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The Dragon Squamous Boundary, a being that only Long Batian could release.

This Boundary had a specific attribute.

Defense was one type, and free entry was another.

He had used most of his dragon's scale's essence to create the strongest defense in the place where Long Batian was buried, leaving behind only his mingmen.

This was no coincidence!

In the depths of God Living Mountain, this Dragon Squamous Boundary only used a small scale on the dragon's tail.

However …

It was also not a coincidence!

Everything was for the sake of waiting.

Long Fei entered, and the person he was waiting for arrived!

… ….

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The giant golden ape entered the cave and ran frantically.

His heart was also filled with shock, "Impossible, impossible! Any human that comes close to the brain will be disturbed! The light ones will faint, and the heavy ones will suffer serious internal injuries."

"No one can go in."

The golden-furred ape was very clear about the rules of this space.

Just like how Mu Changfeng had started, the two men were also heavily injured when they entered the cave.

In the past, when stronger powerhouse entered, their consciousness and consciousness was also severely injured, and they couldn't enter at all.

But now.

However, there were people who went in without any adverse reactions.

The golden-furred giant ape was extremely anxious.

He had lived in the Boundary for a thousand years, and this one thousand years was equivalent to ten thousand years of cultivation. Furthermore, the success of his cultivation in this one thousand years was even greater than the great demon kings who had cultivated for a million years.

This was all thanks to the Boundary.

This was his Boundary, something that no human would be able to take away.

Besides these …

At this moment, the giant golden-furred ape was still undergoing its tribulation. Its primordial spirit was within the Boundary, so if its primordial spirit was destroyed, then …

The golden-furred giant ape was extremely anxious.

However, in Boundary, it was not the same as him becoming stronger and faster, no matter how anxious he was, Long Fei was the first to reach the place.

… ….

A few minutes later.

Long Fei stopped and looked into the distance.

In an open space.

The surroundings were blood-red, without a single blade of grass.

On the other side, a fiery primordial spirit was undergoing its tribulation. The surroundings were constantly being invaded by the foreign Qi, but under the red scales, the foreign Qi became very fearful. Even if it wanted to invade the primordial spirit, it wouldn't dare to get too close.

Long Fei was looking at the blood-colored scales.

At the same time, it was also looking at Long Fei.

In Long Fei's eyes, it was just like a person, with no shadow or form.

They looked at each other.

Suddenly …

Long Fei blinked his eyes, when he opened them again, the scales had suddenly moved, and immediately turned into a human.

He had never seen this person before, but he felt that this person was powerful enough to suffocate the world.


the real powerhouse.

Even if it's the emperor Xuan s …

Long Fei also did not feel that it was that strong.

Back then, when he was in the small plane, the emperor Xuan was an existence which was like the sky.

This was just an illusion.


Too strong, too strong!

He was truly a god-like existence.

The illusion stepped forward and Long Fei unconsciously took a step back.

He did not dare to approach.

The figure stopped, laughed lightly, and said: "Long Fei!"

Long Fei asked: "Who are you?"

The mysterious man laughed, "I am just like you."

Long Fei frowned, and said: "What kind of person are you, exactly who are you? Long Batian? "

The mysterious man laughed and said, "The name is just a code name. What's important is that you and I are from the same place."

He did not know what the virtual image was trying to express.

However …

Long Fei felt that this virtual shadow could see through everything he had. This was a kind of feeling, and this kind of feeling also made Long Fei very unhappy.

The mysterious man withdrew his smile and said, "You will know who I am later. I won't say much about this."

"Do you want to become stronger?"

Long Fei said: "If you want to say something, then be more direct. Don't talk to me about these fake things."

"Hahaha …"

"Earth people are so straightforward." The mysterious man suddenly said, "Then I'll just say it directly, I can make you the number one powerhouse, I can make you the overlord of this ancient world, I can make you have any power in this world."

"Life, death, strength, weakness … I can allow you to dominate."

Long Fei was startled at first, and was startled by the first few words of the mysterious man, but the last few words, he was about to forget about the words of the mysterious man.

Long Fei said: "You speak as if you are a god."

The shadow said, "I am a god. At the very least, in this world, I am the god in your hearts. I can control life and death!"

While they were talking …

The mysterious man slightly moved his five fingers as he looked at the Immortal Soul that was undergoing some sort of tribulation.


His Primal shattered.

Not even for a second.

At this time.

Not far behind Long Fei, the giant golden-furred ape collapsed onto the ground, lifeless.


An undefeatable fairy beast died just like that.

Long Fei frowned.

How strong the heck was this?

He truly controlled life and death.

The shadow moved slightly, "What do you think of this fairy beast? An Undefeatable King Kong body, should be considered a top-grade fairy beast, right? "

"In my eyes, he isn't even an ant."

"Do you want him to die, or do you want him to live?"

Long Fei asked: "What are you trying to do exactly?"

The mysterious man repeated, "Do you want him dead or alive?"

Long Fei said: "Didn't he already die?"

The shadow said, "In my eyes, there is nothing that is absolutely death or absolute life. Do you want him to die or live?"

Long Fei was afraid that the immortal crystals would be damaged, and replied: "Yes!"

The mysterious man's finger moved. In the blink of an eye, his Yuan Spirit gathered once again, and the giant golden-furred ape instantly climbed up from the ground and let out a heavy breath.

He was completely alive.

The heck … Long Fei looked at it until his scalp went numb.

Was it an illusion?

It didn't look like it.

With that, the mysterious man waved his hand and a large amount of immortal crystals appeared. He said, "This world belongs to me, so I have everything I want."

"You want immortal crystals?"

"You want to save your woman?"

"You want to kill emperor Xuan?

"I can help you with all this."

Long Fei said: "What do you want from me?"

This was the key!

The virtual image replied, "I haven't thought about what I want, but we can sign an agreement first."

Long Fei said: "Why do you think I will agree?"

He was not stupid. He knew very well what the mysterious man wanted, but he would not say it now.


This sort of thing was either not precious or was fatal!

The mysterious man said: "You have no reason to refuse, Undead Lord will immediately rush over to help, Mu Clan cannot withstand it at all, moreover, with your current cultivation progress, you can't kill emperor Xuan in ten thousand years, only I can help you."

Long Fei said: "Hehe, my apologies, I do not wish to help you."

While they were talking …

Long Fei was about to turn around.

At the same time.

The mysterious man was enraged, and said in a deep voice, "Do you think you have a choice?"

"Long Fei, you have no choice. Everything you do is for me to choose. Hahaha …"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's body was suddenly at a loss of what to do.

In an instant.

His eyes rolled back as he fainted …

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