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Chapter 142: Face to Face (5)

“Manman.” Di An called her.

She returned to her senses and stopped reminiscing. “Mm-hm.”

“Is your father’s matter serious?”

“Thankfully, I can resolve it.”

“I feel like you’ve changed a little,” Di An said with a smile.

“You’ve been overseas for so many years. People will change.”

“That’s true.” Di An nodded.

“So, because of your fractured arm, you can only stay at home these few days?”

“What else can I do?” Di An joked. “But I haven’t had a good rest in a while. I finally have a reason to take a break.”

“Then, rest well.”

“Mm-hm.” Di An nodded.

“I’m hanging up then.”


She looked at the words: call ended. She could not let the tragedy of her previous life happen again in this life!

She turned around and heard knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

Yue Nan pushed open the door and entered. “Director Lu, here’s the document you wanted.”

She glanced up at him. He was indeed efficient.

“Thank you.”

She received it and started to flip through the folder.

The first company she saw was indeed named Southern Business Group. Lu Manman looked up at him.

Yue Nan smiled. “What you want is inside.”

She understood what he meant. “Thank you.”

“When I was looking for the documents, Deputy Director Wu suddenly appeared. Seeing that I was holding this document, he didn’t make things difficult for me. Director Lu, you should know that Deputy Director Wu and CEO Lu don’t get along.”

“Thank you for your reminder. I understand.” Lu Manman understood what he meant.

“Then, I won’t be disturbing your work.”

“Take care, Manager Yue.”

After Yue Nan left, she did not stay still for even a second longer. She opened the document and scanned through its contents. She found the three contracts and the purchase list that she wanted. She then went through the financial report, made some comparisons, and took down some notes on the important areas. All of a sudden, she thought of something and picked up her cell phone. “Secretary Zhang, come in for a moment.”

Zhang Cui knocked on the door and entered. “Director Lu.”

“Are the electronic hardware products we purchased from Pioneering Information Technology mainly used for the construction of the base station?”

“Yes, Director Lu.”

“Do you have a list of construction sites for the entire year?”

“Yes, I do. I’ll get their construction report from the development department.”

“Other than the development department, do we have a stockpile at the marketing center?”

“I think so,” Zhang Cui answered after some thought.

“Find it and hide it. Don’t tell anyone.”

“Alright.” Zhang Cui hurriedly nodded.

Director Lu had been very busy the past two days, helping her father with the lawsuit. As a result, she was a lot more careful and cautious these days.

Anyone with a brain would be able to guess that this was probably an internal issue.

Since there was an internal issue, the staff had to be extra careful. Otherwise, they might get implicated.

Zhang Cui left.

Lu Manman waited.

Ten minutes later, Zhang Cui appeared again. She held the construction list in front of her.

She quickly flipped through the pages and continued checking.

The 4.8 million yuan hardware purchased from the three contracts had been used on the indoor construction sites in different areas. It seemed like it had been used up, and there was not much left. Moreover, she checked the equipment purchased previously and found that it was allocated to different areas.

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