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Chapter 132

132 The Plan

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When night came, the entire imperial palace was enveloped in darkness . Guards patrolled back and forth . The palace maids and eunuchs going back and forth did not stop .

An Yi and An Si in black attire integrated into the night, quietly sneaking into the Empress’s side palace . Several guards were patrolling this side palace, but these people didn’t notice An Yi and An Si . The two entered the side palace without making a sound .

In the side palace, there were many precious and high-value famous calligraphy and paintings on display . An Yi and An Si’s eyes flashed with interest . If this matter was handled by their master, he would probably have it burned to the ground, but with Miss Lan, she thought of a wicked idea to torment the Empress .

The two carefully placed the calligraphy and paintings into their previously prepared bags . After all, Miss Lan gave the orders . They didn’t dare to break anything . To grow a face in front of Miss Lan will depend on the efficiency of their work!

The two like real bandits ransacked all the ancient calligraphy and paintings in the palace . They didn’t even leave one for the Empress . Before leaving, the two looked back to see if they have forgotten something, resolutely executing Miss Lan’s instructions, earn more money!

When Gui San was dreaming inside Xiao Jin Pavilion’s third floor’s room, suddenly his eyes opened then saw two people in black with their face covered carrying a large bag standing in his room .

“In the middle of the night, Ming wang’s men are so at leisure?” Gui San saw the intruders take off their face covering and saw it was An Yi and An Si and sighed in relief . He thought it was Wu Qing Pavilion’s enemy come to seek revenge .

An Yi and An Si smirked but didn’t say anything then put down the bag . Under Gui San’s confused gaze, they pulled out each item from the bag .

Gui San, from the shock at the beginning to the speechlessness at the end, he could tell these were all precious famous calligraphy and paintings . Gui San’s love of money was something he was born with, so there wasn’t any sleepiness left as he hurried off the bed to look at these calligraphy and paintings .

“Are these real?” Gui San asked in shock . He could tell these were real, but there were so much at one time, he was stunned .

“En, all real, all for you!” An Yi said, then waited to see Gui San’s reaction, then…

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“Mine?” Gui San hugged a pair of the most expensive calligraphy and paintings, “All mine?”

“En, all yours!” An Si couldn’t figure out why Gui San loved money so much when he was so rich, was this a trait of all businessmen?

“~cough cough~” Gui San’s small abacus in his heart was rushing to calculate, then asked, “This isn’t your Ming wang’s gift to this young master right? So many famous calligraphy and paintings, only the imperial palace should have! Where did you get it?”

“Stolen!” An Yi said with a little embarrassment, “Miss Lan had us steal it, and had us give these to Master Gui San you!”

“Little junior sister is naughty again!” Gui San smiled warmly . Only his fearless little junior sister was not afraid of stealing from the imperial palace . After being stolen, these were only safe with him . If they wanted to sell it, only he had a way . Making so much was amazing!

An Yi and An Si felt Miss Lan’s current personality was due to being spoiled by Gui Yi Zi and the senior brothers . Now with the addition of their master, even if Miss Lan wanted to walk sideways, no one would dare say anything .

Tonight, there was someone who slept well, but some people were unable to sleep for a whole night . In the middle of the night, the Empress listen to a person report that all the calligraphy and paintings for the appreciation banquet in a few days were gone!

The Empress didn’t dare raise the alarm, if she let other people know that the Empress not only lost the calligraphy and paintings that have been collected by the palace for many years, she even lost those presented by the ministers, how would she be able to stably sit on this Empress position?? How would anyone support her son?

“Investigate!” the Empress smashed the teacup in her hand, the face that hasn’t been applied with makeup was filled with anger and anxiousness, “Investigate this! Bengong wants to see who has the guts to steal the palace’s things!”

“Yes!” The Empress’s guard hurried out to investigate .

The Empress burned with anxiety as she sat in the palace, waiting for the result of the guard’s investigation for a night . In the early morning, her personal maid came to report, they couldn’t find out when the paintings were lost, let alone who did it!

The Empress in a fury had several of the night-time guards killed, but the rage in her heart hasn’t deflated . The Empress knew not to make a big deal out of this . She had to secretly deal with this without anyone knowing .

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“Has this been told to Chu’er?” The Empress asked . After all, she was the Empress in the harm, the people she can use were not as much as her son .

“Answering Your Majesty, second wangye already knows and currently investigating!” her personal maid said .

“Report this to father!” the Empress said . This matter was quite big . She’s afraid someone deliberately did this .


While the Empress’s faction was flustered, Feng Yi Xuan’s side was very at ease .

“Nian’er meimei, such a wicked idea, how did you think of it! Really admirable!” Feng Xia Qi already received the news that there seemed to be something happening in the Empress’s palace . But the Empress concealed it very well, Feng Xia Qi wasn’t able to find out anything . So he came over to discuss it with his younger brother . He didn’t expect this was all done by Lan You Nian!

“I think Nian’er meimei did very well . Since the Empress has so many spare money to hire assassins, then let her bleed a little!” Jing Wu An’s injuries were pretty much healed . Once he heard the news, everyone gathered in Ming wang manor .

“Xuan, have you passed the news to second wangye’s manor?” Lan You Nian asked . If they didn’t arrange for Feng Shao Chu’s people to know that there was a person who can copy calligraphy and paintings, how can they make another profit?

“En, Feng Shao Chu already received the news, the person is already heading there!” Feng Yi Xuan said . Since Nian Nian wants to play, he will, of course, arrange everything . He could bear to trouble Nian Nian with these trivial matters .

“Have him ask for more money!” Lan You Nian didn’t forget to remind .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan was amused by Lan You Nian’s little greedy look, hated he couldn’t kiss her but seeing the two inconsiderate people, Feng Yi Xuan could only let it go .

“Next all we have to do is watch the show!” Lan You Nian’s exquisite face showed a sly smile, an enchanting beauty with a deadly danger .

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Just when the Empress was at the end of her wits, Feng Shao Chu entered the Empress’s palace .

“Son greets Empress Mother!” Feng Shao Chu gave formal greetings .

“Son has come!” The Empress pulled up Feng Shao Chu, her heart settled slightly, “Has son found out who did it?”

Feng Shao Chu’s eyes flashed with viciousness . He didn’t expect that he and grandfather’s forces have investigated for a long time, but they have yet to find out who did it . It was clearly provoking his dignity .

“Empress Mother, son hasn’t found the person, nor found those famous calligraphy and paintings!” Feng Shao Chu’s face wasn’t well .

The Empress was disappointed . Would this really have to be made public? How would the other consorts and concubines look at her? Would she still have her dignity as Empress?

“Empress Mother, don’t panic!” Feng Shao Chu saw the Empress’s ugly expression and hurried to comfort, “Son already thought of a solution!”

“Oh?” The Empress mood was much better, “What ideas does son have?”

“Son already found a gentleman of the pugilistic world . This person is most proficient in copying various ancient paintings and calligraphy . Paintings from his hand can almost be taken for the real deal!” Feng Shao Chu felt they can definitely pass this difficulty . This person has traveled the pugilistic world for many years, coincidentally passed by the capital, it really was fortunate!

“This…if this is discovered, the result is unimaginable!” The Empress was hesitant .

“Empress Mother, it’s enough to keep it concealed until the appreciation banquet is over, then we have more time to trace the truth of the matter, otherwise…” Feng Shao Chu ground his teeth .

“En, let’s do as you say, is the person to be trusted?” Empress has learned to be cautious after many years in the palace .

“En, trustable . This person is very greedy, as long as you give him enough money, he can do anything!” Feng Shao Chu was afraid this was a trap at first, but when he saw this person, he relaxed his heart . This person as long as you give him money, he’ll work for you . He had money!

“Although the person is greedy, this person cannot stay after everything’s done!” the Empress had never left anyone who would bring trouble to her .

“Son knows, what’s funny is that this person was smug for having received the money, but he doesn’t know this large amount of money is still this wang’s after everything’s done!” This was why Feng Shao Chu when this person asked for a high price, yet he still agreed .

“My son is really thorough, this throne must be my son’s!” The Empress saw such a useful son and felt relieved . What she needed to do now was to push her son to that highest position . For her daughter to become like this, it was most definitely connected to Feng Xia Qi’s faction, as long as her son sat on the throne, there was only one ending for these people!

The Empress and Feng Shao Chu thought their calculation was perfect but didn’t know that everything they did was all in Lan You Nian’s plans . When they thought of killing the art forger, that person already took his money and left second wangye manor .

“Master!” An Yi handed over all the money to Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even look at them and handed it to Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian giggled happily and kissed Feng Yi Xuan’s cheek . Feng Yi Xuan happily hugged Lan You Nian and kissed her . He felt it wasn’t enough . No matter how he kissed, it wasn’t enough . He hated he couldn’t kiss her all the time . He hated he couldn’t eat the girl into his belly .

When Lan You Nian was made breathless by Feng Yi Xuan’s kiss, Feng Yi Xuan let go of her . She couldn’t help but sigh, this man’s kiss has become more skilled . Every time he kissed her, she couldn’t ward him off . Was this the natural gap between men and women?

Feng Yi Xuan could see Lan You Nian’s dissatisfaction, chuckled wickedly, “Nian Nian if you practice with me more, it won’t be like this in the future!”

How can Lan You Nian not see Feng Yi Xuan’s intention? She shook her head . She was really afraid she’ll be eaten by Feng Yi Xuan one day . Other people’s feelings became fainter and fainter, but she sensed Feng Yi Xuan’s feelings for her became deeper and deeper .

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