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Chapter 65: Proposal (1)

She soon left the Lu family’s main household.

Lu Manman sat in her car, but she could still see Lu Qinzheng’s angry face in her mind.


This was the first time she’d talked back to her grandfather.

She had to admit that she was elated.

She would anger that old man occasionally so that he wouldn’t think that she had no temper at all.

From the moment she reincarnated, she told herself that she would never let anyone bully her in this life!

She turned around, and her cell phone rang.

She looked at the name on the screen and went silent for a while before picking it up. “Yun.”

Her voice was as pleasant as possible.

“Manman, you’re back at the Lu family’s main household?” Wen Yun’s gentle voice came from the other end.

“How do you know?”

“My grandfather just told me,” Wen Yun said. “I heard from my grandfather that you and your grandfather had a fight because of me?”

Lu Manman squinted.

Did Lu Qinzheng really have to tell the Wen family everything just so that they could rely on them?!

She sneered, but her voice remained the same. “Mm-hm, I just had a few words with Grandpa. He’s too worried about us.”

“It’s for our own good,” Wen Yun said with a sigh.

Lu Manman remained silent.

It seemed like a while since Lu Manman last spoke.

Wen Yun tightened his grip on his cell phone and was suddenly at a loss as to what this woman was thinking. The Lu Manman of the past was smart, generous, and appropriate. She had always been nice to him and was always easy to figure out. She wasn’t like this, where he had to rack his brains to figure her out.

He was actually unhappy and angry deep down. He felt that his reputation had been going down recently, and he would have to depend on Lu Manman to clear his name. Moreover, the Lu family’s household affairs had been of great help to the Wen family’s development. At least, he could not offend Lu Manman.

After suppressing his emotions, Wen Yun said gently, “Manman, I heard from my grandpa that you’re unwilling to get back together with me?”

Lu Manman smiled coldly, but she was cursing in her heart. Wen Yun had obviously done something wrong to her, so why was he asking her this question so matter-of-factly? Did Wen Yun not feel guilty at all?!

He was probably still thinking about his interests.

This man had no feelings for her, and neither did he have any for Jiang Yiyao.

She hated this brutal and cold-blooded man to the core.

Enduring her emotions, Lu Manman lazily said, “Yun, those were just words I said out of anger. My grandfather sometimes forces me too hard, and I feel a little pressured. You know that my grandfather has never liked me and that he would always think that what I do is wrong. That’s why I’m always resisting his requests.”

“You weren’t like this in the past.”

“Wen Yun, do you know? When someone is really stressed out, they rebound.” Lu Manman smiled as she looked out the window at the passing scenery.

Wen Yun seemed to be waiting for Lu Manman to continue. It was silent for a while, and he hurriedly said, “Manman…”

Lu Manman snapped out of her daze. “Mm-hm, I’m here. I said that my grandfather is too domineering sometimes, and I have to express my unhappiness. Don’t think too much. I’ll understand in a while.”

“I’m just afraid that you won’t understand.” Wen Yun was a little upset, but he continued in a confident tone. “Manman, you have to believe me. I only love you. There’s really nothing between Jiang Yiyao and me. She was the one who climbed into my bed shamelessly, and I’ve never looked at her inappropriately before.”

“Mm-hm, I know. I just need some time.”

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