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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:37 PM
Chapter 108

108 Farewell in the Study

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May 26, 2019
“What has Lan Yin been doing recently?” Lan You Nian was sorting out stuff as she asked Zhang Lin who stood outside the pavilion .

“Recently, second master entered eldest master’s military camp but in the camps, he is always spreading rumors about eldest master, bringing trouble for eldest master . If this continues, eldest master’s prestige will be damaged in the camp!” Zhang Lin didn’t like this Lan manor’s second master, gluttonous, lazy and didn’t know his place . Indeed, he was An yiniang’s child . They’re all the same, made people hate .

“En, you go down and tell everyone to pack up . We leave tonight!” Lan You Nian said .

“Young miss, if we all leave, then what about You Nian Pavilion?” Zhang Lin worriedly asked . If all fifteen of them left, young miss wasn’t even there, then if something happened in You Nian Pavilion, there wouldn’t be anyone to stop it .

“Nothing, only a residence!” Lan You Nian didn’t care . Besides if An yiniang’s guts were really that big to dare to touch her You Nian Pavilion’s things, then even if she didn’t make a move, the protective Feng Yi Xuan won’t let go of her .

“Lan Ren,” Lan You Nian looked Lan Ren who was sitting there eating grapes, lips smirked, “Lan Yin likes to gamble?”

Lan Ren hurriedly put down the grapes in his hand . The grapes Feng Yi Xuan sent over were simply too delicious, “He doesn’t like it now, but in the future he will like!”

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“I remember in the capital there is a famous gambling house . Lead Lan Yin there . What’s next I believe you know!” in the inner chamber Lan You Nian pulled out some men’s clothing . Outside Lan Ren and the others saw the grapes were quickly diminishing as they ate .

“Yes!” Lan Ren left the pavilion .

Lan Wu walked in to help miss sort out other things, very eagerly asked, “Young miss, this time going back can I go with?”

Lan Wu who was eating grapes outside hastily ran inside when she heard this, pitifully looked at Lan You Nian, “Yeah young miss, me and Lan Qu go together too! It’s all just a bunch of big men, how can they take care of young miss?”

Lan You Nian didn’t say anything as she continued to sort out stuff . Her eyes gaze landed on the couch beside the window, she suddenly thought of that man who came just about every night just to sleep on that couch, did disdain its small size . Sometimes if she wasn’t there, he would wait very late before leaving . On the days of her poison awakens, she made him leave . He didn’t have any complains as he returned to Ming wang manor . On the second night, he would come back .

Lan You Nian thought that maybe she should go tell this man she would be leaving for a time . She knew if she didn’t say anything, this man will probably come here every night and leave in disappointment . She understood her own mind . After some time of consideration, she decided to go with the flow . She wouldn’t insist nor would she resist . She’ll give herself a chance and give other people a chance . Let’s see if in the end, she’ll really fall in love with this man or she would still remain calm and cold .

“I am going to train Zhang Lin and the others, not to go sightseeing . There’s no need for people take care of me!” Lan You Iian watched the two sort out these things much better than her and sat beside the table, “If you feel bored go to third brother’s place, or go to big brother’s place to play!”

Lan Wu and Lan Qu finished sorting out the things and stood in front of Lan You Nian, their eyes firm, “Young miss we want to join in the training!”

Lan You Nian wasn’t a master who intervened in everything . In many things she will let them choose themselves then take responsibility themselves . Now was the same . Although she was worried about the two but still didn’t reject, only said, “You know if you enter the training grounds, even if you are my friends I won’t be sympathetic, even if you are hanging by a thread I won’t interfere!”

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Lan You Nian told the truth . She will truly do this, even if the words were heartless .

“We know!” the two nodded, how could they not know? Before, many Wu Qing Pavilion’s subordinates died in the training ground but their young miss didn’t have any pity . They didn’t feel miss was heartless, after all it was survival to the fittest, this was the principle young miss taught them .

Lan You Nian knew she will agree, but there was some concern inside, she privately didn’t want them to go .

How could Lan Wu and Lan Qu not know young miss was worried about them? LAn Qu walked over to Lan You Nian’s and knelt down, “I know young miss was ten years old when you went alone through the training ground . I and Lan Wu although can’t compare to young miss but we are young miss’s servant girls . We won’t lose lady’s face!”

“Go pack!” Lan You Nian smiled and agreed .

The two immediately ran out of the pavilion, giggling, afraid Lan you Nian will leave them behind . Although they were only young miss’s servant girls but, in their hearts,, they knew they were too weak and will one day drag down their young miss . Though in the future if they encountered something, they are willing to die but young miss said that was the practice of the weak . So they can only become stronger .

Lan You Nian looked at that couch again, sighed in her heart, and disappeared in You Nian Pavilion .

Ming wang manor was heavily guarded, like a inpregnable fortress, at Ming wang manor’s shadows hidden many hgih martial arts shadow guards, anyone who wanted to break into Ming wang manor will receive welcoming/treatment was kill on sight, and Ming wang manor’s wall don’t know how many lives have been lost .

When Lan You Nian appeared on the wall of Ming wang manor’s, a burst of oppressive killing aura rushed at Lan You Nian . Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed as she prepared for a good fight . When black-clothed people appeared on the wall and saw Lan You Nian they instantly retracted their killing aura . One by one as if they had face paralysis, squeezed out a gentle smile, but that smile was too horrible to look at . Lan you Nian couldn’t bear to look straight at it . Many more people in black magnify their sense of existence, trying hard to earn the right to follow their matriarch in the future .

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When An Yi appeared, he noticed Lan You Nian standing in the middle of the shadow guards with a forced smile, her small figure wasn’t suppressed but you could faintly see the bearing of a master . When An Yi saw his subordinate’s fawning look, he shook with anger . Did this group of stinky rascals not have any backbone? Losing their shadow guards’ face! They are Ghost Realm’s assassins! Do they look like assassins at all?

“Have a lot of free time?” An Yi coldly snapped, then instantly all the shadow guards disappeared into the shadows to stand at their posts, Lan You Nian can feel their breathing, but such shadow guards was already pretty good .

“Miss Lan came to look for master?” An Yi said fawningly, “Master is currently in the study handling official duties, subordinate will take Miss Lan there!”

In the shadows all shadow guards rolled their eyes . Their leader was clearly fawning; it was disdainful, but inside they were envious . The most popular topic amongst them shadow guards that that as long as you please the matriarch, there was no need to be afraid of master anymore!

When they came to Feng Yi Xuan’s study, Lan you Nian to An Yi said, “Trouble you to announce!”

An Yi muttered mentally, where do you need to announce? If Miss Lan wanted to enter Ming wang manor where is not allowed? If they dare to stop then their ending won’t be pretty .

She didn’t wait for An Yi to say the two words no need, Feng Yi Xuan came out from the study, afraid to miss something .

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan’s quick footsteps . She thought Feng Yi Xuan encountered something he needed to deal with so she didn’t say anything, but when she saw Feng Yi Xuan walked in front of her and asked overjoyed, “Nian Nian, how are you here?”

In the study he was processing documents . With his martial arts he can hear the sounds outside . From the start, he felt was hallucinating from missing that girl too much . But that voice was so real that Feng Yi Xuan anxiously ran out, afraid to miss something .

When he walked out of the study, he saw Nian Nian standing there . He found everything was so wonderful . That girl’s hair was like waterfall, skin like cream . A hibiscus face, a willow figure, made it hard for people to forget . It seemed no matter how many times he saw Nian Nian, whichever Nian Nian she was, he was greedy for this girl’s everything .

“Can’t come to your Ming wang manor for no reason?” Lan You Nian purposefully laughed, squinting her eyes changing it into a crescent moon . Facing the rising sun, as if a sparkling lake reflecting the rainbow’s seven colored light, beautiful beyond compare .

“No!” Lan You Nian’s voice fell . Feng Yi Xuan anxiously explained, afraid the girl in front of him will be angry, “If Nian Nian wants to come then can come!” In fact, Feng Yi Xuan felt if Nian Nian lived here it would be even better, but he didn’t say this, afraid Nian Nian will feel he was too brusque .

Feng Yi Xuan grabbed Lan You Nian’s hands and walked into the study . Feng Yi Xuan’s hands were wide, thick, and comfortable . More importantly, they made Lan You Nian feel reassured . Lan You Nian can feel Feng Yi Xuan’s hand was slightly calloused, that was obtained from using swords often . There was a thin layer of wet sweat, that was from nervousness . Lan You Nian couldn’t help curling up the corner of her lips .

Feng Yi Xuan’s heart secretly smiled, because he was holding Nian Nian’s hand . Nian Nian didn’t refuse, doesn’t this mean he has taken another step closer? Although he was usually overbearing as he hugged Nian Nian, sometimes will even take a lot of liberties, but every time he will always be nervous, even more unwilling to let go .

Walking into study Lan You Nian smelled the ink mixing with Feng Yi Xuan’s scent . It smelled nice .

At the four corners of the study stood pillars of white marble . All four walls were carved out of white stone bricks . Orchids carved out of gold bloomed in the white stone . The study’s bookcase was full of books . On the desk carved out of fragrant wood, there was an inkstone and brush and a stack of documents that needed to be taken care of . Lan You Nian stood in this building reaching ten meters high . If it weren’t so uniquely calm, she really wanted to shout “luxury”

“After today I will leave the capital for a while!” Lan You Nian sat on the couch in the study, very straightforward . This was her purpose in coming today .

When Feng Yi Xuan heard this he was happy and then sad, happy was Nian Nian thought of him, unhappy was that Nian Nian was clearly telling him to not follow, so he definitely won’t be able to see Nian Nian .

“How long?” Feng Yi Xuan stabilized his mood

“Ten or so days…” Lan You Nian replied, then felt the study’s air became colder .

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