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Chapter 134

134 Exposed

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“Announcing His Majesty!” a ringing voice spread throughout the banquet . Lan You Nian really couldn’t stand this high voice, this voice was too sharp and harsh .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian frowning so when the Emperor stepped into the palace hall, he noticed his sixth son coldly looking at the eunuch beside him . His eyes filled with killing intent, wishing to kill his eunuch on the spot .

The Emperor was confused . He didn’t understand what’s wrong with this son who didn’t act according to convention . However, now wasn’t the right time to ask these things, so he adjusted his expression and said to the crowd, “My beloved subjects rise!”

Because it was an ordinary banquet, it wasn’t necessary to perform the rites of bowing . The usual etiquette Lan You Nian was able to accept . It seems she must find a way to not have to perform the rites of bowing just like Feng Yi Xuan . Otherwise, if there were going to be some major banquet in the future, she would exhaust herself .

Emperor Feng Xuan assessed the people at the banquet then glanced at the two sons he cared for most . He noticed his sixth son, although on the surface you can’t detect anything, those pair of eyes were focused on Lan manor’s third daughter . Those eyes were full of deep affection .

The Emperor sighed in his heart . His son really was infatuated .

“Today, I let my beloved subjects come to see the paintings left behind by our ancestors, also let everyone share their own knowledge . My Feng country’s talents are many, today you can learn a little!” The Emperor looked at his own subjects, Feng country can be said to be developing very well now . Emperor Feng Xuan was very satisfied with this result .

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Xuan . In certain respects, Feng Xuan was a good Emperor . He was not extravagant, nor did he have a suspicious frame of mind of many Emperor, diligent and loving the people as well as having the resolve of a ruler . Feng country is so peaceful is all thanks to Feng Xuan’s good governance .

The Emperor looked over the layout of the entire banquet and nodded with satisfaction, towards the Empress sitting beside him, “This banquet is done well, Empress has worked hard!”

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The Empress solemnly smiled, “This is chenqie’s duty!”

This is the way the husband and wife interact with each other in the imperial palace, can’t even be considered respecting each other as guests . Because of Emperor Feng Xuan’s praise, the Empress’s eyes were cold . Lan You Nian saw this situation and couldn’t help sigh . Feng Yi Xuan growing up in this kind of environment probably has chilled his heart .

The eunuchs in the palace took down the black cloth, appearing in everyone eyes were one priceless calligraphy and painting after another .

Most of the people present were rather talented . Towards these famous paintings that one rarely ever got to see, everyone was envious, each one of them walked over to the paintings to pay their respects to those paintings .

For those who liked these things, for example, Tutor He was continually giving praise to the wisdom of their ancestors . Lan You Nian followed Lan Jian Jun to stand in front of a painting of a magnificent steed . Lan You Nian had to admit that this forged paintings really can almost be the real deal, but…

Lan You Nian noticed some ministers already had some suspicions . Some of these paintings were from their manor, some slight differences made them have doubts . But looking at the Emperor and Empress, no one dared to question . This matter was quite big, many people didn’t dare to doubt the Emperor who controlled life and death just because of some doubts in their hearts . Although their heart ached for the lost painting, it wasn’t worth their life .

Lan You Nian went to Tutor He’s side unnoticed . Tutor He who was frowning as he observed the calligraphy and paintings when he saw Lan You Nian, his mood became a lot better, and couldn’t help ask, “Grandfather always hears others praise your talents, it’s good to see more today!”

Tutor He although felt women without talent are virtuous, if it fell on his own granddaughter, Tutor He only felt proud . Even when he was playing chess with the Emperor hearing the Empress’s praise, although he was modest with his words, but was happy inside .

Lan You Nian nodded cleverly, then saw Tutor He notice something inappropriate about the paintings and was going to report this to the Emperor, Lan You Nian suddenly like a cute child took Tutor He’s arm, innocently said, “Is grandfather is good health today?”

Although Tutor He noticed the problems with the paintings and wanted to report to the Emperor, he was of an upright personality, but seeing the granddaughter he’s been searching for so many years showing concern for this old man, more or less, he was delighted inside, “Grandfather’s old bones are still tough . You, come to He manor to see your grandfather more often!”

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Although it was an appreciation banquet, those who truly appreciated were only a few . Many were talking about other things or earning favor with other officials, so there wasn’t anything wrong with Tutor He and Lan You Nian’s conversation . Many people felt Lan You Nian was well-behaved and sensible .

“Okay, grandfather can’t disdain Nian’er for being chatty!” Lan You Nian acted spoiled .

“You, naughty girl!” Tutor He smiled benevolently at Lan You Nian . This made many people see this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter not only was favored in Lan manor but was probably favored in He manor as well .

Lan You Nian purposely talked with Tutor He . Even to expose these paintings are fake, she can’t let her own grandfather do it because isn’t there already someone?

Noble Consort Lin purposely pretended to be an expert as she carefully looked over the paintings, she deliberately stood beside a rather gifted minister .

“Oh? Isn’t this the previous ancient painting? Why is this paper so new?” Noble Consort Lin said deliberately, her surprised voice was loud, so many people heard it .

Without anyone to remind them, they wouldn’t think of it, but now Noble Consort Lin reminded them, many people noticed problems . These paintings all have an aesthetic feel, but ancient paintings used paper that was from decades or centuries ago . How would it look so new?

Those ministers who knew a little more because someone started it so started discussing it, carefully observing the paintings . They all noticed these things were fake .

The Empress when she heard Noble Consort Lin’s words, her heart stuttered . She didn’t expect the first to notice was Noble Consort Lin, this woman who only knew to compete for favor but without any talent .

With the discussion below, how can the Emperor not be aware of it and asked, “’ What’s wrong?”

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Tutor He was prepared to say something, but Lan You Nian held onto her grandfather making him unable to move . Tutor He didn’t expect his granddaughter to have such strength and looked at Lan You Nian with confusion but noticed Lan You Nian gently shook her head .

Tutor He was stunned . He wasn’t an ignorant old man for he’s taught several emperors . Carefully looking at his granddaughter, he noticed Lan You Nian’s deep coldness in her eyes . Tutor He stiffened for a moment but didn’t say anything .

Lan You Nian saw her grandfather didn’t say anything and was relieved inside . She was afraid this upright grandfather of hers will disregard everything to expose the Empress’s plan, then Noble Consort Lin won’t have a use anymore .

Noble Consort Lin went towards the Emperor and curtsied to him, “Answering Your Majesty, it’s because these paintings have some problems, the ministers are all discussing that these aren’t the original!”

The Empress glared at Noble Consort Lin, but Noble Consort Lin not only didn’t she back down, instead returned with a provocative look . She no longer had a son, so what was she afraid of?

The Empress saw Noble Consort Lin’s provocative eyes and knew Noble Consort Lin did this purposefully, but how did Noble Consort Lin know? No matter what, this Noble Consort Lin dared to do this, then she should be prepared to suffer her revenge!

“Tutor He, take a look!” The Emperor was taken aback, but he was the Emperor so he wouldn’t listen to a consort’s words . Instead, he looked for his teacher Tutor He . Tutor He’s talents were recognized by everyone, so it was fair .

Lan You Nian let go of the hand on Tutor He . She knew this time was when her grandfather should be upright . Even if grandfather revealed the matter, the Empress’s faction wouldn’t blame this on He manor . As for the culprit, the Empress probably already had Noble Consort Lin on mind .

Tutor He walked over to several paintings and studied them with several aged ministers, then Tutor He said, “Answering Your Majesty, these paintings are indeed fake!”

This was a slap in the face to everyone . It was just suspicion, but after some discussion with many of the ministers, it was now fact . The paintings that the ministers have appreciated are all fakes, isn’t this a joke? Those houses who had offered their own calligraphy and paintings had bitterness they couldn’t speak . They never expected that every year the paintings will return to their manor in perfect condition, but now these have all become fakes .

“Empress, you tell me what’s going on?” The Emperor scolded the Empress, his tone harsh .

The Empress slowly stood up, her bearing of an Empress didn’t change, “Answering your Majesty, it’s chenqie’s fault!” The Empress knew the matter couldn’t be concealed anymore, the more she concealed, the angrier the Emperor will be, in the end, it would be out of control .

Everyone heard the Empress say these words and knew these were indeed all fake . Thinking that they have been appreciating fakes all along, many were dissatisfied inside . They felt an Empress used fakes to deceive the courtiers weren’t the actions of an Empress .

“Empress ah Empress, zhen gave you this appreciation banquet for you to do, is this the result of your work? Use these fakes to fool zhen?” The Emperor walked over to a painting, suddenly knocked over that painting, “Do you not want to be the Empress anymore?”

As soon as these words came out, not only was the Empress shocked, many people wondered at the Emperor’s meaning . Did he want to depose the Empress?

The Empress knelt on the ground, “Please ask the Emperor to investigate justly, chenqie didn’t deliberately counterfeit . The real paintings were snuck out of the palace a few days ago by an unknown person . Chenqie didn’t know what to do, so mad this stupid move!”

The Empress, although she couldn’t shirk responsibility, her actions were justifiable .

But how can Feng Xia Qi and the others let her easily pass like this? Of course not?

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