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Chapter 105

105 Helping Nian Nian Vent

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May 26, 2019
105 Helping Nian Nian Vent

That night, Lan Jian Jun came to You Nian Pavilion for dinner . Lan Mo Xian came together with his father . He was afraid father and little sister won’t speak at all if they were left together . At least, with him there, the atmosphere will be somewhat active .

Lan Jian Jun, this great general of the battlefield, was probably only ever this awkward in front of Lan You Nian . It was undeniably the most affectionate relationship in the world but one person was feeling guilty while the other was entirely indifferent . Lan Jian Jun considered Lan You Nian for some time before asking, “Did you receive a fright?”

“No,” Lan You Nian continued to eat the food in her bowl, answering without raising her head .

“I heard you are going to your grandfather’s place tomorrow?” Lan Jian Jun felt stifled inside . They were all family yet when he saw this daughter’s closeness with this grandfather, he felt envious . There wasn’t any of the alienation towards him but a little girl acting spoiled . He didn’t ask for anything else . He only wished to enjoy the joys of a united family while he was still alive .

“En, grandfather misses Nian’er . I will be going tomorrow to see him!” Lan You Nian didn’t care that Lan Jian Jun will know . Besides, He manor’s invitation was brought over by Uncle Lan; Uncle Lan was Lan Jian Jun’s right-hand man .

“Father will go with you tomorrow!” Lan Jian Jun said . He hasn’t entered He manor since his wife passed away many years ago . It wasn’t because he didn’t want to see his father-in-law but rather this father-in-law never allowed him to enter He manor . He now wanted to see this elder .

so many years since wife passed away, didn’t enter He manor, not he didn’t want to see father in law rather father in law never allowed him to enter He manor, now he wanted to see this elder .

“General Lan do as you wish!” Lan You Nian didn’t care about matters of the past . She was indifferent to grandfather’s dislike of Lan Jian Jun . Although she accepted the predecessor’s memories as well as her feelings, but that didn’t mean she was the predecessor .

“Tonight, go with me to see your mother? She must miss you!” Lan Jian Jun put down the chopsticks in his hands, seemingly have aged a lot .

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Lan You Nian wanted to refuse but she longed for this motherly love . The dead He Xiao Ran fulfilled Lan You Nian’s longing towards this word-mother . Her former mother made Lan You Nian feel disgusted but He Xiao Ran was different, despite the fact that Lan You Nian had never seen her .

He Xiao Ran’s grave was on the hill behind Lan manor . Even though it was night, you could clearly see the quiet and beautiful scenery . Lan You Nian could feel the refreshing breeze and smell the bursts of flowery fragrance in the air .

He Xiao Ran’s grave were full of blooming china roses . Lan You Nian knew that this was He Xiao Ran’s favorite flower when she was alive . She knew this was planted by Lan Jian Jun himself .

“Xiao Ran, I came to see you!” Lan Jian Jun sat down next to the tomb . His head rested on the tombstone as if leaning against his beloved woman, his manner extremely warm . That rough hand kept stroking the tombstone . His eyes seemed to see through the tombstone to the woman he loved deeply .

“Xiao Ran, do you know? I brought Nian’er to see you . Do you miss our daughter?” Lan Jian Jun stood up, came to Lan You Nian’s side, grasped Lan You Nian’s hand and pulled her towards the tombstone . Lan You Nian was about to break free when she spotted Lan Jian Jun’s red eyes; she suddenly quieted .

“Xiao Ran, do you see? Our daughter is grown . If you were still here, you will love her very much” Lan Jian Jun said as he held tightly to Lan You Nian’s hands, “Sorry, Xiao Ran, I’m not a good father . Do you blame me? But Xiao Ran, I will protect our daughter from now on . Do you feel lonely down there by yourself?… . ”

In the darkness of the night, Lan You Nian accompanied Lan Jian Jun, standing in front of the tombstone, listening to this man ramble, listening to his love, listening to his remorse, listening to him talk about her own situation, listening to him talk about when his fatherly love showed itself . Lan You Nian didn’t comfort this man but she has started to accept this father of hers .

When Lan You Nian returned to her pavilion ready to rest, she noticed Lan Wu and Lan Qu standing outside, their expression weren’t very good . Even Lan Ren had yet to return to rest, instead his eyes were sharp, glaring at the boudoir of the pavilion

“What’s wrong?” Lan You Nian asked, not understanding why they weren’t resting and were standing here .

“Young miss, Ming wang is inside!” Lan Qu frowned .

“En . . ” Lan You Nian nodded, ready to go in, but she was stopped by Lan Qu, “Young miss, you and Ming wang are a lone male and lone female in the same room at night . That isn’t appropriate!”

After that, the three of them followed Lan You Nian into the pavilion . Sitting in the pavilion’s outer chamber, Lan You Nian could feel Feng Yi Xuan was inside the inner chamber, her boudoir .

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sitting in the pavilion’s outer room, Lan You Nian can feel Feng Yi Xuan inside her inner room, her boudoir .

“What’s wrong with it?” Feng Yi Xuan walked out and sat beside Lan You Nian .

“Ming wang, you are a man . Perhaps you don’t mind but young miss is an unmarried young lady . Please ask Ming wang to consider young miss’s reputation!” Under Ming wang’s cold gaze, Lan Qu sweated cold sweat but still finished what she had to say . She could make out Ming wang’s intention towards young miss, but what about young miss?

“Nian Nian will be this wang’s wangfei!” Feng Yi Xuan gave a rare explanation . If it wasn’t because he could tell Nian Nian valued these servant girls very much, he would have killed these women who dared to oppose him .

Perhaps Feng Yi Xuan’s pressure was simply too strong for Lan Qu and the others looked to Lan You Nian . Their eyes were full of disapproval and worry . They feared their soft young miss will be kidnapped by this big bad wolf!

Seeing the three’s worried gaze, Lan You Nian had an idea of teasing them as she innocently added, “He’s been sleeping here these last few nights, you don’t know?”

“What?” The three people exclaimed . Even the calmest Lan Ren couldn’t stand it . He drew out his long sword and aimed to kill Feng Yi Xuan, but was blocked by An Yi who emerged from outside . The two sprinted into the courtyard and started to fight with each other .

“Young miss?” Lan Qu looked at Lan You Nian in panic, afraid something has happened between the two .

“Alright, have Lan Ren stop and go rest!” Finished, Lan You Nian entered the inner chamber without giving any further explanation . There was nothing to explain .

However, seeing Lan You Nian like this, Lan Qu and the others were reassured . They were aware what kind of person young miss was . They were simply too surprised before so didn’t know how to react . They trusted young miss . They were familiar with young miss’s personality . Besides, Ming wang seemed like he liked young miss very much . Although the three of them disapproved of there being any connection between young miss and Ming wang, they were grateful towards the person who would be able to open young miss’s heart and make young miss happy . But the condition must be: that person can’t let down young miss, otherwise no matter what price they must pay, they will smash this person’s corpse into smithereens!

Lan You Nian returned to her room and started to fall asleep . She didn’t mind Feng Yi Xuan’s presence . She trusted Feng Yi Xuan . This was incredible .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan hauled Lan You Nian, who was wrapped in the blankets, into his arms, then patted Lan You Nian’s back as if coaxing a child .

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“En?” Lan You Nian was bewildered . She didn’t understand why Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were filled with tenderness .

“You are in a bad mood?” Feng Yi Xuan thought about it for a while before he finally uttered .

“Why do you ask?” Lan You Nian felt her mood today was pretty good . Nothing happened that made her distressed .

“I saw you and General Lan standing in the back hill” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t conceal anything from Lan You Nian . Even if admitting to it will make Nian Nian unhappy about his following her, he still said, “I know that is your mother’s grave!”

Feng YI Xuan knew Lan You Nian’s pain came from this dead mother . Because of her mother’s passing, she lost a father’s love . Feng Yi Xuan’s heart ached .

“She is a good mother!” Lan You Nian closed her eyes . She felt pride and warmth for having this kind of mother, “If you are General Lan, what will you do?”

If Feng Yi Xuan was aware of his child’s birth and the passing of the woman he loved, what will he do? She was more and more curious about this Feng Yi Xuan, she desired more and more to be closer .

Seeing Nian Nian didn’t seem unhappy, feeling reassured, he carefully considered Nian Nian’s words, “The child is innocent . But it was me, no matter what the situation is, I will always accompany you . Even in death!”

Lan You Nian didn’t open her eyes but she heard Feng Yi Xuan’s seriousness . Her lips curled as she entered dreamland…

Night, third wangye manor, was now currently undergoing a one-sided slaughter . Blood danced as corpses fell down one by one . Third wangye’s guards died without knowing why . Within the manor third wangye Feng Lin Che was hidden behind layers of guards .

A group of ghost-masked black-clothed men held long swords in hand, each one with one sword, their slow speed was deliberately given to Feng Lin Che to see . Feng Lin Che didn’t expect his manor’s elite guards can’t even resist these men in black .

The lead man in black saw that they’ve killed more than enough of the guards and blew a whistle . All the men in black quickly retreated as if they never came . They only left behind a ground completely covered in corpses to tell of the cruel killing .

Feng Lin Che looked at his guards who suffered serious losses and hatefully punched the wall . This was blatantly provoking him! Who was it!? Who can have such formidable abilities to easily enter his manor? So easily slaughter his own guards? Who was behind the scenes?

The men in black who withdrew silently entered Ming wang manor . The leading man tugged down the black face cloth . It was was An Yi .

“Awesome!” An San said excitedly . The other men in black all took off their face cloths . This was clearly Ming wang manor’s shadow guards and guards of the manor . These people had another identity: that was the assassins of Ghost Realm .

“That Feng Lin Che dares to desire Miss Lan? Really doesn’t know his own strength!” An Er said disdainfully .

“If master didn’t instruct to only kill Feng Lin Che’s guards, I was going to kill Feng Lin Che,” An San said in dissatisfaction .

“But this Feng Lin Che’s is gutsy! He dares to send people to Lan manor to assassinate Miss Lan . Isn’t this touching master’s sacred forest?” An Si said disdainfully . Before, they believed you can provoke anyone but don’t provoke master but now they knew, you can provoke anyone but you cannot provoke Miss Lan . If you provoke master, you have to die but if you provoke Miss Lan, master will make you wish for death .

“Young miss, we found the people who were sent to assassinate the other night . They are third wangye Feng Lin Che’s death soldiers!” Lan Feng reported the results of the investigation to Lan You Nian . Every prince had some death soldiers in their command . Those death soldiers were specially trained emotionless machines . They only knew to obey the orders of their master . Once the matters are revealed, they will commit suicide .

“Oh? It’s him?” Lan You Nian thought it was the Empress’s faction . She didn’t expect that third wangye was the one who acted first . Her rejection probably made this prince feel he lost face so felt hateful . Indeed a man who isn’t worthy of mention . Can’t even tolerate such a simple matter .

“I know . Take people to third wangye’s manor to clean up!” Since he dared to hurt her You Nian Pavilion’s guards, if she didn’t return the gift, it won’t be proper .

“This…”Lan Feng looked at their young miss, “Third wangye manor’s guards were killed by some unidentified men in black . I’m currently investigating this!”

Lan You Nian’s black eyes flashed, her lips burst into a brilliant smile, “No need to investigate, I know who did it!”

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