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Chapter 107

107 Retaliate Against Feng Lin Che

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May 26, 2019
Zhen Wei Pavilion’s front hall was full of people, but strangely silent . Everyone held their breath watching the figure behind the bead curtain, looking forward to another feast to the ears .

Lan You Nian’s eyes swept over the guests in the hall through the curtain beads and noticed the several men sitting at the table closest to the stage, their eyes filled with calculations . Lan You Nian knew with one glance that they were here to cause trouble .

Her hands were prepared to pluck at the zither when Lan You Nian heard a voice from the table, “Everyone says Miss Miao Yin is Lan manor’s legitimate daughter . Can Miss Miao Yin explain this?”

Although the crowd disliked this person’s interruption but they were curious to hear the answer to the question . No matter what, gossip always exists .

“It is me!” Lan You Nian didn’t deny . There was nothing to deny .

“Then about the rumors that Lan manor’s legitimate daughter’s face is like a ghost, is that true?” the man didn’t seem think bullying a girl was any wrong, his eyes looked at the figure in the bead curtains revealed ridicule .

“So what if it is? What if it isn’t?” Lan You Nian could distinctly sense Feng Yi Xuan’s killing intent from upstairs . She gently looked at Feng Yi Xuan . Even if Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t see Lan You Nian’s expression through the bead curtain, he understood Nian Nian’s meaning . She didn’t want him to intervene .

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“If not then why doesn’t Miss Miao Yin let people see for themselves . If true, then Wu Qing Pavilion really is interesting to find an ugly girl to be here . Isn’t it making everyone have no appetite?” When the man finished, the several men beside him also muttered their approval .

Many guests in the hall were dissatisfied with these men from the very start . But everyone were guests of Zhen Wei Pavilion . Zhen Wei Pavilion’s management didn’t come out . Although they wanted to stand up for the woman in the bead curtains, they might not have that ability .

“What qualifications do you have to say this? Are you Zhen Wei Pavilion’s guest? Or are you the boss of Cai Fu Restaurant?” Lan You Nian’s voice emitted laughter .

“Is it that Cai Fu Resturant has no business so even the boss needs to come to Zhen Wei Pavilion to eat? Eating is okay but if you make a big deal of nothing then sorry, Zhen Wei Pavilion doesn’t welcome!” Lan You Nian declared, thrumming the zither .

“You, when did Wu Qing Pavilion allow a woman to speak?” the man sneered with embarrassment, dissatisfied inside . He was Zhang Cai Fu’s son . Father let him run the restaurant to suppress Wu Qing Pavilion in order to return to the status of the capital’s richest man .

“Then why is Cai Fu Restaurant’s boss making things difficult for a woman?” Lan You Nian’s zither didn’t stop, but her words were obviously sarcastic . The many people below began to drive away these men . Today they came to listen to Miss Miao Yin’s song, not to listen to these men find trouble .

Originally everyone didn’t discriminate against Fu Cai Restaurant but after this man’s repeated bullying of Miss Mia Yin, their impression of Cai Fu Restaurant was a lot worse for it . Many of the people present were either rich or nobility . For such a thing to be happening in front of them, from now on, Cai Fu Restaurant would have an even harder time to compete against Zhen Wei Pavilion . It probably won’t be long before it disappears entirely . “Sharp tongue!” the man refused to let go of Lan You Nian, even started to swear, “If Miss Miao Yin is willing to go to our Cai Fu restaurant, then the lady can state any condition,” the man remembered the important thing he came to Zhen Wei Pavilion for . One was to destroy the image of Zhen Wei Pavilion, second, it was to steal away Zhen Wei Pavilion’s signature idol .

“What authority do you have that you are certain that I will go to Cai Fu Restraint?” The zither in Lan You Nian’s hands were still playing peacefully, “Money, I don’t lack . Reputation, I don’t care for . So I ask you, what are you using to persuade me?” Lan You Nian’s voice was very lovely, so even if she was playing the zither while talking, the people below were enjoying it . Many people thought that in this world probably only Miss Miao Yin had this skill, even a voice can capture your ears .

“My cousin-brother is third wangye . Since you are Lan manor’s legitimate daughter you must know third wangye . If you don’t leave Zhen Wei Pavilion today, you know the consequences!” the man threatened arrogantly . He didn’t know his words would only force Feng Lin Che to abandon his family, and bring trouble to Feng Lin Che .

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“It turns out Zhang young master’s backing is third wangye, but can a wangye force a woman like this? When did the common practice of the capital become like this!” Lan You Nian deliberately led the topic in the direction of Feng Lin Che .

As Lan You Nian expected, many people below started to consider third wangye . For a wanye to be covering up for a wealthy businessman in the capital to threaten a poor girl, such a matter chilled many people’s hearts . It stinked up Feng Lin Che’s reputation amongst many of the literary people .

On the surface Lan You Nian might just be a woman but Miss Miao Yin’s reputation made many worship her . Whether in the pugilistic world or amongst nobility, very few will provoke Miss Miao Yin . Miss Miao Yin represented many people’s fantasy, a fantasy towards a beautiful world .

“Nian’er meimei’s move is truly ruthless, to tarnish Feng Lin Che’s reputation . Someone who doesn’t even have a good reputation, how can he inherit?” Yu Liu Li praised . In the past, towards this Miss Miao Yin he never met, he worshipped her because of her zither . But now, he truly liked Nian’er meimei, because he considered himself her brother .

“But this continues, laosan will consider Nian’er meimei a thorn in his eye . We know laosan is most vicious . Nian’er meimei is too daring!” Although Feng Xia Xi wanted to applaud Lan You Nian’s actions, he considered the pros and cons in the future .

“If not daring then it wouldn’t be Nian Nian . ” Feng Yi Xuan was very calm . He supported Nian Nian in everything . He will pamper her and protect her .

When Feng Lin Che received the news and hurried to Zhen Wei Pavilion, Lan You Nian had not left the high platform yet . So when Feng Lin Che entered Zhen Wei Pavilion, Lan You Nian noticed him .

Feng Lin Che glared at the several men and was going to walk up to the second floor’s box . There was Feng Lin Che’s box which he set all year round . In fact, many of boxes on the second floor were usually packed all year round by some powerful people . Feng Lin Che was no exeception .

“Third wangye you came!” the manager exclaimed, raising his voice as if afraid people won’t hear . Towards the errant boy beside him, he reprimanded, “What are you doing standing there? Third wangye came yet you don’t serve him!”

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The manager’s loud voice reminded a lot of people as they noticed Feng Lin Che . Because of the men looking for trouble, the crowd didn’t have a good impression of Feng Lin Che . Now that they saw the man in question, though they didn’t show it on their faces, but Feng Lin Che can sense it in the atmosphere .

“Cousin-brother!” The man surnamed Zhang saw Feng Lin Che, exclaimed excitedly and then dared to complain, “Cousin-brother, this Miss Miao Yin dares to not give you face, you must teach this Miss Miao Yin a lesson!”

When the words came out, all the guests present were angry, even some people of the pugilistic world were ready to start swearing at this Zhang man . The words also dragged Feng Lin Che in .

Feng Lin Che’s expression wasn’t good, but Zhang didn’t notice as he continued to complain . In between lines, it was all telling Feng Lin Che to teach Lan You Nian a lesson . He didn’t know the more he said, the more it made other people feel Feng Lin Che’s virtues are diminishing .

Lan You Nian stopped the zither, her words carried a woman’s unique grievance and tenderness, “Nian’er is only a woman . When I was young and pitiful, I came to Zhen Wei Pavilion to play the zither for a living . For third wangye is so aggressive, it makes me thankless towards my saviors . What intentions do you harbor?”

Everyone knew Lan manor’s legitimate daughter has been wandering around outside since she was little . Now that her connection to Miss Miao Yin is revealed, more people felt she has lived a very hard life for one so young . All present, whether male or female, all felt pity and towards Feng Lin Che’s actions, they were even more disapproving . Miss Miao Yin didn’t forget her origins, she still protected Zhen Wei Pavilion . She was a model for other women to follow . Third wangye’s aggressiveness really lost a man’s breadth of mind .

“Miss Lan misunderstands . How can this wang do that?” Feng Lin Che deliberately washed himself of all blame . To the surnamed Zhang man who was complaining, “Younger cousin-brother, how can you be so impolite? It seems recently you like to joke around . ”

“So it turns out this young master acted on his own to make things difficult for me a woman . No matter what, this young master is an owner of a restaurant . Acting like this, doesn’t it diminish his identity?” Lan You Nian deliberately angered the surnamed Zhang .

“Cousin-brother, it was you…” the man surnamed Zhang wanted to argue and push out Feng Lin Che, but would Feng Lin Che give him this opportunity?

Feng Lin Che slapped the man surnamed Zhang . This slap was only to let this surname Zhang man shut up . But Lan You Nian who was sitting inside the bead curtains used internal force to make that man fall over with that slap . The people outside only saw Feng Lin Che was too harsh when he slapped the Zhang man . The man couldn’t hold his bearing and fell down .

Meanwhile, upstairs, Feng Yi Xuan used internal strength to cause the man to coincidentally crash his head in the corner of the table . Instantly blood flowed from Zhang man’s head . Zhen Wei Pavilion broke into chaos, as all kinds of screams intertwined .

Gui San with the management appeared in the hall appeasing the emotions of the guests . With his folding fan, he checked the fallen Zhang man’s pulse and very regretfully sighed, his gaze on Feng Lin Che was upset, “Why did third wangye do this? Even if this person was going to say third wangye’s unlawful intentions, third wangye can’t silence the witness!”

Feng Lin Che panicked . He only wanted him to shut up but didn’t expect that with so many eyes watching, someone died, this…

“I only exacted fairness for Miss Lan . I didn’t expect he was so careless to fall into the table” Feng Lin Che wanted to wash himself of blame, but how could Lan You Nian give him this opportunity? Her entire purpose today was to scheme against him .

“Fairness? Third royal brother is speaking really strangely . Nian’er meimei didn’t do anything . You say you’re getting justice, but the one making trouble for Nian’er meimei seems to be third brother . Although third imperial brother is a prince, you are really ruthless towards your own relatives!” Feng Xia Qi and the others walked out of the box to the front hall . This kind of talking must be done by Feng Xia Qi .

“This was an accident! Fourth brother why drag this out?” Feng Lin Che retaliated .

“When did this wang act so rudely? Alright, third brother better take this corpse away and bury it” Feng Xia Qi acted like he was sympathetic, “Only pity is that he has always been doing things for third brother!”

Although Feng Lin Che wanted to argue with Feng Xia Qi, this clearly wasn’t a good time . Many people saw him kill someone with his own hands . Even if he was a prince, he won’t be able to gain an upper hand with Imperial father .

Feng Lin Che ordered his guards to take the corpse of surname Zhang, and acted gravely as he said he will give an explanation for the dead person . This was no concern of Lan You Nian’s because what she wanted to do has been acheived .

In the future, Zhang Cai Fu and Feng Lin Che will definitely have enmity between them . Then this Zhang Cai Fu’s road of wealth would be even more difficult to walk . Feng Lin Che would lack money to open up relationships . He will certainly have a headache for a while . This was what she wanted to do .

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