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Chapter 1067: 1067
Chapter 1067: Making Me Seem Heartless

There were differing opinions .

The people downstairs felt that Si Yiyan was risking his life by dashing into the fire . However, Si Yiyan was not being reckless at all . Although he wanted to rescue Wen Xinya and had thus lost his composure, he was well aware that the only way he could rescue Wen Xinya as soon as possible was to stay calm .

The flames on the third floor burned brightly and he could not find an entrance at all, whereas there were lesser things on fire on the balcony of the fourth floor . Hence, it was much less terrifying than it seemed .

The fire in the house was rather huge and hence, it posed as an obstruction to Si Yiyan’s rescuing of Wen Xinya . At this moment, a few firefighters stood on top of the ascending crane with thick water hoses in their arms, which they used to put out the fire .

Si Yiyan reckoned that it must have been his actions which made the firefighters resort to doing that so as to ensure the safety of everyone at the scene .

Si Yiyan was drenched in water and he relied on the dampness of his clothing to dash out of the room towards the passageway on the left .

Fortunately, the fire in the passageway had yet to spread . However, the thick fumes made Si Yiyan’s eyes and nose feel extremely uncomfortable . Inhaling those gases was almost lethal for him because of his old ailment . Hence, he quickly covered his mouth and nose with a damp handkerchief and rushed forward while holding his breath .

The average person could hold their breath for a maximum of about 1 minute and 20 seconds, and 40 seconds for those physically weaker . However, Si Yiyan had undergone special training and hence could hold his breath for about 14 minutes, which was rather impressive . The record set for the longest duration of staying underwater without breathing was 20 minutes according to the Guinness world records . However, that was an extraordinary talent .

Si Yiyan was strong and agile . Hence, he weaved through the passageway nimbly in search of Wen Xinya .

At this point, Wen Xinya was leaning feebly against the corridor while coughing violently .

Du Ruo was laying on the ground and trying her best not to cough while struggling to speak .


“Xinya, I can’t take it anymore . I can’t move . ”

Although she was in good health, she was naturally physically weaker than others . The rescue mission and evacuation had expended all of her energy .

Struggling to speak, Wen Xinya said, “Ruoruo, we’ve already escaped to the second floor . The fires have yet to spread here . We’ll be able to rescue you very soon . You must hang in there . ”

She could not stop Du Ruo from saving someone . Fortunately, the fire had yet to spread and they could still escape .

Du Ruo laid on the ground and hyperventilated . “Xinya, just leave without me . I was the one who burdened you because I insisted on saving someone . I really have no energy anymore . The fire will spread here soon and we won’t be able to leave later . ”

Du Ruo felt that she was way too naive . Having lived a sheltered life with her grandfather ever since she was a child, she did not experience life much and was clueless about the terrors of the world . However, she chose to save that woman, not because she was a saint but because she had been practicing medicine from a young age and was taught that she had to save those in need . Hence, she instinctively chose to save that woman .

After saving that person, she snapped out of her trance and realized that she had prevented her close friend from escaping by doing so .

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If Wen Xinya were to get hurt because of her, she would be guilty for life .

Wen Xinya struggled to get up from the ground by supporting herself against the wall . She walked towards Du Ruo and said, “Ruoruo, what nonsense are you spouting? How can I leave you in the lurch? Even if we’re not bosom sisters, I wouldn’t leave you alone on the account that you’re Grandpa Du’s granddaughter . ”

At the end of the day, it was still her fault for making Du Ruo undergo such turmoil . She was the one who asked Du Ruo out and, if anything were to happen to Du Ruo, it would be hard for her to answer to Old Mr . Du .

Extremely touched, Du Ruo looked at Wen Xinya with reddened eyes . “Xinya, I’m sorry… I was the one who implicated you . You…”

She did not wish to continue implicating Wen Xinya .

Wen Xinya helped Du Ruo up from the ground and exclaimed while coughing, “Ruoruo… Don’t say a word . I promised Grandpa Du that I would take good care of you . If I leave you behind, I won’t be able to face him in the future . Do you want me to seem like a heartless person?”

While speaking, Wen Xinya placed Du Ruo’s arm on her thin and bony shoulder . Despite being stuck in a dangerous predicament, she was still as resolute as ever .

Du Ruo knew that Wen Xinya would never give up on her and leave without her . She stared at the middle-aged woman beside her who was struggling . It was not that she did not want to save her, but rather, she and Wen Xinya could barely fend for themselves, let alone save others . Although they often say that you should help someone to the very end, they ought to only do so when it was within their means to . Du Ruo had already performed her duty as a medicinal practitioner . The rest was up to Heaven’s will .

Du Ruo’s innocence and thoughts were written all over her face . Hence, Wen Xinya could see it clearly . She could not help but heave a sigh of relief .

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It was not that she was cold and heartless, but rather, Wen Xinya had to do her best to protect Du Ruo under such circumstances . Neither of them could carry an injured and unconscious woman who was not exactly petite . Besides… they could already hear the sounds of the firetrucks outside . Hence, they were certain that the firefighters would save the woman if they were to escape .

On the other hand, they might not be able to escape if they were to bring the woman along .

However, she was confident that the woman would get a chance at surviving and that she and Du Ruo would definitely get to escape .

Wen Xinya naturally knew how to weigh the pros and cons .

Just as they had come to a decision, Wen Xinya heard someone calling her name . Extremely shocked, she subconsciously turned around, only to be greeted with the sight of Si Yiyan, who looked anxious and unkempt, though still as dashing as ever .

As Si Yiyan strode towards Wen Xinya, the frown on his face faded when he saw that she was alright . “Good that you’re fine!”

The five few words were evidence of the joy he felt .

Extremely touched, Wen Xinya murmured, “Why… why did you come in here too? Is a fire that fun?”

Although she seemed to be reprimanding him, her tone was tender and affectionate .

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After taking a glance at the woman on the floor with a slight frown, Si Yiyan explained, “I was worried about you, so I came in to take a look . The fire has been put out, but the flames downstairs are still spreading . The corridor behind us is still safe because there are no flammables . However, I think it’ll crumble soon . So we’d better hurry and leave!”

Si Yiyan picked the middle-aged woman up in his arms and held onto Wen Xinya’s hand while gesturing for Du Ruo to follow them .

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