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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:28 PM
Chapter 113
113 Jing Wu An is Poisoned

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June 2, 2019
Feng Xia Qi’s inky black hair was raised, tied with a purple satin sash . He wore a dexterous purple outfit, a pair of purple boots, his facial features were attractive, skin white, he emitted a bookish charm, but that pair of fox eyes radiated brilliance, and following him Jing Wu An, attractive like a mountain ink painting pair of cool eyes, under the high and upright nose, thin lips turned upwards, a cold and conceited gaze was like a noble young master from a famous Jiangnan house .

Lan You Nian welcomed the two into the pavilion, and asked in surprise, “What wind blew you two here?”

“Ai, if we don’t come, we won’t know Nian’er meimei was saying bad things about about your brother me behind my back” Feng Xia Qi uttered with disatisfaction .

Lan You Nian sat opposite the two, brewing a cup of fragrant flower tea, instantly the room flooded with the aroma of the flower tea, causing Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An to blink their eyes in tandem with Lan You Nian’s action of brewing the tea, as if puppets, causing Lan Wu to burst into laughter .

“~cough-cough~” Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An coughed and retracted their gaze . After all, one of them was a wangye, the other a noble heir, how can they show such an expression as if they have never seen the world for a cup of flower tea?

Putting the two cups of flower tea in front of Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An, Lan You Nian glanced at Lan Wu, “My servant girl is ignorant, ask the two brothers not to blame!”

“Look at Nian’er meimei talk, as if the two of us are very petty, we don’t blame the servant girl’s laughter, really is that Nian’er meimei’s brewing technique is better and better!” Jing Wu An took a sip of the flower tea, there was a flowery fragrance along with the astringent taste of tea, making people unable to tear themselves away from it .

“Some time ago, Lan Mo Xian was always mentioning Nian’er meimei’s flower tea in front of us, making him so proud! At first we didn’t care but now that we tasted it ourselves, but now we know Lan Mo Xian wasn’t speaking falsely!” Feng Xia Qi glanced at Jing Wu An, seeing Jing Wu An was also enjoying, he unconsciously raised his thumb at Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian gave Lan Qu a look, after a while, Lan Qu brought two containers of things .

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“This is?” Jing Wu An smiled but he knew the answer .

“This is flower tea, since you two love drinking, then you can taste it in your own manor!” After Lan You Nian finished, the two already took the flower tea into their hands, there was no modesty at all .

The two saw Lan You Nian unblinkingly looking at them, Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An chuckled in embarrassment, Feng Xia Qi said, “Nian’er meimei’s gift is definitely good, rare ah!”

Lan You Nian felt Feng Xia Qi was indeed thick skinned, nor did she tease him, only directly asked, “The two brothers came today probably isn’t for drinking tea, everyone is friends, just say what’s the matter!”

“We can hide nothing from Nian’er meimei, so young . How are you so smart?” Feng Xia Qi asked vexed, probably only this younger brother of his can compare with Nian’er meimei, the two seemed to have become demons .

“It’s like this, I know Nian’er meimei must know Wu Qing Pavilion’s Young master Wu Qing, since you know young master Wu Qing then you must know Wu Qing Pavilion’s eldest young master, Master Gui Yi,” Jing Wu An did not hide anything .

In reality, they concealed it from Feng Yi Xuan that they were coming today, after all if Feng Yi Xuan knew they were troubling Lan You Nian for some things, who knew how he will deal with them behind their backs . Jing Wu An can tell Feng Yi Xuan’s affection for Lan You Nian, Feng Xia Qi can also tell, after all Feng Yi Xuan did not conceal his different treatment of Lan You Nian .

“En, I know, who’s sick?” Lan You Nian asked .

“Me,” Jing Wu An said, “I’ve been poisoned by someone, but the doctor can’t cure it, so I came to trouble Nian’er meimei!”

Lan You Nian suddenly shot out her hand, arresting the pulse on Jing Wu An’s wrist . The sudden move made the the two shocked . They can tell the girl in front of them had martial arts, but to be able to hide from them right under their nose, was indeed amazing . They weren’t angry, after all, they never asked right?

“Nian’er meimei knows medicine?”Jing Wu An didn’t expect the girl in front of him to even have medical skills .

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Lan You Nian carefully surveyed Jing Wu An’s pulse and noticed he really has been poisoned . It was a kind of poison that would impair a person’s mind . The person who has this poison will gradually lose their memory power and the ability to distinguish between right and right will become worse, in the end, will probably end up with the intelligence of a child . It seems these people were afraid of Jing Wu An’s abilities, after all, he was Feng Yi Xuan’s right hand man, getting rid of him equals cutting off Feng Yi Xuan’s arm, really vicious idea! But now she has recognized this Feng Yi Xuan as one of her people, her man’s affairs, Lan You Nian will take care of it .

“Only just learned a smattering of medical skills!” Lan You Nian prepared to take back her hand when suddenly her entire body was pulled over by one person .

Lan You Nian sighed in her heart, besides Feng Yi Xuan who else will so arrogantly treat her like this?

Feng Yi Xuan grabbed Lan You Nian’s hand, then took out a handkerchief to carefully rub Lan You Nian’s fingers, even the folds between her fingers were not missed .

Jing Wu An was angry, what poison was he? Was it necessary to be like this? It was just taking his pulse, not as if she touched something dirty!

Feng Xia Qi saw his younger brother embracing Lan You Nian in his arms, his actions were gentle as he cleaned the girl’s fingers, his eyes flashed, his mouth was bitter, even his eyes seemed to be filled with bitterness .

At this time, Feng Yi Xuan was completely jealous, his Nian Nian can only touch him, how can she touch other men besides him? No, women weren’t allowed either! Throwing a eye dagger at Jing Wu An, as if he wanted to cut off Jing Wu An’s hand .

“You guys are?” Jing Wu An asked directly, after all, the two, one was his bosom friend while the other was his little sister, more or less he really cared about the two .

“Nian Nian is mine!” Feng Yi Xuan answered and continued to wipe Lan You Nian’s hands but Jing Wu An and Feng Xia Qi heard Feng Yi Xuan’s meaning, that was the two have set their mind on one another . In some respects, they were happy for Feng Yi Xuan . After all Feng Yi Xuan so many years was solitary but now there was finally a female who can walk into his heart .

Lan You Nian’s mouth twitched, snatched back her hand, and talked about proper business,”Brother Wu An, you have been poisoned by a reducing intelligence posion, you must be detoxified immediately!”

“What?” Feng Xia Qi exclaimed, these people were really vicious, they dared to use such a poison on Jing Wu An .

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Even Jing Wu An was taken aback . If he didn’t have his clever mind, then…just thinking about it he felt scared .

“Is it curable?” Feng Yi Xuan asked, he knew Lan You Nian practices medicine, although he didn’t know how her medical skills were .

“There is!” Lan You Nian nodded, “But I can’t cure it, let’s go to Wu Qing Medical Hall, this way you can detoxify the poison as soon as possible, otherwise it will harm your body!”

As the people discussed, they prepared to leave, Feng Xia Qi asked, “But that Master Gui Yi isn’t he not in the capital? It is very difficult to find him!”

Lan You Nian get to answer, Feng Yi Xuan already said, “Twenty days ago, he already returned to the capital!” His intelligence system was perfect so as soon as Gui Yi entered the capital, he already received the news .

Lan You Nian was stunned . Older brother came into the capital very rarely and it was concealed very well, yet Feng Yi Xuan actually knew about it . This man was indeed powerful, fortunately this person not only wasn’t the enemy but was her own man, otherwise it would be difficult for her . Lan You Nian smiled, she actually considered Feng Yi Xuan her own .

When the four arrived at Wu Qing Pavilion, they entered the third floor directly . Lan You Nian smiled as she knocked on the door . In a moment, Gui Yi opened the door, when he saw Lan You Nian, his lips curled into a smile .

Gui Yi welcomed them into the room . When he saw Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Xia Qi, and Jing Wu An, most importantly he carefully looked over Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan seemed to be very attractive, exquisite facial features, thick black sword brows, high nose, deep black eyes, clearly the man was exquisitely beautiful but due to the chilly and cold aura around him made other people think him to be reserved and difficult to get close to .

Gui Yi had to admit, this man whether it was looks or bearing was one of the best . He nodded at the few people then looked at Lan You Nian, “Why are you here?”

Lan You Nian pointed at Jing Wu An, “He’s been poisoned, needs you to detoxify!” Only at this time did she realize how much lacking her medical skills were compared to big brother . All these years, big brother has been concentrating on his medical skills . While she not only was learning medical skills but also exercises martial arts and run Wu Qing Pavilion as well . Now her medical skills can’t compare to big brother at all .

“Master Gui Yi,” Jing Wu An greeted him, “This one is Jing Wu An, ask Master Gui Yi help to detoxify!”

Gui Yi returned his greeting, “Since Nian’er brought you here then we’re all friends . There’s no need to be so polite!” Then he invited them to sit then took Jing Wu An’s pulse .

After a while, Gui Yi retracted his fingers, “Young master’s poison is no bother, wait for a moment for this one to prescribe young master medicine!” Gui Yi nodded them then smiled at Lan You Nian, “What do you want to eat?”

“No need, give him the antidote first, otherwise they will be worried!” Lan You Nian smiled, big brother still regarded her as the little girl that couldn’t speak in the past .

Gui Yi nodded and left the room, went into the inner room to prescribe the medicine, Feng Xia Qi saw Gui Yi left, curiously asked, “This Master Gui Yi seems to treat Nian’er meimei very well!”

“En, that Zhen Wei Pavilion’s third master, doesn’t he treat Nian’er meimei very well too?” Jing Wu An felt Feng Xia Qi was making a fuss about nothing, after all such a girl like Nian’er meimei probably everyone will consider her a little sister to pamper .

“En, everyone treats me very well!” Lan You Nian smiled warmly . When she first entered this world, it was shifu and the senior brothers who stayed beside her, taking care of her, helping her . They were her family, they were the people she wanted to protect .

“I will treat you even better!” Feng Yi Xuan said with dissatisfaction . He can tell that Gui Yi seemed to be a little different towards Nian Nian, different from that third master’s treatment of Nian Nian but he can tell Nian Nian only had the respect of an older brother for this Master Gui Yi .

Lan You Nian smiled without saying anything, she believed Feng Yi Xuan, otherwise how would she accept Feng Yi Xuan?

Everyone waited for a while and then saw Gui Yi stepped out, and handed a porcelain bottle to Jing Wu An, “Three times a day, within ten days you can detoxify the poison . ”

“Many thanks Master Gui Yi, may I ask…” Jing Wu An was going to ask about how much the medical consultation was, after all, for Master Gui Yi to personally cure the poison required payment, this was the rule .

“No need, you are Nian’er friend, then you are I, Gui Yi’s friend!” Gui Yi finished then handed another porcelain bottle to Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian accept it . This was probably the pills to suppress the pain of this month .

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