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Chapter 137: 137

137 Investigation

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“What have you found?” Hua Xiu Yi laid on his side on the large bed, asking the guard standing beside the bed .

“Ming wang doesn’t show himself in the capital frequently, but the strange thing is that Ming wang has a close relationship with General manor!” the guard reported the results of the investigation . Before, although they paid attention to this Ming wang due to being far away, the news isn’t well-informed .

“General manor?” Hua Xiu Yi red lips curled upwards . Although he knew the imperial family of Feng already started to fight for the throne, he understood Feng Yi Xuan . This person wasn’t the type to suffer just for military power . Then what is the reason for him being so close to General manor?

“What people are in General manor?” Hua Xiu Yi asked .

The guard thought for a moment, “Speaking of General manor has a legitimate third miss who General Lan pampers, this girl not only is Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, she is also Miss Miao Yin who astounded the word!”

“Miss Miao Yin?” Hua Xiu Yi sat up . Although he was far away in Hua country, he has heard of Miss Miao Yin’s good name . He didn’t expect the women who can make such beautiful songs was Lan manor’s legitimate daughter .

“Gather information on this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter and give it to me!” Hua Xiu Yi said . He felt that Feng Yi Xuan had such a close relationship with the General had something to do with this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter .

When the guard handed over the information about Lan You Nian, Hua Xiu Yi carefully looked over it, his eyes flashed with an unclear light . He was not very interested in this Lan manor’s Lan You Nian . A child who was bafflingly discarded can live, not to mention achieved such a good name, much less obtained Feng country’s young master’s favor and be regarded as a little sister, this women must not be underestimated .

Hua Xiu Yi found this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter more and more interesting . It seemed every time she encountered a disaster, every time she can turn it around . Yet this woman was an ugly woman . Hua Xiu Yi felt he has seen many beautiful women . In his harem the concubines were numerous, but he has never seen an ugly woman… .

At this time, Lan You Nian didn’t know there was someone interested in her . Currently, she was at Xiao Jin Pavilion’s third floor .

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“Little junior sister, this is Bai Lian’s letter for you!” Gui San handed the letter in his hands to Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian looked at the letter in her hands, there wasn’t anything besides that she Bai Lian entered the capital and is now living in the outside palace, asking if she can see her . Her words still considered her as master, there were no changes due to her restored identity as a princess .

“Little junior sister, it seems Bai Lian is still in love with little junior sister!” Gui San looked at the letter in Lan You Nian’s hands, “Tsk tsk, Xiao Jin Pavilion has such a handsome young master like me, how did she fall in love with you a fake young master?”

Lan You Nian felt a headache . If it were someone else who made her unhappy, she would think of a way to send them away, but Bai Lian was different . This woman was to Lan You Nian’s taste . This Bai Lian’s feelings were concealed and sincere . Even she a woman was unable to say anything cruel .

“Let time slowly fade away the feelings in her heart!” Lan You Nian burned the letter .

“Do you want Bai Lian to come here to see each other?” Gui San asked . Bai Lian’s letter in the end simply wanted to see Lan You Nian . They knew Bai Lian will become a princess who will marry to connect the two countries . Bai Lian was probably afraid she will never see little junior sister again .

“No!” Lan You Nian shook her head, “Now all countries are gathering in the capital . Although bai Lian is only a princess, it doesn’t mean other people aren’t watching her . If people knew she has a relationship with Wu Qing Pavilion’s business, not only will our Wu Qing Pavilion will have trouble, she wouldn’t have a good end!”

“Ai, it seems bai Lian will be depressed again!” Gui San looked at the account book in his hand sighing with emotion .

Lan You Nian ignored Gui San, picking up the paper and brush and started to write . Although she won’t go see Bai Lian, nor will she let Bai Lian come to Xiao Jin Pavilion to see her, but she will write a letter to tell her to be careful . It was best to not have any contact .

“Little junior sister is writing a letter to Bai Lian?” Gui San sat beside Lan You Nian, looking over the analysis Lan You Nian had written in the letter . He felt his little junior sister, although admired Bai Lian her cautious thoughts have not changed at all .

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“Oh? What does this last sentence we will meet each other again mean?” Gui San asked, then thought, “Oh right, tomorrow night’s banquet won’t you be attending? Won’t you see each other? Bai Lian probably wouldn’t recognize you!”

Lan You Nian sent out the letter then considered tomorrow’s banquet… .

Once Lan You Nian returned to You Nian PAvilion, she noticed Lan Ren and Lan Feng have returned . The two have thinned down, but when they saw Lan You Nian, their eyes flashed with a smile .

“Young miss!” The two exclaimed in joy . Most of the time, they were taking care of the affairs of Wu Qing Pavilion . They were busy all the time, but every time they returned to young miss’s side, it felt like returning home . This girl gave them a warm home .

“En!” Lan You Nian smiled nodding . Several of her senior brothers have gone back . Lan Ren and Lan Feng must have a lot easier now . In this time, the capital won’t be very stable . Letting them come back, she will be a little more at ease .

Thinking of this, to An San who already considered herself a part of You Nian Pavilion, “I have people I can use now, you can go back!”

During this time, An San did a good job . She got along quite well with Lan Wu and Lan Wu . The several people have become friends . Although Lan You Nian seemed like someone you can’t easily get close to, she treated her quite well . Lan You Nian was respectful towards everyone . An San now stood tall with her head held high in front of An Yi and the others .

“Miss Lan” An San pitifully said, “Where has this subordinate done something wrong? Miss Lan can’t chase this subordinate away…”

Lan Wu and Lan Qu giggled at the side, but it was rare they didn’t chime in . They knew their young miss had her own considerations . Although they liked An San, they knew who their master was . And in the end, An San was Ming wang’s people, not young miss’s .

“You did very well, but my shadow guards are back, you should go back!” Lan You Nian said . She was satisfied with An San, but she knew Feng Yi Xuan had his own use for An San .

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An San nodded then grasped Lan You Nian’s arm, “If Miss Lan doesn’t have enough helpers in the future, you must have master send this subordinate over!”

“Alright!” Lan You Nian promised .

An San looked at You Nian Pavilion . Although she hasn’t been with Miss Lan for long, there was an inexplicable temperament on this girl who made others feel comfortable . No wonder master will love such a girl . Probably anyone will like such a woman .

“Young miss” Lan Qu poured a cup of tea for Lan You Nian, “An yiniang has made a move!”

“An yiniang?” Lan You Nian was a little surprised . Ever since last time Lan Yin’s matter happened, An yiniang was like an invisible person in Lan manor . Even Lan Ya kept to herself . Everyone now knows An yiniang made Lan Jian Jun wear a green hat (idiom: cheated on him/slept with another) . In everyone’s eyes, Lan Ya wasn’t General Lan’s child, so the two no longer had any friends to make .

Lan You Nian because recently staying with Feng Yi Xuan a while and being taken care of by Feng Yi Xuan, so she never dealt with An yiniang . What a restless person, even now she wants to make a comeback?

“An yiniang recently enters the palace often . At the exchange banquet as well as tomorrow night’s banquet, An yiniang and Lan Ya will be attending!” Lan Qu said . They knew that An yiniang was probably going to come up with some wicked idea .

An yiniang no matter what, she was only a yiniang so for the general banquets because Lan manor doesn’t have a female master, she can attend but such an important banquet a yiniang cannot attend . It seems An yiniang has been making a lot of effort to ingratiate herself with the Empress .

“Young miss, kill directly?” Lan Feng asked . She had always wanted to do this .

Lan You Nian shook her head, “No need, she won’t live too long!”

It came time for the dinner banquet . Lan You Nian rode the same carriage as Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing .

The palace where the banquet was being held, the arches were interlaced, yellow tiles covered the top, like a golden temple . In front there were ten stone pillars, on each stone pillar was engraved with two dragons, one on top and the one on the bottom . They coiled upwards, mounting the clouds and riding the mist, swimming towards the middle . In the middle, there was a gemstone, surrounded by some flames . The floor was covered with patterned rugs . In the corners of the banquet stood rows and rows of palace maids . On the side, a long table was lined with fruits and snacks on silver plates . The fruits were the freshest . Just looking at them made you want to have a taste . In one of the corners sat the orchestra . Everyone immersed themselves in this music that was woven from the heart .

Lan You Nian walked into the banquet, sat down and noticed Feng Yi Xuan . Beautiful eyes, nose, lips, there was no place that wasn’t a beautiful piece of artwork . Long and thick eyelashes, like the wings of a black butterfly, and black eyes . His posture straight, like a dragon, noble and handsome, he can indeed be considered the world’s most beautiful man .

Feng Yi Xuan noticed Lan You Nian was perusing over him, his eyes flashed with a smile . This morning they ate breakfast together, but Feng Yi Xuan missed her already . The moment they separated, he will miss her .

After a while, the Emperor and Empress came to the banquet hall . The Empress made a mistake some time ago, but the Empress must come today on such an occasion . It gave the Empress a chance to turn things around .

Emperor Feng Xuan sat in the highest position, with handsome features, when he was young, he was obviously a beautiful man . Although in his middle age, the same charm was gone, there was a maturity due to age . His gaze on the subjects below was keen .

An yiniang also attended the banquet . She wasn’t sitting where Lan manor was at but An manor’s place . Although An yiniang made an effort to dress up she has aged as well as the many things that happened recently, she seemed a lot older .

Sitting beside An yiniang was Lan Ya who was dressed up very well . She wore a lilac hundred pleated skirt, with a snow white gauze outer coat . Her skin was white, her eyes round and bright, little nose little mouth, with attractive features, no matter how you look at her, she had a lovable appearance .

“Announcing each countries’ representative to enter!” Emperor Feng Xuan’s solemn voice sounded in the palace hall .

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