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Chapter 129

129 Blessing

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Yu Liu Li flew into marquis manor . He didn’t disturb any of marquis manor’s guards . With familiarity, he came to Jing Wu an’s room,

Jing Wu An laid on the bed . Yu Liu Li could see his back has been whipped, leaving a series of blood scars behind, and his legs were severely bruised by a staff . Jing Wu An who was usually black-bellied smirking seemed to be groggily sleeping, even not even aware of his arrival in the room .

It wasn’t that Yu Liu Li has never seen Jing Wu An injured . All these years, they followed Feng Yi Xuan wandering, it was very common to be injured, but those were all injuries that couldn’t be helped . Yu Liu Li can tell Jing Wu An’s injuries were voluntary .

“Wu An!” Yu Liu Li’s heart ached to look at Jing Wu An’s injury . He couldn’t figure out why Jing Wu An would be injured .

Jing Wu An felt his body was burning with pain . His martial arts weren’t particularly good, so after being beat by his father, he fell unconscious . Seeing the man he liked returned to the capital, Jing Wu An’s lips hooked into a smile, but it made Yu Liu Li blame himself even more .

“It’s all my fault . If I didn’t leave, how could you be injured?” Yu Liu Li said painfully . Between the two of them, it had always been Jing Wu An making plans while he used his martial arts and other forces . For Jing Wu an to be alone, it wouldn’t be safe . Yu Liu Li felt he was being too dramatic for a man . Just as Nian’er meimei said, a lifetime was only so long, why consider and consider that?

Jing Wu An’s lips were cracked, but there were no words of blame or complaints towards Yu Liu Li, “It’s not your fault, I was willing!”

Speaking of this, Yu Liu Li was very angry, helped up Jing Wu An to feed him a cup of water, Yu Liu Li asked strangely, “How were you injured?”

Jing Wu An didn’t get to answer when he heard the old Marquis’s furious voice as he walked in . Beside the old Marquis was Feng Xia Qi .

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Yu Liu Li hurriedly stood up and showed his respects, “Marquis!” Towards Jing Wu An’s father, Yu Liu Li felt guilty . After all, his relationship with Jing Wu An will probably implicate the Marquis’s lifetime reputation .

Feng Xia Qi shot Jing Wu An a reassuring look . His coming to marquis manor was arranged by Lan You Nian . When Jing Wu An admitted to his feelings, he will most definitely be punished . There must be someone to be the peacemaker . At first, Lan You Nian wanted Feng Yi Xuan to be this peacemaker but thinking of Feng Yi Xuan’s paralyzed face, Lan You Nian threw away this idea . She didn’t wish for just when the Marquis decided to show some mercy, but then after being stirred up by Feng Yi Xuan, he will beat him (JWA) to death, then the loss would outweigh the gains .

“I already know about the matter between you two!” The Marquis said, looking at Yu Liu Li . He orinally thought his son was already grown up . He should start a family so he arranged for some suitable young ladies from good families . He didn’t expect his son to tell him he had someone he loved . At first, he was delighted . After all, his son hasn’t been interested in any woman all these years . But when he heard his son say he liked a man, the Marquis nearly fainted on the spot from anger .

The unrestrained world’s first zhuangzhu was scared by the old Marquis’s words, unable to utter a word . Cautiously looking at the old Marquis who seemed to be angry, he thought of Nian’er meimei’s words . Yu Liu Li shut his eyes and fell down on his knees in front of the old Marquis .

Jing Wu An was stunned by Yu Liu Li’s actions . He knew of Yu Liu Li’s bone-deep pride . For him to do this, he must genuinely care about him!

“I really love Wu An . I know this love isn’t tolerated by the world, but I can’t let go of it nor can I forget it . Please ask for Marquis’s blessings!” yu Liu Li’s eyes opened, sincerely looking at the Marquis, the emotions inside was apparent at a glance .

The old Marquis didn’t say anything, nor did he let Yu Liu Li get up . Jing Wu An looked at this with heartache and then got up to similarly kneel down, but he was glared at by old Marquis .

“Father!” Jing Wu An shouted dejectedly, he knew his father’s anger, but he didn’t want father to make things difficult for Yu Liu Li .

Feng Xia Qi thought that Nian’er meimei probably already knew of such an awkward situation so she would ask him to come . Feng Xia Qi then thought of Nian’er meimei agreed that if he completed the task, she would personally bring out the wine she brewed herself for everyone to taste . From Gui San, he knew the wine brewed by Nian’er meimei was the best in the world, so for that wine, he had to interfere in this matter .

“Uncle, you already saw Wu An’s heart and Liu Li’s determination, in this world, you can control anything except love!” Feng Xia Qi said to help the situation .

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The old Marquis is the former empress’s older brother, also Feng Xia Qi and Feng Yi Xuan’s uncle . The Marquis has liked Feng Xia Qi and Feng Yi Xuan since they were little so some of Feng Xia Qi’s words sunk in for the old Marquis . He just couldn’t accept it momentarily . He wasn’t a ruthless person .

The Marquis glanced at Yu Liu Li, who knelt with a straight back on the ground . He was familiar with Yu Liu Li . He often came to the manor to find his son . He very much liked this unrestrained man, he could only blame the fact they are both men, but now it was like this, what could he do?

“Get up!” Marquis said to Yu Liu Li .

Yu Liu Li glanced at Jing Wu An and then stood up in front of the Marquis, like a little wife .

“You have such courage, my son’s defiance of this Marquis was not in vain . He even said if in this life he can’t be together with you, he will be like a walking corpse, won’t get better with a beating, scolding won’t wake him up . My son really likes you!” The Marquis calmed his own state of mind . A few days ago, he didn’t agree to his son’s so-called feelings then from a rush of fury, he used the family discipline on him . However, even when he beat his son till his skin flayed open and his flesh torn, he didn’t show any signs of retreat .

The Marquis still remembered the words Jing Wu an said then, “Father, I love him . If in this life, I can’t be together with him, this body, this soul won’t be able to live on . I know about the worldly view, but as long as I can be with Liu Li, I can face anything!”

The Marquis still remembered that he was shocked when he heard this . His son, he knew very well . He knew that everything Jing Wu An said was the truth . If he really can’t be with Yu Liu Li, he will spend the rest of his days in regret .

Yu Liu Li looked at the weak Jing Wu An and felt more moved inside . He didn’t expect when he was still evading and hesitating, this man dared to show their feelings to the public . To obtain the approval of his family, he would rather be injured than compromise . Yu Liu Li felt it was enough, it was really enough . With such a person beside him, what was there to fear in the future?

“Marquis, sorry!” Yu Liu Li knew for the Marquis to say this he has agreed to their affairs . Towards this elder, Yu Liu Li felt he owed him . After all, he and Jing Wu An’s feelings, as more and more people knew about it, it will affect the Marquis’s reputation .

The Marquis sighed, “No matter, I have lived most of my life, what haven’t I gone through before, what kind of gossip haven’t I heard before? If I separate the two of you, I’m afraid this love between father and son will disappear!”

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The Marquis has been on the battlefield, has stood in the courts . He had a broader view of the world . Once a person has become old, all they wished for was their children’s well-being . He didn’t ask for anything, everything simply let the children do what they want .

Yu Liu Li helped Jing Wu An off the bed, the two knelt in front of the Marquis and kowtowed, their gratitude couldn’t be expressed with words .

Feng Xia qi helped the two up, smiling, “Uncle, you see, whose family’s daughter in law has Liu Li’s abilities, has a good face, has power . Besides, living unrestrainedly, walking upon this mortal plane wouldn’t be in vain” Feng Xia Qi poured a cup of tea for the Marquis, smiled more like a fox, “And you have such a daughter in law is truly impressive, who can compare?”

The Marquis revealed a smile hearing Feng Xia Qi’s words, then glanced at Yu Liu Li . Indeed, a good child that was hard to come by, he felt slightly better inside .

“It seems there’s still something you are hiding from this marquis,” the Marquis looked at his son then at Feng Xia qi .

Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu an strangely, puzzled .

“~cough~cough~, how did you know uncle?” Feng Xia Qi asked . He felt he did very well .

The Marquis glared at his nephew, hating iron for not turning into steel saying, “You and Wu An are what kind of tempers, I wouldn’t know? To say such heart-touching words isn’t your style . This person deliberately had Wu An tell me to provoke me, I will definitely implement the family discipline . When Jing Wu An becomes so weak, as a father, how can I not ache? Then you come to be the peacemaker . Now even Liu Li this child has been schemed in, coincidentally letting me see the feelings between them, how can this Marquis not agree?”

Feng Yi Xuan embarrassedly glanced at his uncle . Yu Liu Li wasn’t upset by this scheme . After all, if it wasn’t due to this, he didn’t know if he and Wu An would let each other slip by, then in this life…

“Speak, who is the person who helped you?” The Marquis asked curiously .

“Father, it is Lan manor’s legitimate daughter Lan You Nian, Nian’er meimei!” Jing Wu An knew they couldn’t conceal it anymore and admitted to it . In any case, father already accepted their feelings for each other .

The Marquis pondered for a moment, “It turns out to General Lan’s daughter, indeed has a nimble mind, no wonder you recognize her as your younger sister . ”

“Uncle, Nian’er meimei knows uncle loves wine very much, so specially brewed this fruit wine, it can nourish the body as well as satisfy your craving!” Feng Xia qi felt Nian’er meimei was truly gifted, even guessed that uncle would be able to figure out there was someone pushing this behind the scenes and knew uncle was particularly addicted to alcohol but because of physical reasons can’t drink, so had him bring a jar .

The Marquis was curious . He has heard this girl’s many rumors . Miss Miao Yin’s good name can recite poetry and write couplets talent, was probably much smart than this son of his .

“Then why haven’t you given it to me!” The Marquis said with a stern face, but in fact, he was craving for it .

Feng Xia Qi clapped his hands, An Yi brought in a jar of wine then disappeared . The Marquis couldn’t wait to open the jar of wine, instantly, a burst of wine fragrance mixed with fruit filled the room . Compared to the royal wine in the palace, it was much better . The Marquis immediately sealed the jar, but in fact, he already started to swallow his saliva .

“Since you recognized a sister, then bring back to the manor, no matter what you can’t let the girl be bullied outside!” the Marquis finished then left hugging the jar of wine .

“What to recognize a sister? Father probably hopes Nian’er meimei to brew more jars of wine for him!” Jing Wu An tugged Yu Liu Li’s hang, “Nian’er meimei is the cleverest!”

“It’s great!” Yu Liu Li said happily, they can finally be together .

“En, it’s great!”

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