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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:32 PM
Chapter 110

110 Seeing Her Heart

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May 30, 2019
Lan You Nian and Gui Er took their time bidding farewell . Before he allowed her to leave, Lan You Nian promised to wait for him to finish his duties and then come to the capital to find her . Only then did Gui Er allow Lan You Nian to leave .

With training at an end, everyone came to Wu Qing Inn to wash up and give themselves a reward for a job well done . After all, the food they ate all this way made these tough men miss the taste of meat .

Lan You Nian let Lan Qu and Lan Wu go take a bath, eat good, and then have a good rest . The two were reluctant . After all, they were just servant girls . They wished to take care of Lan You Nian but Lan You Nian pointed at her and then at them . Clearly, beside receiving some injuries from fighting with Gui Er, Lan You Nian’s clothes were clean as before, skin just a delicate, and energetic . Then look at then, covered in injuries, clothes were a mess and starting to smell, skin having been darkened by the changing weather . The two could only helplessly leave .

The moment Lan You Nian entered her exclusive room on the third floor, before she even stepped foot into the room, Lan You Nian was dragged inside . Lan You Nian’s killing aura rose, wanting to kill the intruder, but when she caught scent of the familiar scent, she relaxed .

Feng Yi Xuan pulled Lan You Nian’s petite body into his arms, his slender fingers gently pinched her slightly pointed chin and lowered his head . Sexy thin lips pressed against attractive pink lips, teeth lightly opened, overbearingly sucking her mouth’s deliciousness like a person who was drugged searching for his antidote, intertwined, not letting go .

Lan You Nian didn’t expect to be kissed but these few days she seemed to be always thinking about this . Lan You Nian didn’t reject the kiss, allowing this man’s hot and violent kiss to fall between her lips and teeth, burning her lips and burning her heart .

Only until when Lan You Nian couldn’t breath, Feng Yi Xuan finally released her, laying his head in the crook of her neck, smelling Lan You Nian’s unique fragrance as his large hand patted her back, smoothing her breathing .

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As soon as Lan You Nian left, he started to miss her . There was no energy as he did anything . So Feng Yi Xuan followed right behind her footsteps . But he knew Nian Nian had her own things to take care of . She probably had some things she didn’t want him to know . So Feng Yi Xuan didn’t enter the forest after her though he wanted to . For many days, he stayed in Sunset City waiting for that girl, even official business were brought to him by flying pigeons .

Now that he knew she left the forest, he came to this room to wait for her . He only wanted to spend time with Nian Nian . But as soon as Nian Nian was right beside him, he desperately kissed her . Only this can cure his many days of missing her .

Feng Yi Xuan looked Lan You Nian from head to toe, then dissatisfied said, “Thinner!” Then he saw the bruise on Lan You Nian’s lips, his eyes chilled, “Who?”

As he carefully caressed Lan You Nian’s lips bruise, his eyes were filled with murderous intent .

“It’s nothing, only accident!” Lan You Nian’s bright eyes squinted, a faint smile lifted on her delicate face .

After searching the room, Feng Yi Xuan found a medicine for bruises, gently applying it on Lan You Nian’s moth . In that moment Lan You Nian felt they have been loving each other for many years, cherishing each other’s love .

“How are you here?” Lan You Nian allowed man to gently apply medicine for her, his rough fingers brushed her lips .

Feng Yi Xuan’s hand didn’t stop, but there was a rare panic in his eyes, “I only missed you!” He knew the girl in front of him was slowly accepting him . She started to allow him to kiss her, allow him to hold her little hand, allow him to be in her life right now, but he was worried about his progress, afraid Nian Nian will leave him, just like three years ago, leaving without turning back . He was afraid he couldn’t control himself and in his madness, hurt himself and her .

Lan You Nian didn’t answer . She found herself ineloquent in front of Feng Yi Xuan . She didn’t know how to express herself . Or perhaps because this man was in her heart so she had a woman’s shyness and didn’t know how to face these genuine feelings .

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After Feng Yi Xuan finished applying, he held Lan You Nian’s hands asking, “Nian Nian, are you mad?”

Lan You Nian curled up in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms . Looking up, her line of sight landed on the sharp jawline . With his head lowered, his expression was faint but the tenderness in his eyes were more beautiful than the stars .

“Feng Yi Xuan, I think I really like you!” Lan You Nian’s beautiful crystalline pair of gemstone eyes glistened as she smiled softly .

Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes burst with dazzling purple color . Within seconds, they returned to their original purple, drowning Lan You Nian in those eyes .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan smiled as if he obtained the world, unceasingly calling Lan You Nian’s name, even if he knew the girl in his arms only liked him and did not love him like he loved her, but he still felt a happiness he had never felt before .

And what made Lan You Nian’s heart feel sour is, she can sense this man’s unease . This unease was caused by her . She can feel this man’s joy, this joy was given to him by her . When did she start being able to influence this man’s emotions?

“I will treat you well! Nian Nian, believe me!” Feng Yi Xuan gripped Lan You Nian’s hands . He liked her hands, a moderate size, soft but still able to feel her thin wrist bone, being held within his palm, there was no better fit .

Lan You Nian didn’t utter a word . Because for some reason she believed in this man’s words . Perhaps towards others, Feng Yi Xuan was too indifferent so when he revealed his different emotions to her, there was always a different kind of gentleness which was incredibly rare .

In Feng Yi Xuan’s short nineteen years of life, he has never cared about another person so much . Nor has he ever been tempted by any women . A person like him, once he falls in love, it will be a lifelong entanglement . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know how to express the joy in his heart . In the past, he thought had had to spend many years to make this girl like him . but now he heard the most beautiful words in the world . He only held tightly to Lan You Nian’s hand, unwilling to let go, afraid this was only a dream .

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The two didn’t say anything as they stayed in the room but as Feng Yi Xuan took care of his business, from time to time, he would always look up at Lan You Nian who was sleeping peacefully on the couh . His lips, ever since Lan You Nian uttered the words “like” has not dissipated, the burning hurt made his heart unable to calm down .

Setting aside the documents, Feng Yi Xuan walked over to Lan You Nian and laid down beside her, pulling the petite Lan You Nian into his arms, only this way can calm his heart .

Without him knowing, Feng Yi Xuan fell asleep . The two slept side by side, black silk intertwined, like the most beautiful painting .

When Feng Yi Xuan woke up, opening his eyes, he looked at the girl in his arms . Thinking that everything wasn’t just a dream, he smiled foolishly to himself . He carefully inspected Lan You Nian’s eyes, nose, and lips . The more he looked, the more he liked . How could this world have such a woman who didn’t need to use any words to make exchange his heart and soul . She didn’t do anything but he was already defeated .

When Lan You Nian woke up the next day, it was already dark . Feng Yi Xuan was still gazing at her for a long long time, unwilling to even blink his eyes .

“Young miss!” From outside, Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s voice broke through the quiet .

Feng Yi Xuan rose, walked out of the inner chamber, and opened the door . When LAn Wu and Lan Qu saw Feng Yi Xuan, they were taken aback . They didn’t expect Ming wang to walk out of their young miss’s box . How could Ming wang find young miss? When they followed Ming wang into the room, they saw Lan You Nian lazily sleeping on the couch, they rested their hearts .

From the start, they were worried because of Ming wang’s identity and personality . But after some time, they couldn’t help sigh, even they were moved by Ming wang’s pampering of young miss . They noticed young miss seemed very happy, there was a softness in her brows, this was all because of that Ming wang .

Feng Yi Xuan sat there watching as Lan Qu brush Lan You Nian’s here . Although he didn’t want to admit it, but he was really envious Lan Qu can brush Lan You Nian’s hair . So Feng Yi Xuan watched very seriously . In the future, after Nian Nian and he marry, he will do Nian Nian’s hair and dress her every day .

Lan Qu, under Feng Yi Xuan’s envious gaze, didn’t know ehre to put her fingers . This was the first time she felt serving the young miss was a difficult task .

Because having thought over some things, Lan You Nian was much more intimate with Feng Yi Xuan . Since she can’t let go of the confusing feelings, then she will accept them . In fact, the time she spent in the training grounds was for part for Zhang Lin and the others, but she came in hopes to calm herself down .

Now that she has the answer, she has feelings for this man, then she will happily accept it . She noticed now that she has accepted Feng Yi Xuan, she was surprisingly happy .

Feng yi Xuan and Lan You Nian sat across from each other as they ate . During the period of time, Feng Yi Xuan was always picking the dishes she liked, always picking out the fishbones and such things for her . Perhaps no one could ever guess that such a considerate and gentle Feng Yi Xuan was the high status Ming wang .

“Is Lan manor still doing well?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew this man will watch the manor for her . Now that she felt this man was hers, there was no need to be polite .

“En!” Feng Yi Xuan let An Yi come in to report the recent events in Lan manor .

“Miss Lan!” An Yi stood beside Lan Wu and reported, “Everything is fine in Lan manor but a few days ago, Lan manor’s housekeeper wanted to enter You Nian Pavilion to steal some precious antiques . This subordinate didn’t dare make the decision, so locked up this housekeeper!”

At that time, An Yi wanted to kill the person directly but thinking that Lan manor was Miss Lan’s home, so this was better left to Miss Lan to decide . And seeing how master in this time missing Miss Lan day and night, An Yi felt the one making the decisions in Ming wang manor was probably Miss Lan .

“It seems An yiniang is very poor recently! She dares to have some ideas about young miss’s stuff!” Lan Wu huffed angrily .

“Relax, she can’t jump for long, but letting her die would be too easy…” Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed as she said to An Yi, “Let him go . . ”

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