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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:40 PM
Chapter 106

106 Once Again Going On Stage

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May 26, 2019
Lan You Nian sat in Zhen Wei Pavilion’s third floor . Gui Yi and Gui San were already waiting there .

“Little junior sister, senior brother was going to Lan manor to pick you up . But Gui Yi didn’t allow, so boring!” Gui San shook the folding fan . Fortunately this was still summer otherwise who knew how people would look at Gui San .

“Come, drink a cup of tea!” Gui Yi brewed a cup of flower tea and placed it in front of Lan You Nian . A robe of white made him appear ethereal . Strands of black silk were erected and casually tied together in the back . There was a feeling of ascending into the sky .

“Thanks big brother!” Lan You Nian accepted the tea, her eyes curved . Her appearance was that of a well-behaved little sister . She wasn’t as kind as she appeared but she was willing to retract her thorns in front of these people .

“I think little junior sister is biased . Now that you have Gui Yi you forget about me!” Gui San grumbled in dissatisfaction . With shifu absent, their strengths were equal . The friendship between them brothers was very good so there was rarely ever any conflicts between them . But since little junior sister came into their lives, the only dispute they had was who was the favorite brother in little junior sister’s heart . They’ve fooled around with each other so many years and they still aren’t tired of it .

“How so? Third brother worked hard for Wu Qing Pavilion . How about this time third brother go back to Wu Qing Pavilion to rest?” Lan You Nian said knowingly .

“Don’t! I want to stay in the capital to protect little junior sister!” Gui San hastily removed his folding fan as he begged for mercy .

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“There’s me to protect little junior sister . You can go back!” Gui Yi’s voice floated in the air, that pair of eyes that desired nothing flashed with laughter .

“Hmph! If we compare our ability to scheme how can you compare to me? Gui Yi you go back to play with your herbs . Best let me protect little junior sister!” Gui San wasn’t convinced . Each brother had their own expertise .

“So you spread the news that little junior sister will come to Zhen Wei Pavilion today?” Gui Yi accused . Even the teacup in his hands landed on the table with some weight .

“No wonder there were so many people who came to Zhen Wei Pavilion today,“Lan You Nian wasn’t angry . She knew third brother will not do things that hurt her . What was there to be angry about between them .

“Now that many people in the capital know Miss Miao Yin is little junior sister, Gui San you still want little junior sister to go onstage? Isn’t this finding trouble for little junior sister?” It wasn’t that Gui Yi didn’t know Gui San had no intention of harming little junior sister . He was simply worried .

Gui San picked up the tea cup, sipping on the cold tea . The fox smile on his lips still did not change, “Since so many people know little junior sister is Miss Miao Yin then why don’t we prove it to them? It’s better than to have many people slander little junior sister behind her back!”

“True, but every time little junior sister goes on stage is voluntary . What you did was wrong!” Gui Yi still blamed Gui San . They knew little junior sister liked her freedom . If they tried to bind her or force her, they can’t guarantee little junior sister won’t leave them .

“How do you know little junior sister is not willing? Ai, between all us brothers it is still I who understand little junior sister best!” Gui San gloated, “The Ru Yi Restaurant opposite us is always imitating our Zhen Wei Pavilion, always vying for Zhen Wei Pavilion’s business . Once little junior sister comes, what business aren’t we able to compete with!”

Gui San didn’t speak falsely . Yesterday, when he was informed that little junior sister will come to Zhen Wei Pavilion, he spread the news . Today, from the early morning to present evening, the hall was entirely overcrowded . Many people sat in Zhen Wei Pavilion all day, refusing to leave . This effect was simply too good . Who can compete against little junior sister?

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“Find out who opened the restaurant?” Lan You Nian asked .

The opening of the restaurant opposite Zhen Wei Pavilion did have a minor influence on Zhen Wei Pavilion but it didn’t imitate the essence of Zhen Wei Pavilion . Therefore it only became a nondescript restaurant . However recently the restaurant has started to grab at Zhen Wei Pavilion’s cooks, manager, and even the servers are not exempt . But how could Zhen Wei Pavilion’s people be stolen away so easily? The actions of these people made Lan You Nian irate . Who liked having someone else coveting their own things, let alone it was the slightly haughty Lan You Nian .

“En, it is the past richest man in the capital Zhang Cai Fu!” In only a few short days, Gui San was able to call out the one who hid his true identity, but he didn’t expect this person to be Zhang Cai Fu .

Speaking of this Zhang Cai Fu, he was the same as his name, very rich indeed . In the past, he was fawned over by many officials in the capital, only for the wealth in his hands . Zhang Cai Fu, whether this person was simply too lucky or had many blessings, the restaurants, brothels, inns, and many businesses that he manages occupied a place in the capital . Three years before, due to Wu Qing Pavilion’s forceful entry, Zhang Cai Fu’s business took a tumble . He lost the title of the richest man in the capital and lost the days when people fawned over him .

From then on, Zhang Cai Fu wanted to defeat Wu Qing Pavilion . No matter what methods he used, it was to no avail . He disappeared for a long time . And now he’s returned to the capital, and used such a method to provoke Wu Qing Pavilion! Lan You Nian’s good mood today was entirely ruined . This Zhang Cai Fu Lan You Nian has seen before, a belly full of dirtiness made no one like him . Zhang Cai Fu used that lewd gaze to leer at fifth brother though at that time fifth brother wore a mask . Hearing this name now, Lan You Nian was displeased .

Lan Yu Nian got up, picked up a brush, and laid down a very good texture of rice paper, before slowly starting to write . Then to Gui San, she said, “Take this list to Gui Niang . Today Zhen Wei Pavilion will be introducing a new dish . All are free to taste!”

Gui San and Gui Yi looked down at the contents of the rice paper . Every time little junior sister handed over a recipe, they were all precious and delicious . This time they knew won’t be any different . Having little junior sister personally assume command and presenting novel dishes, this time Zhang Cai Fu’s restaurant will definitely be finished .

Lan You Nian attached the veil, preparing to go downstairs to play the zither . After all, there were many people anxiously waiting downstairs . Towards those who really liked music, Lan You Nian didn’t find annoying .

“Little junior sister going down now?” Gui Yi asked .

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“Yes, it will just take one song before the new dishes will be served, just in time!” Lan You Nian nodded .

“Many people are guessing at your identity . Little junior sister when are you going to reveal your true face?” Gui Yi asked with concern . Although he played with herbs all day long, he still heard some of the rumors circulating outside . Lan manor’s legitimate daughter Lan You Nian was the Miss Miao Yin who astounded all four countries . It was a pity that she was an ugly woman .

“A face is just human skin . How can rumors hurt me?” Lan You Nian smiled then left the room .

Gui Yi gazed at the woman’s back, his eyes filled with warmth . His little junior sister was always that strong and carefree, so strong and carefree that it made his heart ache . In the past, he would always protect her for the rest of his life . That thought hasn’t changed in his mind . Only now, he knew that another man will stand even closer to her to protect her .

Until Lan You Nian walked down the third floor, Gui Yi retracted his gaze . To Gui San who used the same complicated gaze to look at him, Gui Yi smiled dimly, “Relax, I know our current relationship is for the best . I won’t make things difficult for little junior sister!”

Gui San didn’t know how to comfort this Gui Yi who was like his own brother . He only slapped Gui Yi’s shoulder as he sighed . In this world, feelings were the most complicated thing . He couldn’t say anything to persuade Gui Yi to give up, because such a girl like little junior sister deserved any man’s love .

When everyone noticed the figure in the bead curtain on stage, the hall was silent, washing their ears to listen to beautiful music .

Lan You Nian felt a familiar line of sight on her . She couldn’t help but look up at the box on the second floor . The man standing next to the window sill gazed at her with shiny eyes, eyes full of boundless gentleness .

It seemed that every time she looked back, she will see this man . Lan You Nian felt at peace . She didn’t think about why he was here, didn’t ask why he knew she would be here, she only knew this man was behind her .

“Ai, you say, why is Nian’er meimei so horrible . She didn’t even tell us she came to Zhen Wei Pavilion!” Yu Liu Li came to Feng Yi Xuan’s side looking down at Lan You Nian who was within the bead curtains, complaining . If they were so well-informed when it came to information, they wouldn’t even know Nian’er meimei will get on stage today .

Feng Yi Xuan felt his good mood worsen in an instant . Why were there so many idle people every time he saw Nian Nian? For example, sitting in the box right now was Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li who keeps lingering .

“Can’t tell you every single time!” Jing Wu An laughed . He came here today simply to listen to Nian’er meimei’s music . There was no one in this world who can play the zither better than Nian’er meimei .

“A while ago Feng Lin Che’s guards were killed . A’Xuan, was it your doing?” Feng Xia Qi asked .

“En . ” Feng Yi Xuan did not withdraw his gaze on Lan You Nian . Such a lingering gaze caused Feng Xia Qi’s eyes to flash . Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li seemed to understand something . Before, they only thought Feng Yi Xuan’s affection towards Nian’er meimei was the affection towards a little sister, but recently Feng Yi Xuan’s actions made them aware this man fell in love with that woman .

“To go against Feng Lin Che so quickly, seemed dangerous!” Feng Xia Qi didn’t understand . This brother of his always did things the safest way but this matter was clearly not planned . It was too urgent . This wasn’t Feng Yi Xuan’s style .

“He sent people to assassinate Nian Nian!” There was a violent storm in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes .

“What? This Feng Lin Che’s is too daring!” Feng Xia Qi was worried about Lan You Nian’s safety . Now that he knew why his younger acted like this, from the bottom of his heart, he agred with Feng Yi Xuan’s actions .

“Both Feng Lin Che and Feng Shao Chu are starting to maneuver against you both . Perhaps from now on, third wangye and the Empress’s faction will unite together!” Jing Wu An analyzed, then looked at Lan You Nian down below, “Hope they won’t blindly provoke innocent people!”

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