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Chapter 120

120 Blood Test

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In the bustling market, because of Lan Yin’s injury, it was congested with people . An yiniang sat in the sedan chair anxiously, shouting at the civilians blocking the road, “Scram! Make them scram!”

The sedan chair An yiniang sat in was luxurious, any discerning eye was able to tell that it belonged to a madame of an official family, although unhappy, but since ancient times, civilians didn’t fight with the officials, many people moved out of the way, opening up the road .

At this time, Lan You Nian already arrived at Lan Yin’s street . From afar, she could see Lan Yin was thrown right outside the gambling house . His hands were already cut off . The blood flowed onto the ground outside the gambling house, dying it red . Lan Yin had already passed out .

Lan You Nian’s pupils appeared a black swirl, her lips curled into a bloodthirsty smile . To the people blocking her way, she said gently, “Can I bother everyone to let me through? That is my second brother!” Lan You Nian pretended to be distressed . Although no one can see Lan You Nian’s face hidden by the veil, they can sense this girl’s worry . Everyone couldn’t help involuntarily stepping out of the way, letting Lan You Nian go to Lan Yin’s side .

“This must be Lan manor’s legitimate daughter Miss Miao Yin . She really is pure-hearted!” The sounds of discussion rolled around in the crowd .

Lan Wu grumbled inside, young miss didn’t do anything, how did it become being pure-hearted? Indeed, a person’s temperament was still very important .

When An yiniang screamed her way through the crowd, everyone looked at An yiniang with disappointment . All the civilians knew An yiniang was General Lan’s concubine . In their hearts, General Lan was the general who defended their homeland . An yiniang’s screaming obviously looked down on them civilians .

Lan You Nian looked at the Lan Yin who was lying on the ground and seemed to have been frightened as she stood there frozen not knowing what to do, but when she saw An yiniang’s arrival, her eyes flashed with coldness .

An yiniang tore through the crowd and saw her Lan Yin lying on the ground, life or death unknown . Her whole person felt like the sky was falling down . Her only pillar and hope collapsed .

Lan You Nian simply stood there . An yiniang ran to Lan Yin’s side, pushed away Lan You Nian, and shouted at Lan You Nian as if she’s gone mad, “Was it you? Did you do it? It’s all caused by you, you unlucky star!”

Lan You Nian was pushed down by Lan Wu’s side . Lan Wu lifted up her young miss, forced out a few tears, “An yiniang, how can you be like this? Young miss knew young master was injured and rushed here, where was it like you riding a sedan? Now her kind heart is treated like this by An yiniang!”

Everyone thought it was right . Lan third miss rushed here . Once she came, she was worried about Lan second master’s injuries, while An yiniang was sitting in a sedan . Once she arrived, she unreasonably treated a girl like this . She’s probably used to bullying in the manor .

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An yiniang picked up Lan Yin who passed out and cried, “My son how have you become like this? How could this be? Who did it?”

No one answered An yiniang’s questions . This gambling house in the capital it wasn’t the first time someone’s hand have been cut off, wasn’t the first time a young master of an official family . Everyone knew the gambling house’s rules, who told you to gamble? If you lost your gamble, it was you who went to borrow money, you only have yourself to blame .

Lan You Nian squatted down looking at An yiniang, her words were worried, but her eyes on An yiniang were gloating, “An yiniang, second brother can’t stay like this, Nian’er and Master Gui Yi are acquainted, how about taking second brother to Master Gui Yi’s place to heal?”

An yiniang when she heard Lan You Nian’s words, her eyes flashed with hope, but when she lifted her head to look at the laughter in Lan You Nian’s eyes, she was furious . Her son has become so miserable, yet Lan You Nian was so unrestrained, for her son to become like this, it must be connected to her!

“You…” An yiniang reached out her fingers that were covered with Lan Yin’s blood pointing at Lan You Nian, cursing, “You slut, it’s all you! All you!”

Lan You Nian looking at An yiniang’s fingers filled with killing intent . She was wondering when she can cut off this finer . But everyone seeing Lan You Nian’s lowered head without a word, they all thought Lan You Nian’s kind heart being ignored and was upset, they spoke up for Lan You Nian .

“This madame how can you be like this? Miss Lan is just being kind! Really there is no repayment for kindness!” A matron scolded .

“Yeah, I thought Lan manor’s yiniang was a virtuous woman, but it seems to be misinformation!” An older said .

An yiniang raised her head glaring at Lan You Nian . She now understands . Lan You Nian wants her to ruin the reputation she worked so hard for so many years . An yiniang retracted her impulse to continue swearing . She knew the more she was angry, the more happy Lan You Nian would be .

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with a smile, it seems An yiniang wasn’t stupid . Her son has become like this, yet she still can think of this . Probably even her own son was simply a tool for her to use .

“Lan Jian Jun came!” Someone in the crowd shouted . An yiniang looked at the man she loved for half a lifetime head her way .

Lan Jian Jun first glanced at Lan You Nian who stood up . Lan You Nian was also looking at Lan Jian Jun, her father . She knew that Lan Jian Jun must know this matter was connected to her, but Lan You Nian did not have any kind of expression .

Lan Jian Jun’s features serious and old-fashioned, his long eyebrows thick, eyes deep, high nose, thin lips . When he wasn’t smiling, his bearing was powerful without getting angry but looking at the daughter, his heart flashed with helplessness . How can he not tell the intention in his daughter’s eyes? But how could he blame her? Now even if his daughter wants to kill the Emperor, he will help her, not only because he owed her, but he really liked this only daughter .

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An yiniang didn’t expect that her son’s life was lying on the line, but this man was still looking at Lan You Nian that slut, this man was truly heartless .

“Master, save Yin’er!” An yiniang held Lan Yin who was covered in blood, begging, even though her heart was full of hate .

Lan Jian Jun looked at Lan Yin on the ground, glanced at the surrounding people and shouted, “What’s going on?”

There was no violent anger or blaming innocent people for his son’s matters, Lan Jian Jun was like a wise and fair general asking about the cause of the issue . Such a practice made the people around admire him more .

The manager of the gambling house came out and greeted Lan Jian Jun,” General Lan!”

Lan Jian Jun looked at the manager, then asked, “Lan Yin’s hands were cut off by you? Why? Give this general a reason! Otherwise, your gambling house does not need to continue any longer!”

Lan Jian Jun’s words seemed to be defending his son, but if you think about it carefully, you will understand Lan Jian Jun’s meaning . If Lan Yin was in the wrong, then there wasn’t a problem . In the end, he just needed a reason to let go of the gambling house . Lan Jian Jun thought the people of the gambling house were bribed by his daughter or some other reason, so he didn’t want to make it difficult for his daughter .

The manager was a smart man, how can he not hear Lan Jian Jun’s meaning . The manager took out the contract and opened it for not only Lan Jian Jun to see but for all the other people to see . In black and white as well as his own signature . Everyone saw it . Even An yiniang saw it .

“General Lan, it isn’t this humble one doing this purposely . It is Lan manor’s second master who borrowed a thousand taels to pay it back in a limited time but Lan manor’s second master not only didn’t repay, he was hiding in Lan manor . Now this little one found him in the brothel, asking him to return the money but Lan manor’s second master did not . Originally it was to cut off Lan second master’s one hand and one foot but considering General Lan’s identity, this little one cut off his two hands!” the manager explained, his tone clearly saying Lan Yin only had himself to blame .

Lan Jian Jun took the contract in the manager’s hand reading over it, and sighed, “This is my son’s fault, it has nothing to do with your gambling house!”

“Thank you General Lan!” The manager gave his respects and then returned to the gambling house . Master was still in the upstairs of the gambling house watching .

“Master?” An yiniang looked at Lan Jian Jun unbelievably . She never thought Lan Jian Jun will spare the culprit who hurt Lan Yin .

Lan You Nian walked over to An yiniang and said worriedly, “We better send second brother to Wu Qing Medical Hall . Otherwise, he won’t make it!”

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As Lan You Nian, she saw Lan Jian Jun seemed to understand as he looked at her . Lan Jian Jun let the guards who followed him carry Lan Yin to Wu Qing Medical Hall . Many people watching the show followed them . Fortunately, Wu Qing Medical Hall wasn’t far from the gambling house, just across from the street .

“Do you know what Nian’er meimei wants to do?” Yu Liu Li asked . Lan Yin has already become a waste, why does Nian’er meimei still want to save him?

“Nian’er meimei’s thoughts are secretive, she must have her reason, let’s go and see!” Jing Wu An said .

Saying this, the four used qinggong and got to Wu Qing Medical Hall first . Perhaps because of that night everyone’s concern for Lan You Nian, everyone and Gui Yi and the others have become quite familiar with each other . When they arrived, there was a box waiting for them .

When Lan Jian Jun and the others came to Wu Qing Medical Valley, Gui Yi began to heal Lan Yin . Everyone thought this Lan manor’s third miss had a bit if friendship with Master Gui Yi but then thought of Lan You Nian’s identity as Miss Miao Yin, they felt it was very normal .

An yiniang, although upset and angry, but when she saw Master Gui Yi healing her son, hope rose in her heart as she aw Gui Yi stopped the bleeding and bandaged the hands that have been cut off .

“How is my son? Will he be already?” An yiniang’s hair was a little messy, her makeup was also a mess, but her eyes were full of expectations .

Gui Yi glanced at Lan Jian Jun,” Lan second master’s injuries are grave and have lost a lot of blood . If you want to save his life, the best way is to use the blood of a direct family member!”

“Alright!” Lan Jian Jun nodded .

Seeing Lan Jian Jun agree, Gui Yi prepared the things needed for blood transfusion . Originally, Lan You Nian intended for her to do it, but Feng Yi Xuan didn’t allow it and changed the plan, turning it into Lan Jian Jun . For Feng Yi Xuan, as long as the one who had to bleed wasn’t Lan You Nian, he didn’t care about other people .

Gui Yi personally took blood from Lan Jian Jun then under everyone’s gaze, transferred into Lan Yin’s body . After a moment, they saw Lan Yin vomit blood, it seemed the situation has become even graver .

“What’s wrong? Master Gui Yi, what’s wrong with my son?” An yiniang asked anxiously .

Gui Yi still looked like divine sage, then slowly said, “Blood isn’t compatible!”

“Not compatible? How is it not compatible?” An yiniang asked incredulously . She was going to grab Gui Yi’s sleeve, but Gui Yi dodged the emotional An yiniang .

“Blood isn’t compatible because they aren’t father and son, that is, Lan second master isn’t General Lan’s son!” Gui Yi explained kindly then saw the eyes of his little junior sister blink at him, just like her mischief was a success .

The crowd exploded in the pot . What is all the uproar about? IT was the fact that Lan manor’s second master wasn’t General Lan’s seed, that is to say, Lan Jian Jun wore a green hat, that is to say, An yiniang committed adultery!

An yiniang looked at Gui Yi in shock, then looked at Lan Jian Jun whose expression wasn’t well then fell on her knees, “No, you lie!”

Then pointed at Lan You Nian, “This is all your scheming, right? Did you do it?”

“Enough!” Lan Jian Jun snapped, “Master Gui Yi, is this true?”

Gui Yi nodded, “This is indeed true, if General Lan doesn’t believe, you can do a blood test (ancient method of verifying blood affinity by dripping blood into a bowl; if the two blood drops is absorbed into one, then they’re father and son) so you can be reassured!”

“Let’s test it . I believe An yiniang won’t do such a thing . Testing it now can prove An yiniang’s innocence!” Lan You Nian said, clearly she was helping An yiniang, but An yiniang for some reason felt everything was messed up .

Gui Yi took a drop of Lan Yin’s blood and put it into the cup, then took Lan Jian Jun’s blood . Everyone anxiously watched the two drops of blood, but didn’t mix! Everyone knew what this meant, that is, Lan Yin isn’t Lan Jian Jun’s child!

Lan Jian Jun glanced at Lan You Nian then took his guards and left, without a glance at An yiniang .

“How can this be? It turns out second young master isn’t general’s son, then what about eldest miss?” Lan Wu deliberately asked, such a doubt already entered deep into people’s heart . In only just a day, the reputation An yiniang painstakingly worked for disappeared, even her daughter lost all reputation .

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