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Chapter 119

119 Seeing a Good Show

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“Mother, please save your son!” Lan Yin fell to his knees at An yiniang’s feet begging .

An yiniang looked at her only son, her heart was both angry and distressed . All her hopes were now all on this son . So when she knew Lan Yin went to the gambling house, she didn’t think too much about it . In the capital, quite a few of the young masters had some bad habits, either it was being lustful or an alcoholic, or it was a gambling addiction . She thought Lan Yin was just making small bets . After all, how much money her son has, she knew very well . She didn’t expect Lan Yin’s guts to be so big!

“Tell me, how can I save you? You borrowed so much money, how can I repay?” An yiniang hated iron for not turning into steel .

“Mother, mother, think of an idea . Otherwise, those people will really cut off son’s hands!” Lan Yin cried, snot running down his nose and tears flowing down his face, looking at An yiniang with fear .

How can An yiniang not care for her child? Lan Yin wasn’t a daughter but a son . No matter what, she must save this son . Otherwise, what status would she have in Lan manor? There wouldn’t be anything to look forward to in the future .

“Fine, don’t leave the manor for a few days, I’ll think of a way, those people wouldn’t dare to barge into Lan manor!” An yiniang said . After all, Lan manor’s prestige was right there, not just anyone can barge in, as long as Lan Yin doesn’t go out for a while, the money problem she will slowly take care of .

“Son understands, son will behave!” Lan Yin climbed up, thinking that there was nothing wrong with him borrowing so much money . He was Lan manor’s young master, after all, the Prime Minister’s grandson, would these people really cut off his hands?

An yiniang looked at her disappointment of a son helplessly . Her son really didn’t inherit any virtues of Lan Jian Jun . Only she can make plans for him .

In the next few days, An yiniang will go out to figure out a way to collect the money . But this much money isn’t a small amount, how can she easily gather this?

An yiniang went to her maiden family, Prime Minister manor to borrow some money but came back with empty hands . Ever since An Ping was killed by Lan Zhi, she, this daughter has become an unfavored sacrificial piece of Prime Minister Manor . IT was only because she was Lan Jian Jun’s concubine that she hasn’t been completely abandoned . Why would they be willing to spend so much money on a Lan Yin?

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Coming out from Prime Minister Manor, An yiniang felt everything was so hypocritical . Her father and older brother were like this . What did her nephew’s death have to do with her? She only became the object they vented their anger on .

An yiniang thought of the son who was still hiding in the manor from his debtors and felt exhausted . She didn’t know when she has become from the glamorous mistress of Lan manor to everything not going well . When did it start? It was about the time Lan You Nian returned to the manor . She’s really an unlucky star!

An yiniang had Lan Ya enter the palace to find her older sister Empress An . As the Empress of a country, a few thousand silvers wasn’t anything . Empress An had her own power in the Imperial Palace . Who knew how much money she had in her hands . But what disappointed An yiniang was Lan Ya returned empty-handed .

“Mother, Empress Aunt declined many times . I’m afraid she doesn’t care about older brother’s life and death!” Lan Ya said bitterly . Every time the Empress had a use for them, it only took a word for them to do as she says, but now something’s happened to them, no one was willing to help, it really chilled people’s hearts .

“Yeah, for father and older sister, we are just a useless chess piece now,” An yiniang laid paralyzed on the couch, her face was much more haggard, “But we can’t complain . It’s fine if An manor doesn’t have us, but if we don’t have An manor this backing, then there is nothing left!”

Lan Ya thought for a long time and then said to An yiniang, “Mother, let’s ask father! Older brother no matter what is Father’s only biological son . No matter how cruel father is, he won’t be apathetic! It’s only money that is needed to solve it so father will definitely save older brother!”

An yiniang froze . All these days, it wasn’t that she didn’t think about going to Lan Jian Jun but thinking about his disregard for her and the children, An yiniang didn’t have any assurance . The man she fell in love with gave all his tenderness to the dead He Xiao Ran and Lan You Nian . He probably didn’t care about the life and death of her and her children .

An yiniang approached an Jian Jun’s primary residence . This was the first time she was going to enter this courtyard . She wasn’t allowed to approach this courtyard in the past . She didn’t even enter the main courtyard before she was blocked by the guards .

An yiniang’s face was ugly . No matter what, she was the only woman in the manor . Now even a small guard dared to direct his blade at her?

“I want to see master!” An yiniang thought of the son who was still waiting for her, and tried to suppress her anger as she told the guards .

The guards didn’t let her pass, instead to An yiniang, they said, “Without the general’s permission, no one is allowed to enter the main residence!”

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Usually, An yiniang would leave . She always wanted to leave Lan Jian Jun with a good impression of her gentleness, but An yiniang had to raise her voice shouting, “Master! Master? This concubine asks master to save Yin’er!”

An yiniang was going to shout more but was interrupted .

“Isn’t this An yiniang? Why is she shouting at uncle’s place?” Hua Mu Qing and Lan Mo Xian came out from the main courtyard and heard An yiniang’s voice . Today, they were listening to Lan You Nian’s instructions for them to stop An yiniang from seeing Lan Jian Jun .

An yiniang saw Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing coming out from inside and knew Lan Jian Jun was definitely inside, as long as she can lure Lan Jian Jun outside, she can have Lan Jian Jun save Lan Yin .

“Someone come, send An yiniang back,” Hua Mu Qing said to the servant boy, “If she bothers uncle, what to do then?”

“Junzhu, you have yet to marry into Lan manor yet you dare to treat your elder like this, really have no respect for your elders!” An yiniang was infuriated by Hua Mu Qing, thinking that Hua Mu Qing was now Lan Ma Xian’s fiancee, she hated her even more . Lan Mo Xian, an orphan, how can he have such a good life? He received the identity of Lan manor’s legitimate son and now is marrying a junzhu, really beat her son .

“Elder? You are just a concubine, you dare to call yourself this junzhu’s elder?” Hua Mu Qing snapped, “Take her away!”

The servants glanced at Lan Mo Xian, Lan Mo Xian with a straight face, “What are you looking at? Didn’t you hear junzhu’s words?”

The servants were all scared by Lan Mo Xian, hurriedly had some maids help An yiniang back, to say it was help but more like drag .

“Was I very fierce? What if Uncle knows?” Hua Mu Qing said with worry . She hadn’t married into the manor, yet she was already so valiant, what to do if people knew?

“I think it’s good, a little fierce and no one will dare to bully you!” Lan Mo Xian chuckled, “Father isn’t that kind of person, what you are originally like, marry me Lan Mo Xian, you can still be the same, no need to wrong yourself!”

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Hua Mu Qing was somewhat moved, but after a while, she gave Lan Mo Xian a kick, “What do you mean saying I am very fierce?”

Lan Mo Xian shook his head, then smiled, “You are very fierce!” Then he ran towards You Nian Pavilion .

“Lan Mo Xian, you stop right there!” Hua Mu Qing chased after Lan Mo Xian, but halfway she saw Uncle Lan . Hua Mu Qing instantly stood up properly and smiled at Uncle Lan, “Uncle Lan” She looked well behaved, but the premise is that you didn’t see her baring her teeth and claws before .

“Junzhu!” Uncle Lan’s aged face had a small smile . He liked this girl who was bold without any affectation, “Eldest master headed towards You Nian Pavilion!”

When Hua Mu Qing heard this, she revealed her true nature as she chased after him . Uncle Lan watched Hua Mu Qing’s back with a smile . Lan Manor hasn’t been this lively for a long time .

Just like this, three days passed . As An yiniang anxiously raised the money needed, she received thunderous news . Her son, Lan Yin’s hands, were cut off and he was now thrown on the market street with his life hanging by a thread .

An yiniang rushed to the market like a madman . She didn’t ever imagine that the son she thought was staying in the manor actually ran outside and had his hands cut off, this…An yiniang felt she was about to faint, but she couldn’t!

When Lan Jian Jun received this news, he was reviewing documents in the study . After a long silence, Lan Jian Jun said to Uncle Lan, “It seems Nian’er couldn’t help it!”

“Master, since young miss let his news travel into your ears, she probably wants master to go . Master, will you go?” Uncle Lan asked . He didn’t feel any dissent against young miss’s actions . In Uncle Lan’s heart, there was only one legitimate son and one legitimate daughter in the manor .

“Go!” Lan Jian Jun put down his brush, stood up, “Whatever Nian’er does is good . In the past, I wasn’t able to protect her, now I will do as much as I can!”

“Miss Lan!” An San appeared in You Nian Pavilion’s loft . She has already been sent by master to be given to Lan You Nian and was now helping Lan You Nian doing things, but An San had to admit, she felt more comfortable following Miss Lan .

“What?” Lan You Nian asked . Ever since she accepted her own feelings, she was now much closer to Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan hated he couldn’t live in Lan manor . An San was the shadow guard Feng Yi Xuan gave to her . She had to say that An San was very skilled, did things very well .

“Lan Yin’s hands have been cut off . An yiniang is heading there . General Lan is also going!” An San said excitedly . Initially, she thought Miss Lan was a soft, cute girl but didn’t expect her to be as fierce as their master . However, such a ruthless Miss Lan made them like her more .

“Since it’s so lively, why don’t we go?” Lan You Nian rose from the couch . She can still smell Feng Yi Xuan’s scent from the couch .

“Lan Wu” Lan You Nian spoke to Lan Wu beside her, “Go change to a bigger couch!”

Lan Wu covered her mouth as she snickered . Even Lan Qu and An San snickered . They knew Lan You Nian felt sorry for Feng Yi Xuan . After all, such a tall man had to sleep on such a small couch every night, it was quite uncomfortable .

Lan You Nian wasn’t abashed . Since she acknowledged Feng Yi Xuan as her man if she didn’t show him concern, who will?

“Lan Qu, have you told older brother?” Lan You Nian put on the veil .

“Already told eldest master what young miss wants to do, now we’re watching An yiniang’s good performance!” Lan Qu grinned .

“Yes, today there really will be a good performance!”

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