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Chapter 117

117 The Truth Behind the Poison

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Feng Yi Xuan felt he will never forget the scene in front of him in all his life . The Nian Nian who he thought of constantly in his heart was huddled on the cold hard ground in the outer room of the pavilion . The cloak she wore just moments ago was scattered on the ground beside on . And that cloak was stained with blood .

One of Lan You Nian’s arm was covered with long, short, deep, shallow knife wounds . Of the knew knife wounds, the flesh was already gaping open . The blood pooled on the ground . Lan You Nian’s face was deathly pale . Strands of long hair were wet with sweat, her entire body was trembling, and her eyes seemed distant as if she wasn’t conscious .

Seeing such a Lan You Nian, it only made Feng Yi Xuan’s chest feel like there was a massive stone hammering against his heart, the bursts of pain came bit by bit .

Feng Yi Xuan trembled as he came to Lan You Nian’s side, taking the curled up Lan You Nian into his arms . It was such a simple action, but Feng Yi Xuan felt it was so strenuous, so strenuous that it made him want to destroy everything between heaven and earth .

Lan You Nian opened her eyes and saw she was wrapped up in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms . In all the years Lan You Nian has been suffering the poison, she has never uttered a sound but now in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, unclear cries of pain forced out of her lips . This pain was more painful than the dislocation of one’s bones . It was more painful than having one’s tendons broken .

Feng Yi Xuan used his internal force to suck in Gui Yi from outside, harsh as ice, murderous madness, “Save her!”

In the pavilion, all of them saw Lan You Nian trembling in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms while Feng Yi Xuan who was holding Lan You Nian was so miserable he shook with her, and that pair of eyes already returned to their purple color .

Gui Yi stood in the same spot without any moment, only looking at Lan You Nian in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms . He still remembered the first time little junior sister’s poison awakened . At that time, she was in so much pain she fainted . After that time, to cure the poison, it was necessary to soak in all kinds of medicinal baths that made one wish to die . But from beginning to end, little junior sister never uttered a sound . But little junior sister unloaded all her disguise of strength and curled up in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms and knew to pronounce her pain . Perhaps this man really can bring happiness to little junior sister .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Gui Yi didn’t answer nor did he make an attempt to lend a hand, he raised his palm to kill Gui Yi . Gui Yi didn’t move because he too was distressed for such a frail junior sister . He didn’t expect that after he studied medicine for so many years, he couldn’t even save the person he cared about most .

Lan You Nian trembled as she covered Feng Yi Xuan’s palm that was ready to attack . Because of the wounds on her arm, Lan You Nian’s small white hands were bloody, strangely enchanting .

Feng Yi Xuan retracted the internal force in his palm and held Lan You Nian’s small bloody hand . He can feel the girl’s cold body temperature and her breathing unsteadily due to the pain and the shaking due to the pain . Feng Yi Xuan felt his heart was being stabbed by someone with a knife . Otherwise, how could he feel Nian Nian’s pain?

“I . Am fine!” Lan You Nian’s broken voice rasped . Because of speaking, a trace of blood ran down the corner of her mouth . That was because Lan You Nian bit open her mouth from the pain .

Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to transfer his internal force to Lan You Nian to ease her pain, but Gui Yi rushed to stop him, “You can’t! Her body right now can’t stand anyone’s internal force!”

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A heavy pressure gradually spread in the pavilion . The dark aura surrounding Feng Yi Xuan became even colder as if to freeze this whole earth . In the depths of his eyes was ignited a cluster of fire as if it was going to burn the entire sky . However, his movement was still as gentle as ever as he held the girl in his arms .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian . He placed his palm right beside Lan You Nian’s mouth, not letting Lan You Nian bite her own lips . Lan You Nian wasn’t entirely conscious due to the pain as she bit down on Feng Yi Xuan’s palm . Within seconds, Feng Yi Xuan’s palm has been bitten with many wounds . There were some of the flesh that was nearly bitten off . Feng Yi Xuan showed no know, only looked at Lan You Nian with distress .

Throughout the pavilion, one can only see the handsome but aloof man shaking as he sat on the cold ground, holding the pitiful and frail girl . Beside them, either stood or sat many of their friends, none of whom weren’t worried as they watched the girl within the man’s arms .

Lan You Nian can feel the pain was slowly dissipating . She knew that she has overcome this poison once again, enduring from last night till today . Perhaps because of this person’s presence, Lan You Nian felt her usually cold body temperature was much warmer .

The night came quietly . The trembling of Lan You Nian’s body gradually stopped . That pair of eyes that were misty from the pain slowly fluttered open .

The moment Lan You Nian opened her eyes, she saw Feng Yi Xuan was still looking unparalleled, but those pair of purple eyes were tinted with red, his eyebrows were tightly knitted together . When they saw her open her eyes, they flashed with pleasant surprise . The faint voice was still a bit cold but was filled with deep feelings and deep pampering, pity and indulgence towards her, “Nian Nian?”

Hearing Feng Yi Xuan calling her name, Lan You Nian wanted to touch Feng Yi Xuan’s face but realized she couldn’t even lift her hand . She could only tug the corner of lips, but that move only pulled at the wounds on her lips .

“Lan Qu . . ” Lan You Nian only called out Lan Qu’s name and then weakly closed her eyes . Although she didn’t faint, she no longer had the energy to keep her eyes open .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu only stopped a few steps away from Feng Yi Xuan, “Ming wang, young miss needs to bathe . The wound needs medicine . Please ask Ming wang to bring miss into the room!”

Today, they not only saw young miss once again suffering from the pain of the poison, but they also saw young miss admitting to this man’s love for her . They can sense this man’s shaking body and pained eyes when young miss was in pain and that desire to destroy everything .

Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian into the inner chamber . Besides Lan Wu and Lan Qu left to serve, everyone left the pavilion and into the courtyard to sit .

Gui Yi gave Gui Er and the others each a pill to repair any internal injuries . After all, Feng Yi Xuan had the intention of killing them . If he weren’t giving consideration to little junior sister, they probably would have died in Feng Yi Xuan’s hands .

Lan Jian Jun’s was still shocked by the appearance of his daughter suffering from the poison . How could he have imagined that his daughter was suffering such hardship?

Hua Mu Qing’s tears kept flowing down . She looked at the Nian’er meimei who always acted so carefree was in so much pain as she laid there, yet she couldn’t help with anything at all .

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Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, Yu Liu Li, and He Chu Yang were also distressed . They can tell Lan You Nian’s pain, such a girl had to suffer these, how could the heavens be so cruel?

Lan Mo Xian’s fist slammed into the stone pillar, he scorned himself more and more, he wasn’t able to protect Nian’er meimei, he…

“You are?” Although Lan Jian Jun was pained inside, what he needed to do right now was to cure his daughter, so he first asked Gui Yi and the others .

“We are Gui Yi, Gui Er, Gui San, Gui Si, Gui Wu, the disciples of Gui Yi Zi . Nian’er is our little junior sister!” Gui San knew that some things couldn’t be hidden . From their utterance of little junior sister, it could no longer be hidden .

“So Nian’er meimei is Gui Yi Zi’s disciple, no wonder Master Gui Yi will cure my poison for Nian’er meimei!” Jing Wu An suddenly understood some things he didn’t understand before .

“How is Nian Nian now?” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t care about anything else, he only cared about Nian Nian’s body . He didn’t want to see Nian Nian in pain .

With Feng Yi Xuan’s question, everyone looked to Gui Yi and the others, hoping Gui Yi can answer them . After all, from what Lan You Nian’s appearance, it wasn’t as simple as an illness .

Gui Yi and the others didn’t utter a word . If little junior sister didn’t want other people to know, then they won’t say it . They respected little junior sister’s choices and actions .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t have the patience to waste time with Gui Yi and the others, so he readily attacked Gui Yi and the rest of them . Gui Yi and the others were already injured so found it difficult to defend against Feng Yi Xuan’s attack .

However, at this time, a white-haired old man jumped out and blocked Feng Yi Xuan’s attack, and roared, “Good rascal!”

Everyone saw a hale and heart, his back straight, his eyes flashing brightly white-haired elder standing in front of Gui Yi and the others .

“Shifu!” Lan You Nian stood on the balcony of the pavilion, her voice carrying a unique spoiled tone .

Feng Yi Xuan instantly flew up and pulled Lan You Nian into his arms . He looked over Lan You Nian and saw Lan You Nian was still looking thin and weak, so he carried Lan You Nian back into the pavilion .

“Xiao Nian Nian!” Gui Yi Zi shouted then flew into the pavilion, and the others followed suit .

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“Shifu!” Gui Yi and the rest of the brothers shouted in unison . They didn’t expect shifu to come to the capital . It was most likely due to little junior sister .

Gui Yi Zi meticulously took Lan You Nian’s pulse, then slapped Gui Yi’s shoulder who was closest to him, “How do you take care of Xiao Nian Nian? Why has she become so thin?”

Lan You Nian was still being held by Feng Yi Xuan, but the smile on her lips was gentle, “Brothers treat me very well, shifu, don’t be biased!”

“Ai!” Gui Yi Zi stroked Lan You Nian’s hair, his voice carrying the benevolence of an elder, “Xiao Nian Nian, does it still hurt?”

“En, it’s fine!” Lan You Nian said, seemingly tired as she leaned against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .

Feng Yi Xuan took the fur blanket Lan Qu handed over and wrapped up Lan You Nian’s entire body in it . It was clearly summer, yet the girl in his arms was still cold .

“What do you want to know? I am Xiao Nian Nian’s shifu, you can ask me!” Gui Yi Zi looked at everyone, those eyes that have been sharpened by time were still astute and sharp blades as they directed on the people in front of him, his voice carried an overt oppression .

“What’s wrong with Nian’er?” Lan Jian Jun asked anxiously . As a father, he only hoped that his daughter was healthy and well .

Gui Yi Zi looked at Lan Jian Jun, there was a hint of anger in his voice, “You are Lan Jian Jun? What qualifications do you have to ask?” Gui Yi Zi saw Lan Jian Jun’s guilt, and continued, “Do you know how much this old man wants to kill you?”

Lan Mo Xian saw his father’s miserable look, his heart felt uncomfortable, and said to Gui Yi Zi, “Elder, father already regrets, father…”

Gui Yi Zi interrupted Lan Mo Xian’s words, “Regret? Do you know what Xiao Nian Nian was like when I found her?”

“Shifu?” Lan You Nian asked unsurely . She knew shifu wants to lay down all his cards today . If shifu intends to do this, she won’t stop him . She knew shifu only grieved for her .

Gui Yi Zi did not answer Lan You Nian like usual, his eyes were like torches looking upon Lan Jian Jun, “When I found Xiao Nian Nian, she was buried in the snow for many days . She almost wasn’t breathing . Such an adorable child was thin as a rack of bones . She had fallen off a cliff, and her body was entirely covered with wounds . Do you know what this old man saw when I took her back to Medical Valley? Everywhere, it was whip marks, so thin that it wasn’t like a body of an eight-year-old child at all . There were even bruises showing abuse! Even worse, such a small child’s body was littered with dozens of poisons!”

Gui Yi Zi’s words made the entire You Nian Pavilion silent, and that Lan Jian Jun who never showed weakness in front of outsiders, was red-eyed as he muttered, “It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault!”

“Hmph!” Gui Yi Zi could tell Lan Jian Jun was truly feeling guilty so he did not continue to make trouble as he stopped talking . After all, this person was Xiao Nian Nian’s father, more or less, show some restraint!

“Elder, then what’s wrong with Nian’er meimei’s body?” Lan Mo Xian comforted his father as he asked with concern .

“Nian Nian is poisoned!” Gui Yi Zi didn’t conceal the truth but directly answered .

“Isn’t elder Gui Yi Zi? Don’t you have any ideas?” Hua Mu Qing asked, hearing the past Gui Yi Zi spoke of, she felt more heartache for Nian’er meimei .

Gui Yi Zi sighed, looking at Lan You Nian in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, “If this old man had a way, how would Xiao Nian Nian still be suffering so much?”

“What are the symptoms of the poison?” Feng Yi Xuan’s lashes were like a pair of wings above the pair of purple eyes, so deep it made others cower .

Gui San glanced at little junior sister didn’t interfere and knew little junior sister won’t conceal it from Feng Yi Xuan . It seems this person was different in little junior sister’s heart, “This poison is derived from the dozens of poisons little junior sister had since childhood . Every month the poison awakens once . When the poison awakens, a bloodsucking pain, even more painful than snapping a tendon and shattering bone . Each time the poison awakens, if she can’t overcome it, then it means death!”

Feng Yi Xuan’s deep purple eyes were like deep pools, any object that touched it would drown, making people unable to see the images hidden within its bottomless depths . His arms holding Lan You Nian were shaking, but it was even more firm . He won’t let Nian Nian leave him .

It was the second time Lan Mo Xian saw his father shed tears . He saw father’s eyes filled with tears looking at Nian’er meimei, his eyes were the guilt that blamed himself to death .

Seeing that the atmosphere of the room was so grave, Lan You Nian leaned against Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, lifted her heard to look at Feng Yi Xuan who was looking down at her . Lan You Nian’s eyes, black and white in sharp contrast, were clean and bright as if they can illuminate their hearts .

“I won’t die so easily, no need to worry!” Lan You Nian’s words were directed at Feng Yi Xuan as well to everyone else .

Under the candlelight, Feng Yi Xuan’s body was straight, the cold and sharp face slowly warmed, thin lips curved, eyes gradually filled with a smile . Looking into her eyes, his words gentle and warm, like a river slowly flowing over her heart, “I won’t let anything happen to you . Wherever you are, I will be with you!”

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