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Chapter 1261: 1261
As soon as Wen Xinya entered the Wen Family mansion, she was greeted with a sudden sense of emptiness . The servants were all busy performing their respective chores while Old Mrs . Wen was out for her daily mahjong sessions which usually only ended at night . Ever since Wen Xinya moved out, Old Mr . Wen was the only one who was frequently alone at home . The thought of it… made her heart wrench in agony .

Old Mr . Mo and Old Mr . Wen were both lonely old men .

She suddenly felt guilty .

Old Mr . Mo was seated on the ouch with an icy cold expression on his old and wrinkly face . He looked stern and his eyes were glassed over, seemingly deep in thought .

Wen Xinya frantically walked towards him and asked softly, “Grandpa, what happened? Did something go wrong with the entertainment city project?”

Old Mr . Wen had taken charge of the Wen Corporation again and the entertainment city project was now in his hands . Apart from the entertainment city project, she could not think of another reason for his displeasure .

Old Mr . Wen snapped back to reality and glanced at her with a gentler expression . “Old Mr . Li called just now . ”

The thought of it made Old Mr . Wen’s face grow petulant as an icy cold gaze formed in his eyes .

Even Wen Xinya could not help but get a great shock . “Grandpa, why did he call?”

She could guess that Old Mr . Li was definitely displeased with the fact that she had exposed Xia Ruya’s misdeeds during the gala and even splashed red wine on Xia Ruya . That was why he decided to question Old Mr . Wen . It was no wonder that he looked so upset .

Although she had openly exposed Xia Ruya for spiking the food and tea during the gala, Old Mr . Li knew of the feud between her and Xia Ruya . Besides, Xia Ruya was an expert at defending herself . Hence, he would definitely side with his own granddaughter .

In the eyes of Old Mr . Li, Wen Xinya was the one who had plotted against Xia Ruya and set her up . Even though there was concrete evidence, he would probably believe Xia Ruya because he did not see her spiking the food with his own eyes .

Besides, Old Mr . Li felt that the matter wasn’t that severe since Wen Xinya did not end up getting poisoned . He also saw Wen Xinya’s actions as an insult to Xia Ruya and the Li Family .

Anyway, Old Mr . Li was tyrannical and unreasonable . He felt that Wen Xinya was at fault regardless of what happened and that her behavior resulted from Old Mr . Li’s failure to take her in hand .

Old Mr . Wen said sternly, “What else could it be for? He obviously called to question me . He blamed me for failing to take you in hand and causing you to be haughty and arrogant . He even gave me a lecture . ”

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The thought of Old Mr . Li speaking to him condescendingly with a sense of superiority made Old Mr . Wen’s face grow pale . He flew into a rage after finding out about Xia Ruya spiking Wen Xinya’s food and drink . However, he did not pursue the matter because Wen Xinya did not get poisoned in the end and even managed to solve the matter herself . Besides, he also took pity on Xia Ruya .

Yet, the villain played the victim .

After hearing Old Mr . Wen’s words, Wen Xinya said agitatedly, “Grandpa, that Old Mr . Li is too unreasonable . There’s no point in getting upset because of him . We know the truth and others can see the clear picture too . ”

The Li Family failed to take Xia Ruya in hand and allowed her to wreak havoc in Capital city . Yet, they’re still so self-righteous . Doesn’t he feel ashamed for having such a vicious, ungrateful and selfish granddaughter?

How dare he have the cheek to reprimand Grandpa?

Old Mr . Wen finally looked less upset . He said, “I was just feeling angry because he was being such a bully . Don’t worry, I won’t really get that angry . Besides, you’ve done a great job of handling what happened during the gala . Xia Ruya is getting a taste of her own medicine . She can’t blame anyone except herself . No matter how arrogant they are, they’re in the wrong . ”

Not only did Old Mr . Li throw his weight around and demand an explanation from Old Mr . Wen, he even wanted Wen Xinya to clarify the matter about Xia Ruya spiking the food and give Xia Ruya an apology .

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Still feeling a little worried, Wen Xinya thought to herself, Grandpa is never the kind to put himself in a disadvantageous position . Grandpa is definitely going to be shortchanged since Old Mr . Li is throwing his weight around .  “Grandpa, we knew what the Li Family is like ever since Xia Ruya visited us with those two servants of hers . There’s no need for us to stoop to their level . ”

In Wen Xinya’s eyes, the Li Family was a bunch of despicable and shameless people .

Old Mr . Wen knew that she was feeling uncomfortable because she was worried that he might have been taken advantage of . “Don’t worry, I didn’t get taken advantage of . Old Mr . Li may be my elder, but he’s being too much of a bully . If I don’t retaliate, wouldn’t I seem like a pushover?”

Wen Xinya blinked, feeling a little curious about how Old Mr . Wen had managed to retaliate .

Old Mr . Wen was in better spirits . Hence, he said, “At that time, he chided me for being bad at taking my children in hand . I replied saying that I had indeed failed at teaching, which is why I ended up having such a vicious and evil granddaughter like Xia Ruya . I also told him that that was the reason I handed you over to Old Mr . Mo so that he could teach you well . I told him that he ought to know about this since he knows so much about the Wen Family!”

Who would dare to criticize Old Mr . Mo?

What a joke . Even Old Mr . Li had to show him respect, despite being his senior .

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If Old Mr . Li were to dare to criticize Wen Xinya in front of Old Mr . Mo, the latter would definitely teach him a lesson .

Since he had the cheek to criticize Wen Xinya and blame her for being haughty and arrogant, there was no need to show him any face at all .

I’m Wen Zhihang, not some pushover .

Old Mr . Wen was only being courteous because Old Mr . Li was his senior, not because he was actually afraid of him .

After hearing his words, Wen Xinya felt extremely impressed . “Grandpa, you’re really awesome . Here’s 32 likes for you . ”

She could almost imagine how angry Old Mr . Li must have been at the time . She thought to herself, Look at that shameless granddaughter of yours . How dare you act all haughty and arrogant in front of Grandpa? You’re obviously asking for death .

Old Mr . Wen was rather amused by her words . Feeling much happier, he said, “I reckon Xia Ruya will definitely return to Harbor City in no time . When that happens, you can leave these things aside and focus on your academics . ”

Wen Xinya agreed .

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