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Chapter 142

142 I Love You

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The banquet ended . Everyone returned home in twos and threes… .

“Jian Jun ah!” Jing Leng came to Lan Jian Jun’s side, giving a brotherly greeting .

Lan Jian Jun didn’t feel unexpected . Their Lan manor and Jing manor had a good relationship . He and Jing Lin were friends . Because he has been fighting in the war for many years without coming back, they had a lot fewer interactions . But this friendship was still there .

“Marquis Jing!” Lan Jian Jun greeted gaily . Ever since he returned to the capital, he hasn’t had the chance to meet up with his friend!

“En, when are you going to let your family’s girl acknowledge her house?” Jing Lin said straightforwardly .

Lan Jian Jun was surprised, acknowledge house? What’s going on? Lan Jian Jun glanced at Lan You Nian who was walking beside him but noticed his daughter also looked confused .

“What does marquis mean?” Lan Jian Jun asked . Those officials who were walking behind Lan Jian Jun also perked their ears up .

“It’s like this, didn’t Wu An acknowledge your family’s girl as a little sister? So no matter what, she must go to marquis manor to acknowledge the house . Otherwise, my marquis manor’s young miss doesn’t even recognize her own home!” Jing Leng said . Originally, he didn’t know much about Lan You Nian . Most of it was obtained from the mouths of other people saying how smart this girl was and from seeing how much his son cared about this girl . Since the last time he drank Lan You Nian’s wine, Jing Leng has paid attention to Lan You Nian . He noticed this girl was truly lovable . Jing Leng genuinely wanted to acknowledge Lan You Nian as a daughter .

Speaking of which, Jing Leng as a marquis had a few wives and concubines, but he really liked his first wife, so he didn’t allow other women to give birth to his children . Now seeing such a lovable and smart girl, Jing Leng felt having such a daughter wasn’t bad .

Those officials who heard Jing Leng’s words gaped in shock at Lan You Nian . This Lan manor’s little legitimate daughter, not only did she have General Lan and Tutor He’s love, even fourth wangye, and Ming wang looked after her, junzhu even called her little sister, now even Marquis Jing has expressed his attitude . In Feng country, probably no woman had such a strong backing as Lan You Nian . Even the princesses did not have so many people’s protection .

“This…” Lan Jian Jun looked at his daughter . From inside, Lan Jian Jun didn’t want his daughter to acknowledge other people as godfather . His own daughter he hasn’t pampered enough, how can he let others steal her away?

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Lan You Nian saw Jing Leng’s eyes weren’t scheming anything . He really wanted to acknowledge her as a daughter . But Lan You Nian thought it was best to bypass this matter because she already saw Lan Jian Jun’s veins pop on his neck . He probably didn’t want someone to be her godfather before their father and daughter relationship has become closer .

Lan You Nian walked over to Jing Leng, cleverly like a real teenage girl, “Thanks for Uncle Jing’s affection, Nian’er recently made a new kind of grape wine, it is very good for the body . Afterward, I will have Brother Wu An bring over some . ”

“Really?” Jing Leng asked . Due to his body, the imperial physician told him he can’t drink wine, but he was a person who loved wine like his own life . He’s been sober for many years that he almost couldn’t bear it anymore . The last time he tasted Lan You Nian’s wine, he still licked his lips for a long time afterward . But he a marquis how can he ask a junior for something?

“Of course it’s true!” Lan You Nian said .

“Good good! I will let Wu An go to Lan manor for a visit!” Jing Leng said . Jing Leng knew Lan You Nian was shifting the topic, so he followed Lan You Nian’s topic . He really admired Lan Jian Jun for having such a daughter ah!

Lan Jian Jun wanted to ask, is it to visit or ask for wine?

Lan Jian Jun didn’t think Jing Leng will say this, but still nodded, “En, okay!”

Meanwhile, Jing Wu An who was following behind Jing Leng was helpless to say anything . How did his usually serious father become so benevolent looking in front of Nian’er meimei? He didn’t have the vexation he treated him with . Really, Nian’er meimei is simply too lovable .

As soon as Feng Yi Xuan returned to the manor, he noticed An Yi and the others waiting outside the study with wretched appearances .

Feng Yi Xuan frowned, “What?” Inside, he thought if Nian Nian has returned to the manor, he must hurry to get his business taken care of to accompany Nian Nian .

An Yi stepped forward, obviously asking for credit as he said, “Master, Miss Lan sent over a jar of wine . I heard from Lan Ren that Miss Lan especially made it for master . There is only one in the world!”

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Sure enough, Feng Yi Xuan exuded warmth after hearing this, his thin lips slightly upturned, even his eyes were filled with smiles . When he knew Nian Nian was brewing wine, he was a little jealous because that not only was it for him, it was also for other people to taste . But Feng Yi Xuan didn’t expect Nian Nian to considerately make him a special wine . Thinking of Nian Nian’s care towards him, Feng Yi Xuan felt there was nothing that can make him happier .

Walking into the study, there was indeed a jar of wine on the table . If at any other time, someone dared to put wine in his study, then Feng Yi Xuan will make suffer some flesh pains . But now Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t bear to drink, thinking that is was specially made by Nian Nian, so he was reluctant .

Feng Yi Xuan placed the wine in the hidden space in the study . In the past, the state secret documents were placed inside, but now it was just for a jar of wine .

Meanwhile, An Yi and the others who were waiting outside were staring pitifully into the room . Why was it like this? That was because when Lan Ren sent over the wine, he gave each of them the wine Lan You Nian prepared for the shadow guards . Although it can’t compare to the wine made especially for Feng Yi Xuan, it is a good wine that can’t be bought with money . So, An Yi and the others didn’t drink because it was day time but simply opening it and smelling it, it made the group of shadow guards drool . They especially want to steal the wine that was in master’s study but who had these guts?

Feng Yi Xuan put away the wine then flew over to Lan manor . An Yi and An Si who had the honor of following nearly skipped in pursuit .

Lan You Nian sat in You Nian Pavilion’s garden, looking at all the people who came uninvited . Feng Yi Xuan, she can understand . He seemed to come here every night punctually, but Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, Lan Mo Xian, Hua Mu Qing, and even He Chu Yang also came .

“You guys, this is?” Lan You Nin asked, but in fact, she knew they were coveting the wine . Lan You Nian felt it was fortunate that she already sent some wine to her senior brothers and shifu, even brewed a different kind of wine for Feng Yi Xuan, otherwise based on the attitude of these people, she’s afraid her wine isn’t enough .

“Father asked me to come, Nian’er meimei agreed to father to take some wine!” Jing Wu An rushed to be the first to speak .

“Then you guys?” Lan You Nian asked deliberately however she was happy to have so many friends .

“Freeload a drink!” Feng Xia Qi didn’t put on his air of a wangye, “Nian’er meimei, you don’t know, ever since I heard your wine, the wine in the palace can’t be stomached!”

After Feng Xia Qi finished, everyone nodded in agreement then looked at Lan You Nian, the meaning was obvious, bring out the wine!

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“What about you?” Lan You Nian asked Feng Yi Xuan who has been watching her all this time, other people came for the wine, did he come for the person?

“Missed you!” Feng Yi Xuan admitted . He didn’t know why but he always missed Nian Nian, hating he couldn’t keep her at his side all the time .

Lan You Nian had a rare blush on her face . Feng Yi Xuan saying words of love in such a deadly serious matter and it was in front of so many people, even if Lan You Nian was calm, she felt somewhat shy . But fortunately, Lan Qu and Lan Wu brought out the wine, solving Lan You Nian’s problem of shyness .

“IS this the grape wine?” Yu Liu Li looked at the red wine in his cup curiously .

“En, made with grapes!” Lan You Nian nodded .

“Indeed, delicious!” Hua Mu Qing praised . This was the voice in everyone’s heart .

Under the moonlight, a group of young men and women sat on the ground, gazing up at the stars in the sky, laughing and playing, becoming the most beautiful scenery .

“Brother” Lan You Nian called out to Lan Mo Xian who was ready to leave, “Give this to General Lan!” Lan You Nian handed over a jar of wine to Lan Mo Xian . She felt Lan Jian Jun was becoming a better father, she wanted to try to accept such a father .

“Good! Good!” Lan Mo Xian grabbed the wine and happily left with Hua Mu Qing . He knew tonight father will be very happy .

After all the people left, Lan You Nian felt a little dizzy . Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian into the pavilion . Seeing this, Lan Wu and Lan Qu knew there wasn’t anything left for them to do . There was no need for them to serve .

Lan You Nian was in a daze from drinking, so she was particularly obedient . Feng Yi Xuan got hot water to wash Lan You Nian’s face, wiping her cheeks, hands, and other parts, his eyes were full of tenderness for Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian drowsily prepared to fall down and sleep, because of having such a man beside her, she can peacefully fall asleep .

Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian, rubbing Lan You Nian’s slightly cold hands and feet . Thinking about of the poison on Nian Nian’s body, his eyes flashed with gloominess . Arranging Lan You Nian on the bed, within moments, he carried a basin of hot water .

Carefully removing Lan You Nian’s footwear, revealing the white as tiny jade feet that weren’t as big as his hand, every toe was lovely like a small shell, Feng Yi Xuan liked it very much .

Placing Lan You Nian’s little feet in the water, Feng Yi Xuan thought of the techniques written in the medical books, silently pinched Lan You Nian’s small feet . Because Lan You Nian was afraid of the cold, Feng Yi Xuan always paid attention to these . He knew those afraid of cold should soak their feet at night, so Feng Yi Xuan had no scruples massaging a woman’s feet .

Lan You Nian dazedly stared at this cold kingly man squatting by the bed carefully massaging her small feet, the pampering in his eyes didn’t seem to change . For some reason, a single tear slipped out of Lan You Nian’s eyes .

Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan who was soaking Lan You Nian’s feet was panicked, “Nian Nian, what’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

Lan You Nian carefully looked over the man in front of her, smiling sweetly, her smile was the snow lotus bathing in the sun after the snow had melted from the mountain top, clear and pure, splendid and holy .

“Xuan, I love you!” Lan You Nian’s voice was soft as a feather scratching your heart .

Feng Yi Xuan grinned in joy, the sexy lips couldn’t wait to kiss Lan You Nian’s pink lips . After a moment of biting, gently opened Lan You Nian’s teeth, his tongue turned around in Lan You Nian’s mouth, instantly entangling with Lan You Nian’s fragrant tongue .

“Nian Nian, I love you, more than you possibly know!”

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