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Chapter 115

115 Lan Mo Xian’s Marriage

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June 3, 2019
“Master, Gui Wu took a day off from Ming army and left,” An Yi appeared beside Feng Yi Xuan .

“Where did he go?” Feng Yi Xuan sipped the sake in his hand, listening to the noise in his ears, for some reason his heart was panicked accompanied by slight pain .

“He went to Miss Lan’s place . Does subordinate drag him back?” An Yi asked .

Feng Yi Xuan felt a pain in his heart, and exhaled a breath, “No need!” Nian Nian was probably in a bad mood . He can tell Nian Nian trusted this Gui Wu, letting him accompany Nian Nian would be good .

Lan Jian Jun stood up and said to the crowd, “This general thanks everyone for attending the banquet, today, this general will announce a happy event!”

Everyone couldn’t help being curious . They were only here to attend the banquet, nor did they receive any news . Now that General Lan said this, it seems this was already planned, don’t know what the happy event was .

Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing’s hearts tightened, more or less excited, Lan Mo Xian pulled Hua Mu Qing’s hand, placing it in his palms and smiled at Hua Mu Qing, giving Hua Mu Qing a great bit of courage and reassurance .

He Chu Yang and the others ambiguously looked at Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qin, their eyes full of blessings, after all these two people were their friend, seeing them together was a good thing .

“Mo Xian, Mu Qing, come here!” Lan Jian Jun waved to the two people . With one look, everyone more or less understood what was going on, but there were still plenty who didn’t understand . After all, although junzhu had the identity of a junzhu, she did not have any power nor any backing . Her temper was also explosive . Any typical family won’t even consider such a woman .

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Lan Mo Xian held Hua Mu Qing’s hand as they came to Lan Jian Jun’s side, the man was handsome, the woman beautiful, it was truly a match .

“My son and junzhu are fond of each other, so this general already asked the Emperor and agreed to the two’s marriage, take advantage of today to tell everyone!” Lan Jian Jun slapped Lan Mo Xian’s shoulder, lamenting that time flew by so quickly . Within moments, whether it was sincere or insincere, everyone in the hall started to congratulate Lan Jian Jun, but everyone knew the main object of today was the birthday banquet, so it wasn’t overly much, just a few sounds of congratulations and then started to eat, the hall was in harmony .

Lan Jian Jun deliberately announced his son’s and junzhu’s marriage . This junzhu was a pitiful child, he can’t wrong her . Announcing it today can make everyone see the importance Lan manor placed on this marriage and the satisfaction with this daughter in law .

When Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing returned to their seats, Feng Xia Qi and the others picked up their wine cups and said, “Congratulations for bringing home the beauty!”

Lan Mo Xian was happy . The Emperor already expressed his will and with father announced the matter today, this marriage was now an iron-clad thing . The woman beside him can’t run in the future . She will become his wife .

Hua Mu Qing’s personality was bold, she was not as demure as other women, and also picked up the wine cup to drink with everyone .

“Thanks for everyone’s blessings!” Lan Mo Xian finished the wine in the cup and smiled at the others, then looked at Hua Mu Qing beside him, his eyes were full of affection, letting Hua Mu Qing such a thick-skinned woman blush .

“Have the date been set?” Jing Wu An asked . He didn’t expect the first to marry was Lan Mo Xian .

“Not yet, but father is in the process of picking a good date . There are still many things to do!” Lan Mo Xian answered with eagerness for this marriage .

“En, now that Lan manor is being monitored by many people, more or less you must be careful!” Feng Xia Qi said with concern .

“En, I know,” Lan Mo Xian nodded, then to Hua Mu Qing, “Now that you are my fiancee, you can’t be like how you used to be!”

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The infinitely shy Hua Mu Qing smashed the wine cup on the table, glaring at Lan Mo Xian, “What was this junzhu like in the past?”

Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, and the others all shook their heads . Even when the two become husband and wife, they’re still a quarrelsome couple, quarrel every day .

The atmosphere around the table was very good, but from the beginning to the end, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t utter a word . For some reason, he felt something was about to happen . His body felt uncomfortable . He thought the thing he cared about most was Nian Nian, but Nian Nian was in You Nian Pavilion, so what was up with this discomfort in his heart?

Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to leave to see Nian Nian, but suddenly he remembered the words last night, if he went to find her these next two days, then she will ignore him .

Feng Yi Xuan made Nian Nian accept him with much difficulty . If right now their relationship returned to the start, wouldn’t he vomit to death? On this side, just as Feng Yi Xuan was in complete worry and anxiety, Lan Yin’s voice sounded . Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes suddenly brightened . If it wasn’t him going to find her, instead, if he followed other people, then she won’t ignore him, right?

“Father, how come we don’t see Nian’er meimei?” Lan Yin asked curiously .

After Lan Yin asked this, everyone finally noticed when the banquet was about to end that they didn’t see the famed legitimate daughter Lan You Nian . They couldn’t help their curiosity, where can the legitimate be if not at her father’s birthday banquet?

“Oh? Third miss didn’t come? How come? Usually, master loves third miss the most!” An yiniang raised her voice .

Lan Mo Xian stood up, “Nian’er meimei didn’t feel well today, this morning she already sent her gift to father!” He didn’t expect An yiniang would search for trouble in this regard, if this created distance between Nian’er meimei and father, then in the future…

“Oh? I didn’t expect third miss to give General Lan a rare gift . May this wang have the fortune of seeing it?” Feng Shao Chu asked, but the many people present didn’t believe that Lan You Nian a female of the boudoir can send any kind of valuable gift .

“Of course you can!” Lan Jian Jun waved his hand at Uncle Lan . A while later, Uncle Lan took out the gift Lan You Nian sent .

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When Uncle opened the box, everyone was shocked . The color and luster of the jade ruyi in the box were very good, it was a rare jade, and the work was excellent . Probably not a lot of people can take out such a valuable item .

“Lan third miss is really thoughtful!” Everyone praised . After all, such an item was rare, and for a woman of the boudoir to obtain it, it was truly filial .

When Lan Jian Jun heard everyone’s praise, he felt a little bit better inside, even if daughter did not attend his birthday banquet, but at least she sent him a gift, it counts as a very good expression towards this father .

“I didn’t expect Nian’er meimei can give such a valuable gift!” Hua Mu Qing looked at the item in the box, then thought about her own gift, instantly felt there was no comparison .

“Such an item is really rare, although it is easy for us to obtain it, but for Nian’er meimei, a woman who doesn’t have any power, how can she get such a thing?” He Chu Yang asked curiously, “Aren’t you even a bit curious?”

None of the people replied immediately . If they said they weren’t curious, then it wasn’t possible . The years that Lan You Nian was missing for, they have sent people to investigate, but they found nothing . Isn’t that strange? But how could they ask?

“No matter where Nian’er meimei was or what she experienced, she is my Lan Mo Xian’s little sister, this is her home!” Lan Mo Xian sighed . Although he was very careless, he can sense little sister’s lack of feelings towards this Lan manor . He didn’t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing .

“Older brother, Nian’er meimei got sick on such a day, it must be severe, how about letting Ya’er go see?” Lan Ya drew everyone’s attention from the jade ruyi, hated Lan You Nian once again was in the limelight . With her jade ruyi, whatever she gave wasn’t worth looking at .

“No need, Nian’er meimei doesn’t feel comfortable and needs to rest in peace!” Lan Mo Xian rejected . If other people knew Nian’er meimei wasn’t sick, that was bad .

“Master!” An yiniang frowned, pulling out her handkerchief to wipe away the tears that weren’t there, “Third miss, that child, only reports good news not bad . For her to be sick today and to have found such a valuable gift for master . Now her body isn’t feeling well, if this concubine doesn’t go look at her, how can I feel at ease?”

Lan Jian Jun’s heart felt stuffy . He thought of how usually everything daughter did was in consideration of everything, how wouldn’t she show up on such an occasion and purposely allow others to catch her weakness? This wasn’t like his daughter’s usual style, unless…unless daughter is really sick! Lan Jian Jun felt he wasn’t deserving of being a father . When he heard the maidservant say those things, he shouldn’t overthink and just go take a look, but now if he went, and if daughter really isn’t sick, then what should he do?

“Yes, father, if third sister is really seriously sick, without anyone showing concern for her, who knows how upset third sister would be!” Lan Ya said .

With this mention, everyone thought of that girl who lived a hard life . Many people know Lan You Nian’s Miss Miao Yin’s identity, more or less they were concerned so many people started to ask to see Lan You Nian .

“General Lan, this banquet is almost over, Lan third miss is probably in discomfort, how about everyone go see her?” Feng Shao Chu said . He now considered Lan manor as a thorn in his eye, as long it was attacking Lan manor, he was thrilled to do so .

With Feng Shao Chu’s words, many people were in agreement, making Lan Jian Jun bringing everyone to check on Lan You Nian . Lan Jian Jun found it hard to refute .

No one from Feng Xia Qi’s stood out to stop them . It wasn’t that Lan Mo Xian didn’t want to stop them . Instead, it was Ming wang at their table who didn’t allow them to stop them . The moment he was prepared to stop them, An Yi appeared out in the open with a long sword . Although the others didn’t see, he saw clearly . Ming wang was threatening him .

At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan was a little proud inside . This way, it was other people who wanted to go, not him wanting to go . Nian Nian definitely won’t ignore him .

Lan Jian Jun was prepared to object, but Uncle Lan walked over to Lan Jian Jun and whispered in his ear, “Master, young miss seems to be truly sick, it seems young miss’s maid is very anxious today!”

As soon as Lan Jian Jun heard this, he was prepared to run over to You Nian Pavilion, but when he saw so many guests, he knew if he didn’t let these people go to You Nian Pavilion to see, there would be gossip, “Thank you everyone for your concern for my daughter . Then follow this general to take a look . But daughter likes quiet, please ask everyone to be considerate!”

Everyone expressed that they could understand, Miss Miao Yin’s illness made many officials’ young masters and young misses worried for their idol, so everyone at the banquet headed towards You Nian Pavilion .

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