more clearly demonstrate his second wangye’s identity . More importantly, Bai Lian came to Feng country to form a peace marriage . Feng Shao Chu should be planning to marry Bai Lian . After all, to marry another country’s princess, it would be more a little more help .

“Nian Nian wants to go?” Feng Yi Xuan asked . His Ming wang manor also received an invitation . Whether or not the prime minister was willing, people he should invite he still needed to invite .

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“Go take a look?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew if she went Feng Yi Xuan will go too . However she still wanted to ask Feng Yi Xuan’s opinion . Otherwise, always making this man follow her, she felt bad for him .

“En, we go together?” Feng Yi Xuan asked . In fact, he had a little bit of selfish desire . Nian Nian has now revealed her real face so when seeing so many people coveting his Nian Nian, but no one knows that Nian Nian is his, Feng Yi Xuan wanted to declare his ownership in front of the world, blocking in front of Nian Nian .

Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan’s thoughts nor has Feng Yi Xuan hid his thoughts in front of her . Lan You Nian thought she and Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have much interaction in front of others . This probably made this man uncomfortable inside . But for her, not wanting to give her trouble, so always carefully protected her behind her back . Such a man, how can she not love?

“Good, let’s go together!” LAn You Nian nodded . Appearing in front of people’s sight with Feng Yi Xuan, many people will suspect their relationship . After all, Ming wang didn’t care for women . There has never been a woman beside him . It was difficult to make people not suspect, but so what?

Hearing LAn You Nian’s answer, Feng Yi Xuan’s lips curled . It was just a faint smile but on the handsome face coated it with a touch of softness .

When Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian came out of Lan manor and prepared to sit in Ming wang manor’s carriage, Feng Yi Xuan’s entire mood blackened . Who can tell him why his brother, his friends all came? How can he declare his ownership now?

Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An expressed they were innocent . They just had a good time drinking last night, today after receiving prime minister manor’s invitation, wondering if Lan You Nian will be going, if she’s going they must escort her, after all, the last time Lan You Nian went to An manor wasn’t a good memory .

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“En, what’s wrong?” Feng Xia Qi looked at his younger brother’s eyes seeming as if he hated he couldn’t kill him . He didn’t do anything ah! How did he provoke this demon?

Jing Wu An felt innocent too . Feng Yi Xuan’s cold air can’t be endured by normal people . In the past although Feng Yi Xuan was usually cold-tempered but his temper wasn’t so elusive . Are all those who fall in love so strange? But he and Liu Li aren’t like this ah!

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer but Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan was unhappy . On the rare chance they wanted to let others know about their relationship, now with Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An’s interferance, everyone will naturally think Lan manor was with fourth wangye’s faction, how can they think more than this?

Feng Yi Xuan helped Lan You Nian up Ming wang manor’s carriage . Although he wanted to carry Nian Nian up the carriage, he knew how rumors spread . He was willing to let Nian Nian suffer any grievances .

Following behind them up the carriage was Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An . Speaking of which, Feng Yi Xuan’s carriage only ever sat these few people . Lan You Nian was the first woman to sit in Ming wang manor’s carriage .

“Tsk tsk, A’Xuan ah, your carriage is the best in the capital, not like my fourth wangye manor’s carriage, so pitiful!” Feng Xia Qi looked at the decoration and making of the carriage, all of which were the best .

“If you’re not sitting then scram!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t give Feng Xia Qi any face . He was still in a bad mood .

Feng Xia Qi was sure that his young brother must be in a bad mood so Feng Xia Qi discreetly glanced at Lan You Nian, his eyes asking what’s wrong . But this glance made Feng Yi Xuan even more unhappy . In front of his face, he dared to make eyes at Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes squinted, a violent air formed around him, like god of death on the mortal plane . Following, the popping of bones echoed, as if he wanted to rip apart the one who dared to provoke his precious treasure .

Feng Xia Qi chuckled nervously, immediately sitting beside Jing Wu An, feeling stuffy inside . It was such hard work having such a brother .

Feng Yi xuan was used to being unbridled . In the past for the imperial family’s banquets, if he wanted to go, he will go, if he didn’t then he won’t even show his face, so today they already started off a little late so when the four of them arrived at prime minister’s manor, everyone were already there .

“Nian’er meimei!” Hua Mu Qing shouted from Lan Mo Xian’s side . She came with Lan Mo Xian, so were already there much earlier .

Today Lan You Nian didn’t wear a veil as she stood by Feng Yi Xuan’s side . The man’s posture was straight as a pine, his face as enchanting as a rose, with a noble air . The girl beside him wore white, petite and delicate, her facial features exquisite and beautiful with a cold and pure air . Everyone felt they were well-matched .

Lan You Nian smiled at Hua Mu Qing . Under the sunlight, the girl’s hand was soft, with creamy skin, a long white neck, and straight white teeth, smiling beautifully . It made many of the men present lose their souls .

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