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Chapter 1143: 1143
Chapter 1143: Training the Soldiers and Brainwashing Them

Xu Zhenyu was undoubtedly a strict commander who had stringent standards . He was ruthless and would never hesitate to punish even the girls by making them stand for four hours . It was worse for the boys who were made to do push-ups until they could no longer get up .

A few days ago, the freshmen were still complaining about the arduous training and the harsh commanders . Five days later, they no longer had any energy to complain . They were like tamed horses which were extremely docile .

Hence, Xu Zhenyu was branded as an instructor from hell .

Previously, the girls were glad to have Xu Zhenyu as their commander because of his handsomeness . However, their initial feelings of joy and excitement were replaced by regret .

They could not help but feel dismayed at the sight of the freshmen from the other teams laughing merrily after completing their training .

Even Wen Xinya had to be punished for two hours for failing to pass the household chore safety check . “If you fail for the third time, you’ll be punished for three hours . The number of times you fail will be the number of hours you’re punished for . ”

Just as they were overwhelmed with fatigue because of the grueling training, Xu Zhenyu exclaimed coldly and sternly, “You guys are in need of training!”

As soon as he finished speaking, even Wen Xinya began gritting her teeth in resentment .

Noticing the looks of displeasure on their faces, Xu Zhenyu questioned sternly, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling indignant?”

Everyone remained silent .

Xu Zhenyu hollered . “Since you’re all satisfied, go down and run for ten rounds around the track . You’d better buck up and train hard from now on . ”

Xu Zhenyu’s words made everyone lose control of their emotions . “Is this a joke? Ten rounds… our limit is six . After running ten rounds… will we even still be alive?”

“You’re right . Ten rounds are more than what our bodies can take . We won’t be able to finish the six rounds at all . Commander, no matter how strict you may be, you can’t joke with our health . ”

“You may be our commander, but we’re not really your soldiers whom you can punish and train however you want . ”

“Commander Xu, don’t go overboard . We’re just students who are going through military training . We’re not your soldiers . ”

The students finally cracked under the tremendous pressure inflicted on them . They fervently expressed their anger and resentment towards the commanders, so much that the situation was getting out of control .

Xu Zhenyu hollered . “All of you, shut up . ”

Everyone subconsciously kept quiet because they had already gotten used to being ordered around .

Xu Zhenyu questioned sternly, “All of you, are you satisfied or not?”


“What rights do you have to make us be satisfied?”

“You may be our commander, but you can’t deny us of our freedom of speech . ”

“You can’t be so demanding and tyrannical just because you’re our commander!”

Xu Zhenyu continued, “Are you satisfied or not?”

Extremely angered, everyone yelled, “No!”

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They retorted with gusto and anger .

Xu Zhenyu continued, “Louder, I can’t hear you coldly . ”

The students barked in exasperation . “No, no…”

They chorused in unison and their collectivism seemed to be able to shake mountains . Even the other teams were stunned and hurriedly cast their glances at Wen Xinya’s team as they wondered what was going on .

Xu Zhenyu suddenly laughed while fiddling with his ear and gibing nonchalantly . “Sure, why do you have to be so loud? I’m going deaf . What are you getting up to?”

They were speechless .

All of the students were filled with a mix of emotions and thoughts .

Didn’t he say that we were too soft and that he couldn’t hear us?

Yet, he’s blaming us for being too loud now . Commander, what are you trying to do?

The freshmen did not discover that they had vented some of their frustration after shouting .

Xu Zhenyu said calmly, “Remember, you’re not some horses that I have to tame . Your job is not as simple as obeying me and completing your tasks . You guys are my soldiers now and the future of this world . You have to possess the liveliness of youths, the passion for life and hope for the future, at all times . Do you hear me?”

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Throughout the duration of the training, he watched as the bubbly freshmen turned into listless zombies who seemed to have gotten used to taking orders from him . The fatigue from the training and the hardship of reality made them gradually realize that they just had to obey and follow instructions . However, that was not the type of soldiers that he wanted .

They suppressed all of their feelings of displeasure and bottled everything up before venting everything at one go . Their negative emotions would bring about a ton of trouble for the military training program .

Hence, he decided to give them the chance to let off some steam today .

After the venting session, they successfully became his agile soldiers .

They immediately answered, “Got it!”

Xu Zhenyu was extremely displeased . He said, “Where did your gusto go? Louder . ”

The students barked loudly . “Got it!”

Xu Zhenyu was finally satisfied with their answer . “Since you’ve got it, go and run ten rounds now . ”

“Ah, we still have to run…”

“Commander, you’re really inhumane!”

“Are you serious Commander…”

“Commander, you must be kidding me…”

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Everyone fell to the ground and began grousing continuously .

Xu Zhenyu said smilingly, “Since when did I say that you don’t have to run anymore?”

“Commander, you’re really scheming!”

“Why did you cause such a delay then?”

Xu Zhenyu intentionally put on a sullen expression and questioned, “Did you guys think that you don’t have to run anymore just because you voiced your objections?”

“We have to undergo the arduous training if we don’t object, but if we do, we still have to be pressured and punished . What’s the point of objecting, then?”

“Exactly . What’s the point of objecting?”

Xu Zhenyu sat on the ground and patted one of the boys on the shoulder . “Who said that there’s no point? Previously, I wanted you to run ten rounds without stopping, but now, I’ll allow you to take a ten-minute break after running five rounds . You may complete the remaining five after the break . How does that sound? I’m being kind enough, aren’t I?”

Everyone burst into tears .

A ten-minute break was better than nothing . How benevolent .

Wen Xinya sat amongst the crowd and held Xu Zhenyu’s gaze, after which she silently stuck her thumbs up at him . She did not expect that he’d become such a smart and commanding leader after joining the military for more than three years .

This move was really…

She took a glance at Xu Zhenyu who was seated on the ground and chatting with the freshmen . She was truly in awe!

This kid is really cut out to be a soldier . It was such a waste that he didn’t become one in the previous lifetime .

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