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Chapter 121
121 Lan Yin’s Death

Zhen Wei Pavilion’s third floor sat Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi, and others .   Lan You Nian was being held in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .   According to Feng Yi Xuan, if his precious treasure doesn’t stay in his arms, where should she stay?  Lan You Nian wasn’t shy either .   Since she accepted Feng Yi Xuan’s feelings, then she will generously accept it .

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“Hey, I say you two, can you consider our feelings?” Yu Liu Li looked at his usually reticent friend now looking so gentle, he got goosebumps all over his body .

“If you don’t want to stay, then leave!” Feng Yi Xuan embraced Lan You Nian while his hands were carefully peeling the fruits on the table .

“A’Xuan, you have the beauty and forget your friends .   Nian’er meimei’s temptation is too great!” Feng Xia Qi said sourly .   His family’s younger brother has never been so considerate towards him, his own older brother, let alone being so gentle .

“You don’t say, I used to think wangye was broken sleeve (gay) .   It’s okay now…” Jing Wu An joked, but when he looked up and saw Feng Yi Xuan’s cold eyes, he lowered his head again .   It seems Feng Yi Xuan was only a little warmer towards Lan You Nian .   He still treated them the same .

“Hahaha…” Feng Xia Qi laughed, not afraid of death .

Lan You Nian also giggled, and said to Feng Yi Xuan, “You like men?  Is it anyone sitting here?”

Once these words came out, everyone burst into laughter .   They knew very well that although Feng Yi Xuan had a bad temper, once he faced Lan You Nian, there was no longer any temper .   He changed from a ferocious lone wolf into a docile little sheep .   So as long as there was Lan You Nian, they really weren’t afraid of Feng Yi Xuan anymore .

“If you are a man, I will like!” Feng Yi Xuan pinched Lan You Nian’s straight nose, his tone doting and sincere .

“I say, have you guys had enough!  When is this going to end?  Can you consider the feelings of us people who are still single?” Yu Liu Li said with dissatisfaction .   They were all still single .   The person they thought who would be alone till the end his life was actually the first to find true love .   It was a massive blow to Yu Liu Li .

Feng Yi Xuan simply ignored them .   He hadn’t had enough of holding Nian Nian in his arms .   He wanted to eat Nian Nian, that way they don’t have to be separated .

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“Nian’er meimei, look, isn’t the capital’s curses about An yiniang very loud and clear?  How did you know Lan Yin and the rest of them aren’t General Lan’s children?” Feng Xia Qi couldn’t help his curiosity .   After all, they weren’t able to find anything about this matter .

Lan You Nian smiled, “Have you guys never noticed that An yiniang’s children don’t even look a bit like General Lan?  Besides, even if General Lan doesn’t like An yiniang, he wouldn’t involve the children, that’s not his style!”

“That is true .   Is it just based on this?” Jing Wu An asked .

“I know General Lan really loved mother in the past .   Since it is true love, how could he touch another woman, much less having children repeatedly with her?  This doesn’t make sense .   So there is only one possibility .   That they aren’t his children!” Lan You Nian said .   Inside, she felt satisfied with General Lan’s actions .   This man was worthy of Mother to love .

“General Lan doesn’t have it easy…” Yu Liu Li sighed .   Then he saw Lan You Nian looking at him coldly while Feng Yi Xuan even threw him a few glares .

“You sympathize with him?” Feng Yi Xuan asked coldly .   He didn’t care what reason forced Lan Jian Jun or did anything that grieved him .   He only knew because of Lan Jian Jun, his Nian Nian suffered a lot .   Just based on this, it was enough for him to kill Lan Jian Jun .   But he knew that although Nian Nian didn’t care on the surface, she longed for this fatherly love in her heart, so he didn’t touch Lan Jian Jun .   But the last few days, Lan Jian Jun’s punishment was heavy, making the soldiers in the army bewildered at the reason .

Yu Liu Li shrank behind Jing Wu An, laughing nervously, “No, how could I sympathize?”

“Useless!” Feng Xia Qi scorned, then saw his younger brother’s expression, he also laughed nervously, declaring righteously, “I also don’t sympathize with General Lan!”

“Pu——“ Lan You Nian couldn’t stop her laughter .   How could these people be so funny?  Where was their savvy look when they were outside?

“~knock knock~” There was knocking at the door then Lan Qu entered the room .

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“Young miss, Lan Yin died in his courtyard last night!” Lan Qu reported the news to Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian’s lips curled with pleasure, like an orchid cactus blooming at night, making the eyes of several people in the box flash .

Of course, Lan You Nian knew Lan Yin wouldn’t live long .   Yesterday, eldest brother personally poisonedLan Yin .   This poison was colorless and tasteless, no one would know .   Don’t know how sad An yiniang would be?

“Mother?” Lan Ya looked at her mother who was no longer glamorous as she huddled in the blankets .

An yiniang tightly gripped Lan Ya’s hand, her eyes red and swollen like walnuts, “Ya’er, mother only has you .   You must live up to your mother’s expectations .   You must kill Lan You Nian that slut, understand?”

Lan Ya’s hand hurt from An yiniang’s grip .   She asked unsurely, “Mother, am I really not father’s daughter?” Lan Ya thought of the rumors and felt afraid .   The reputation of being a bastard made him receive cold eyes in the circles .   If she didn’t have the identity of Lan manor’s young miss, how can she find a good husband?

“Yes, you are master’s daughter .   You are all master’s children!” An yiniang shouted .

“Then why would brother?” Lan Ya was puzzled .   With so many eyes watching, the matter of the blood test has already spread .   She didn’t know what to believe .

An yiniang’s eyes flashed with viciousness, like a poisonous snake, “Lan You Nian did it!  She probably had something to do with Yin’er’s matters as well!”

Lan Ya was taken aback .   She never thought the Lan You Nian who looked to be weak and innocent had such abilities to be able to scheme against brother and then against mother .   If this continues, the next one would be her .   Lan Ya felt afraid when she thought about it .

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“Madame, Uncle Lan is outside asking to see Madame!” A servant girl came into the room .   Because of the blood test, An yiniang was a mess, so there were many things in the manor she wasn’t aware of .   She didn’t even go visit her injured son .

An yiniang thought Uncle Lan came over because Lan Jian Jun asked for her because of the blood test, but she never thought that Uncle Lan came to tell her, Lan Yin died!  Her son died!

An yiniang fell into a dead faint .   Lan Ya and the maid beside her anxiously shouted for a doctor . Uncle Lan saw such a noisy atmosphere, his eyes flashed with contempt!

Although Lan Yin wasn’t Lan Jian Jun’s child, Lan Yin’s funeral was still held in Lan manor, only it didn’t enter the earth with the identity of Lan manor’s young master .   Until death, Lan Yin was only a wandering ghost!  Because of this, An yiniang made a fuss, but it didn’t change Lan Jian Jun’s original intention .

Today’s Lan manor was even more silent .   Today was the day Lan Yin was to be buried .   Lan You Nian stood at the top of the pavilion, looking at Lan Yin’s courtyard hung full of white cloth, listening to An yiniang’s wailing from afar .   The exquisite face evoked a touch of radiance .   When you look closely, you will notice the smile carried with it a sneer .

A gust of wind blew by, Lan You Nian noticed she was taken into a warm embrace .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian horizontally, Lan You Nian didn’t refuse, locking her hands around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck asking curiously, “Where are you taking me?”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer, only kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead, his lips curled into a smile .   Feng Yi Xuan’s smile was like a beam of light that emerged from the darkness, the sunlight that burst through the ice in winter, the splendid fireworks in the night sky, always making Lan You Nian happy .

When Feng Yi Xuan brought Lan You Nian to Ming wang manor, Lan You Nian glanced around Ming wang manor with much familiarity and couldn’t help smile, “How come you brought me here?  Unless you want to hide the beauty in the golden house, Xuan?”

Feng Yi Xuan observed Lan You Nian carefully, no matter when Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian, his eyes were always that warm, then copied Lan You Nian teasing, “Then would Nian Nian be willing for this wang to hide the beauty in the golden house?”

Without waiting for Lan You Nian’s reply, Feng Yi Xuan dragged Lan You Nian into the manor’s kitchen .   Lan You Nian noticed that wangfu was very quiet without any guards or servants .   There wasn’t anyone in the kitchen, strangely silent .

Feng Yi Xuan carried over a stool, very considerately layered the top with a cushion, then had Lan You Nian sit there .

Lan You Nian didn’t refuse, allowing Feng Yi Xuan to do this .   She was curious about what this man wanted to do today .

Lan You Nian watched as Feng Yi Xuan walked into the kitchen, rolling up his sleeves, revealing a strong white arm, then very troubled as he started to rearrange the kitchen .   Lan You Nian felt this was extremely out of the ordinary .   She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan could cook and so she stood up and stood by the doorway watching the man busy inside .

Feng Yi Xuan was a wangye, so he has never gone to the kitchens .   He was better at roasting in the wild .   But for Nian Nian, he wanted to do these things he thought were troublesome in the past .

Feng Yi Xuan lighted the fire, then boiled some water, then took out the noodles that have been made previously and put them into the pot .   Lan You Nian could tell that those noodles were made by him .   The thickness was not uniform, and looking at the trash can, there were plenty of unsightly noodles thrown in there .

Feng Yi Xuan solemnly started to cook the noodles, then took out a few eggs, broke them open and into the pot, carefully adding some oil and salt, even adding some green vegetables .

After a moment, Feng Yi Xuan ladled his cooked noodles into a bowl .   Looking back, he saw Lan You Nian standing at the doorway to the kitchen looking at him .   It was like the glimmering stars of the sky fell into her black and white, pure eyes, so bright it could almost make the one she was watching feel their hearts burn .

Lan You Nian felt that such a scene seemed as if it was engraved into her own heart .   Many years later, Lan You Nian can still recall today, remembering that man walked into the kitchen to cook for her, obviously he was a mess, but in Lan You Nian’s eyes, he was very tall .

Feng Yi Xuan’s left hand held the bowl of noodles, his right hand held Lan You Nian’s small hand, pulling Lan You Nian into the room .   Lan You Nian looked at the man who was obsessed with cleanliness now had flour on his hands, there was still a bit of ash clinging to his clothes, but for some reason, it made her feel at peace .

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