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Chapter 141: 141

141 Real Face Exposed

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A wave of gasps echoed in the grand hall…

Everyone’s eyes were locked on the girl who stood in the middle of the grand hall . People like to use flowers to describe beauty yet searching far and wide, they can’t find a single flower to describe the girl named Lan You Nian . Probably because the love was too deep, with a lack of words, turning a thousand times, they only saw her standing majestically, eyes bright, yet no words to express their praise escaped their mouths . The harder it was to speak, the deeper the feelings, most likely…

Everyone gaped at Lan You Nian who no longer had a veil hiding her face . Her beauty wasn’t the seductive kind of beauty . Instead, it was an elegant and ethereal kind of beauty . The petite, flawless face that was the size of a palm, fragile skin, a pair of watery eyes that were the most radiant stars in the sky, yet usually cold as if without human emotions and warmth .

Her willow eyebrows curved like a crescent with a touch of coldness and indifference . A small cherry mouth glistened with a hint of pink like a silent temptation . The peerless facial features were led by the perfect facial lines to the sharp chin . The white skin was almost transparent, making people can’t help but want to reach out for a touch . Silky black hair casually fluttered at her waist, a slender figure, a slim waist, moving the hearts of all those watching . Three thousand strands of black hair was lifted up into a hairstyle, the rest hung around the neck, foiling the slender white neck . If it was really “Glancing back with a coquettish smile, the beauties of the six palaces lose all their color . ” Lan You Nian looked at the veil that was ripped off by Yue Qian Ling and felt angry . The face she has hidden for so long will be revealed to the public now .

At the same time, Feng Yi Xuan was equally furious . Nian Nian who hasn’t revealed her face was already eye-catching enough, but now Nian Nian made people even more unable to tear their eyes away . Eyeing all the besotted gazes of the people in the grand hall, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes squinted, a dark aura exploded around him .

Because of the suffocating aura around Feng Yi Xuan, everyone returned to their senses . They all thought Lan You Nian’s face was disfigured . There were even rumors that said Lan You Nian’s face was like a ghost . Now they only want to shout, have you seen such a beautiful ghost? How is this a ghost, it’s clearly a celestial being okay!


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Yue Qian Ling ripped off Lan You Nian’s veil while people weren’t paying attention . She thought she would hear people spurning Lan You Nian, but the grand hall was unexpectedly quiet . When she looked back, Yue Qian Ling wanted to choke Lan You Nian . How can she be so beautiful? How can this be?

When Emperor Feng Xuan saw Yue Qian Ling ripping off the veil on Lan You Nian’s cheeks, he was quite worried . After all, if this Lan girl suffered grievances in the grand hall, seeing how much his sixth son loved this girl, he’s afraid there will be blood spilled in the grand hall today . But when he saw Lan manor’s girl having such a beautiful face, and his son didn’t look surprised at all, Emperor Feng Xuan can only admire his son for spotting a pearl .

When Yue Qian Lin tore off Lan You Nian’s veil, Hua Xiu Yi was slightly worried . He didn’t know why he was concerned . He just didn’t want that girl who was so interesting to be humiliated by everyone . But he didn’t expect Lan You Nian to have such a beautiful face . He has seen plenty of beauties, even the so-called number one beauties of every country, he has seen, but no woman was as beautiful as Lan You Nian, like a celestial fairy . Hua Xiu Yi, seeing Lan You Nian’s calm appearance, couldn’t help doubt, don’t all women love to show off their beauty? Which one of the women beside him don’t dress up all day long, as if afraid others don’t know they’re beautiful . Yet this girl being born with such a beauty hid herself, bearing the stigma of a disfigured girl nor did she explain, honestly…

Meanwhile, Yue Bai Lian was gaping at the girl in the middle of the grand hall . Those eyes, that posture, it all belongs to the mater she has been missing . No wonder she felt this girl felt familiar . It turns out master’s identity is Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, the capital’s famous Miss Miao Yin! Right, in this world, besides her master, who would have such talent? At first, when she received master’s news saying they will meet, she finally understands master’s meaning . They finally met, only she didn’t recognize her! However, Bai Lian thought of her identity, she has never resented anything, but how much did she wish to be born male . That way, can she compete? But, Bai Lian looked at Lan You Nian who simply stood there, even if her feelings can’t bloom and bear fruit, she will always protect master as always .

“How is this possible?” Yue Qian Ling stared unbelievably at Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian’s talents already awed people and now for her appearance to be so refined, it made the women present envy and men admire .

“Mother!” Lan Ya grasped An yiniang’s hand . They didn’t think that the Lan You Nian who was ridiculed by them had such a beautiful face . Lan Ya even felt she couldn’t compare with Lan You Nian . Why must she be better than her at everything? Even the face she thought was ugly was better than hers? Lan Ya’s gaze on Lan You Nian flashed with malice .

Lan You Nian didn’t pay attention to other people’s surprise and awe . Instead, she elegantly returned to her seat .

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“Nian’er meimei, look, I just know everyone will react like this!” Hua Mu Qing declared with pride . Although she herself was a woman and wasn’t as beautiful as Lan You Nian, she didn’t have a trace of envy in her heart . Instead, she was happy for Lan You Nian . Finally, she wouldn’t have to wear a veil all day suffering the sympathy of other people .

“How do you know?” Lan Mo Xian seeing everyone’s gaze was proud, his little sister was indeed the best, how can other people compare!

“Hee!” Hua Mu Qing laughed, then looked at Lan Mo Xian, “Because we were the same!”

Lan Mo Xian thought back to the time when they saw his little sister’s face, they were equally awed, being enthralled by such a beautiful face . Wasn’t it the same as the people in the grand hall? However, Lan Mo Xian’s eyes flashed with worry . He also saw many people’s envy .

Yue Qian Ling slumped back in her seat, her hands gripping the table, her bones protruded, skin pale . Even the blue veins on the back of her hands popped out . Her eyes burned with a raging sinister fire . Hate, hating Lan You Nian’s face, hating Lan You Nian’s entire person . It seems wherever Lan You Nian was, she will always lose face .

“Miss Lan’s face is clearly fine, why do you say your face is disfigured? This is the heavy crime of deceiving the monarch!” Feng Yi Shuang said . Feng Yi Shuang didn’t think about that this was the exchange meeting between four countries, forgetting that she is Feng country’s person . She simply can’t stand to see others better than her, forgetting her identity as a princess .

The people of Feng frowned . Usually, this second princess is a girl who shows a great sense of propriety, how can she observe the situation? Has the death of Noble Consort Lin left second princess without anyone to teach her? Even Emperor Feng Xuan looked down at Feng Yi Shuang with displeasure .

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“Second imperial sister, is that true? Maybe there’s some kind of misunderstanding?” Third princess Feng Guan Lian said innocently with a hint of anxiousness .

Sometimes Lan You Nian felt that speaking with these airheads who can’t see the situation they’re in is a miserable thing . Are they slapping the face of their own country? Didn’t they see Emperor Feng Xuan’s ugly expression?

“This heir doesn’t remember Nian’er meimei saying her face is disfigured . Where did second princess hear this?” Jing Wu An demanded . Want to lay the crime of deceiving the monarch on Nian’er meimei’s head? She didn’t say anything so how can it count as deceiving the monarch?

“Don’t know who spread the rumors that Nian’er meimei’s face is disfigured, Nian’er meimei is open-minded and doesn’t let it affect her, why do some people just keep clinging onto this matter?” He Chu Yang also jeered .

Everyone heard this, that’s right, from the beginning to the end, Lan You Nian didn’t say her face was disfigured . They all listened to those rumors, so they believed that she was . Now they thought they were really stupid, how can they believe in rumors?

“Then why does this Lan manor’s third miss wear a veil? Why not explain it?” Yue Qian Ling looked at Lan You Nian hatefully .

Lan You Nian had yet to stand up to speak when Lan Jian Jun stood up, “This general told daughter to not easily show her face in public when she was younger . I didn’t expect daughter to remember all these years!” With Lan Jian Jun’s words, Lan You Nian was given the label of a filial daughter .

Lan You Nian looked at Lan Jian Jun . She really didn’t expect that such an honest Lan Jian Jun to dare to lie in front of the Emperor . Lan You Nian felt that having such a father was quite good .

“Then why don’t you explain? Isn’t that strange Lan third miss?” Yue Qian Ling clung to Lan You Nian’s mistake . She must let Lan You Nian’s reputation be damaged .

However, Yue Qian Ling doesn’t know, Lan You Nian didn’t care about a meaningless reputation . What does it matter if her reputation was good or bad?

“Those who believe me, there’s no need to explain, those who don’t believe me, why explain…” Lan You Nian’s clear voice answered . It gave people a more profound admiration . Who would have such breadth of mind and spirit? Lan You Nian has! This girl who has not yet come of age has!

“Today the dance house arranged some exquisite dances, especially to welcome each countries’ representatives,” Emperor Feng Xuan announced, “Although it can’t compare to Lan girl’s, it is enough for everyone to appreciate!”

“Yes!” After everyone agreed, they saw a group of dancers wearing palace uniform dancing . Because of Lan You Nian’s previous beautiful dance, everyone was simply giving some face by appreciating without the usual praise .

“Brother, how many days will this exchange meeting last?” Lan You Nian asked curiously . Although she can gather this information herself, it was more convenient to ask .

“This meeting will be held for 4-5 days . Those days we will have to attend . But each countries’ representative will have to stay in the capital for a month, as the sincerity of each country!” Lan Mo Xian said . Although he hasn’t been in the capital for many years, the basic things as the legitimate son of Lan manor, he knew .

“Oh!” Lan You Nian nodded . She thought to deal with Yue Qian Ling as quick as possible, but if there was still so much time, then there was no need to rush .

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